Flushing Elms Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors appreciate the ‘simple things’ by giving back to community

Flushing Elms Elementary, coordinator Sandy Walther

Aiden Hubble
Blueberry Moment 11570
On February 5, myself and a fellow student at my school sold Smencils to students in the school. A Smencils is a smelly pencil and we sell them in the School Store. The money we earn goes to the school. Usually we only make a small amount of money on the Smencils, about $15. This last time, we sold $50 worth of Smencils. Not only do the students enjoy buying something fun but I enjoy helping the school make money so that we can have new and nicer things and make improvements in our school. School improvements are important because although this is my last year in this building, there are years of students behind me that will use this building and maintenance is expensive. Me selling Smencils helps lighten the load on the school.

Blueberry Moment 11969
On December 15, after my doctor’s appointment, my mom and I went to McDonalds and I asked my mom if we could tip the lady and pay for the person behind us and we did. And we went home knowing that we did good.

Blueberry Moment 11568
In October, I took a trip to the local soup kitchen with my classmates. We helped with moving furniture, made sandwiches, and cookie bags for those who came for a meal. We also did the dishes and cooked food for the locally underprivileged. Seeing them be so happy and not hungry and so appreciative with the small amount that we help with was very satisfying to me and it made me happy and it also made me very grateful for everything that I have. I realized that we shouldn’t take the simplest things for granted because others may not have it.

Jenna Tenore
Blueberry Moment 11561
Today, I was in class and one of my friends was trying to find a pencil. So, I got in my desk and started to look for some lead for her pencil. Then I found a pencil with lead and gave her a piece of my lead. She was so happy that I gave her the lead that she thanked me too many times for me to count. I feel so good that I got to help someone today.

Blueberry Moment 11560
For my Blueberry Moment, I paid for the person’s order behind me. I was at Mcdonald’s getting myself a lunch. I decided to pay for the person’s order. It was about $10. I told the cashier what I was doing, and she agreed to help me. I told her just to give them the Blueberry Card. She was very surprised at what I was doing. But I told her that it’s what I wanted to do.

Blueberry Moment 11559
This weekend, it snowed really hard. Once it stopped snowing, I went to my neighbors’ homes, plowed, and shoveled their four driveways. Once everyone woke up, they were all surprised that their driveways were cleared of the snow. I gave the Blueberry Card to Kristen because I did her driveway first. Later that day, I got a few phone calls asking if I wanted money. I told them no but I want you to do something nice for someone else. A few hours later, my dad and I went to get gas for our snowmobiles and I saw money and a Blueberry Card taped to the gas pump!

Brandon Lyons
Blueberry Moment 11565
I went shopping with my mom and when I was walking out of the store, there was a Salvation Army man standing outside ringing a bell. He looked very cold and I told my mom I wanted to go get a hot chocolate for him and bring it back because he looks so cold. My mom said that was okay so we went to Tim Hortons and ordered a large hot chocolate. When my mom pulled back up to the front of Walmart, I got out with the hot chocolate and told the man that I wanted him to have this hot chocolate cause he looked cold. The man said to me, “Thank you so much. Merry Christmas.” I said “Thanks, you too.”

Blueberry Moment 11566
When we got the snow storm and had school off, I went outside that after noon and noticed an old man shoveling his driveway. I walked over to him with a shovel in my hand and told him I would shovel your driveway for you. The old man said, “Oh no you don’t have to do that, I can do it.”  I said, “No I like to shovel,” so I shoveled his driveway and when I was finished he tried to pay me money but I didn’t take it. I handed him the ticket and told him hope he has a nice day.

Blueberry Moment 11567
I went to eat at McDonald’s one day and paid for my meal with my mom and we sat down and ate it. I said I would like to buy a meal for someone. So, my mom and I watched for someone to come in. This lady walked in and ordered with her kids and I said I will pay for her order and she said no. I said I will get it!  So, I paid, gave her the ticket, and I said have a nice day ma’am.

Rick Abram
Blueberry Moment 11581
My mom met this woman at work and the woman’s house was broken into and she had children. The children’s Christmas presents were stolen and the woman had no coat. So, me and my mom decided to go get the woman a coat and the children some Christmas presents. 

Phylisity Hawes 
Blueberry Moment 11571
I went to the nursing home and I decorated cookies with the elderly we made some cookies with them and after we made the cookies we put frosting on them and some sprinkles on them they really liked it.

Isiah Doty
Blueberry Moment 11576
I set out two dollars with a Blueberry Card in a bag so a kid could take the money if he or she had no money. I did it so they could buy something for a loved one. I wonder what their face was like and who happy they were.

Olivia Bosley
Blueberry Moment 11577
My mom took me to a fast food restaurant to make someone smile and we pulled up and I gave the worker my Blueberry Card with a sticky note saying, “Give this to the person behind me please,” along with cash. The person’s truck was a white snow plowing truck and it looked like he just got done plowing the roads. So, I looked behind me and saw him pay for the person behind him and then I smiled and after that I felt really happy.

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