Flushing Elms Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors create memorable experiences through random acts of kindness

Flushing Elms Elementary, coordinator Lori Marshall

Lainey Prim
Blueberry Moment 11557
For my Blueberry Moment, I helped out my school’s librarian Mrs. Lucky. Every once and awhile she asks a few of the kids in my class if we want to help her shelve books at the library to help her out. So, the last few times I have volunteered and helped put all the books away.

Blueberry Moment 11556
For my final Blueberry Moment, my art teacher needed help getting some art supplies. Now, at my school, sixth graders don’t get to take art, so instead we take art club. The sixth graders in art club get to make projects that end up in the art show and we got to help make the banner for Elms. Our art teacher needed help getting a few things ready so I helped her set it up.

Emersen Groulx
At one of the Flushing football games my friend, my sister and I all decided to pick up the trash that was on the ground where the high school kids and middle school kids go. There was a lot of garbage on the ground blowing everywhere and we picked it all up except for the stuff that was out of reach.

One Friday morning, I went to McDonalds with my mom and my sister and we were getting breakfast and we decided to get a drink for everyone in the fifth and sixth grade hallway. We made everyone’s day. I felt happy.

At basketball games, I help pick up the trash on the bleachers after the basketball game. The janitors love the help. I love to do it and help them out. For example, I pick up pop cans, Gatorade bottles, popcorn boxes, candy wrappers, etc. I love to help out all the time. 

Evan Vandermeulen
Blueberry Moment 11552
On Tuesday, I donated a baby doll to a nursing home to give to the elders at the nursing home. I know that the babies act as they’re real kids so the elders could have the experience of having a son. It made me feel great to do something out of the kindness of my heart. My grandma passed away recently at a nursing home in Saginaw, and I knew that the elders at that nursing home really appreciated it.

Blueberry Moment 11551
On Thursday, I went down to the police station and I donated two boxes of donuts to the Flushing county police department. It made me feel good because I know it is a crime to go hungry on the job, and the police protect us from crime and danger so I thought I could give back and give them some donuts.

Ireland Torrey
Blueberry Moment 11553
Every day, I bring in or at least share my snack with one of my friends because she never has a snack. I didn’t think anything of it I just thought I was being a good friend. Then one day I became a Blueberry Ambassador. I kept giving her a snack, still not thinking anything of it. So, another day passed and I was thinking, wait isn’t it a random act of kindness for me to give her a snack every day? So, I asked my mom and she said yes that it’s a random act of kindness for me to give her a snack every day and I should give her a Blueberry Card. So, I checked with my teacher, and it was okay. That same day, my friend passed the Blueberry Card on, and she did a random act too.

Blueberry Moment 11555
We were sitting at home when I wanted to go to do something for a Blueberry Moment. So, then I thought, “I wonder if I can give cookies to the librarian?” So, it would be nice because not a lot do librarians get appreciated. So, I asked my parents they said yes but before we could go my dad had to get done eating. So, we went to Kroger and bought cookies then we gave them to the librarian. The reason I did this is because librarians are the ones who make it possible to get a book and enjoy them and learn more.

Ty Matzke
Blueberry Moment 11538
So my mom and I decided to go to our local laundromat which is called Laundry Depot. We put a couple dollars in quarters in a baggie with the Blueberry Card and a note. I wrote “Enjoy a load of laundry on me, pay it forward.”

Blueberry Moment 11549
My mom works for Security Credit Union and they sponsor a Little Library at Sarginson Park in Flint. They were looking for children’s books for the holiday season. So, I decided to donate some of my books, so other kids could enjoy them too.

Blueberry Moment 11542
On February 18, my mom and I went to my mom’s friend’s mom’s house. We shoveled the snow and ice from in front of and off her wheelchair ramp. She had been in Washington D.C. for a month helping her daughter who had just had a baby. While she was gone, her neighbor plowed her driveway but not her wheelchair ramp, leaving a three foot mound at the base. She did not even notice we were there until I dropped my shovel. She was so surprised and grateful. As we were finishing, she asked if I would get the groceries out of her car so I did. She tried to pay me. Instead, I just asked her to do something nice for someone else and pass along the card. I gave her a Blueberry Card This was a great experience. It made me feel good to do it for someone who needs it like her.

Blueberry Moment 11539
On March 13, my mom and I bought bagels and brought them to the Flushing Township Police Department. We gave them to the police officers and the secretaries.I gave them the Blueberry Card and told them what it was, and told them to pass it on.

Coleman Brandow
Blueberry Moment 11540
On January 15, I completed my first Blueberry Moment. We were just getting home from my grandma’s house when I noticed that there was a car sitting in front of my family’s mailbox. As we were getting out of the car, my mom asked them if everybody was okay and they said that they had a flat tire. I decided to make everybody in the car some hot chocolate since they were sitting in their car when it was 17 degrees outside. I went inside and began to boil water. When the hot chocolate was ready, I took it to the people in the car along with straws and some candy cane spoons. I said to them, “I noticed you have been sitting here a while and was wondering if you would like some hot chocolate.” They said, “Yes!” I gave them the hot chocolate, a straw, and a candy cane spoon. They took a sip and said thank you. They looked extremely cold and grateful. I believe they had been sitting there for quite a while. It was a very uplifting experience because I realized that I had just made someone else’s day better. If I had not done this, they might still be shivering in a cold car while waiting for the tow truck. I am really glad I did it!

Blueberry Moment 11542
On March 14, I did my third Blueberry Moment. What I did was I wrote a thank you card to all of my past and present teachers. Not only did I do that, I also got them their favorite things. I made my first grade teacher cry because she had retired and had not seen or heard from me in very long. Everyone one of my teachers asked me why I did this for them and I replied with, “It is for a Blueberry Moment.” They were all surprised that I would do one these moments for them. All my teachers have done so much for me throughout my life so felt great to do something for them. Seeing the look on their faces when they read the card was amazing. It was a truly special moment and something I will never forget.

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