Flushing Elms Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors deliver random gifts of kindness to community

Flushing Elms Elementary, coordinator Julie Groulx

Lily McIntosh-Polega
Blueberry Moment 11534
On December 14th, I put a $10 gift card on a person’s window at ALDI’S with a note. I did it because I like it when I see a smile on people’s faces. I did not see their reaction because we left as soon as we put it on the person’s windshield. It affected me by making me feel very good inside.

Blueberry Moment 11533
On December 14th, I paid for the person behind me at a fast food place. Their reaction was that they smiled and waved at me. I think that other people should do it too, because I love seeing smiles on others faces. You should pay for someone next time you ever want to see a smile on someone’s face.

Blueberry Moment 11535
For my last Blueberry Moment, I baked cookies for my neighbor. They were grateful and were very polite and said thank you. I would do it again any time that I could. I recommend that anyone do something kind and spread the kindness.  

Andersen Schaal
Blueberry Moment 11530
For my Blueberry Act, I made a care package for me mothers friend who lives in the Virgin Islands and was affected by the hurricanes. We packed veggies, her favorite chips, milk bones for her dog, and a little Christmas cookie. I did this because almost everything she had was lost in the hurricane. She is doing ok, but every little thing helps. It makes me happy to imagine a smile on her face when she receives the care package!

Blueberry Moment 11532
At the grocery store while my mother and I were unloading, our groceries I saw a woman about to put her cart back. I offered to take the cart back for her. Her reaction was to respond, “Sure no problem.” I handed the Blueberry Card to her and took the cart back to the cart keeper. On my way there, there were more carts pushed to the side so I decided to get those and take them back. I feel good about this for helping clean up carts.

Austin. Langdon
Blueberry Moment 11526
I raked one of my nana’s friend’s yard. I felt that I did well. I felt good that I did that because I like helping people.

Blueberry Moment 11524
I helped shovel a neighbor’s yard. I felt that I did a good job because it was spotless.

Gabriella Bouchillon
Blueberry Moment 11536
My first Blueberry Moment was when I baked cookies for my elderly neighbor that lives next door. I noticed she really had no visitors. Therefore, I decided to bake her some Christmas cookies. I made her sugar cookies with sprinkles. I enjoyed my first Blueberry act of kindness and I am excited to do more.

Blueberry Moment 11517
For my second Blueberry Moment, I donated a big box of 36 animal crackers to Mrs. Spence’s room. I did this because she always has kids with no snack. I enjoyed this very much it made me feel good.

Rogan Suttles
Blueberry Moment 11529
I shoveled my dad’s girlfriend’s driveway. Her son helped me with that to a little bit. I decided to do it because she works all day and her son would not do it by himself because it would be a lot of work for him. She lives in Flint Township and she was very excited that she did not have to do it.  She was also happy that her son followed my example and helped. It made me feel happy I have to do something for her. She lives across the street from the other person’s house I shoveled.

Blueberry Moment 11528
The second thing I did is shovel an elderly woman’s driveway. I did it because she does not go out of her house very often. The woman reacted very happy and wanted to give me money, but I refused. It made me feel happy to help an elderly person without her having to do something that she would have a hard time with. I was very proud I helped.

Blueberry Moment 11527
I donated two bags of goldfish to Mrs. Thompson’s classroom. I decided to do it for the students who do not have snack, so they could have a bag if they did not have a snack. It was at our school. She was so happy and excited she could give them a snack if the kids did not have one. It made me happy I could give her something that she would not have for the other kids.

Addyson Sherrill
Blueberry Moment 11520
Last Sunday, I went to McDonalds and gave the person behind us $10 to help pay for their meal. I thought this would be nice because not everyone can afford their meals.

Blueberry Moment 11518
On December 9, I gathered all my stuffed animals that I did not want. I also gathered all my clothes that do not fit me, and donated them to Salvation Army. I thought this would be nice because some kids do not have clean clothes or toys.

Blueberry Moment 11519
On December 12, I went to the grocery store, and gave hot cocoa to one of the bell ringers that collect money. They collect money for charity. I thought this would be nice because they stand in the cold all day.

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