Flushing Elms Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors can’t hold back smiles when completing their Blueberry Moments

Flushing Elms Elementary, coordinator Julie Groulx

Alaina Goodman 
Blueberry Moment 16803
I put M&Ms and Gatorade from Walmart in the mailbox with my Blueberry Card. The mail person was so happy, I felt so happy for that person too and I was so proud of myself it was the best thing ever and it was the best feeling ever. 

I went to the new arcade in the mall and I had 500 tickets. I saw this lady and she had four kids and she did not have a lot of tickets and I gave it to her. It made her kids so happy, I was so happy that I made them happy. It made me feel so good inside and in the outside.

I gave my neighbors some cookies who are older and they loved it so much. It made me so happy that they were happy and it made me so happy inside.

Laiken Lindstrom  
Blueberry Moment 81591
I was walking out of my school and saw a lot of artwork paper blowing everywhere. I ran up to my dad and asked him if he could wait for me because I wanted to help pick up the artwork. So, I did I had to go around the walkway area and pick up the artwork. When I was done, I returned the artwork to the art teacher. Who was not there at the time. I hid my card inside of the stack of papers. It made me feel so good inside. I was so glad that I did it.

This lady at church was walking out of our church. She was carrying a bag or two and two Christmas boxes. She also had a toddler that did not want to leave. So, I went over and asked her if she needed any help. “Yes thank you,” she said. So, I took a bag and two Christmas boxes and she told me were her car was. So, I took her stuff to her car. It put a smile on my face and I could not stop. It made me feel wonderful inside. I wanted to feel that feeling again.

Hanna Huff
One day after I got off the bus, I had to go to art class. After art class, we did math while we did math we were allowed to go to the bathroom and eat are snack. I had forgot my snack in my backpack that day so I went and got my snack. When I was getting my snack, I noticed that I brought two snacks. When I got back in my classroom, I started to eat one of my snacks. While I ate one of my snacks, I started to do my work and I noticed that one of my friends didn’t have a snack. I asked her if she wanted my other snack, she said yes so I gave It to her and I went back to my seat. I felt really happy I did that.

One day, I was at my grandmas taking a walk and my grandma’s neighbor’s porch was covered with snow. So, I grabbed a shovel and started shoveling their big porch. After I shoveled their porch there was Ice one the porch so it scraped all the ice off. Then I started shoveling their driveway their driveway was filled with rocks so it was hard to get all the ice out. After I did everything, I went inside my house and had hot cocoa. I was really happy I did that. 

So, one day I got off the bus and I saw a lady carrying big packages to my house. So, I asked her if she needed help, she said yes if you can carry them. So, I picked it up and carried it to my house. I went and got the other package, and carried it to my house. When I was done, she said thank you.I went inside and took all my stuff off and laid down and thought about helping that lady. I smiled and said to myself, I’m so happy I thought about helping her carry packages. 

MyLeigha Kuszmaul
For my last Blueberry Moment, I went to a place that had an arcade and brought many quarters with me. I took all those quarters and taped them to the arcade games. So, the people that go by wanting to go play in the arcade room see the quarters and then they can play instead of sitting there watching other kids play. I have no clue who got them and I don’t care who got them, all I know is someone was probably very happy.

Julia Clarke
Blueberry Moment 16507
What I did for my first Blueberry Moment is I donated a bunch of books that I don’t read anymore to charity. We dropped the books with the Blueberry Card taped to the top and knocked on the door and left. Once I was in the car and driving home I had felt so many ways, happy, proud, excited and most of all I felt brave having the guts to do that. That was my first Blueberry Moment. 

Eliana Hyman 
I went to Meijer and I used my Blueberry Card. I went to the toy horse and I put my Blueberry Card down, put a big bunch of pennies down and left. I wish I could have stayed but I had to go grocery shopping.It made me feel happy and my heart feel like it lit up like a light bulb. Doing that made me feel better about myself and my face lit up. I loved every minute. I really wish I could stay and watch but again I had to go shopping.

Jae’den Archer
Blueberry Moment 16826
There is an elderly lady at my church and she doesn’t have any family in town. So, sometimes I will go shopping with her, and sometimes she makes plays for the kids at our church to do, for example, youth day. We don’t have that many kids my church so whenever those type of programs come up, I participate in them. Like on this Saturday, there is going to be one of them and I’m in it.

Blueberry Moment 16825
What I did for my random act of kindness is I donated some clothes and toothpaste. Also, I donated stuff like soap and deodorant to people who need it because at my grandmas beauty shop there is a big gift box to put donations in and they donate them on Christmas. The people at the beauty shop said I was doing a very good thing so that’s how people reacted, and I’m sure the people who are getting the donations will be happy too.

Blueberry Moment 16827
I went and helped clean up my church for spring cleaning. Like the Sunday before last Sunday, they were talking about how they needed help cleaning it and just saying if we could help them clean up then that would be a big help. So when it was Saturday, I asked my parents could we go help and they took me and we cleaned up.

Brynn Larsen
Blueberry Moment 16830
I gave blankets to the babies in the NICU at Hurley. When I chose this for my moment, I never knew I would get this reaction. I felt very good when I gave the blankets to Hurley. I felt a warm rushing feeling of happiness and care for those babies in the NICU. When I gave the blankets to Kaylie (Someone who works in the NICU), her face brightened and she even gave me a certificate to sign and I had to put my number and address on it also. Also when somebody passed us on their way somewhere she gave me a big smile when she saw me giving the blankets to Kaylie. I smiled just as big back at her.

Blueberry Moment 16832
I was in the grocery store when I looked behind me, I noticed a man in a wheelchair had just dropped his coins. They seemed to be rolling away from him, I hurried and went to go retrieve it for him. I went to go get them and they had just went under a ClickList cart. I told the man pushing the cart who had just stopped, “Excuse me, some of my coins just went under there could you push the cart back please?” He pushed the cart back a little and I retrieved the coins from under there. I ran back to the man in the wheelchair. I handed him his coins and said, “Here you go.” It felt really good to get his coins for him especially because he can’t with the state he is in. When I handed him his coins he looked really happy. My mom looked happy. But I think I was the happiest of all because I knew I did good.

Blueberry Moment 16831
While my Grandfather was away in Florida for two weeks, I decided I would clean his house for him considering he cannot do some things anymore. We went over there Saturday and Sunday and cleaned. I dusted and got a bucket of vinegar and water and cleaned all his walls. We went through his cupboard, and fridge for outdated, stale and moldy food. Then we organized it. We set mice traps and redid his garage. We went through his Cds and discs for any missing ones. When I left the the note about what we did with card on top, I felt delighted and imagined his face when he saw the note and the house.

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