Flushing Seymour Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors: ‘It just feels good to help’

Flushing Seymour Elementary, coordinator Maureen Shipley

Olivia Anderson 
I was at home and my mom was crying so I went to her and said, “Mommy, why are you crying?” She said that there was someone being mean to her over the phone.” I told her to not to worry about it and that I love her. She said, “I love you too and you made my day.” And my mommy did not care about it for the rest of the day.

Hailey Finch 
For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided that I would tell you about my experience at the North End Soup Kitchen. So, the first reason I went to the soup kitchen was to help the poor and I did just that when I got there. First thing I did was make and pack lunches for the boys and then after I finished that I went and sorted the pantry and then it was time to eat. Then after that, I was done eating it was time to go to the kitchen and serve people. I went back and to the kitchen and waited for the people to come and I served them and after, they all were happy and I felt like I did something good because I decided to leave school to go in help them and make up the work when I get back and because I know it was a good thing to do I will do it again someday. 

Gavyn Henson
A Blueberry Moment that I did was a girl was hurt outside with a broken arm. I had to run inside and get that little girl a blanket. She was happy but she was scared but I’m happy that I helped a little girl in need.

Abigail Burkhardt
For my Blueberry Moment, I decided to help my grandma and grandpa dust their whole house. It was surprisingly fun. It felt good knowing that I helped out. I first started in the back bedrooms, then I moved on to the hall bathrooms. I also dusted the piano room, entertainment center, kitchen, and dining room. I dusted 38 picture frames in all the rooms. When we left, I gave them a big hug and they said “THANK YOU ABBY SO MUCH!!!!” And that is what I did for my second Blueberry Moment.

Carson Ward
My Blueberry Moment is not something that has happened yet, but is going to happen. I am going to be a safety patrol at my school and will be helping many people and people be safe outside or in the halls. I have been waiting for this chance to help people sense first grade.

Bethany Crosby
My Blueberry Moment is bringing soup to my grandma. One night for dinner my family and I had soup for dinner. Me and my dad thought it was a good idea to bring some to my grandma. So, we did. When we got there her face lit up with joy. We talked for a bit then left to let her enjoy her soup. I left feeling good because I helped someone.

Noah Webster
It was about 3:00 and my friend and I were downtown. We walked around playing Pokemon Go on our phones. While we were downtown, we got tired and went into a gas station to get a drink and I saw someone who could not afford a drink so he went into his car and started the engine. I bought him a drink and gave him a Blueberry Card.

Graceyn Stratman
This is my second Blueberry Moment. My mom and I were at Sam’s Club and we were walking out and we saw this lady and I offered to take her cart back into the store. She said sure so, I gave her my card and I told her that I’m giving you this card and that it means doing a random act of kindness and to pass it in and give this card to someone else while doing a random act of kindness.

Iyanna Callahan
My second Blueberry Moment is when a 5th grader spilled her milk and a girl in her class said that ”Why are you helping her she spilled it she should clean it up.” Then Mr. Mott came out and said, “Thank you for helping her.” And then I said, “It was no big deal.” I was feeling very proud of myself because I started the day off right.

Josie House
For my second Blueberry Moment, my cousins and I were shopping at target and after we got all of our stuff, my cousin Grace was really excited to get her stuff. After it was all added up, she was five dollars short. So, I paid for it and got us all candy bars.

Jeremiah Thompson
My Blueberry Moment is when me and my family went to a breakfast restaurant and we say a man but he didn’t have enough money so before he left me and my mom went over and gave him a free lunch. 

Grace Dearing
I would help in the library by shelving books. We would take the time at are recess to help. There was no reward for helping but we still would do it.

Breanna Karlichek
My mom and I went out and bought some cans of cat food and some cat litter. Then a couple days later, we drove up to our groomer. Since she fosters cats, we gave her the cat food and cat litter. She was very happy and thanked us. I felt happy that I did something nice for her and her cats. She said since she had lots of cats it would really help her out.

Adreonna Batavia
My Blueberry Moment was getting a girl a chair in class. She had her hands full, and I felt good because she did that when she helped me do my homework. I thought I would do something nice to her, because if somebody needs help, why not help them.

Grace Kassuba 
For my Blueberry Moment, I went to see my grandmother’s friend named Jean. She lives in a nursing home. She doesn’t like it very much. So, on January 8, 2017 I went to go see her with my grandmother and brother to see her. When we were there, we played Jenga and Skip-Bo, we also walked around the facility. When we were playing games, her son came to visit her too, and we talked with him for about an hour. We were there for about 2 hours. It made me feel good because she doesn’t have very many visitors, and I was able to make her happy.

Hannah Burkhardt
I helped a second grade class write a book on google slides. It was a fun experience to realize how much they learned. I will continue helping in the computer lab.

Adrina Halstead
I helped someone out today by decorating my sister’s side of the room. We hung up unicorn pictures and painted it all light blue. We got new sheets and blankets, plus we got a new dresser. We had so much fun. I am so happy I did that. I love my sister.

Mason McFarlane
My Blueberry Moment was in the winter. It was a cold night we were at a restaurant there was a bunch of snow everywhere. We got done eating and paying the bill when I realized how much snow was on everyone’s car. So, I asked my dad is it ok if I go wipe off the car windows. He said sure so I did. But after I was done with our car they were still in the restaurant, so I decided to wipe off other people’s cars as well.Tommy OstranderI was at Rollhaven and someone I know really wanted two more dollars to buy a drink because he was really thirsty. So, I gave him the last two dollars I had so he could get a drink. I know it is not much but it does not matter how big the deed is. It just feels good to help.

Hailey Dyer  
It all started on a Wednesday afternoon, my mom just got home after a long day at work. She looked very tired. She had that look on her face, the look of exhaustion, the look that told me that she didn’t feel like cleaning or doing the dishes or laundry or feeding the pets or anything of the sort. The next day when she went to work and dad watched me and my sister, I did the dishes, cleaned the laundry, fed the pets and I even CLEANED my room! When she got home she opened the dishwasher, ready to clean the dishes, what really caught my eye is the amazed look on her face as she turned to me and smiled.

Sophia Garres
Yesterday when I was going to my bus, I saw someone trip and drop their things. People, where just walking around the kid, so I picked up her things and helped her up. After she said, “Thank you.” then I said “You’re welcome.” That made me feel proud.Abbi DennoMy random act of kindness was I gathered up all my hats and gloves I didn’t use anymore. and took them to the Flushing Christian Outreach Center, and told them why I was there. I gave them a Blueberry Card and told them to pass it on as you do a random act of kindness for someone else.

Addysen Craven
One cold fall day, I decided to go outside and rake our driveway. While I was raking with my mom and sister I saw my elderly neighbor struggling to mow their leaves up. So, I decided to rake up the leaves in their ditch. Once I was done I snuck away quietly, and went back inside to drink hot coco. 

Kate Burba
For my second Blueberry Moment, I donated a few canned goods to the local outreach center in my town, Flushing. The woman at the outreach center was very kind. I gave the goods to her just as they were closing for the Thanksgiving holiday. She put the goods inside the building with me and then closed everything up. We left and it felt really good just to be kind and maybe make a difference to a few people that Thanksgiving holiday. I learned that every act of kindness is appreciated and that it does not have to be big to make a difference.  

Kelsea Burba
For my second Blueberry Act, I wrote a letter to my families sponsor child. You have to do a bunch of fancy stuff to get it to the other side of the world. So, I wrote the letter, and my mom helped me to get it ready. You have to put it in a special envelope. Then, I stamped and mailed it. I’ll bet it is taking a while to get to the other side of the world It ended up taking a while, but I guess it takes a bit of work to get a letter to the other side of the world. 

Khloe Burba
For my second Blueberry Act, I gave a box of chocolates to the secretary of Seymour Elementary, Mrs. Shelly.  Anyone who goes to Seymour knows that Mrs. Shelly works very hard to keeps Seymour organized. So, I think she should get some credit for doing that. I sort of gave them to her as a really early Christmas present although it wasn’t even close to Christmas at the time. I wasn’t actually there to give them to her in person, but later I found out that she liked them. I’m glad that Mrs. Shelly likes chocolates!

Trayshawn Taylor
I was at Kroger the other day. This old lady was putting all these groceries by herself. So, I got out my car and I started to help her. When we were done, she tried to reward me I said no. Then I said I am concerned about the blueberries. Then she said what is that. So, I told her what it was, then I gave her my Blueberry card and I said do something nice just like I did for you then I left and said goodbye.   

Macy Freeman
My second Blueberry Moment was when someone at my mom’s work lost their house in a fire. So, we went through all of our clothes and toys and gave them to that family. Also, one of my Christmas presents was a gift card to Game Stop. The family is now living with their grandparents and the boy only has one game to play because he lost all of his other ones in the fire so I gave him my Game Stop gift card so he could buy himself new games so he didn’t have to play the same game anymore.

Morgan Fisher
Blueberry Moment 8168
For my second Blueberry Moment, I bought our home school coordinator, Mrs. Shipley, a gift with my own money. I wanted to get her something because she does a lot for our school and helps everybody from students to staff. Mrs. Shipley deserved something nice for all she does. I came to school and gave her the gift and she was so happy. Mrs. Shipley told me that the nice gift made her day, and just because she said that, it made my day too! 

Zachary Woodzell
My mom has cancer, so I have to help her with a lot of stuff…Well not have to, I choose to, because it makes my mom happy. When she is thirsty, I get her water. When she wants to talk, I talk to her. When she is in pain, I try to help her. I ask her all the time if she needs anything. I don’t always know what she wants but I ask her. I love her so much. I would do anything for her. I know by doing this it makes my mom feel happy! There is nothing more I want then for her to be happy, and not in pain!

Rebekah Peck
My Blueberry Moment was when I was at school and I was eating my lunch in the cafeteria with all of my friends. I heard one of my classmates asking my friend if she had any left-over food. So, I asked her if she did not get a lot of food or something. She said that she only got carrots, milk, and a cheese stick. I offered her some of my lunch because I knew that I wouldn’t eat it all. But even if I could eat the food I gave her, it is better to make someone else’s day brighter whenever you have the chance. But it also makes you feel good inside when you help someone too!

Carson and Collin
At the time we chose to do our Blueberry random act of kindness, it was fall. Carson and I noticed that there were a lot of leaves on the ground… and I mean a lot! One of our neighbors, Mr. Dye was having trouble raking his lawn because he was working the night shift at his job. So, we thought this would be a perfect Blueberry Moment. So, we trudged to our backyard to get the rakes from the shed. We were having so much fun that our neighbor Coltan decided to help us too. When Mr. Dye came out of his house, he was elated! He offered to pay us, but we told him we were part of the Blueberry Ambassadors and he could pay it forward. From that day, his lawn was kept leaf free. Thank you for always encouraging us to be a better person and we hope to make the world a better place.

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