Flushing Springview Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors ‘fill hearts with love’

Flushing Springview Elementary, coordinator Julie Sheldon

Makajah Veal
This girl named Alyvia wanted help with homework and I helped her. She said thank you for your support. She was crying and I was there to fill her heart with love.

One day a girl was hurt and by helping I put my arm around her and asked what was wrong. She said she got hurt and then she went to the office and was feeling better as soon as she got ice. She said thank you for helping me outside today!!

One day this girl was playing on the slide. Then one other person came down and kicked her back. She started crying so I went over and helped her and asked her what was wrong. Then 
she felt better as soon as I helped her with her problem.

Aiden French
My act of kindness was when I woke up early and made lunch for my mom because she usually makes my lunch for me when I eat breakfast. I left my Blueberry Card in my lunch box so she could see it. She was pretty happy with me when she woke up.

My second act of kindness is when I helped my dad with his paper route. I was the one who rolled up the papers and my dad put them in the mailbox. Sometimes I got to throw them in the person’s driveway. When the mailbox was on my side I got to put it in and my dad rolled it up. It was pretty fun.

Giselle Emerson
I completed my classroom work and I noticed that our classroom library books needed to be arranged. So, I decided to arrange them myself so that is what I did. I did that for my teacher and we just got the cards that day. I put a nice smile on my teacher’s face as I gave her the card and she asked what is this for? I said, “the library books”. I could tell that my teacher was happy even without her showing it. I could tell my teacher was shocked that I completed it in the same day.

My dad was getting ready for work and we were snowed in and he wouldn’t be able to get out. I put on my snow stuff and went outside and shoveled the snow so he can get out. He appreciated it a lot so then he could get out easily.

I was at the grocery store with my mom and dad. An older woman came and was struggling getting pop from a higher shelf. I said what one do you need? She said Mountain Dew so I got it down and said here you go. Anything else? She said no and said must be nice being that tall. I said yeah. I said goodbye and I put a smile on her face.

Juel El-Haj
There was one day when I saw a teacher picking things up so I asked her if she needs help. She said, “Not now, but I will tell you when I need help.” I said okay and kept going. Moments later, she asked me for something. She asked if I can help pick up the balls. I said sure and went to do my job. Afterwards, I finished and went over by her. I gave her the card and she was really happy. It even made my day. I hope you do the same thing to someone, they would love it.

It was a snowy day and it looked like my teacher needed help so I volunteered to help. I asked, “Do you need help with anything?” She said “Yes, can you pass the papers out please?” I said sure and I did exactly that. A few minutes later I finished. She said, “Thank you very much.” I said “You’re welcome.” Then I gave her a card and she gave me a big smile and that touched my heart.

Olivia Lazenby
It was a rainy day. Me and my class were watching the news when I noticed my friend looked a little glum. So, I got out my Blueberry Card and started to write on a white board. Dear Emma, I just wanted to tell you how you help me. You are one in a million and you help me through my toughest times. And I hope you think that too. Love Olivia.

It was one of those days that it was super stressful for me and the teacher, Mrs. Brindley. Everyone was always talking and giving the teacher a bad headache. That is when I realized about my Blueberry Cards in my desk. I thought these people that are talking are not going to ruin my day. But then I looked at Mrs. Brindley and she looked very stressful. It almost looked like she was losing her confidence in all of these students. So, I dug in my desk and I got out the navy blue card with white lettering that said I AM CONCERNED ABOUT THE BLUEBERRIES. So, after I got out the cards, I gave one to Mrs. Brindley and I said to her straight up that “YOU are one of the most incredible teachers that I have ever had. And if I were to pick a woman role model it would definitely be you Mrs. Brindley!”

Gavin Bergquist
My first Blueberry Moment started on a snowy day. My neighbor is elderly so I went over to her house after I shoveled ours. I went over and asked her and she said yes. So after about 30 minutes I was done. She asked me if she could pay me but I said no. And I gave her one of my cards and told her to read the back.

My second Blueberry Moment started at school on recess. My friend came to me and he said that the three would not let him play on a team because he was wearing a loom necklace. I missed a student council meeting just to help him. But I didn’t have my cards so I told him about the Blueberry ambassadors and about the cards.

Alivia Whitehead
During lunch one day my friend did not have enough money to buy a lunch. I gave her a couple of dollars to buy a lunch. She was happy that I gave her some money to buy lunch. She was also happy that she could eat lunch that day.

Eli Richey
One day, I was at home and I was bored. Bored sick. So, in an attempt to do something to reduce my boredom and be productive, I vacuumed the house while my parents were gone. It was a bit of hard work (lugging it up the stairs and back), but it paid off with the good feeling inside of doing something good.

One day, in a desperate attempt of getting my Blueberry Cards handed out, I went over to my neighbor’s house. Our neighbor has undergone lots of surgeries, making her unable to work. I went over to her house to help her. I ended up moving a bucket onto her deck, putting a shovel in her garage, picking up stray papers and helping her get the dog back in the house. It was not very much, but to her it was everything. It made me feel so good.

Amany Rishmawi
My Blueberry Moment was at school. One day this girl dropped her crayon box and I picked it up. She was so happy because her foot was broken. When I picked it up, it was time to go out for recess. I left the Blueberry Card on her desk and the next day she was very happy. Also, she told me she had passed on the card to her sister and her sister did the same. The card is a very nice way to show how you can make friends with anyone.

My second Blueberry Moment is when I was walking to the grocery store and I saw an old woman with her groceries. She needed some help so I helped her put the groceries in her trunk. She gave me a nice smile and I gave her the Blueberry Card. She was very nice and took it. Then she drove away. The card made me realize some people are very grateful.

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