Flushing Central Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors show appreciation through acts of kindness

Flushing Central Elementary, coordinator Amanda Lang

Gavin Kruse

For my first Blueberry Moment, I thought I should do something nice for the teachers at Central Elementary during parent teacher conference week. So, I made treat bags and wrote a poem for the teachers. Everyone was appreciative and said what a perfect week it was for the gift. It made me feel good that I could put a smile on their faces during a hard week.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided to do something special for a kid in need. Our church was sending out Christmas boxes for children around the world. These boxes were filled with special items such as toys, hygiene items, and clothes. I chose to participate in this because it is special to me because I realize that some kids do not have as much as myself and I wanted to give back to a kid in need. This made me feel happy because I am able to give gifts to a boy that wouldn’t have gotten anything unless I got involved.

After the first snowfall of the year, I thought about how I was going to show a random act of kindness for my family. I bundled up, went outside, grabbed a shovel, and started to shovel the driveway with my sister. It was hard work so we had to take turns, but it was worth it. My mom and dad were appreciative and thanked us for a good job done. It made me feel tired, but good inside. I was happy to help out my family. Can you believe that the next day my sister and I went outside again and shoveled the deck so the puppies could walk without falling in the snow?

Bailey Grace Adams
Blueberry Moment 12491
It was a cold Sunday afternoon, as I set the letter in my mailbox and put the flag up. As I walked up my long driveway I thought to myself this is going to make them so happy. In that letter was a handwritten and hand drawn Christmas card. It’s for my neighbors who have two young boys who are six and four, and they are always so nice when we see them. It’s a simple thing to do but, it will let them know I appreciate them. I just wish I could see their faces when they open it. I hope they smile big. It makes me feel good, because I’m making someone else feel good.

Blueberry Moment 12492
It was a cold day as the Safety Patrol kids and I were walking to the ECC. I had the warm hot chocolate in my hand and the Blueberry Card too. As we crossed the street the crossing guard came out. I told the others to go on without me. As the crossing guard came back, I handed him both things with a smile on my face. “Thank you,” he said with a ginormous smile. As I walked away, I felt good inside. It made me want to do it again! This made me feel good because I did something nice for someone else and it made them feel good!

Carly Bean
One day, I realized I was doing something really good because every time I go to my friend, Chloe’s house, we always have a good time and we go out to eat and go to the movies. I never really realized this until now that no one usually says “thanks for having me”or “thanks for the meal!” And that’s very rude. But I just realized every time I go out to eat I say thanks every time I go shopping with them and I say thanks every time I go to the movies with them I say thanks and I just think that’s a random act of kindness and I just think it’s really respectful and mature to say thank you and no thank you to be nice and not rude so that’s my random act of kindness.

One of my random act of kindness is when I went on a church retreat and we went to the food bank to help stock food for all the people that don’t have much money and it felt really good because I had the feeling inside that I helped someone!

Halayna Montney
For my first Blueberry Moment, I gave a Blueberry Card to my bus driver Mrs. Kimm. It was a Christmas card that had a reindeer on it. When I gave it to her, she smiled and I had to go so I could not see the rest. But I knew she was happy because she smiled so big. I think she will feel more appreciated because she doesn’t get a lot of attention.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I raked my neighbors leaves. I did it because she is a little bit older and I knew she would not like to do it. My sister and I bagged and raked leaves and then we ran home and came back with a note that said, “We raked your leaves!” She looked out the window and saw it.

Auggie Shanafelt

I was out raking leaves in our yard with my dad and sister when I noticed all the leaves in our elderly neighbor’s yard. My sister and I went over and raked up all of his leaves. My dad blew the leaves off of his driveway. A couple days later our neighbor told my mom how much he appreciated coming home and finding this surprise. Not only was he happy about his clean yard and driveway but he was elated to find a special ring that was lost under the debris. I felt really glad that we helped him. He is a really nice person and a great neighbor.

One day while out on the playground at recess, I noticed there were a lot of baseball sized walnuts laying around. My friends and I were tripping on them and hurting our ankles. The next day during recess, someone threw a walnut and hit another kid in the head. I felt really bad for him! That was when I knew what needed to be done! I decided I would pick up the walnuts so no one else would get hurt and we could run around without falling because we stepped on a walnut! That Friday after school my sisters, mom, a friend, and my grandpa, and I started on the project. Together we picked up seven yard waste bags of walnuts! It took us a long time and it was hard work, but it was so worth it! It felt good to help our school and make our playground a safer place to have fun!  

Andrew Richmond
Blueberry Moment 13347
One day while shopping at Meijer I saw an older man with a WWII veteran hat on. I went over and told him, “Thank you for your service.” He appreciated my gesture and we had a nice long conversation. I want veterans to know how much I appreciate what they have done for our country. Since meeting this man I try and let every veteran know how thankful I am for their service. Sometimes I feel like our soldiers don’t get told this enough.

Joey Vaughan
I showed a random act of kindness by helping out a substitute bus driver because Mrs. Lynn was sick so I asked him if he needed help for directions. The bus driver accepted my offer and then I gave him directions to the other kids homes and once I told him where my house was he said, “Thanks for your help,” I said “You’re welcome,” and right when I got off the bus, I knew just the thing to write about.

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