Flushing Central Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors express gratitude through their Blueberry Moments

Flushing Central Elementary, coordinator Mary Burdis

Taylor K.
I saw a girl at lunch sitting alone so I packed my lunch and went to sit with her and made her feel better by telling her jokes and doing a handshake with her. Doing that made her feel great and not alone.

The day before Christmas Eve, my mom, my brother, and I went and bought Sorrento’s for my dad and his fellow officers. We did this in appreciation for those working during the holidays and not seeing their families. Also, risking their lives for ours.

I made bracelets for my mom’s class and I made them fishtail bracelets so they would look very cool. I made nine boy bracelets and three girl bracelets, so I made twelve bracelets for them and they loved them.

Blake B.
Last weekend, my dad, brother, and I went to my grandma and grandpa’s house. They needed our help. We raked a ton of leaves down to the road!

I went to a Christmas concert with my family a couple of weeks ago. One of the singers talked about children that live in poverty in other countries. We adopted a child to help. I wrote a letter to Elial. He is four years old. I wrote a letter to him telling him how excited I am to get to know him.

This morning before school, my mom and I went to McDonalds. When we were going through the drive thru we paid for the person behind us. We used my allowance money that I earned doing chores.

Kaitlyn S.
My papa just had knee replacement. I was not able to see him on that day but today I was able to go and help my nanny take care of him. I gave my Blueberry Card to my nanny. I helped put ice on his knee and do his exercises that he needs to do to get better. I also made sure he was safe when he got up using his walker with the help of my mom and nanny. This made me feel so good that I could help him. My papa is always helping me and my family. He is retired and has the time to take care of us and be there for us when we need rides, we are sick and need to come home, and when we need to smile he makes us all laugh. My papa is very special to me and I’m glad that I finally had the chance to help him since he has helped me so much in the past.

There are many people that sacrifice their time away from their families to help others. I made lunch for nurses who worked over the holiday weekend to help them realize how appreciated they are. I went to the store and gathered everything for a salad. I decided to make a salad with fruit because fruit is sweet like the work they do. My mom took me to the Genesys Hospital and we went to the third-floor surgery department. I was able to feed five nurses, two aides, and one clerk. I thanked them for their service and gave them candy. They asked me to explain what Blueberry was and I did. I feel really good and really happy about it.

Joey S.
I paid for the person behind me at McDonalds. I did this because we accidentally pulled out in front of the person. I think they were happy because when we were leaving the parking lot he has a big smile and waved at us.

The thing I did for another random act of kindness was that I shoveled my neighbor’s driveway. I wanted to do this because when we were moving it was hard to pull into our driveway so he let us pull into his driveway and back straight into ours. Once I finished shoveling his driveway, it felt really good. However, it felt even better the next day when he came over to shake my hand and told me how thankful he was.

Avery W.
One of my Blueberry Moments was when I helped out at the Soup Kitchen. It was super fun and I really felt like I really made a difference there.

Another one of my Blueberry Moments was when I held the door for the kids going inside from recess. I felt really proud of myself because I usually don’t hold the door for the kids.

My class and I raked leaves! I felt very proud of me and the whole second, fifth, and sixth grade classes did too! I think we all enjoyed doing it to help our community. I really want to help our community and other people.

Emma P.
I raked my neighbor’s yard because he is getting old and I cleared his whole yard and gave him a Blueberry Card. He appreciated what I did but when I raked it all up he tried giving me cookies. He was unfortunately sick at the time but nothing stopped him! I helped him back in the house and told him if he ever needed anything I told him I would be there for him. He is a very nice neighbor and I will help him whenever he needs the help.

Iris W.
I woke up and looked out the window. The sun was high in the sky and there was snow on the ground. Then I just remembered that today my mom was going to go to work and I was going to stay home and help my dad clean up the house a little bit. I got up and got dressed and ate breakfast. My dad said we were going to hit a few stores first. We drove off to Home Depot. When we got back, I couldn’t find my sister but then I heard the vacuum turn on downstairs so that’s where I figured she was. I went down there and she was just finishing up vacuuming the basement floor. I suggested I help with our dog’s room and she said that was ok by her. So, we both walked into the dog’s room. I started picking up the toys and trash she had on the floor. Then, when my sister started vacuuming the floor, the dog started going crazy. So, while my sister vacuumed, I tried my best to keep the dog out of the room. When we were done with the room, I looked through the stack of lists my mom had written out of things that needed to be done. I decided to do the bathroom next. So, I grabbed the cleaner, the paper towels, and went into the bathroom. Later on when I was done, I was really proud of myself. I thought I had done a really good job and I was super excited for my mom to check it out. I helped out because I wanted to do good things for others. Helping others out makes me happy and excited to keep helping.

Nikkita M.
My first Blueberry Moment was when my friend was really sick and I went over to give her cinnamon rolls. That made her feel really happy and I felt good about myself.

My second Blueberry Moment was when a friend was feeling sad because she was feeling left out and so I made her feel included. That made me feel much better about my day.

My third Blueberry Moment was when my friend did not have a shake and so I shared my shake with her. That made me feel a little hungry but happy that she had a shake. 

Max W.
One day at Central Elementary, my friend Anthony got pushed into a pole while we were playing basketball. He said it was his knee that was hurting. He got up but he could not walk. I chose to let him lean on me and I walked him down to the office. Then when we were in the office, I tried to calm him down and tell him everything was ok. He was really hurt and I was doing the best I could to get him to stop crying. Then about five minutes later the principal told me to go back out to recess. 

Brooke B.
My church was raising money to buy room at a home for single moms that need help which is called Change for Life. I donated my own money to help the single moms. My aunt and I are helping. Right now, we are painting, moving the furniture in, and choosing the theme color. We chose yellow, baby blue, gray, and white.

Lily E.
My Blueberry Moment was helping someone to carry their stuff to Mr. Owen’s class when we switched to that class. I did this because the student was struggling and needed help so I might as well help the person. When I did, the person was very thankful that I did what I did.

Drew S.
My first Blueberry Moment was going to our elderly neighbor’s house across the street and raking their leaves. I went to their house and raked leaves because the man was sick and wasn’t able to get out of the house. The woman is also elderly. She was not able to get out of the house to rake their front yard. It felt good to help another.

When it was the night before Thanksgiving, me and my family decided to give back to the community. We went to the Salvation Amy Soup Kitchen in Beecher to go serve food to people in need. People can go there that do not get a Thanksgiving meal. We helped little kids carry their plates and helped other adults. We cleaned dishes. At the end, we served cranberry JELL-O and dinner rolls. I learned that you shouldn’t always worry about yourself. There are always others in need.

My sister was fundraising for the school trip to Washington D.C. She had to sell candy bars and coupon books for an hour at Bueche’s. When the day came for Ella to sell candy bars she was sick. I filled in for her so she could still make money to fundraise for her trip. Me and my dad sold a lot of candy bars and I helped my sister out. I felt happy that I helped out my sister.

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