Genesee Career Institute Blueberry Ambassadors demonstrate generosity

Genesee Career Institute, coordinator Lori Horcha

Alan Nelson
Blueberry Moment 7488
Sometimes money in my school for lunch can be tight and other times you can’t even get lunch because of expenses. So, my friend Dylan usually makes an at home type of lunch because by the time lunch hits were always starving, but this time he woke up late and he did not have enough time to make a lunch for himself. My friend, Dylan didn’t have any lunch money and he was hungry so I gave him a piece of my Subway sandwich.

Blueberry Moment 7487
My friend went to buy a drink, but she did not have enough money to buy a drink before class. During class, we can’t go out to get a drink or the bathroom or anything so we usually buy drinks while we have free time and then drink the drinks when we get to class. So, I gave her the $0.25 that she needed to buy herself a drink before class started.

Blueberry Moment 7489
My sister didn’t understand the last lesson that we learned in math. But I did. We had math homework that day and she did not understand it at all and it was due the next day. So, I helped her get it done and tried to teach her in the process of helping her with it.

Joshua Bentley
I was in the local Walmart and was searching for a new CD to listen to. There was a boy next to me and had a CD that he was grasping on to. I could tell he wasn’t very happy and almost looked like he was going to cry. He couldn’t afford his CD. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he needed two more dollars to get his CD. So, I gave the boy two dollars and the blueberry card. He thanked me briefly and ran back to his parents

I was on my cross-country trip and one of my friends didn’t have enough money to buy lunch. She went back to sit on the bus and I followed and told her that I would pay for her lunch. She said no, I can’t. But I insisted. She thanked me and gave me a big hug. I then gave her the blueberry card.

Charles Hall
Blueberry Moment 6755
My first Blueberry Moment was when I met a guy named Henry on my way home from my girlfriend’s house. So, I drive on this same street every time I go to or from my girlfriend’s house and most of the time there’s this guy who sits on the corner with his sign and belongings. Every time I rode past, I would feel bad to see him because he’s sitting out here in the cold every day and nowhere to go. Finally, one day I said okay I’m going to help this guy out as much as I can right now because it made me feel terrible seeing him in that situation. So, the next time I saw him out there I pulled over and gave the five dollars in quarters and five dollars in bills with the Blueberry Card. At first he was kind of confused when he saw the card, but after I explained it to him he was thrilled to do the same and pass it on.

Blueberry Moment 6754
My second Blueberry Moment was kind of interesting because somebody actually did a good deed for me too. I was just leaving the batting cage and I decided I would go to Burger King across the street and get something to eat before I headed home. Since I was done working out I decided to order a smoothie and a salad. When I pulled into the drive-thru to order there was a big white pickup truck in front of me. When they pulled off, I pulled up to get my drink and salad and the lady handed me my order and I’m looking at her funny because she didn’t ask for any money. After 5 seconds of looking at each other I told her I didn’t pay yet and she said the person in front of me paid for me and I was just so shocked because that has never happened to me before. The fact that a random person did that for me motivated me to pay for the person behind me too. I handed her my debit card and told her I would pay for the person behind me and I also handed her a Blueberry Card to give to them when she gave them their food.

Blueberry Moment 6753
My third Blueberry Moment was when my girlfriend, two friends, and I went out to eat after our school basketball game. After we were done eating, my friend noticed that he had lost his wallet out of his pocket and didn’t have a way to pay for his food. I told him I would pay as long as he took the Blueberry Card and would pay it forward to another person.

Daniell Davis
Blueberry Moment 8383
This card was given to an elderly lady at a veterans dinner. I noticed her husband couldn’t walk very well and that she was carrying both plates of food, struggling. So, I walked over and kindly asked if I could help carry one of the plates for her. She said yes so I helped get the food and a drink for this man who served in World War II. She was quite surprised and very thankful.

Blueberry Moment 8382
This card was given to my aunt and uncle, for helping babysit my one year old cousin for five days. Now I know this doesn’t sound like much but, my aunt was in the hospital so I took on the role of watching and caring for my cousin since he had grown very attached to me. This was such a great learning experience and a helpful life lesson for me as well as it helped out my aunt and uncle. My uncle took the card and agreed to help with this project.

Blueberry Moment 8384
This card was given to my mother. Her back had been bothering her and since Christmas was getting closer and most of our gifts for other people had not been wrapped, I took it upon myself and wrapped these presents and made lots of cookies to give out also. It was a great time because I was able to spend time with my mom and learn so many baking tricks and tips. My mom was very thankful for the help. She did keep the card and was happy to help.

Shayla Hamady
I was in downtown Flint at the Secretary of State office with my boyfriend and we were getting his driver’s permit. The employees needed him to fill out a paper with his information on it. So, we went to a table and I waited for him to fill everything out. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help overhear the phone call happening behind me. A man was on the phone with someone and only needed five more dollars to pay for his license plate. The woman on the phone was not able to help him and he was getting very frustrated. I whispered to my boyfriend, “I’m going to give you $5, and you give it to the man behind me.” My boyfriend was confused so I told him the situation. I also handed him my Blueberry Card. I only had $5 on me so it was the perfect opportunity. My boyfriend headed over to the man, gave him $5, and handed him the card. The man was so surprised and said thank you at least 6 times. Even though I didn’t take credit, it was a really great thing. I felt awesome.

It was just a regular day at work. I work at the McDonalds on Grand Blanc Road. I was on back cash (taking orders through the headset), when a man ordered a number 2 meal consisting of 2 cheeseburgers, a medium fry, and a drink. The man got to the window and was looking for his money. He could not find it and told me he would park and search his car for it because he knew his money was somewhere but it might have fallen. He went and parked. I knew this would be a great opportunity to use my card. After 2 minutes, since we were not busy, I ran outside and gave the man his food and the card and said, “I got you man, here.” He had a great smile on his face and was very thankful.

In December, I was at the Meijer on Hill Road and noticed a woman and a kid walking around buying groceries like most of the customers there. I was in the toy aisle looking at all the cool new toys. I was just browsing when the kid came into the aisle and started playing with a Barbie and was absolutely adoring it. I noticed she wasn’t wearing the best clothes, and the woman she was with wasn’t either. The kid was begging and begging for her to get the doll but the woman kept telling her no. She said there were more important things to get right now. They then left. I sat there thinking for a bit, pulled out my Blueberry Card and went over to the doll. The doll was $18.99. I grabbed the doll and went to find the woman and her daughter. I handed them a $20 bill and the doll and said, “Please get her this doll,” and smiled. The woman just looked at me in shock and confused. “I can’t take that from you,” she said back. I kept holding it out to her. “Please it would be the least I can do and I would feel better if I could.” The little girl was jumping ecstatically and the woman was telling her to say thank you. The woman gave me a hug and so did the little girl. After I walked away, I looked back, and she was studying the Blueberry Card.

Imani Cooper
Blueberry Moment 8388
I was at Meijer with my mother and younger sister. As we were walking out the store an old lady was coming out. She had lots of groceries filled in her cart. At the bottom was soda, a whole case had fell. My sister and I rushed over and helped her unload groceries and put the cart away for her. I’m sure the lady didn’t expect it but we still helped. She smiled and thanked us. Sadly, I didn’t get to give the lady the card because I did not have it at the time. I’m sure if I passed it on to the sweet lady, she would’ve passed it on. Although I didn’t give the card to the lady, I did give it to my younger sister and she took it to my granny and during Christmas time my granny talked about the card at our Kwanzaa celebration.

Blueberry Moment 8390
Over Christmas break, my boyfriend’s Grandma wanted to continue a tradition they always have done with their Grandad every year on December 18th. Sadly, he passed but she wanted to keep this tradition going. So, Jaylen and I went over super early and help her prepare dinner and write names on cards as she got gifts together to go around. All the grandkids and great grandkids will come over to Grandma’s house share laughs and watch the football game as their stomach got stuffed with the good meal we helped make!  I’m glad I got to experience it this year. I don’t think she would’ve kept the tradition going without our help. Grandma did get to keep her card. When I gave it to her she looked so confused but then I explained what it was. She said, “You always help me out when you come around. But, I will keep it going.”

James Naegle
Blueberry Moment 7128
I was checking out at a lane in Walmart at 8:00pm when the customer in front of me with her two young children was trying to pay for a gallon of milk but, the card was not working. They were about to put it back but I offered to pay for it because it would only be $3 dollars more, she thanked me and I gave her my Blueberry Card and told her it was no problem.

Blueberry Moment 7131
I was leaving work at 7:00pm and saw an older woman (probably late 40s) trying to get her car out of the parking lot, her car had been snowed in by the plows while she was inside the store shopping. I offered to help get her car out of the snow with my snow shovel. I helped her and 15 minutes later she managed to get her car out of the snow. She thanked me and I gave her my Blueberry Card.

Blueberry Moment 7132
I left work and went to the library around 4:30pm. When I was there, an older man named Lewis was trying to log onto his email on one of the computers and asked me to help him because he was not used to using the computers there. I helped him and made sure he knew how to log on for the future. I also gave him my last blueberry card. He was curious about what it was for so I explained the story behind the blueberry billboards and what I was doing now.

Jasmine Locke
Blueberry Moment 8385
I had been out and about shopping for Christmas gifts for my family and friends, when I saw that there was a woman who was freaking out because she wasn’t sure if she had enough money for everything that she had in her cart. At this time, I had only my debit card, but when I was finishing paying for my items, I had asked for the machine when it asked if I wanted cash back, so I took $10 out of my account and I had turned to see the woman behind me in line for the self-checkout and so I took out my Blueberry Card and left it with the money on the side of the self-checkout where you place things down and left, hoping she would see it.

Blueberry Moment 8386
I had gone to get lunch at McDonald’s and had gone inside to order. After I had ordered, I had extra cash from what I had – it was approximately $3.00 or so. Because of that, I had gotten more money out from my wallet to make the amount just over $5.00. There was a woman with a small child behind me and I gave the money along with one of the cards I had received for Blueberry Ambassadors’ to the cashier and told them to use it to help pay for the next person in line. My order had come out a moment later so I left quickly without seeing the result of what I had done.

Blueberry Moment 8387
I was at Speedway. I was buying things for my dad and I when I noticed a woman with two small children that were about the same age. So, because of that I decided to give the cashier some of my leftover money I had from buying my stuff. So, I got out the last Blueberry Card that I had received from our instructor. I told the cashier to use it for the next person in line since we were the only people in the gas station.

Lindsey Dellinger
Blueberry Moment 7498
The first Blueberry Moment I encountered was with a fellow senior named Ben. Ben is easily the nicest person that you will ever meet. Every morning, he greets all the students with a “Good morning class”. At times, he can get caught in traffic on his way to one of his classes because he is too busy greeting everyone and wishing them a good day. Due to Ben’s constant kindness, I decided to give him a blueberry card to have him spread the love even more. When I gave him the card initially, he was confused about what I was giving him. But after I explained what it was for, he was thanking me repeatedly. Ben had the biggest smile spread across his face.

Blueberry Moment 7499
The next Blueberry Moment that I had was when I offered to take a student home after school. On this day, I stayed after school until about 4:30. When I was leaving the high school, I noticed that there was a boy sitting by the doors. I decided that it would be best to ask him if he needed a ride because there was hardly anyone left at the school. He agreed to me taking him home and he thanked me at least ten times on the short ride to his house. Once we arrived at his house, I presented him with the blueberry card and explained to him what it was. He was very thankful that I brought him home and he agreed that it was a great idea to “pay it forward” in kindness.

Blueberry Moment 7496
The final Blueberry Moment that I encountered was when I noticed three students helping another student pick up all of his papers in the hallway after they fell out of his binder. As I approached these students, I was pleased to see them helping out a fellow student because this interaction was during passing time and all the other students were rushing past, trying to get to class on time. Because there were four students involved in cleaning up the papers, I gave the last blueberry card to the student’s papers fell everywhere, but I explained what the organization was about to all four students. Although this interaction was quick because it all happened in under two minutes, I could tell that the students appreciated being recognized for their good deed and would want to do the same for others.

Macie Moore
Blueberry Moment 8376
This is the first one I have done and it was with one of my good friends, Zopheia. She was having a very bad day and she came into the class we have together in tears. I noticed this right away and I asked our teacher to be able to step out of class with her. Once She and I we’re out of class, she cried on my shoulder. After about a couple minutes of her crying on my shoulder, a monitor walked by and noticed us. He asked if she was okay, and she shook her head, she was not. He escorted us to the behavior counselor to help her calm down. We ended up spending our next class, which we didn’t have together in there to make sure she was okay. She wanted me to stay with her the whole time. After she talked about her problems of her being stressed and such, we got ready to leave for our next class/lunch. She told me she was grateful I was there, and I was glad for it.

Blueberry Moment 8377
This one I did with my Grandpa. My Grandpa always asks me about his windows 10 computer, whenever something goes wrong. At this time, he picked me up from my house and brought me over to his apartment to help with his computer. His games that he plays wasn’t working right like it used to. He plays games on his Facebook and on a website called Pogo. He barely has anything on his computer, Just Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. He needed Adobe Flash to play his game, so I decided to download Firefox, that comes with Flash that updates on its own. I also checked out his Facebook. I realized he had multiple games running in the background while he played his games on Facebook. So, we sat down and got rid of most games he didn’t play. After I did all that, i was pretty much done on what I could do, and my mom picked me up and took me home. Since then, he tells me how good his games play and how he has no issues anymore. He was extremely grateful, and I was happy to do it.

Blueberry Moment 8378
This was my last one and I did this with my friend Sarah. I did small things over the week. She gets sick easy so she misses school a lot. But now, she had sprained her leg, and had to stay out being they thought it was broken. When she finally got back to school, she was on crutches. So, she had to use the elevator to go upstairs for our class, which was math. The first day she came back, she was by my advisory class and I decided to help her since she didn’t have anyone to carry her stuff. We got in the elevator and she pressed the 2nd floor button, but nothing happened. After a couple tries and when we were about to be late, we rushed to the attendance office to let them know and for what to do. They were already aware and had let us work down there, without being counted late or absent. I went and got the work for her and myself and got back to her. She had to work on stuff she was behind on so I helped her on her math she was absent for. After that day, I helped her to get to her next class after her math class. She was super grateful, and we never really knew each other before this, and now we are pretty much really close friends.

Maddie Fox
Blueberry Moment 7492
I was at The Elbow Room, a coffee shop downtown Flushing, Michigan. I come here often on the weekends to study, listen to music, and drink tea. They have a punch card system where after you buy ten drinks, you get the 11th drink free. I bought my tenth drink and told the barista to give my free drink to the man who was walking through the door. I told the barista to give him the Blueberry Card after giving him the free drink. After quickly sitting down with my hot tea, I watched the man’s genuine surprise reaction. He couldn’t believe it and wanted to know who it was to repay them. This is exactly why I left it a mystery. I didn’t want the recipient to feel the need to repay me, I just wanted them to feel the urge to pass the kindness on. After seeing his surprised and happy reaction, it made me want to do it again and I surely will pass off my free drink in the future.

Blueberry Moment 7483
Over winter break I decided to write a letter to my friend Sam who I hadn’t seen in a few months. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time from the busy season of school and the holidays. In fear of losing a connection with her and missing out on each other’s lives, I wrote a quality letter to her detailing how much our friendship means to me and catching her up on my life. I put the letter in an envelope and included the Blueberry Card. I gave her it when she came over to exchange gifts. She read it and was thrilled. I was encouraged and plan to write my close friends notes when I go to college. I hope to encourage others to pass the kindness through handwritten notes and reaching out to others whom you haven’t talked to in a while.

Blueberry Moment 7491
On Christmas day, my sister made dinner for nearly the 20 family members and friends that came to our house that day. After she finally had time to sit down and relax I came up to her, gave her the Blueberry Card and just told her how much I appreciated all of her effort, time, and energy. I followed with telling her about the Blueberry Project. She simply smiled and saved the card. I did this because I think it’s really important to tell people how much they mean to you and acknowledge their efforts.

Makenzie Stebbins
Blueberry Card 7486
It was around 3:00 p.m. and my friends and I had just found our parking spot. We were carpooling to our favorite coffee shop, to hang out for a bit until my friend Shaylynn had to go to her choir class. We walked into the shop, got our coffee and found our seats that just happened to be four bar stools that looked right out the front window of Cafe Rhema. As we were gathering up our glasses and plates I just happened to look up at the perfect moment and noticed a man sitting down in the rain with his belongings, that stood beside him. I did not have much cash left on me but it was just enough for me to get him a warm sandwich. I walked outside and joined him in the rain, handed him the sandwich, along with the Blueberry Card that I kept in my wallet, smiled at the man, and walked away with my friends who were waiting for me.

Blueberry Card 7485
I woke up late and wasn’t feeling well. So, I asked my mother if I could run up to Tim Hortons to grab a coffee and some soup to hopefully help soothe the upset feeling I had in my stomach. I didn’t even bother to get up and get dressed nor did I care what I looked like at the moment. Once I got there I went inside to order but before I finished my order, I noticed there was a lady standing in line behind me so I decided to pay for her meal as well. When I did that, I handed the lady at the register the Blueberry Card and told her to give it to the lady I bought the meal/drink for.

Blueberry Card 7484
I was trying to decide what I should do with the last card. I didn’t want to spend money on anyone else. Not that I don’t mind spending money but I felt as if it should come from the heart. So, I went along, doing my chores around the house and cleaning up, and then I remember my mom asking me to run up to the store to get some things for my sister and I. As I was checking out, I had a bag held in my hand and as I was leaving I noticed an older lady was walking out to her car carrying a lot more groceries than she should have been. So, I ran over and decided to help. She, is who I decided to give my last Blueberry Card to.

Mariah Arnold
Blueberry Moment 7199
After my session at skill center, I went to go get breakfast at McDonald’s before returning to school. I decided to go through the drive thru, considering that I was alone so there was no point in me going inside to order my food. I pulled up, and I ordered my food. It was a simple, cheap meal: a sausage McMuffin and a hash brown. The total came out to be around four dollars. Before pulling up, I started to collect my money. As I was about to pull up, a girl that I knew from school decided to pull up in front of me. It kind of made me mad, and I mumbled under my breath before pulling up to the line. When I got to the first window, the worker read me my order to make sure it was correct. When I proceeded to hand the worker the cash, she told me that the car in front of me had already paid for my meal. I was shocked, happy, and grateful all at once. Despite these positive feelings, I also felt guilty because I thought badly of the girl I knew from school. I then proceeded to hand the worker my money because I wanted to pay for the food that was ordered by the car behind me. I asked the worker to give them the Blueberry Card and she happily agreed to do so. When I drove off I was satisfied and I felt like good karma was coming my way. I still felt very guilty and upset about the bad thoughts about the girl in front of me, so when I got to school, I messaged her on Facebook, telling her thank you for paying for my meal. The moral of this is always be kind and compassionate. You never know what goal another human being is trying to accomplish. You never know the thought process in one’s mind unless you try to step into their shoes.

Blueberry Moment 7201
Through the church, my mom and my grandma organized a fundraiser to help families in need during the holiday season. Everyone in the church was involved. We asked everyone we knew to gather anything and everything having to do with canned goods, clothing, toys, and hygiene products. We also asked them to spread the word so more people could join in. We spent our Christmas Eve at the church which welcomed all the families. Everyone received their items in neatly wrapped boxes that were beautiful. I wrapped a lot of them because I love to wrap. All the families sat around each other and they all opened their presents together. This one girl who was very young had surprise for everyone involved with this event. She gave everyone a handmade ornament. My heart melted because this pure, little girl, who had so little, was still so willing to give back even if it was just something simple. After things settled down, I came up to her and asked if we could talk. She happily agreed and I told her all about this project that we are doing. I gave her the Blueberry Card and asked her to do something else to pay it forward, even if it was small. She seemed so excited to do this. I can’t wait to hear about what she does.

Blueberry Moment 7202
While paying for my own gas at speedway, I noticed the man in the line next to me couldn’t afford the things he wanted plus gas. So, I offered to pay for his gas and he was very grateful towards me for it. This made me feel very proud of myself because I had been in that position before and had to put my items back on the shelves in front of everyone and it was very embarrassing for me. The fact that I saved this guy that embarrassing feeling that I once dealt with made me feel good. He couldn’t stop thanking me and he genuinely wanted to pay me back somehow. I gave him the Blueberry Card, and explained to him the project. He accepted the proposal and made sure that I knew he was going to do it.

Robin Howard
Blueberry Moment 8394
My first card was used in the middle of December when my mom went grocery shopping and she just got home and it looked like she was struggling trying to get all the bags inside, so I decided to help her carry the groceries in from the car. I assisted her without her asking. She was very thankful when all the bags of groceries were inside the house, in such a short amount of time and she intends to hand the Blueberry Card over to someone else.

Blueberry Moment 8473
My second card was used the day before Christmas, our house was a mess, so I decided to help my parents clean up the house for Christmas day. I vacuumed, cleaned my room and made sure everything was picked up, so when everyone came over it was organized and put in place. After I finished cleaning I gave the Blueberry Card to my dad to pay it forward.

Blueberry Moment 7126
My third card was used when my little brother was struggling to get a box open that his present was in, because it was taped and wrapped shut, so I offered to help him get it open, because he was struggling. I opened it slightly for him, because it was a Christmas present and he wanted to be the one to open it. When he was able to get it opened, he thanked me for helping him, and I gave him the Blueberry Card to pay it forward.

Skylar Ranger
Blueberry Moment 7127
My friend Savanna got her car stuck in the snow. I helped her push it out of the snow and when we got her car freed from the snow I gave her my Blueberry Card and she was very happy. She said that she would definitely pass the card on. I enjoyed doing a kind act for my friend.

Blueberry Moment 7130
I was at the mall just going window shopping and a gentleman in front of me whom was on crutches, and he had accidentally dropped his shopping bags. I automatically went to help him and I gathered his things and started to walk away when I realized that I can give him a Blueberry Card. I explained to him the meaning of the card and he seemed to enjoy the idea of the card even though he didn’t say if he was going to pass the card on. I love helping people and I am happy that one thing led to another.

Blueberry Moment 7497
I helped shovel a family’s driveway after a big snowstorm and I gave them a Blueberry Card. They seemed excited about the Blueberry Moment and said that they heard about this from another friend of theirs. She said that she would pass the card and the random act of kindness on to someone else.

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