Flushing Central Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors fight cancer with acts of kindness

Flushing Central Elementary, coordinator Amanda Lang

Isabel Boudreau
One day on my wonderful birthday, I went to Sagano’s. My waitress was very nice. I ordered many different choices (California Roll, Crunchy Roll and Flint Roll). I do not know what the other one was called but I know it was spicy and good. When we got out the cake I felt bad because the waitress worked all day and night and no table tipped her. I asked my mom if I could give her a piece of cake. She said sure. When she came back I asked her, “Do you want a piece?” She said sure. So, my mom cut a piece of cake for her. I was happy after that. I had the best birthday ever.

Blueberry Moment 8813
One day my mom made these delicious blueberry oatmeal muffins.  My neighbor did lots of stuff for us and they gave us goodies on Christmas. I think they deserve a little treat because they did so much for us. I gave them the muffins. When I walked back to my house I was smiling all the way back and I felt good because I did something good.

Delaney Adams
It was after school and I was going to give our janitor, Miss Wanda, popcorn and chocolate. If we didn’t have her, our school would be a mess. I looked for her. I had found her and I had to wait a minute because she was talking to Mr. Steinhaus. Then she left. I was going to give her the popcorn and chocolate but she had some sort of gloves on so she couldn’t hug me. She took her gloves off and gave me a hug. She took the things and my mom took a picture of us. I was so happy. 

Madilyn Rourke
Today I was eating breakfast and my dogs were barking. I was thinking they needed to be let in the house so I told my dogs “Come on! and they came in the house. I did it without being told to do it. 

Gavin Kruse
Blueberry Moment 8850
Every Saturday my mom cleans. So, I decided to help my mom out. Here are some things I did. I helped with the puppies, made my bed and vacuumed. I did that to help my mom out. It made me feel good.

Blueberry Moment 8849
I decided to do something nice for my Grandma after she had surgery. For Thanksgiving, my Grandma always makes pumpkin pie. Due to the circumstances, she was unable to cook this year. Even though it smelled really bad, I cooked it anyway. That way I could keep my family tradition together.

Lily Grindle

Blueberry Moment 8861
Today I went to Hurley Medical Center to give Halloween bags to all the children who can’t go Trick or Treating. We walked in the hospital and I had the box of Halloween bags in my arms. We saw a little toddler who was just going home the day before Halloween. I handed the box of treat bags to one of the nurses. She set it down on the front desk. “Hi I’m Kathleen!” she said. “Hi I’m Lily!” I said back. I could tell she was very nice. I liked her already. Her and my mom talked for a while. I looked around for a little bit while they talked. My dad and brother looked around too. We saw some people in the waiting room. My mom and nurse Kathleen finished talking. We got pictures and then we said bye to Kathleen. We walked out the door. I felt really proud of myself.

Today for my birthday, we went to Planet Rock. We climbed the rock climbing walls. After we did that we ate lunch. After lunch, we walked around downtown, Ann Arbor. I got some birthday money. I saw a man who needed help. I had my birthday money in my pocket. I looked at him and walked by a little bit. Then I told my parents to stop. I took my birthday money out of my pocket and gave it to the poor man. I said “here you go sir. Go buy yourself something nice.” I felt really proud of myself. My best birthday ever! Helping a man who needed my money more than I did.

One night I was coming into my house and I noticed that my neighbor Bridget’s driveway was covered with ice and snow. With my shovel, I walked over to her house and started shoveling. I shoveled for about an hour. I never gave up on shoveling. When I was done, I felt great! I gave her my Blueberry Card and then I went home. I was proud of myself.

Auggie Shanafelt
For my Blueberry Moment, I helped my sister rake our neighbors leaves. Our neighbors are senior citizens and have a hard time raking. My sister and I were very happy to help out. Our neighbors were thankful for our word. It felt really good to do something nice for someone else.

Amya Edwards
One day I was walking down the hallway and Mrs. McNally asked me to open the door because she had knee surgery and she had a walker. I open the door and she had a smile on her face. She was happy.

One day I was at Ollie’s and the girl at the register had no bag person. So, I asked if I could help. She said yes. So, I helped her and she had a smile on her face. I smiled back. I felt really happy.

One cold day my neighbor was shoveling. It was the coldest day ever. I wanted to help her because I was a Blueberry Ambassador and I stick up for others. I feel great for doing my Blueberry Moments because it’s the best. She looked happy after I helped her and was done with the shoveling. I was happy and proud of myself. I love shoveling!

Alexis Romanack
Blueberry Moment 8224
I made marshmallows with yogurt then blue pearls on top. I made them because Speedway has a lot of customers. The workers deserve a little dessert. They work very hard to make people and even kids happy. Also, because they were very busy.

William Martin
What I did for my Blueberry Moment was we saw a man on the side of the road of Flint. He didn’t look so good so we gave him $25 and then he said, “Thank you!” with a smile.

Griffin Good
Blueberry Moment 8844
It was Tuesday and we went to Mrs. McNally’s house. We made her some food. We went over to give her the food. The food that we made was salad, bread and cookies. We made is so her knee could feel better. My class made her cards. It made her happy. She had holes in her knee and a walker. I hope she feels better soon.

Blueberry Moment 8845

I went to my Grandma’s house. I took my money to school and bought popcorn so she did not have to make it. I got there. I gave her the popcorn. I also gave her the Blueberry Card. I told her about it and she was happy.

Ben Foltz
Blueberry Moment 8858
I helped my Grandma rake her front lawn. I wanted to do it because my Grandpa was sore because he had neck surgery. Grandma really wanted my help so I just raked her leaves. She liked my help. I had a little fun because I made a big pile. When we were done, I gave her the Blueberry Card and then I walked back home.

Keelie Frame
I was at my cousin Courtney’s baby shower. All of the people were playing Bingo and I won one of them but Granny didn’t buy enough treats for the kids so I wanted to give up my treat. I got to go shopping with my Aunt Colleen at the dollar store because I gave up my treat.

Kameron Sly
I was going to Indiana to wrestle. When we got to the hotel, my mom had to go get a case of water from the store. Me and my dad sat in the car and listened to music while my mom was in the store. We saw my mom so we drove up from where she went in and she got in the car. I saw a homeless man at the corner with a stop. I gave him $5 and a water and I said, “God Bless You!” We drove away to the hotel.

Olivia Jeakle
One night my mom, dad, brother and I were watching TV. My cat started to growl so my mom looked outside and she yelled “Olivia go get a flashlight!” I ran in the kitchen and grabbed a flashlight. My mom thought it was the lady’s cat but it wasn’t. It was an orange tabby cat so my mom said, “Go get some cat food!” I did. The cat ate most of the food and we looked at the lost and found site. We saw a picture of a cat that looked like him. We took a picture of him and sent it to his owner. The cat was gone after that. It came back a couple of times and we finally found him a got him but it wasn’t the right cat because it had no microchip but the lady kept him and named him Lucky.

I wanted to do something nice for the people who do so much for me and risk their lives to save others. So, my grandma made some cookies and we set out to the Flint Police Department. We passed out almost all the cookies to them and there was a lady that couldn’t have any so I gave her the Blueberry Card. After that I felt very proud of myself.

I was at Chucky Cheese and a girl didn’t have very many tickets. I had a lot so I gave her some of mine. I grabbed a handful and she smiled and took them from my hand and said, “Thank you!”

William Martin
One snowy but sunny day I got out of the car and went to get in line at school. The line started to move and as I got closer to the building, I thought I was last in line and about to walk in the building but first I knew I had to look behind me to see if anyone was there. And you guessed it there was someone behind me. I didn’t know him but he was about to walk in so I held the door open. He walked right in the door and waved to me. I waved back. Then I was off to Mrs. Lang’s classroom and right then I knew that the day was going to be good.

Mrs. Lang’s 3rd Grade Class
One day the class started talking about a billboard someone saw on the highway. The billboard had a little boy named Braden on it who had been told he had cancer. We talked to Mrs. Lang about the little boy and she told us he lived close to Flushing and his mom worked in Flushing Schools. Our class decided we wanted to help this little boy. We talked with Mrs. Lang and found out that lots of people were raising money to help his family and he was getting to go to some special places but we thought we could bring things in that he loved. Mrs. Lang got in touch with the family and found out he loves Superheroes, Michigan, Detroit Lions, football and jokes. We decided to bring in little things that he could do in the car, at home, or at the hospital to try to take his mind off of being sick. Our class brought in SO many items and we made a huge basket. Our basket had Super Hero Legos, Detroit Lions Puzzles, cars, joke books and even a Michigan Fleece blanket. Everyone one of the kids in our class then made him a Card wishing him well. We all wanted to go meet him but Mrs. Lang told us that right now it didn’t work out. Mrs. Lang took the basket to be delivered to the little boy.  We hope to keep in touch with this little boy and we hope that we brought a smile to his face.

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