Flushing Elms Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors surprise strangers with random acts of kindness

Flushing Elms Elementary, coordinator Molly Spodney

Addison Byers
Blueberry Moment 13000
For my first Blueberry Moment, I did something very simple. My mom promised to take me to the movies to see the new WONDER movie. I was so excited to go. But just as my dad was calling me to go, I yelled“Wait” as I ran to my room. Inside one of my cabinets was a jar. This jar was covered in puffy paint decorations. But inside this jar were dollar bills and coins I saved over the years. I grabbed four quarters a Blueberry Card and some tape. “Now I am ready,” I said. At the theater, there was a game room. Crane games, Pacman, a lot of different games. But I went over to a game that I knew a bunch of kids liked. The crane game. I pulled out the tape and Blueberry Card and taped the Card to the machine. Then I taped on the quarters so a kid could play two games to try to win a prize. I knew I always loved playing this game as a kid. I hope the kid that used my coins wins something. They deserve it.

Blueberry Moment 12999
For my second Blueberry Moment, I did another small thing. One weekend my best friend Paige, asked me to go to Rollerhaven with her. Once I got there, she said she had to teach me how to rollerblade. I didn’t take long before we were done, when we decided to go play some arcade games. We had been trying and trying to get this stuffed animal dolphin that Paige wanted. But all we managed to get was a stuffed animal tooth. Paige did not want it, and I didn’t either. So, I decided to use a Blueberry Card there were a few birthday parties so I went up to a party and asked who’s birthday it was. A little girl said, “It’s mine.” I bent down next to her. “Happy birthday,” I said as I handed her the tooth. “Thank you,” she said and skated off.

Akira Bradshaw
Blueberry Moment 12935
On November 7, I dog-sat my neighbor Joe’s dog. I did this because his wife Stephanie was getting surgery on her foot and hand. They needed someone to dog sit their dog and I said I would because their dog is amazing. So, after school I went next door and dog sat their dog.

Lillian Joys
Blueberry Moment 12988
Before I was a Blueberry Ambassador, our teacher showed us a video of someone doing random acts of kindness. That inspired me to do one of the acts listed. I never got a chance to do the act that year so now that I’m a Blueberry, I thought it would be a perfect time to do it. I decided to tape popcorn on a Redbox movie rental. I was excited to have someone receive the popcorn with their movie.

Landen Lane
Blueberry Moment 12985
I went around my neighborhood and knocked on people’s doors to see if they needed help putting their Christmas tree up. I came to this one house and they said they needed help so I did just that. I helped her move her TV stand down to her basement and the she helped me carry the tree upstairs and all her things to put on the tree. I put the Christmas tree up then I helped put the garland up then I also helped put the lights and the bulbs on the tree. After we were done I helped put all the boxes in the basement. I gave her the Card then I explained to her what it was and then I told her to do something nice and then pass it on to the person you did something nice for.

Jordan’e Hutley
Blueberry Moment 12955
I helped a woman with her groceries and gave her a Blueberry Card, she was very surprised and thankful because she said she needed some help with the groceries.

Blueberry Moment 12991
I helped rake leaves for a neighbor he was thankful, he had two big trees in front of his house so I decided to go over and ask if I could rake the leaves for him and he said yes.

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