Flushing Blueberry Ambassadors encourage others to show more kindness towards one another

Flushing community schools, coordinator Christy MacWebb

Kenzington Kranzo

Blueberry Moment 11589
The other day I went to Hyde Park Assisted Living and I handed out Valentine cards to the elderly. They were so thankful and appreciative. We made 15 different Valentines cards and each one had an inspiring message. It made me feel so joyful inside. I hope this passage will inspire other people to just be even a little kinder to people.

Blueberry Moment 11591
Me and my mom were on the way to school and stopped by McDonald’s and donated $20 to the Ronald McDonald House which is for kids who are sick so their family would stay at that house. My mom and I chose that to donate to because one of my mom’s work friends had a baby that had a congenital heart disease also known as CHD. Her parents stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. Unfortunately, she only lived for 8 months. We put the money and a Blueberry Card in an envelope and put it into the box.

Blueberry Moment 11590
It all started when my dad, my brother and I gathered up all of our clothes and books and toys and started driving to the GoodWill donation center. We dropped off a big garbage bag of clothes and books. We gave the worker a Blueberry Card and he was confused at first but then I explained what it was and I told him that it was a pay it forward campaign and you do something nice for someone then you give them the card. He said he would do something nice for someone right away. I hope other people will be inspired to donate to Goodwill so kids with not a lot of money will be able to buy clothes for a cheaper price than other stores and be able to still have good clothes.

Olivia Holt
Blueberry Moment 11543
Every other Wednesday, we sell pickles at our school. On January 24, my friend Morgan wanted a pickle but she didn’t have any money so I decided to give Morgan my pickle money for a Blueberry Moment. And even though I wanted a pickle I decided to give it to Morgan instead.

Blueberry Moment 11598
It was a warm day out so my dad told me to go outside. I got really bored and saw Frank across the street blowing leaves with his leaf blower so I ran over there and asked if I could help him. He asked, “Do you want any money or anything?” But I just said no and he told me where to rake and he continued to blow his leaves. When I was done, we thanked each other and I gave him a Blueberry Card and then I said to him that he needs to do a kind thing and pass the card to them. He told me he will, and I said thank you and headed home.

Blueberry Moment 11599
One day, my grandma asked me and my sister if we wanted to stuff plush animals and make blankets for the foster kids who don’t have any. We both said yes. Then, that weekend we all went to a library in Clio that had a sign that said, Welcome. We went inside and a girl told us to go to that table and pick up a plush animal and stuff it. There was a ton of four different plush animals to choose from. There was one other kid there to help me and my sister. While we were doing that, about fifteen adults made blankets. When we were finally done, me and my sister helped our grandma with a blanket. When all of us were done, the same girl gave us a certificate of appreciation and participation. At the same time, I gave her a Blueberry Card and told her what she had to do.

Ethan Williamson 
Blueberry Moment 11514
A couple of months ago, I helped my neighbor pick up sticks in their front and back yard and gave them the Blueberry Card and they were confused so I explained the card. We both said thank you and walked away.

Blueberry Moment 11515
I helped my other neighbor pick up trash on a windy day and gave her the Blueberry Card so I explained the card and she said she will pass it along.

Blueberry Moment 11516
I helped a person like a block away shovel snow I did part of the driveway and their sidewalk to their front door and gave him the Blueberry Card and explained the card and he gave me hug.

Braydon Brock

Blueberry Moment 11594
On January 20, my mom and I went to a nursing home in Flushing. We made delicious chocolate chip cookies for the elderly people. I purchased a lot of flowers from Flushing Florist and Greenhouse. When we went in the flower shop I talked with a florist who worked there about what it means to be a blueberry ambassador. Instead of getting the flowers for one dollar a piece, she got inspired and said I could get them for 50 cents a piece. Then I went to the nursing home and passed out the cookies and flowers. They told me that I was a good young man. I felt so good to help other people.

Blueberry Moment 11593

On Wednesday my mom and I called the FCOC to see what they needed. They said they needed cereal, deodorant, and toothpaste. My mom and I got the cereal and deodorant. I went to the FCOC. I dropped off cereal, noodles, and toothpaste that I got from Dollar General. I did it because I felt bad for the people in my own community who don’t have a lot. The people thought I was very thoughtful. It felt so good to help other people.

Blueberry Moment 11592

One sunny afternoon my mom and I went to Kroger to drop off pop cans. We had like seven bags of them. So, we emptied the bags one by one. By the end we had about 30 dollars. The money was going to my baseball team but I decided to give half to Elms cafeteria for kids who can’t afford a lunch.

Isaac Mims
Blueberry Moment 11597
When I went to the car wash, I had a bag of money. I asked my dad to put the bag of money at the coin slot with the card in side of the bag.

Blueberry Moment 11513
When I went to McDonalds to get a shamrock shake, I asked my mom to give a five dollar bill to the woman at McDonalds. The woman gave the person behind us to give the five dollar bill.

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