Flushing Springview Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors warm hearts this winter season

Flushing Springview Elementary, coordinator Julie Sheldon

Leah Hurst
Blueberry Moment 16069
I never realized how much a change giving someone a gift could make. On December 11th, 2019, I was coming back from school and I was thinking I should work on something for Blueberries. So, I thought maybe I could get my teacher Mrs. Engleman a gift. So, I did. I went to the store with my mom and got her a couple of little items, put them in the bag and was ready to go. Then the next day on December 12, 2019, I got out of bed and got ready for my band class. Before heading to my band class, I quietly put the gift in front of my teacher’s door and continued my day. When she finally opened the door, she got the gift and smiled. 

Blueberry Moment 16070
I quickly opened the door and held it for all the other people in my class that were in my band class with me. They smiled and walked by at the last minute I gave the last person that was coming in a Blueberry Card. 

Blueberry Moment 16071
I did the last thing for my mother she was in a rush and she still had to fold the laundry. So, I took the laundry and folded it and gave her a Blueberry Card she smiled and said I did not have to do it. But I did it anyway. I never realized opening a door, giving a simple gift, or helping with chores, would make such a big difference. It is amazing how such a little act of kindness can make such a big difference in a person’s day.

Allison Perry
Blueberry Moment 16021“No candy, no candy, NO CANDY!” Those words dreaded me the whole time I went trick or treating. I remembered my mom telling me about a girl she knew who was really excited because she got to be a princess for Halloween… but she never got the costume or got to go trick or treating. I was shocked when my mom told me that because I always got to do things like that. So, I decided this Halloween I was going to do something about it. I decided to close my eyes and take ten handfuls of my candy into a bag and write a little note to put in the bag. The next day I saw a giant smile on her face when I gave it to her, and I could feel a giant smile on my face. It’s kind of strange how kindness works you do, even the littlest thing, and the biggest smiles come out of it. 

Blueberry Moment 16023
My second Blueberry act was making cookies and brownies for my mom’s school. The day I gave theirs was not just any day. It was the day when a year ago Mr. R, the principal, died. It was a tragic and sudden event but now that it has been a year, all of the teachers were going to have to relive the day while still pretending everything was okay in front of their students. I did this act because I knew it was the day that no one would smile. I wanted them to know that even though I didn’t know the principal, I cared and admired them as so many other people do too.

Blueberry Moment 16022
My third act of kindness was writing a note to my waitress that basically said thank you for all you do, and I appreciate you. I chose to do this act of kindness because one day I was sitting down, and I realized how much servers do for us. Yet I very rarely ever hear anyone say thank you. I just left the note on my table for the waitress to see. As I left the restaurant, I noticed my waitress had a huge smile on her face. As a matter of fact, her smile seemed to make the whole restaurant happier.

Peyton Mills
Blueberry Moment 16024
On a Wednesday night I did a random act of kindness that made my day. I walked out of ATI a physical therapy place, and then I spotted an old lady who could barely walk, taking her time so I stood and held the door open for her. A real true smile was on her face she told me I don’t have to hold the door open because she is a slow turtle. I smiled and she asked me how old I was, when my birthday was, all these questions with a smile on her face. I knew she was struggling so it was nice to help somebody for a change. Who knew holding the door for someone could make their day? When you do something so small it can be something super big to others!

Blueberry moment 16025
I wanted to do something fun and nice for the class. I had this bright idea of making kind words about a person on a sticky note and put it on their locker, and when the kids in my classroom came inside, they had smiles on their faces which made me smile. Before they all came in, I had an idea of making them for ¾ split STEM class. As we made theirs, it just shows how little of an act can make someone’s day it doesn’t have to be big, but if you can do something big for someone you should. 

Blueberry Moment 16026
On a Wednesday night, I made a Christmas card for a stranger in our school hoping to make their day. I hope to put a smile on their face!!

Juliana Bush
Blueberry Moment 16027
My first Blueberry act took place at school. It was the last day of the book fair and I finally remembered to bring my money in. I went down to the book fair, got a book that I wanted, and I went through my teacher’s book wish list. I saw that there was a book that I could purchase with the money that I had left over. I knew that she wanted this book so bad, and I knew that no one else was going to get it for her. I purchased both of the books, and I headed back to class. I stopped at my locker to grab my Blueberry Card. I placed the card on the inside of the cover that way when my teacher opened the book, she would notice the card. I discreetly placed the book on her desk, and she didn’t even notice until about five minutes had passed. When she did realize the book, she asked who had bought it, and then she explained to the whole class why she had been wanting that book so bad. She was so excited that she got it, she stopped class and read the book; I was smiling the entire time! It was at that moment that I realized that doing something for someone when they least expect it can change their entire day!

Blueberry Moment 16028
For my second Blueberry act, I bought something for my sister. My mom, sister and I entered the store, and my sister was caught off-guard. She spotted something that she liked, and she didn’t say anything about it while we walked through the entire store. I could tell that my sister really wanted because her feet were dragging on the floor with each step and her shoulders were slouched. It was a small store, and I noticed my sister kept glancing towards where she spotted what she wanted. I remembered that I had a few bucks in my wallet that I could perhaps use to buy her that. When my mom went to check out, I told my sister to take me to the thing that she wanted, so that I could see how much it would cost– it worked out because I had just enough money. I grabbed the thing that my sister wanted and headed back to the lane that my mom was in. I purchased the thing for my sister and she was awestruck. I slipped the Blueberry Card into the bag and handed the bag to my sister. My sister thanked me about a million times, and I couldn’t stop laughing and saying, “I knew you wanted it badly, so I bought it for you!” I felt so good buying that for her, and I learned that pitching in a little help will make someone so happy!

Blueberry Moment 16029
For my third and final act, I helped my family one evening at home. The house was a disaster and we had so much going on that particular evening. I helped out by making dinner. I made the food and set the table…spoons, forks, knives, napkins, cups, and plates. Everyone was doing their own thing and they didn’t even realize what I was doing. I gathered the family by running up and down the stairs, saying, “It’s time to eat!” Each time I said that, people would respond with a question along the lines of, “How is dinner made already?” Once everyone was sitting down, we said our prayers and ate. While we were eating, I received so many thank you’s and excellent job. I didn’t realize that doing something so small can be beneficial for the greater good of everyone else.

Evie Popovits
Blueberry Moment 16001
For my first Blueberry Moment, I had spare time so I made a bookmark with an encouraging message on it then taped a Blueberry Card to it. In a few days I went to the local public library and put the bookmark in one of the commonly checked out books. This made me feel good because if the person was having a bad day then the small bookmark could make them feel better.

Blueberry Moment 16002
For my second Blueberry Moment, I did a small thing. I held a door for someone. I was walking into a building when I noticed that the person behind me had their arms full of stuff. I walked forward and held open the door for them. They thanked me and continued on with a smile on their face. When the next person walked in, I slipped them a Blueberry Card they smiled and continued on with their business again, smiling. I continued on with my life and they continued on with theirs, but I knew that I had done something small for them that had impacted their day.

Blueberry Moment 16003 
When I was at school one day, this kid dropped his stuff in the hallway. I rushed over to him and helped him clean up all of his stuff. When it was finished, I slipped a Blueberry Card in his stuff and then continued down the hallway. I smiled small to myself because I knew the small amount of help I had given him had really helped him out.

Elaney Groulx 
Blueberry Moment 16072
There are so many kind gestures that others do, especially during the holidays that go unnoticed. For instance, the bell ringers that people see as they walk into stores. Bell ringers give up their own time to try and help raise money to help others. People often walk by them with their busy lives without even taking the time to realize that the bell ringers are even there. Bell ringers also stand outside all day long no matter what the weather brings sun, cold, snow, etc. People don’t even take into consideration how cold, wet, or tired bell ringers are. That’s when I thought about what I can do to help them and show them how much I appreciate them. So, I thought about what makes people feel warm and happy. Then, my brain clicked HOT CHOCOLATE. Hot chocolate is perfect it makes people feel warm, cozy, and happy. Delivering the hot chocolate not only changed the bell ringers day, but mine too. The rest of the day, I could not stop smiling. I kept going back to that one moment when I handed the bell ringer the hot chocolate. The happiness I felt hit me like a brick wall that changed my life forever. That moment made me feel that the small moments do make you and the person you’re giving to feel happy it also changes your day and life. From that moment on I started realizing others and how they feel and what I can do to help.

Blueberry Moment 16073
When I go to Aldi with my mom, she is always looking for a quarter. Just like my mom, I am sure a lot of times people tend to forget things. People oftentimes forget a quarter when they go to Aldi or they simply just don’t have one. This can often lead to people getting frustrated and maybe a little embarrassed to ask for a quarter. After watching my mom look and look for a quarter and getting frustrated after not finding one, I felt I had to do something to help others. So, I took a few quarters and made a sign so people could take what they needed. When I saw the first person to come up, I saw a smile on their faces which made me smile. I thought of all the other people who had forgotten a quarter and how they would feel when they got their quarter. Just thinking of the people and their smiles they would have filled my day with joy and happiness. That is why I enjoy being a Blueberry Ambassador.

Blueberry Moment 16074
When my great grandma was in the nursing home, I realized how lucky I was to spend time with her. We would visit her often and I realized a lot of the elders did not have a family to come to visit them, they would get excited to see us so we would visit with them. This will be our first Christmas without her and not spending time at the nursery home during the holidays. A nursing home in our hometown was looking for gifts because there are many elders there that don’t have a family to come to visit them. I wanted to honor my great grandma because I miss her and spending time with her and her friends at the nursing home. I decided to make donations of gifts to the nursing home. When I delivered the gifts, I wanted to stay and spend some time with some of the residents living there. When I saw the smiles on the elder’s faces, it filled my day with joy. I had forgotten what it felt like seeing elders happy to see kids and spend time with them. I finally realized how much doing something as small as a Blueberry Moment counts and means to others. 

Lily Coleman
Blueberry Moment 16075
Everyone in class was psyched. They all tasted the butter melt in their mouths as each and every student in my class enjoyed a bag of warm popcorn. The reason I bought popcorn for the entire class this week and not any other, was because our school library was hosting the popcorn sale as a fundraiser. Our library is great, but some books are mistreated by younger students and since they could use the fundraiser money on buying new books, I thought it would be a good time to contribute my money. Since library is one of my personal favorite specials, I wanted to dedicate my $13 to getting new books and fun objects for the library while treating my friends to some yummy popcorn. 

Blueberry Moment 16077
In November, the winter weather starts to hit, and here in Michigan it can get very cold. I know that I had already begun using my hats and gloves and that the warming centers for the homeless people of Flint were not open yet for the homeless to use. That then got me thinking that the homeless community is a big thing in Flint and that most cannot afford to purchase hats and gloves to help keep them warm. They must be very cold during the day! With this being said, I asked my mom to purchase three sets of hats, gloves, and scarves. Next, I got three paper bags and decorated them, each with a different Christmas song and the words “Hope these make the snow a little more fun!” I wrapped the care packages with a bow and my family and I drove them downtown Flint where we sat them on the homeless shelter steps. Hopefully we made people a little warmer this season.

Blueberry Moment 16076
In the holiday season it can be chaotic with online Christmas shopping. The UPS, FedEx, and mail persons make it that much easier than having to go into stores and wait hours in line for a single gift. This is why I made a goodie basket for all of them to enjoy! It exclaims that we are thankful for what they do, especially in the holiday season. Some things that the basket included were waters, snacks, protein shakes, and more. By the time I got back from school the day I put it out, almost everything in it was gone! Mom and I refilled it and the same thing happened again! I sure hope the UPS, FedEx, and mail persons, enjoyed these snacks and refreshments on their routes.

Allyson Tunnicliff
Blueberry Moment 16004
For my first Blueberry Moment, I decided to write a quick note to my teacher to thank her for everything that she does for me. One November morning, I walked into the classroom and went up to her desk and handed her the note as I walked back to my seat I could see her smiling as she read the note, this made me so happy that I had made someone’s day today. What made me even happier that day was when I entered the room a few minutes later and my teacher embraced me with a huge hug! That day I learned again that one act of kindness has an impact on not one person, but multiple people. 

Blueberry Moment 16005
For my second Blueberry Moment, I was thinking about who I was grateful for, so there is a lady that helps out my grandma and papa a lot. After thinking about that I made an extra pumpkin dessert just for her, to show how thankful I am for her. On Thanksgiving morning, I delivered it to her, and after that, she gave me a big hug and thanked me for what I had done. That day, I felt overjoyed at the fact that I made someone’s day. 

Blueberry Moment 16006
For my third Blueberry Moment, I decided to donate my old coat and a new pair of hat and gloves to the Christian Outreach Center. During this winter season, it felt good to know that I am helping someone stay warm this winter.

Grace Hebeler
Blueberry Moment 16007
On Tuesday November 5th, I wrote someone a letter to wish them a great day. If they haven’t had one so far, I’d hope that this letter made it at least a little bit better for them. I did this because I wanted to make sure at least one other person could feel the way I did on a great day. Just pure joyful, I really hope that I did make there day better because everyone deserves that. In the present day the world is a place full of people who are so rushed who are too busy or they can’ do it right now, well I think the power of just one person slowing down and just living in the moment, not being so focused on what’s going to happen next and I hope by writing this note to this one person helped that to happen.

Blueberry Moment 16008
I made brownies for my neighbors I did this to show them that I appreciate them and I also hope this made their day better. I chose this as my second act of kindness because everyone should be able to slow down and take pleasure in appreciating not only brownies but your neighbors, your neighbors are the people who you live next to I think this important because you live right next to your neighbors and I think that you should have a good relationship with them and slow down to at least appreciate their presents.

Blueberry Moment 16009
For my final act of kindness, I gave clothes to the homeless center. I did this because I believe everyone deserves to be warm and comfortable in the bitter cold weather. Also, everyone deserves to have equal amount of things (things meaning necessities). I also did this because these days I feel a lot of people take things for granted while others can have it MUCH worse which leads me to the last reason why I gave to the homeless shelter because others need a lot it more than I do.

Evelyn Eickholt
Blueberry Moment 16080
In October this year, I made a decision to give back to every person who gave me a Halloween treat. I spent time making thank you notes on the computer with a cute Halloween greeting. On the 31st at my first trick-or-treat stop, I handed a man his Halloween thank you and a Blueberry Card. He looked at the Blueberry Card and I could tell he was a bit confused. I understood, so I explained, “That is a Blueberry Ambassador Card. When you do something kind, you pass it onto another person,” I said. That’s when a smile came across his face. He thanked me more than once! Seeing all the reactions that night was amazing. It made me want to do more acts of kindness.

Blueberry Moment 16079
My six-year-old sister and I are in Girl Scouts. Our fall nut sales were going through October. One night, we were having a family party and selling nuts. That’s when I looked at my sister’s order form. I could tell that she had less orders than me. Just then I had an idea. I ran upstairs and grabbed $6 out of my own bank. I went back downstairs and put the money in the pouch and signed my name on the girl scout order form. Larkyn didn’t notice at first, but I know when she did find out she would be thrilled that I tried to help her reach her goal. Even though she is young, I explained to her how to pass the Blueberry Card. It made me feel very good to help her reach her goal. 

Blueberry Moment 16078
In the mornings, I go to Mary’s house to catch the bus. Mary is the most awesome lady. She always makes us kids feel special by making us whatever we want for breakfast and telling us how nice we look every day. She was hurt for a long time this year when school started and couldn’t do much with us, so I thought I’d do something fun for all of the kids. One night, I worked to get a scavenger hunt ready to set up at Mary’s the next morning and included a Blueberry Card. I found some fun new things my mom had and she gave me permission to use them for prizes for the little kids. The kids ran around and looked up and down for the clues. Once they found the Blueberry Card, they turned to me and asked, “What’s this.” I explained that it was to do something good for someone else. I gave the Blueberry Card to one of the girls and I know she was very happy to pass on the kindness, and so was I. 

Eve Sheldon
Blueberry Moment 16010
For my first act of kindness, I had the idea to give flowers to someone just to make their day. I chose a man that lived in my neighborhood that I don’t really see a lot to just be kind. We got some flowers and I made a little happy holiday card and we left to go give the man the gift. When we arrived at his house, I did not think he was there but sure enough, when I rang the doorbell, he came to the door. He was a very kind man and he said thank you but when he got the flowers, he looked confused. Although his expression looked confused, I hope he liked the gift.

Blueberry Moment 16011
For my second act of kindness, I thought of the idea to give back to our local policemen. My favorite tv show is Live PD which is a police show so I decided to bring a stocking full of candy to our local police station and give it to the police. But unfortunately, the police secretary was not there at that time, so we gave it to a lady that worked there. Even though the policemen were not there and I did not have a chance to actually give it to them, I believe they still loved it, or at least I hope they did.

Blueberry Moment 16012
For my final act of kindness, I wanted to do something that helped more than one person. So, my old neighbor recently moved into an elderly home that was not very far away, so I wanted to see if the place where she is now living needed anything. But they did not call back. So, plan B was to make her cookies. She is always so nice to us and like I expected she was very appreciative and loved the cookies.

Addyson Winer
Blueberry Moment 16013One Wednesday evening, my church and I went to go sing to the assisted living. We sang carols. My sister and I planned our instruments, I played the violin and Emma played the viola. We had so much fun. In return, they gave us candy canes and popcorn.

Blueberry Moment 16014
Today was a snow day so we got all of our snow gear on and jumped in the snow. My grandma asked us to shovel when I noticed that our neighbors didn’t shovel. My sister and I went over to our neighbor’s house and shoveled for them as well. I shoveled the whole driveway with a little help from Emma (my sister). When we were all done, I ran inside and grabbed my card. I ran back and stuck it on the inside door. It made me feel good inside.

Blueberry Moment 16015
One normal day, my grandma, my sister and I went to Applebee’s and I started writing a story. Out of the blue my waitress gives me this gigantic bowl of whipped cream. Boy I never turn down a bowl of whipped cream. I don’t know how she did it. Maybe she has black magic or superpowers. But she knew I loved whipped cream. Instead of a story, I wrote a thank you letter to her. She even cried. It made me feel good inside.

Leah Adams
Blueberry Moment 16016
My sister Mandy, grandma Sue and I were at the mall. We walked by a one-dollar bill. At that exact moment, we had two options. First, to keep it or second to give it to whoever it belonged to. My grandma said, “Oh no, who dropped this?” A girl near us said it was the lady in the pink shirt. My grandma picked up the dollar bill and told Mandy and I to run and take it to her. So, I grabbed the dollar and ran as fast and carefully as I could. When I got to her, she was on the phone. I politely said, “Excuse me”. She turned. When I handed her the bill, her whole face lit up. She asked if I would like it. I said no of course. I mean it is hers.

Blueberry Moment 16017
I was at the store and I was just walking by a worker and someone dropped a piece of clothing. When the worker looked somewhat annoyed, I bent down and picked up the clothing. When she saw me folding it, she started to smile and said thank you.

Blueberry Moment 16018
So, I have a reading buddy in first grade. She came into school today looking sad and had 2 scratches on her cheek. They looked parallel. She said that at daycare she threw a stick at a tree and it came back at her. So, I said let’s go to the office to see what they can do. I walked her down to the office. I needed to do something else, but I did this. She got ice and I was a bit late for class.

Mia Paul
Blueberry Moment 16081
My family and I were just coming back from the park when my grandma called and said Elma needed help raking leaves. So, we grabbed our rakes and went to Elma’s house. When we got there, I ran into Elma’s house got the extra rake. For the rest of the day, we worked on her lawn raking leaves.

Blueberry Moment 16082
My mom and I went Christmas shopping for my dad. When we got to the outlets, I noticed there was a woman who needed help with the door. I asked my mom if I could open the door and she said sure.

Blueberry Moment 16083
My mom and I were still at Birch Run Outlets shopping for my dad and I noticed an old lady that kept dropping her groceries. I told my mom and we walked over to her and carried her groceries across the street.

Blaine Larkin
Blueberry Moment 16299
For this Blueberry Moment, I helped 339,000 people all throughout Michigan. I went to the Grand Blank Food Center and I sorted bread buns and sweets. I was there for about six hours but the most important part was that all those people got their food that they needed. Also, the workers were happy too because not many people were there, so I was kind of a fill in for all the workers that were not there. I also had a ton of fun because I got to go in back and see all the machines that they use. It turns out that they use a ton and I mean a ton of conveyor belts. I also helped out with decorating. The place looked fantastic when I was through with it. They loved it so it was a win-win because I had a ton of fun and they got their decorations done. 

Emma Winer

Blueberry Moment 16066
When we had a snow day a month ago, our neighbors were not home. My sister and I went out to shovel and we noticed our neighbors did not shovel at all. My sister went one way and I went the other and together we both shoveled our two neighbor’s driveway and sidewalks. After we were all done and went inside, we grabbed two Blueberry Cards. Addy ran to the house that she shoveled, and I did the same to the house that I shoveled, and I put the card right inside the door. Then we ran back to our house and took our boots off, ran upstairs and smiled at each other.

Blueberry Moment 16067
At Christmas time every year, my sister and I bake cookies for our neighbors. We do this not just for our neighbors but mainly for people that had a bad day or something. We do it so we can bring joy to people and they are not upset over Christmas. It is not just bringing joy to them, but it is bringing joy to us because making it makes us feel good. When we give it to the, we see the joy from them. We feel like we should not think just about ourselves but all the people around us.

Blueberry Moment 16068
Wednesday, December 4th, my whole church went to an assisted living home. A bunch of people played instruments and read bible verses. We sang and we also made Christmas cards. All of this made me feel happy and good because it made them feel good and happy. I’m pretty sure that they were thankful that we came and they were so fun to play for. They loved all of the singing and the instrument playing and the verses. After we were done, we gave out the cards and gave them a hug and said, “Merry Christmas!” It brought lots of joy to them and I could tell.

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