Flushing Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors discover ‘the real prize’

Flushing Middle School, coordinator Ron Gill

Kylie Kapraun
Blueberry Card 8786
I was driving down the road and saw the fire trucks driving down Corunna road. I thought to myself “I need to do something for the Firefighters. They put their lives at risk and will get up on any holiday at any time to come and save us.” They answer the call of service at any time of the year, in any weather; the coldest of days or the hottest of days, no questions asked. So, I decided to go and buy some donuts and cider to give to the Firefighters on training night. My mom contacted one of the Firefighters to see when the next fire training was. Captain McKnight said that their next fire training was on November 8th. I talked to my mom and we decided that I was going to go and get donuts and cider from Almar Orchard and bring it to them at about 6:20 because there training started at 6:30. (I jump forward to November 8th.) I was driving up to the fire station where the training was being held. I walked in and all the firefighters were in the kitchen. I set the cider and the donuts on the table. Everyone got silent. I told them that I was there to just show my appreciation for them and all that they do. I told them that they are willing to put their lives at risk to save our lives. They don’t get thanked very often and I thought that they needed a little “thank you.” I gave out the donuts and the cider and they all said thank you. They all ate their donuts and cider and they all thanked me for bringing this to them. I responded with “No, thank you!!”

Blueberry Card 8787
I was driving by the police station and saw that there were about 4 cars there. I thought, “You know, they probably don’t get thanked very much, yet they put their lives at risk to save us, each and every day. They probably don’t get treats or anything.” I thought, “I’m going to bring them some cider and doughnuts. Something, anything to thank them for all that they do.” When I arrived at the Police Station, I told them ” “Thank you!” They thanked me for the thoughtful gift. We talked about what the Blueberry Ambassador group actually is. They liked the program and thought that it was cool.

Blueberry Card 8788
I noticed that my neighbors had lots of leaves in their backyard. I remembered that they were in their 80’s and they were going to Texas soon. Come to find out, they had already left a week earlier. I then was trying to get a Blueberry Card to them. It ended up that I could just mail the card to them. I raked their leaves behind their house and mailed the Blueberry Card to them. I will visit with them when they come home in the Spring.

Katie Kean
Blueberry Card 8646
My first Blueberry Moment was when all the Blueberry Ambassador kids at my school went to Whaley’s, which is a home for children. Our tour there made me realize that I should do something for those kids that are going through hard times right now so I decided to donate a new Barbie doll house for some of the little girls that are at Whaley’s, as I donated the Barbie dollhouse it made me feel like a hundred bucks because I was helping my community out.

Blueberry Card 8645
My second Blueberry Moment happened at Aldi’s while me and my grandma were shopping we noticed that a person was having trouble paying for their purchases. My grandma looked through her purse and found a coupon that we were going to use that was 25% off the entire purchase so we walked over to her and gave her the coupon with a Blueberry Card. When we gave the coupon to her she looked at us the way I’ve never been looked at before and thanked us for helping her then we walked away. That night as I laid in my bed, I thought about the day and I concluded that we should all help each other out because by doing something little you can really change someone’s day.

Blueberry Card 8647
My very last Blueberry Moment occurred after school was out and me and my mom had to run some errands, as we walked out of the store and were about to go I saw an older lady having trouble getting her groceries in her car. I told my mom and she let me go help her, When I approached her vehicle I asked her if she needed some help and she said, “yes please” so I helped her. Then she thanked me as I gave her my Blueberry Card. As I hopped back into my mom’s car, my mom started crying as she said she was proud of me. It made me realize that not only does the experience of doing good affect you, but it affects others who witness it.

Blueberry Card 8768
For my first random act of kindness my family and I were at McDonald’s and the person behind us was with her granddaughter. I decided to pay for her meal they were so surprised they thanked us and I gave them the Blueberry Card.

Blueberry Card 8769
For my second random act of kindness me and my mom went out and got a bunch of coats. We went to a Coats for Kids bin and donated all the coats even my favorite coat that we bought (it was pink with sparkles on it). I put a Blueberry Card in it’s pocket.

Blueberry Card 8770
For my final random act of kindness, I wanted to do something for Whaley’s so I decide to donate games and books. Me and my mom collected and got a bunch of books and games and put them in a box to drop off at Whaley’s. I taped Blueberry Card to the box.

Blueberry Card 8763
I gave a Blueberry Card to my neighbor, Mr. Q. Mr. Q’s wife had passed a few months ago. All he had was his Golden Retriever, Goldie. So, what I decided to do is get him a nice, delicious lasagna. My mom ordered it from Sorrento’s and put it in a colorful picnic basket. Then, me and my mom walked over to his house and gave it to him. He gave me a big hug and thanked me a million times. We said our goodbyes and walked away. As we left his house I felt a great amount of joy. I had done something important for him so he could feel better and that was the real prize in the end.

Blueberry Card 8764
I used to have a black cat named Sammy. Then, a few months later, I got a puppy for my birthday. Sammy didn’t like him, so she ran away to my neighbor’s, Mrs. and Mr. Evans house, where they took her in as their pet. We let them keep her because they would keep better care of her than we would. My dad had found out that Sammy had died a month ago. I felt sad because knew how much he had loved that cat, even more than my family did. So, I had an idea. My mom and I went to Kroger and bought a bouquet of chocolates and I wrote a letter to him with the Blueberry Card inside. My mom dropped me off at his doorstep. My heart started beating a mile a minute. I rang the doorbell and the door flew open. I told Mr. Evans why I was there and I handed him the chocolates. He started getting teary eyed. Then he told me the story about how Sammy died. It made me choke up a little. He thanked me and gave me a big hug. I felt very happy afterword.

Cali Filan
Blueberry Card 8783
The first Blueberry Card I gave away was to my math teacher, Ms. Bade. Math was never an easy subject for me and it still isn’t. I always tried so hard but that was never good enough to bring up my math grade. I am so blessed that someone wasn’t just ignoring the fact that I needed help. My teacher stepped in just in time, when I had almost given up. She told me she would help me and that it was going to be okay. She kept her promise. It meant so much to me so, I went shopping to pick something special out to tell her how thankful I was. There were many things to pick from, but one stuck out. A little yellow sunflower pin with angel wings, it said something like “Full of sunshine and happiness, a sunflower plants a seed of hope.” The seeds will grow and so will the sunflower because planting seeds of hope makes it happy.
This little pin didn’t speak to me as just a thing I would buy for her because this was her, she was a rare sunflower planting seeds of hope and spreading the kindness. It just so happened to be that I was the lucky person she would plant her next seed for. The next day, I gave her the sunflower pin, her Blueberry Card, and a written letter. I could tell by the smile on her face, how happy that made her. It made me happy too.

Blueberry Card 8785 
The second Blueberry Card I gave away was to someone I didn’t know at all. My Nana and I went to Rite Aid to pick up a few things. I went down the Christmas decoration isle. My Nana pointed out a little snowman decoration that lit up. I knew that would be perfect. We carried our things up to the cash register and paid for them. After we checked out, I said to the woman who gave us our bags, “Here, this is for you.” I handed her the bag with the snowman inside. “Merry Christmas,” I said, as I slipped the Blueberry Card into the bag. Her facial expression looked shocked. “Ok, thanks, you too,” she answered with a smile. We walked out of the store and I felt so happy.

Blueberry Card 8784
The last Blueberry Card I gave away was to my good friend Trinity. Before I moved away with my family, to a new home, Trinity and I went to the beach together. I remember it was really cold and we were only going there to watch the waves for a bit then go home. I was sitting in the sand and as I turned my head I saw Trinity jumping into the lake, clothes on and all. “Come on,” she said, “hurry up and get in here, lets swim!” We ended up swimming in the cold water together. Afterwards, we sat in the wet sand. We let the water wash over our toes and legs and we just sat there. The sunset was so beautiful, reflecting off the Huron Lake like a rainbow. Later I decided I was going to make a nice little goodie bag for her, here at my new home. I added a new purse and some of our favorite snacks to munch on together. Then I threw in some other gadgets I knew she would like along with the Blueberry Card, and a rock that I picked out from our beach trip that we wrote our names on. I just wanted to remind her that we aren’t that far away from each other and that I haven’t really gone anywhere. And that rock wasn’t going to be the last treasure we would find together. I knew that this gift would brighten Trinity’s day, and just thinking about how good it would make her feel made my day just a bit better.

Blueberry Card 8627
My name is Grace and my first act of kindness is I raked my mom’s backyard. My mom just had surgery on the shoulder and couldn’t really do anything around the house. When she went to the grocery store I went outside and raked the backyard and put them in bags. When she got home she saw that the backyard was raked. My mom came up to me, hugged me said thank you. I gave her a Blueberry Card. Doing that for my mom made me happy and wanting to do something like that again.

Blueberry Card 8628
My second act of kindness was I paid for someone’s snack. I was at my archery club and it was half time. I went up to the snack bar and got my snack. Then I gave the cashier $5 and the Blueberry Card. I said I would like to pay for the person’s bill behind me. My family and I sat down at a table and watched as a person got the Blueberry Card. Their head was looking around trying to find me. When they did they came up to me and thanked me for what I did for them. They gave me back the change and left. I liked doing that so much I did it again the next week.

Blueberry Card 8629
My third act of kindness was I was walking down the hall of Flushing Middle School and this guy was running as fast as he could down the hall. He rammed into a girl by me and didn’t even stop to say sorry or pick up her books and papers. So, I went up to her and started to help her pick up all of her books and papers. After she said to me that if I wasn’t there no one probably would have picked up her books for her. I gave her the Blueberry Card. I walked her to her classroom and said goodbye. It made me feel good when I did that because I knew it was the right thing to do. If something like this happened again I would do it.

Riley Fryfogle
My first act was me helping my social studies teacher, Mrs. Jaggers, pick up paper scraps off the ground. All week we had been cutting and pasting various things into our interactive notebooks. When I saw her on hands and knees on the floor, picking up scraps of paper off the carpet with tape. After I finished the test, I asked her if I could pick up scraps. After she agreed and I finished the job, I gave her the Blueberry Card. In return, I was thanked and given a token of appreciation!

My second random act of kindness was helping a friend that I meant in Drama on the bus. She had gotten food poisoning due to eating rotten fruit, but attempted to arrive to sress rehearsal anyway. However, she ended up throwing up, and I helped her by getting the bus driver. After everything was cleaned and she was okay, I gave her the Blueberry Card. We got a brief hug and a discussion about this wonderful program.

My third, and final act of kindness was helping one of the hardest working people in our lives. My very own mother, who has had various events going on in her life. First, she has been working day and night on making jewelry and other crafts for craft shows. Which are hosted in various gymnasiums across the state. She also has been having to deal with my grandmother, who recently had a hip replacement surgery, so she needs help with a lengthy list of everyday things. So, she has all of this to deal with, not to mention the regular house-keeping chores. Which is why I stepped up to the job of making dinner for the entire household. I cooked eggs and bacon while my mom got to relax. It was a huge effort and it wasn’t done until 7 at night, but I had done it. After I served everybody their food and had our meal, I gave my mother the Blueberry Card. She was so gracious and proud, and I was too.

My first random act of kindness was my friend needed some help in math and she didn’t try out for the volleyball team because of her grades. So, I decided to help her. She was so happy she gave me a big hug and I felt so amazing.
My second act of kindness was I spent the night at my grandma’s house. In the morning when I woke up I noticed that her house was a disaster and my grandma didn’t feel very well so I decided to clean her whole house. She was so surprised and happy she had a wide smile the rest of the day. This made me feel even more amazing after helping someone I loved.

My third random act of kindness was when my family went to the grocery store. There was an old woman who was struggling with her groceries. I went up to her and asked if she needed help. She was more than happy when we asked. In fact, she was so happy she kept offering us mints. I felt so happy that I got to help someone in need that I was in a great mood the rest of the day.

Sara Riggio
For my first random act of kindness, I helped an old lady carry groceries. When I was at Kroger, I saw an older lady struggling with her bags. I ran over and asked if I could help. She nodded thankfully, and I took the bags from her. As she directed me to her car, I asked some questions. “Do you have any family at home to help you unload your car?” She shook her head. She explained to me that her kids don’t talk to her anymore, and that that her husband died a few years back. I loaded up her car, and helped her in. I handed her two things. A Blueberry Card, and a piece of paper that had my phone number on it with a note that said, ‘Call me anytime you need help, and stay strong. :)’ She teared up and told how grateful she was that someone cared for her. She also told me that I would do great things in life. She gave me one last hug, and drove off. I felt happy that I could do something so good for someone else.

For my second act of kindness, I helped my neighbor babysit. One of his kids had to go to the E.R. and he wouldn’t be able to take his newborn grandchild. He ran to my mother’s home in desperation. He pleaded her to go over to his house and babysit, but she had an emergency of her own at college. His face fell, until I happily told him I could babysit. He gratefully accepted, and left. A few hours later, he came back, and offered me 40 dollars for my work. I declined quickly and told him that if he wanted to pay me back, I would like it if he could pass it on.

For my final act, I helped my new neighbor move her heavy boxes. She was alone that day and I wasn’t at school. She struggled with carrying some boxes so I walked up carefully and asked if I could help. She visibly relaxed and thanked me. Together, we carried boxes into her garage, shed, and house. After, she told me it was very great, what I did. She went into her wallet and pulled out ten dollars, but I shook my head and handed her a card instead. I felt mighty that day, like I could make a difference.

Grace Spillane
For my first random act of kindness I helped my best friend Gillian to the office after she sprained her ankle. When we reached the office, she told me how thankful she was for being in the same hallway as her otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten help.

For my second random act of kindness I helped an elderly woman at Kroger. She was loading her bags into her car right by ours and seemed stuck. I walked over to her and asked if she needed any help. She told me that the scooter she was on wouldn’t move and that the batteries might be dead. I looked at the cart and tried moving it myself but it wouldn’t budge. My mom then came over and got it moving. We then realized it was stuck in a crack. My mom and I worked together to push it over the crack. Once we moved it out of the way, I could drive it back into the store and put it on a charger.

For my last random act of kindness, I went over to my 84-year-old neighbor Mrs. Duby and raked her leaves one day. Her husband had recently passed away so I gratefully grabbed my rake, walked down the street and started to work on the yard. She noticed me through her window and came outside to talk. She wanted to pay me $5 but I told her to keep it and that I was just trying to help.

Imarionna Bunch
My first act of kindness was on Halloween I gave almost all of my candy to my neighbor’s children because they weren’t able to go trick or treating. I felt so happy like I just got a million bucks for doing that. To see them happy made me realize that someone else might appreciate the little things I take for granted.

My second random act of kindness is that we were at Hutchinson’s and an older woman started to pull out of the driveway. I noticed that she left some of her bags so I ran them to the car for her and she practically snatched the bag out of my hand. I had to remember that no matter if she didn’t say thank you I had did something important to me.

My third act of kindness was that my church makes a Thanksgiving basket every year and I wasn’t on the list to get anything. But, when my mom went to go get the turkey, I went with her to get a turkey and give it to a family in need. I learned something that small will always have an impact on someone’s life.

Delaney Matheson
My first act of kindness was when I was at Kroger and I helped this older lady put her groceries in her car because it looked like she had a lot of groceries and it was raining. I felt good because I was standing in the rain helping her and she was thankful for it.

My second act of kindness was I helped my friend with her homework because she wasn’t understanding it. So, I decided to help her so she would understand it better and the way I felt was proud because she felt good after that. 
And my third act of kindness was I was in the mall and there was water on the floor and this older lady slipped and fell. So, I went to go help her off the ground and it made me feel happy because she felt so thankful that I helped her up and I did too.

Noelle Banks
Blueberry Card 8753
My first random act of kindness that I did was rake leaves. My Grandma has had multiple surgeries on her knee and isn’t able to do much yard work on her own. She has to use a walker around the house and uses a wheelchair out in public. Yesterday when I got off the bus my grandma wasn’t home because she was at work so I went outside and raked the leaves. Later that night, after my mom had brought me home my Grandma called and asked who raked her leaves. She was so surprised to hear it was me! She was so happy that I did it because she had waited for so long for someone to do it for her.

Blueberry Card 8752
My next random act of kindness wasn’t necessarily for a specific person. At home I wrote a note that read, “hey girl, you’re beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”. On this note I taped a Blueberry Card. I taped the note on the wall of a bathroom wall in hopes that someone would read it.

Makayla Fotenakes
Blueberry Card 8643
My first act of kindness was baking my math teacher cookies. I baked her cookies because she takes time out of her school day to help me with my math. Not only that but she makes sure that I get it.

Blueberry Card 8789
My second act of kindness was raking leaves for my neighbor. I raked his leaves because he gets stressed out from them laying in his yard.

My third act of kindness was writhing my social study teacher a letter. I wrote her a letter because the class gets a little loud at times and doesn’t listen. I told her how she does great job teaching us and how much he helps me.

Kendyl Andrews
My first act of kindness was writing my math teacher a nice letter thanking her for helping me with math.

Blueberry Card 8779
My second act was backing my social studies teacher cookies because she lets me in the building early every day so i don’t have to stand in the cold.

Blueberry Card 8788
My third act was making my siblings lunches because they were all busy that night.

Taylor Fleury 
My first random act of kindness is I held the door for elderly at my church that I go to. Right after I did this for them they had a big smile on their face.

My next random act of kindness what at Cici’s a Pizza. There was a little boy in front of me and he was too short to get his pizza and his dad already went back to his table so I asked if he needed help then I got it for him! He was really happy and I was too.

My last random act of kindness was to the same boy and he was too short to get his drink so I went up and got it for him.

Marissa VanLandeghem
My first random act of kindness was I gave cookies to my physical therapist. When I first went to physical therapy, my therapist gave me cookies and I thought that was nice. So, I gave him cookies. After I gave him cookies he gave me a hug and I could tell how much he appreciated it.

Blueberry Card 8762
My second random act of kindness was I helped my grandmas dog. My grandma’s dog has back problems and she fell and hurt her back more, so I help her up and made her feel better. After that my grandma thank me and took her to the vet. She’s alright now.

Blueberry Card 8763
My last random act of kindness was I helped my grandpa take the trash out. My papa does a lot of things to make me happy so I decided to help him take out the trash. My papa was surprised but he was super happy that I did, and I felt really good that I helped him.

Hayleigh Lewis
My first act of kindness was when I donated clothes to the less fortunate. They said thank you for your donation and that the clothes were going somewhere where they were most needed.

My second act of kindness was when I gave all of my report card money to the Flint Soup Kitchen. They appreciated it and said that everyone would like the food they got with the money.

My last act of kindness was when I donated cans to the can drive at my mom’s work. Everyone was thankful and said the soldiers would appreciate it. They also said they would pass along the Blueberry Card to someone and spread the kindness around.

Peyton Hobson
My first act of kindness is when me and my dad raked our neighbors yard, she came out and thanked us and couldn’t believe it.

Blueberry Card 8655
My second act of kindness is when I helped my friend finish up her English project. She was having trouble understanding what she was supposed to do and how to print it out so I helped her out. She couldn’t stop thanking me.

My third act of kindness is when I helped my grandmother clean her home. It’s hard for to do things like vacuum, dust, sweep, so I helped her out. She gave me a hug and thanked me many times.

Ella Schmidt
Blueberry Card 8366
My first act of kindness is I gave a mom some coins after she told her daughter she had no change to give her to ride the pony at the grocery store.

Blueberry Card 8367
My second act of kindness is that I gave my math teacher cookies for helping me and it made me feel really good because I got to thank her for everything she helps me with.

Blueberry Card 8368
My third act of kindness was I raked my elder neighbor because she could not rake her leaves. When in was done, she was super happy.

Marlena Ooten
My random act of kindness is my aunt broke her foot and I helped her babysit her granddaughter my second cousin.

Annalycia Day
My mom and I were out shopping and we were heading out of the store into the car, and when we were driving up to a stop sign, we saw a homeless person. I told my mom that we should give him some money to help him get some food. So, were in the car waiting for the guy to get his money but it seemed like he was hurt because he was limping so I felt bad for him, but he got the dollar and my heart felt happy.

My second random act of kindness is going to nursing homes and dancing for them, every year on Halloween and Christmas my dance studio goes to nursing homes and we dance for them, we do this because some of the elderlies families don’t come to visit them for the holidays, so we go over there and they watch us dance. After we are done dancing we give them hugs and tell them “happy Halloween” or “Merry Christmas”, This is one of the reasons why I love dancing, because we get to do this.

My third random act of kindness is simple but it would make someone’s day. My mom and I had to go get some groceries and there were people behind us and I told my mom to scooch over because I wanted to open the door for the people behind us, when i did they told me “thank you so much” and I said “no problem.” Again, that was really simple but it made my day and that person’s day.

Devion Bowman
I watched my neighbor’s dog for them when they had a family emergency, they came back a week later and their dog was perfectly fine they were so happy that they had someone to go to when they needed it the most.

My second act of kindness was that my bus driver quit and we needed a new one when we got are new bus driver I was helping her by telling her where to go that was a lot off her back so she wouldn’t miss a kid she told me that I made her day.

My last act of kindness was that I offered help to someone who needed help in math she was glad I asked her but she had said no she thought that she didn’t need it but a few days later she was begging for me to help with her homework and I did, now she is getting better in math but if she needs help I’ll be there.

My first act of kindness was when I was walking down the hall flooded with kids to lunch. On my way, I noticed one of my teachers blocking off an area that had a big spill. Since no one was helping her, I quickly ran into her classroom, grabbed some paper towels, and helped her wipe it up.

My second Blueberry Moment was I rubbed my mom’s back and feet after a long, hard, and stressful day at work. I knew that this was a nice thing to do because she was hurting and needed to relax.

My final act of kindness was at lunch. I noticed a group of girls that had nowhere to sit, and seeing that there were empty seats at my table, invited them to sit next to my friends and I.

I volunteer at this place called the moose lodge and I saw that they were running out of pens. So, after I was done volunteering me and my mom went to dollar general and bought a pack of pens and the next day dropped them off. I only stay for a minute because they were about to start work. The man that work told me ‘thank you’ and that they seemed to never have enough pens around.

My second Blueberry Moment was when my mom told me that her work was having a present drive for a family in need of things for around the house and baby stuff. I bought some clothes, a blanket and a pair of gloves and a hat with the money earned. Unfortunately, I could drop off the gifts because my mom had to work and I couldn’t go with her.

My third Blueberry Moment was when I was at Walmart and I saw a lady that looked like she had trouble putting groceries away, so to help I took her cart and put it in the cart return for her. She thanked me and then, I was on my way back to my mom car to help finish putting our own groceries away.

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