Flushing Springview Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors feel the true impact of Blueberry Moments

Flushing Springview Elementary, coordinator Julie Sheldon

Calece Cory
Blueberry Moment 17989
My random act of kindness is I made breakfast for my grandma. I made a breakfast sandwich, cut up bananas and got her some orange juice.

Blueberry Moment 17990
My second act of kindness was getting my mom a gift bag of relaxing things like coconut bath bombs, other bath things and a massager.

Blueberry Moment 17991
My random act of kindness was leaving change on the gumball machines.

Athena Tran
Blueberry Moment 20574
One time, I was at the Genesee Valley Mall and I was eating some pizza. I wanted a free sample but one of the workers was trying to call a woman because she left her credit card. So, I took the credit card and ran to give it to her.

Blueberry Moment 20576
I was at McDonald’s and I ordered my stuff, then I didn’t have enough money. This older couple heard and paid what was left. I started to cry because of how kind they were and gave them a hug.

Blueberry Moment 20578
My dad was having a bad morning so I wanted him to good feel good inside. So I said, “Have a good day at work,” and gave him a hug.

Keira Dumas-Knieper
Blueberry Moment 17998
I delivered holiday candles to people around my neighborhood. I bought six candles to put on people’s porches. I came up with the idea when I read that a famous violin player did something like this in December. When I bought the candles, I made up little cards that said: “You light up lives!” For the first candle I dropped off, I stayed and watched the reaction of the person that received the candle. At first, he and his wife had a huge smile on their face. Then, they tried to figure out who gifted this to them. Unfortunately, we had to leave after that because I wanted to stay anonymous. This made me feel good inside because we got to see true appreciation. It reassured me that there are some people in the world who want to pass kindness along.

Blueberry Moment 17999
I went to read to cats and dogs at the shelter. I came up with the idea when I remembered that if all my mom’s students reached their grade level or higher in reading they would go and read to the animals. It made me feel warm inside because I felt the love from the animals. It seemed like the dogs and cats liked it because they curled up to me just as they probably did in their old home.

Blueberry Moment 18000
I helped the crafters at my school’s Santa’s Workshop. I came up with the idea because my mom runs the workshop. It made me feel delightful because I could be useful and help someone out. I think it made them feel good because it saved them time while they were trying to set up.

Juliana Bush
Blueberry Moment 20202
My mom was sick and could hardly do anything. I made dinner for my sister, my brother and my mom. I put my mom’s food on a tray along with a sticky note that said, “Get well soon!” And then we all signed our names onto the sticky note. When I took her food into her bedroom, she said, “Thank you,” and then I gave her the Blueberry Card and explained what to do.

Blueberry Moment 20203
After I got off the bus one day, I made cookies. I made cookies for someone that lives at the nursing home that my mom works at. I wrote out a letter that explained the Blueberry program and why I made them the cookies.

Blueberry Moment 20204
For my third random act of kindness I cleaned my grandma’s house for her. I chose to clean her house because in early January, she broke her knee cap and had to have surgery to put it back together. She is in a special brace and can’t bend her knee and she has to use a walker to get around. I vacuumed, swept, did a load of laundry, and I dusted everything. I explained to her why I as cleaning her house for her, and once I started to explain to her she knew that the founder was Phil Shaltz. After I was done explaining, she said that she had another Blueberry Card from a McDonald’s and I wondered if it was Phil Shaltz. I asked her if she saw who it was and she said that it was a lady. When I was done cleaning her house and was getting ready to head back home, she said thank you and gave me a big warm hug.

Emma Ouellette
Blueberry Moment 17959
My first good deed was when I was at the store with my mom. I helped a lady put her groceries in her car. She was very thankful. I did it because she had a lot of groceries. I was happy I was there to help her and it made her happy too.

Blueberry Moment 17960
My second good deed was very simple. I helped a teacher at latchkey. She needed help with the little ones and their crafts. So, I went to help her. I didn’t want a price, I just wanted to help.

Blueberry Moment 17961
I saved the best for last. I bought a gift for someone, a random person. I bought them a gift at the store with my mom. The person didn’t look like she was having a good day. She had three kids, two were drying and the other on her phone. I wasn’t thinking about Blueberries, I just wanted to do something nice.

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