Genesee Academy Blueberry Ambassadors feel the lasting rewards of random acts of kindness

Genesee Academy, coordinator Hana Sankari

Nora Youssef
The first Blueberry Moment went to one of my friends, she dropped all of her stuff in the hallway. I helped her pick it up and put a Blueberry Card on it as I handed back her stuff to her then went to class. It made me feel good that I had helped my friend.

My second Blueberry Moment went to a different friend, her locker rack collapsed so I helped her fix her books and her rack. I gave her a Blueberry Card and then we went to class. It was nice to get to help my friend when her locker rack collapsed because I hate when my locker rack collapses and I enjoyed helping someone with something that I hate to happen to myself.

My third and final Blueberry Moment went to another one of my friends. She tripped in gym on her shoelaces. I helped her stand up and took her to the office to get an ice pack. I felt bad that she fell but I was glad I was there to help her stand up and take her to the office.

Safia Kachlan
Being a Blueberry Ambassador is really important to me. Knowing I’m doing something good for others makes me feel incredible on the inside. When I first knew I was going to be a Blueberry Ambassador, I had feeling of joy that I was going to help the people around me. So, when Mrs. Hana gave me the three Blueberry Cards I felt I was ready to make treasurable moments. So, my first moment is when I really felt good when a classmate had dropped their books and my mind sprung in action and I immediately started picking it up and gave her a Blueberry Card on top of their things and she were pleased. What I learned about this moment was even the simplest things make people happy and you as well. So, you should always help and do the right thing. 

Another moment I have experienced was when somebody was having trouble with getting the door so I felt bad and opened the door and he thanked me and then I felt good I could help him the best way possible. So even when you help someone you can have a great day knowing you did something good. You also feel good because you get good deeds from Allah. It also affects you and how you feel when you do good. 

My last moment I will be sharing with you today is the moment I felt most good about. So, I was in the car and we drove past a person in need of money. So, we gave the person money and he thanked us. Even though it was not much it was still something. Being a Blueberry Ambassador helped me with being more kind and open to people.

Nour Almounajed
I came into the girl’s bathroom and found a friend of mine coughing a lot and her face was red. I asked her how she was doing and gave her a cough drop after a while she seemed better and felt better. That made me feel happy because seeing someone in pain is not a very good feeling.

I was overseas at a food court with my extended family, where the normal is to leave your trash on the table for the server to clean. I didn’t feel very comfortable leaving my trash, so instead I threw away all the trash on the table, wiped it, and place everything back in its place. The janitor was so happy and kept giving me thumbs up. It warmed my heart to see him so content.

The bell was about to ring and my friend was still in the bathroom. I got worried that she would be late for her next class. So, when the bell rang, I organized her stuff and placed them in her locker. After she came back she was happy. She thanked me and seemed relieved that see wouldn’t be late for her next class. It made me feel helpful!

Abdur-Raheem Cleveland

I was at the store and gave away the money I had been saving to someone who needed it more than me. I did this because it would be a form of Zakah (charity), would strengthen my Iman (faith), and be a good way to use my Blueberry Card. The man thanked me and continued with his day. It made me happy.

A kid was sad that he lost his candy he had bought at the GA store so I gave him a piece of mine. I did that because he looked really sad and I wanted to make him happy. He was happy after the fact, and it made me feel like a better person.

I was on my way to my grandparents’ house and I saw a homeless man on the street at the streetlight, the light turned red and we stopped. I asked my dad if I could give him a dollar and he handed me a dollar and some change. I then rolled the window down and gave him the money. The man then proceeded to thank me and put the money in a bag. It made me feel better about myself that I could help out.

Jibreel Shah

A student in the high school dropped his binder and all these papers came out and his pencils went everywhere. I was walking past the high school lockers on my way to my class when I saw this. I stopped and helped him pick up all his stuff.

I was in art class one day, and we were painting our paper mâché projects. A few kids spilled their paint on the tables and on the floor. After that class was lunchtime, so I decided to stay after class to help Ms. Blackwood clean up. I knew that if I didn’t help right away, the paint would dry and it would be much more difficult to clean after. I wiped down the tables, and areas of the floor, and dried them off.

One of Mrs. Haydar’s ink pens were broken. I was in class and she was holding one, clicked it, and the ink just completely spilled out. It made a mess all over her desk and got on her clothes. I quickly got up and asked her if I could go get paper towels. She said yes. I got wet and dry paper towels, cleaned up the desk, and gave her some so she could clean her clothes. Then I dried off the desk. She gave me a ticket for responsibility.

Junainah Ambreen

I worked at a soup kitchen and it was a nice experience. It made me feel grateful for all the countless blessings we have yet we sometimes take for granted of our blessings while there are people starving.

I volunteered at the Muslim Food Pantry where people who are in need would get whatever they needed from a garage. This experience made me feel super happy because of the excitement the people got from being able to bring important goods back home.

This act is a very random act of kindness. One of my friends were in desperate need of a ride to their home but her parents were unable to pick her up. I saw she was in need so I offered her a ride. I felt like I would be able to help her at any time and I would always be there for her.

Masoud Qahwah

Spring break is a time to kick back and relax, but that doesn’t mean you stop being kind, either. Travelling is a very tiring thing, especially for moms. I was sitting near a mother with a crying child, trying to stay entertained. I pulled out my cards and read them over. But when I turned around, I saw the baby staring at the shiny blue cards in my hands. The mother gazed at me apologetically, but I gave the baby a Blueberry Card anyways. The baby stopped crying, but not for the whole trip. But a few minutes of quiet can really help someone recharge. Although the baby won’t pass the card on, the mother might look at it one day, and do something for someone else.

For my brother’s birthday, we went out to eat. Going out to eat is always fun, it’s a new experience, or a familiar and comfortable one. We usually go to a P.F. Chang’s restaurant to celebrate… anything really. When we were walking inside, I saw an old lady coming in to the restaurant. I held the door open for her, to brighten her day. I kind of felt rude handing her the card, as if I only did the deed just to get rid of it. But hopefully she’ll take it the other way, and maybe do something in her power to help make someone else’s day.

Boys are pretty messy, I’m going to admit that now. My older brother and I aren’t any exception, and our family can’t stand it. We have a someone that comes by every other two weeks or so to help at our home, and I felt that we should try and help her do her job. I went around the house, picking up toys, organizing a bit more, and picking up my clothes. I didn’t do everything, but I helped to lighten the load. I left the card out for her in the kitchen, one of the first rooms you see, no matter what way you enter. The card was gone by the time I came home, and it wasn’t organized into some nearby pile. I really hope she took the card and its sayings into consideration, so we can all help make the world a bit nicer.

Zahra Kamal
One day my friend came to school with some eyeliner/mascara that she had had a difficult time trying to remove. She hadn’t known to use eye-makeup remover, and had struggled in her ordeal, which caused a lot of damage to her eyelashes. The next day I brought eye-makeup remover with me to school so that I could help her. By then, it had worn off, but she still really appreciated the gesture. I was happy to know that she was so grateful even though my attempt was without use in the end.

On a weekend when many of the girls in my class were going to a weekend camp, one was asking people if they could take care of her streaks on Snapchat. Since so many people were attending, there were few who could’ve done that for her. I offered her my assistance hoping that it would make things easier for her. The task wasn’t too difficult, and the weekend was over, it was nice to know I had been able to do something for her, regardless of how much effort it took.

A younger girl was walking through the hallway, struggling to carry a pile of scattered textbooks and papers, so I quickly ran up to her and helped her carry and reorganize her things. It was a simple task, but I was glad to do it, especially since most were ignoring or didn’t notice the fact that she was straining to hold everything.

Mrs. Hana Sankari

During the polar vortex weather this winter and our numerous snow days, my family and I realized how fortunate we were to have a warm home and no worries regarding our safety. We decided that we should assist others that may not have as much as we had. We filled three carts with blankets at Walmart and delivered them to a nearby homeless shelter.

As my family was driving home from school, we came across some large branches in the middle of the road. There were no cars coming either way, so I turned on the hazard lights and removed the branches from the roadway. The branches could have caused an accident, so preventing that made me feel pleased.

Whenever someone is ill or having a difficult time, my friends and I arrange a food train to ease their burden. Although it’s a small gesture, it gives them one less thing to worry about during their day and they can focus on getting better.

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