Genesee Academy Blueberry Ambassadors find inspiration in spreading happiness

Genesee Academy, coordinator Hana Sankari

Moayyed Alouh
When helping people, I would most likely help elders. I do this because younger people have the potential or strength to do something by themselves, while it is harder for elders to work. I decided to help my neighbors, that are older than me, trim their hedges. It was hard in the cold, but thinking about it now, I wonder how our neighbors would’ve felt trimming them on their own, or even me trimming them on my own! What matters is that I helped someone in need, and soon I’ll let them pass it on. It may not have been big gesture, but I may have made my neighbors’ day. We talked in their sunroom for a while before we went to work, it was quite a talk. We wanted to first start out raking their leaves, but it was decided that we would help trim. They talked about how school was going (as usual), we decided the date and time, and on that day, we got to work. I hope that they got the best out of that, and they’ll continue to pass on that happiness. I am thankful that I am in this organization and that we can do good for other people.

Dan Margni
Blueberry Moment 15336    
I gave my Blueberry Card to a new girl in my class. I was being kind towards her by making sure she knew what classes to go to and what to bring. I pretty much helped her all throughout her first day. The following days I just wanted to make sure that she wasn’t lonely. After a while, she got the hang of things and didn’t need my help anymore. We are still friends. I enjoyed helping her because I knew that it was the right thing to do and it felt really good. I hope she now feels like she is at home with us in this school.

I gave my Blueberry Card to a girl in my class. I gave it to her because we were doing this tech project and she was in another group that she didn’t want to be in, so she asked me via email if she can be in our group. At first, I was going to not respond, but then I felt guilty and mean, so I emailed her back and said that it would be fine.

I gave my Blueberry Card to a girl in my class. I gave it to her because I helped her when her textbooks fell out of her locker. I was about to leave her to clean it up by herself because I was like it’s her mess and I didn’t want to be tardy to my social studies class. But when I thought about it, I thought helping her would be a better option. I was thinking that if I was in that situation, I would want my friends or anyone to help me out. I’m really happy that I helped her out especially because she was happy afterwards and I wasn’t tardy to my class.

Saria Saeed
I let my friend have my pen because I had three of the same color. Honestly, who needs that many pens!? I did this because I felt like a greedy person when I had three of the same color pens. Also, my friend really likes colorful pens so it made him happy. When I gave it to him I felt happy because I didn’t feel greedy anymore and he really likes those pens. Even the smallest things can make someone’s day.

On Friday, there were special things being sold. Someone didn’t have money so I let them have my money. Even though I wanted to buy stuff I made me feel happy that they were happy.

I was at the mall and there was a boy who was carrying a lot of stuff. He dropped some of it so I helped him carry the shoe boxes. My sister also helped. When I did that I learned that when you do good, it will spread.

Amr Rizk
My first Blueberry Moment was when I helped one of my classmates zip up their backpack.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I helped one of my friends with their homework.

My third Blueberry Moment was when one of my classmates was injured, so I stayed with him until he felt better.

Noura Zineddin
Blueberry Moment 13699I told my best friend that she recited very pretty during Quran class. I did it because if somebody were to say that to me I would feel good in myself. So, I decided to say it to my best friend. My best friend got very happy and said: “Aww thank you.” It made me feel good about myself.

Blueberry Moment 13700
My other best friend was by her locker and I told her that she was very pretty because everybody needs a boost of confidence here and there. She got so happy and gave me a hug. This made me feel like I finally did something good to a human being.

Blueberry Moment 13698
I helped my friend during tech class. We were working on a google doodle and she needed colors but didn’t have them. So, I offered to let her borrow mine.

Zena Salman
Blueberry Moment 15329
My sister and I went to the grocery store and she treated me to a snack. At the time, I was obsessed with the cookies n cream Hershey’s chocolate bar so of course I got it. It was sort of really special to me because I had only tried it once and was dying to try it again. When we were driving out of the grocery store my sister saw a homeless man. She felt bad for him so she asked, “do we have anything to give him?” and at first, we both thought no. So, she said I’m going to go get him food from Mcdonald’s and I told her that is unhealthy and if we wouldn’t want to eat it ourselves we shouldn’t give it to him. So, she said then I’m going to leave. I was close to tears since I felt so bad so I decided to give my chocolate bar to him. When I did I realized that even though I really wanted the candy bar, he must have wanted it so much more. So, I gave him the card and the bar. I really hope that that Blueberry Card is being passed around, showing and giving a little bit more kindness around, and believe me, it really makes a difference.  

The other day me and my friend were going to the gas station and my sister let me and my friend pick out some snacks to eat. So, we went in the store and we picked out all of the snacks that we were going to buy and we got in line. The line was huge so after a little bit my sister came in to see where we were. Then she saw us and got in line with us.  When the person in front of us had to pay, it turned out that the store did not accept his type of card. So that meant he could not buy his stuff. So, we started to feel bad for him and we paid for him. When we did, luckily, I had a Blueberry Card on me so when he was about to leave, I gave it to him and I told him to pass it around when you do a random act of kindness.

Once we were in the mall and we got some food from the vending machine so I took a plastic bag, I put 10 dollars in there and my Blueberry Card in the little slot you get your food from and I wrote a note saying spread kindness, it will eventually come back to you as a reward. And I also explained the Blueberry Ambassador Card and everything. So, I really hope they saw it, smiled, and spread a little bit more kindness into the air.

Khadijah Joy
My first Blueberry Moment was when my mom and I were in a parking lot just waiting on something. While we were waiting, we were also watching cars pass by on the busy road. All of a sudden, this lady is driving and her trunk flies open! She didn’t even notice. At this time, the road wasn’t busy anymore. My mom and I rushed to her when she arrived at the stop light. We told her everything that happened and she thanked us for telling her. We then helped her pick up her belongings. At the end, I handed her a Blueberry Card and said enjoy the rest of your day.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I was visiting my very sick grandmother in the hospital. We walked into the hospital and we got our clip-on tags. We then walked inside the blue elevators when it was a girl who looked as if she was around my age. She was crying and I asked what was wrong. She said she got on the elevator without her parents on accident. I told her everything would be ok and then handed her the Blueberry Card. I took her to the lobby (she was in a wheelchair) and waited with her until her parents came. She said thank you and that I didn’t need to do what I had did.

This all happened across the street from my favorite restaurant of all time, Taco Bell. My second oldest sister and I arrived at Taco Bell to order a Quesarito. We saw a homeless woman and she asked cars did if they had any extra money. She went up to a shiny black car and asked if they had extra money. The person said no and instead of leaving it at that she gave her a lecture of how she should stop begging and how she should find a job. The lady walked away and came up to us. My sister said yes and gave her money and I gave her a Blueberry Card.

Naima Cleveland
Blueberry Moment 15320
For my first Blueberry Moment, I had to brainstorm ideas for what I wanted to do. Being new to all of this, I had a hard time deciding on what I should do. I wanted to go simple and work my way up to something bigger. One afternoon at recess I was walking around and noticed a girl sitting alone on a tall rock slab near the parking-lot. I then sat down and greeted her. I had been eating one of her favorite chips, Hot Cheetos, and she had asked for a couple. I handed her some of them and we began conversing. As we were doing so, I noticed how bright her coat was. It was a neon peach color and she paired it with colorful rainbow gloves. “I love your coat and gloves they’re really pretty! The neon colors really stand out!” I complimented. She said thank you and began to smile. I handed her the Blueberry Card and smiled back. Once she had read the Blueberry Card, she became eager to do an act of kindness to someone else and pass it on. Seeing people happy and knowing that you were the cause of their happiness is really inspiring. I am so fortunate to have been able to be a Blueberry Ambassador and I can’t wait for the experiences to come!

Blueberry Moment 15318
For my second Blueberry Moment, I didn’t feel as if the act of kindness I gave to the individual really affected them. While getting ready for my next class, I glanced over at one of my classmates who was looking rather nice that day. I came up to her and told her she was beautiful. She asked me what I thought was beautiful about her and I listed everything about her. She smiled greatly and said thank you.

For my third Blueberry Moment, it was actually kind of funny. I was on my way to P.E class and a student came walking down the hallway to my same class. Her outfit was well picked out and the colors matched really well. I went up to her and complimented her fashion choice and said, “Your outfit is better than all the clothes in my closet!” She said thank you and continued walking. Later on, mid-class, I realized that I could give her a Blueberry Card for my last Blueberry Moment. I handed it to her and went back to my seat. Then someone from her class came and asked who the card belonged to. I raised my hand and she said that the girl I gave it to didn’t want it. I explained to her why I gave it to the girl and she decided to keep it. I guess the girl didn’t understand what she was supposed to do with it so she gave it to someone else. Even so the person who she gave the card to ended up doing an act of kindness for someone else and that’s all that matters!

Marwa Hammami
Blueberry Moment 15321
It was a cold day and my friend was really cold. She was suffering from the cold and so I was thinking, why not help her. I gave her my jacket even though I was also really cold, I felt really happy that I helped her. She seemed better after she wore the jacket. Her smile made me warm because I helped her and made her feel better.

Blueberry Moment 15322
I gave my second Blueberry Card to a friend. We had a soccer practice and she was thirsty. She wanted water and so did I but then I thought let me give my water bottle to her because I wanted to spread kindness more.

Blueberry Moment 15323
On a Monday we were all in class doing homework. Then the teacher told us to get in pairs for an activity. Everyone chose who they wanted. Then I saw a girl and she was really sad because she didn’t have a partner. I told her to come join my group and she got so happy.

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