Flushing Blueberry Ambassadors pay it forward by surprising teachers, helping community

Flushing Seymour Elementary, coordinator Marueen Shipley

Dylan Hope

One school afternoon, I had finished my math work early. Some of the class was still working on theirs and didn’t really understand. I could’ve quietly read, but instead I decided to quietly help some of them.

Helping other students with what I know feels good. It made me feel productive, smart, useful and nice.

Last year, my teacher told lots of great stories and I don’t know why, but one stuck to me. When she was a kid, she had a toy giraffe that was controlled by some strings. After losing it, many years later me and my friend decided to get her another. When she realized what my friend and I had done there was a great smile that filled her face. This made me feel good to bring back a childhood memory of hers. It also makes me give thanks to my own childhood memories.

Being a Blueberry Ambassador has changed my view on the world. It makes me see good things that I can do that, before joining, I didn’t think. Finding myself in random places at random times where people could use my random acts of kindness to make the world a better place.

Sadie Wills

Hi, my name is Sadie and I am a Blueberry Ambassador at Seymour Elementary. One of our random acts of kindness I’ve done was when I was at a dance competition, I was backstage and I decided to say good job to all the dancers when they finished dancing, even if they weren’t from my dance studio.

Another moment was when my brother and I spent the night at my grandma’s house to watch her dog so she could go out and have a fun time and not worry about someone else watching her dog for her.

I also helped a teacher at Seymour Elementary. I helped her with papers. She always needs some extra help, so I’m always willing to help her. She also had to do sub plans for the next day. She had a lot of work to do.

This made me think about treating other people better and helping more people each day. I hope you do random acts of kindness to others, even if you don’t know them!

Emily Harnden

Moment No. 1, Card No. 2412 – I was just watching TV in the living room and my dad was sitting in his favorite chair and he wasn’t feeling good. So I crawled over and started rubbing his feet. He said, “Oh Emily, that feels so good.” That made me so happy to see that he was feeling happy.

Moment No. 2, Card No. 2410 — One morning, my family was hurrying to go to school and work. So, since I had a little time I made my brother his lunch and when he came back from school, he said, “Emily, that was a good lunch, thank you.” I said, “You are welcome, brother.”

Moment No. 3, Card No. 2411 — I go to sewing class every Monday and this girl doesn’t have a lot and we are going to make something and needed some material. She said, “I don’t have any material.” I said, “I have some, I’ll give it next Monday.”

Ben Kirkey

My name is Ben Kirkey and some of my random acts of kindness are after Christmas. I babysat my nieces while my step brother and his wife went to go shopping at Bronner’s to buy my nieces some ornaments and I stayed home all alone watching them.

Next, when I went to the grocery store with my dad and we were taking our bags out to the care, I saw this lady with seven grocery bags without a cart to carry them. So I went over and took them to her car.

Last, I found a debit card in the parking lot of Best Buy and someone obviously dropped it. I called the number on the back of it and a man living in Flint dropped it and we went back to his address and returned it to him.

Elizabeth Dupuis

On Saturday, Feb. 7, I went to the nursing home and handed out cookies and Valentine’s Day cards. Then for the people that could come out of their room, my cheer group and I gave Valentines to them, too. This made me happy to see their smiles.

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, I helped Mrs. Lucky, Seymour’s librarian, shelve books. She’s such a nice person and it’s fun to help her.

I also like to take the trash up from the curb to help my mom. It makes me happy when she’s happy.

Megan Kassuba

Hi, I’m Megan Kassuba and I am a Blueberry Ambassador at Seymour Elementary. My first Blueberry Moment was helping the lunch lady at Seymour Elementary.

After lunch, my classmates and I help her with chores, clean off tables and the floor and take out the trash. I feel like we are a big help everyday.

Moment No. 2 — My second Blueberry Moment was taking my sister’s Girl Scout cookie order form to the gun club.

I got over 28 boxes of cookies from people at the gun club that afternoon. I feel that I helped her troop out.

Moment No. 3 — My third Blueberry Moment is that I made cards for my great aunt when she was going into surgery. I loved them. I hope I made her day.

Brooke Stratman

Moment No. 1 — I was going outside and asked my dad if I could go and shovel the neighbor’s driveway. He said, “It’s already shoveled but you can shovel her porch.” So I did.

After I was done, I was glad that I did that so now I know she won’t fall.

Moment No. 2 — At my recess, I go to my science teacher’s room and I help her every day. For example: I set up for classes, clean the board and help hang up projects. That is really fun.

Moment No. 3 — For Valentine’s Day and Christmas, I have made cards for the senior center. Makes me feel good that they get a little something!

Zoe Nader

I’m Zoe Nader and one of the things I did was make cards for the senior center. We made the cards for them for Valentine’s Day. It made me feel very good and helpful.

Another thing that I do is help a first-grade classroom. I help little kids with their math. I also help the little kids with spelling. It makes me feel good because I love to help little kids!

The last thing I did was help the science teacher at our school. We help her with the “I can” statements. We help her set up her classes. This makes me feel very good.

Tyler Netke

For my first Blueberry Moment, I did something that really doesn’t mean much but it meant something to the person I gave most of my lunch to.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I cleaned my sister’s closet out.

Chloe Covert

My first Blueberry Moment is when my sister first got home from the hospital. I helped her get her clothing from the basement because she was in crutches. It made me feel wonderful to help her!

The next thing that happened, my Blueberry moment I should say, was decorating doors for “Family Promise.” My friends and I met up at church after service and went to the dollar store to get supplies then decorated doors afterward.

Then, this morning, my friend Emma had a spill at breakfast before science. I helped her pick it up and then went off to science. Being able to help her made me feel so good. I want to continue paying it forward!

Jonna Hall

One my Blueberry Moments is when, every Thursday at 3 p.m., I go down to Mrs. M’s room to help some first-graders learn. It is so cool to hear them sounding out a word and getting it right! The smirks on their faces make me happy. And knowing that one day all this practice will pay off.

On Feb. 7, I was in Frankenmuth walking around looking in all the stores.

I was walking behind a lady when she dropped her wallet and her credit card fell out, so I ran to pick it up. She was so thankful. And it felt good that if someone didn’t pick it up, something could have happened.

I was in line at McDonald’s, waiting to pay. There was a lady behind us. I wondered if I could pay for her food and I did. As we pulled up to get our food, I saw her face as she smiled and that felt really good.

Michael Boudreau

Moment No. 1 — I gave someone something out of my lunch at school.

Moment No. 2 — I helped my mom clean out the house when she wasn’t feeling good.

Moment No. 3 — I helped kids with math that needed help at my school.

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