Genesee Academy Blueberry Ambassadors surprise children at hospitals with comfort items

Genesee Academy, coordinator Hana Sankari

Hurley Medical Center Child Life Specialists
Our Blueberry Ambassadors wanted to help other children in the community that might be less fortunate or going through hardships. We contacted the Hurley Medical Center Pediatric Wing and were directed to the Child Life Specialists. Laura let us know that children that come to the hospital are sometimes anxious and nervous to be there. Small toys, blankets, and comfort items help them forget a little bit about their issues. As a group, we collected a variety of toys, books, and comfort items. We invited the Child Life Specialists to our school and presented the items. We hope that we helped bring a smile to a child’s face and to hope to help further in the future in different ways.

Yaman Abdulrazzak
It was Saturday morning and my parents invited some relatives over. Even though, they weren’t going to be there until 6:30, my dad was out buying some stuff while my mom was at home cleaning and preparing. She was having a really hard time and I had nothing to do. I asked my mom if she needed help. She listed many things she needed me to do and how much time I had. I did all of those things on time. My mom seemed relieved that I helped her. Later, I helped her clean up.

My brother fell down and broke his knee. He seemed to be having a really hard time with his crutches and moving around. One day he asked me if could carry his backpack for him. I felt really good after I held his backpack. Later I started helping him out with everything.

Bayan Tarakji
One day my school had a bake sale. I always kept extra money in my backpack just in case. I didn’t want to buy anything though. But my friend really wanted a cupcake and she had no money. I decided I would give her $2 for that cupcake she wanted. I was glad I helped a friend in need of a cupcake. A few days later I gave that friend a Blueberry Card so she could spread the kindness.

I was sick and tired of our room being messy. The room was messy because my sister didn’t hang or fold any of her clothes. My parents weren’t home so I decided to do something productive. I hung and folded all of my sister’s clothes. I later told my sister that I cleaned our room and she thanked me. I was very happy I could see the floor of our room. Later on during the day I gave her a Blueberry Card.

Ayah Shihabi
I felt very good and flourished while I passed the cards out to different people. It made them feel very happy because their expression was shown that they were very thrilled to get help from me. For one of the people I helped, I picked up their books on the floor. Since it was one of my friends I knew that she would be very happy and very blissful to receive such help from me or even anyone. As a Blueberry Ambassador I am happy to see other people be joyful and happy when they receive help. That’s why we need to carry on the help. 

Leen Sbei
I helped my mother when she was calling my brothers to carry the laundry upstairs because it was so heavy. When nobody came, I took it upstairs. I felt so happy because my mom was happy.

I helped my friend Sarah, because once she bought a candy and she was joking and said I don’t like it. So, somebody took it from her and Sarah was too shy to say I was joking so that day she was a little sad. Then, the next day I bought her the same candy. I felt happy because I saw my friend smile.
I helped the sick children in Hurley. I got them some toys and books. It makes me feel happy that I’m helping sick children and putting a smile on their faces because I know it feels to be sick. I think the toys and books would help them be in a better mood.

Ahmed Shihabi
As a Blueberry Ambassador, I wanted to start off with that I was very proud for what I did for the Kids and adults at the Hospital. The first card that I wanted to use was when one of my friend’s books fell and I wanted to pick them up. So, I picked them up and gave him a Blueberry Card.

For the second and final Blueberry Moment, I helped my friend with their homework I was very happy about what I did.

Rama Alawwa 
One day as I was walking into Tim Horton’s, I held the door open for an old man. The man seemed very nice. As I was about to hold the other door for him, he held it for me instead. This made me very happy. The man was really nice and I knew that I did something right.

Not too long ago, we had two people from Hurley come visit us. They talked about their job and the kids from the hospital. The two representatives were really nice and seemed to really enjoy their job. As a gift, we collected things that kids could play with at the hospital. This made me feel very happy.

One day as I was walking out of math class, my friend dropped all her things. So, I helped her pick it up. When I helped her, I felt like a good person. Now my friend always helps me when I drop my stuff.

Marwah Abdelhay
Blueberry Moment 10393
I went to the food book a couple weeks ago. It’s a big factory with machines. What I did was I got a type of food to organize and I would take that type of food and put it in its box. I would also wipe the cans and drinks so they were clean. I would also make sure that the boxes weren’t open or ripped and the cans weren’t broken. It was really nice because I’m helping who need help, they need food and water. It makes me feel like a better person. It was a great experience.

Blueberry Moment 10394
I go to a Muslim Islamic school, so I learn about my language and religion in my school. A lot of people that are Muslims go to public schools and they don’t learn about their language or religion in a public school. So that’s what Saturday school is for. It’s a school day on Saturday to help people to learn about their Islamic religion. I go there sometimes and help out with all ages. I help the teachers teach the kids. I help in reading and writing. I’m like an assistant teacher, which is really nice. It a great experience and helps me when I grow up.

Our Blueberry Ambassador team organized for people from Hurley Hospital to come and talk a little. We donated toys and gifts to them. So, every Blueberry Ambassador donated something to Hurley. We ended up with a lot of stuff. This makes me feel really happy because now I know a sick child will be playing with my toys and will be happy. That makes me so happy.

Leen Kachlan 
What I learned from my experience is that when kids are sick they can get sometimes lonely. Also, I learned that working in a hospital is a big responsibility. My group decided to do this because we wanted to help the sick children in the hospital.

Blueberry Moment 10392
I went to the food bank to help out. It was very busy and I had a lot to do. The entrie time I was in an assembly line and was sorting and packing food. I ended up giving my Blueberry Card to the manager to pass on to someone else.

Blueberry Moment 10390
My sister had a competition in Detroit that she stayed up all night working for. She was supposed to leave early in the morning. I woke up early to do some things when I found her still asleep. I woke her up and helped her get ready, so she wasn’t late. After she left, her room was trashed. So, I stayed behind and cleaned it up for her.

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