Genesee County Catholic Schools Blueberry Ambassadors find the enormous impact of ‘one small act’

Genesee County Catholic Schools, coordinator Kasey Cronin

Mary Ortega
For my first random act of kindness, I wanted to do something for the adults in my life that help teach me every day, my teachers. These people are insanely kind, helpful, and they care about me. I decided to bake them all cookies and put them in the teacher’s lounge with a message: “From me to you, here’s a small thanks for everything you all do!” I wanted to give them something because they spend their entire day trying to educate the generation of the future. After leaving the cookies in the lounge, I felt very joyful. I knew the cookies would be a great way to start off their Tuesday and I was happy I could give them something for all they do for us.

For my second act, I went to Toys R Us and left quarters at the candy machines, claw machines, and horses you can ride with a note. I wanted to do this act because I think that when parents are in a hurry buying gifts they forget what Christmas is about. The quote I left with the quarters reminds them that kindness is worth so much more than money. These parents also might forget to stop and think about their kids, but if they see a quarter already there they most likely will stop and let their kid have some fun. I remember as a kid, I always begged my mom to let me get candy or play a game and most of the time the answer was no to candy but yes to the toy ones. This is why I decided to put them at Toys R Us. I know that they have few candy machines and many toy machines. This act made me happy because hopefully I made a kid’s day and reminded a parent what Christmas is about.

For my final act of kindness, I wanted to do the act that is our example at the conference. I went to Tim Horton’s and Burger King and paid for the person behind us. I wanted to do this because I would love it if we pulled up to the window and our meal was paid for. After I paid for their order I felt good, if that makes sense. I hoped I had made some’s stressful day less stressful or at least made someone smile. This may have been my last act of kindness for the blueberries but I will keep doing random acts of kindness everyday.

Kendel Couturier
I sent money that I earned to MS and Cancer research centers. I made the money by serving funerals and shoveling driveways this winter. Both diseases have quite an impact on me and my family. My mother struggles with multiple sclerosis on a daily basis and has frequent episodes. She Is in the hospital a lot and I hope that my donations can help find a cure. Cancer also impacts my family because both of my grandmothers have had cancer. For the second Blueberry Card, I sent the money earned by working at funerals. I felt like I didn’t really deserve money for helping someone, so I decided to donate it to the Saint Jude Cancer Research Foundation.

I purchased the meal behind me in a drive thru on the way to school one day. I was going through McDonalds and made sure to bring my money with me. I paid for the meal with my own money.

Simon Kaplan
I was in the car riding back to school from my math class at Powers when I got hungry. I pulled out my lunch from my bag and found that I had two brownies. I was going to share with my friends, Dillon and Lucas, but decided to be chivalrous and give them to Ally and Marianne. They immediately decided to split the brownies with Lucas and Dillon. It was really awesome to see others pass it on and it left me feeling satisfied with my good deed.

My teachers are always kind and loving to the students. I wanted to repay the favor. My homeroom teacher, Mr. Switalski, was feeling down because his whole family was homesick, so I wanted to brighten up his day. I decided to bake him some cookies. My mom and I baked cookies and I brought them into him and he loved them! It felt great to make an awesome impact in someone’s day.

My brother and I argue sometimes in the car, so one day, I tried to make things better. I gave him the front seat and I gave him lots of extra video game time at home. It was a small deed of kindness but now we have learned to be nicer and help each other often. It’s crazy how one small act sets off many to come.

Vincent Matthew
Blueberry Moment 14456
It was my friend’s birthday and she was giving out donuts to my class. A little kid came up to her and asked for one, but she was all out. I didn’t want the donut that she gave me and I saw that he really wanted the donuts. So I decided to give him my donut. Then I remembered that I still had my Blueberry Cards in my backpack. I took one out then gave him the donut and the card. He didn’t ask what the card for. He looked really thankful though which made me happy. I felt like I was a good role model for him and in return he would be nice to other kids his age. I felt like I was pretty responsible and more mature.

Blueberry Moment 15400
During a bake sale that I was helping out at, my friends were dying for some of the brownies that we were selling but they didn’t have any money on them. They really wanted one and they were my friends, so I thought it would be kind of me to buy it for them. I took out my wallet and I paid for a brownie that they could split. I told them they didn’t have to pay me back. They were very thankful and super happy. I also gave them both a Blueberry Card. I felt like a really good friend. I was also really happy that my friends were happy.

Blueberry Moment 14457
I was at a robotics competition in March. It was the second competition that I’ve been to, so I knew that it would take a whole day for it to finish. I took my sports bag with me which was filled with all the stuff that I thought could cure my boredom. One of which was my Blueberry Card. I knew that I could do something good for someone because good sportsmanship is important in a robotics competition. So, during the competition, I overheard a team member from another school saying that heir robot sucks. I knew how long it takes for a team to build a robot so I told her that she should be proud of her robot. She was confused about the Blueberry Card when I handed it to her, so I explained it to her. She looked a little sad still, but I felt that I eased her stress a little. I felt happy that maybe after, I spoke to her, she could feel proud of her robot.

Edith Pendell
In January, I shoveled a neighbor’s sidewalk. The people I helped had been good friends and neighbors for almost ten years. I felt that by shoveling for them, I was not only helping them, I was helping the whole neighborhood. While I was shoveling, I felt good to be out in the world doing something and I felt good to be helping a friend. I shoveled the entire sidewalk from their driveway to the next one and after I was done, I left a Blueberry Card and a note in a baggie for them. I really enjoyed being a good neighbor. By shoveling for them, I had freed up some of their time to do something enjoyable. I hope that they, in turn, do a good deed for another person. It made me feel amazing to do it, and I hope they were happier because of it.

One of the fifth graders at my school slipped on the ice outside of the school. When I was getting out of my car and saw her fall, I also watched all her bags fall. I knew I had to help. The action was instantaneous, one second she was on the ground, the next, I had helped her carry in her things. I did not realize it was an act of kindness until it was done. I gave her a Blueberry Card and I asked her to pay it forward. It felt good to help another person, even if it was only for a moment. I hope that she was inspired and remembers what I did for her. I hope she continues the good deed chain. In my kind action, I hope I made an imprint on her, doing it sure made me feel good.

After going to my church, I saw some of the ladies at the church decorating the hall for St. Patrick’s day. I decided to help them. I thought by helping them, I would be helping my community and my church. While I was hanging up clovers, I felt good that I was spending my time after church helping. Once I was finished and saw my work around the beautiful church hall, I was glad that I did it. I gave the lady in charge a Blueberry Card and she thanked me for spending my time helping her and the other ladies. I hope they make good use of the card and are inspired to do good deeds for others. I loved helping out and I will definitely be doing it more often now.

Jessa Watson
I went through my family members’ wallets and change purses (with permission of course) and put them all on the toy horse at Meijer.

I know some people who may need financial help. So, I went to Walmart, got a bunch of household necessities like shirts, games, and movies. We put it on the porch as an anonymous donation.

I bought a ten-dollar gift card to Little Caesar’s, waited inside, and gace it to a random customer buying food.

Greg Feamster
My first Blueberry Moment was when I helped a kid in my class feel welcomed. This kid was being bullied and missed a couple of days of school When we had a school dance, I realized he was sitting alone. I went and sat down next to him and started talking. Then, after the dance, a couple of friends and I invited him to go out to eat with us. We had a great time hanging out and getting to know each other. I felt really good doing this and I think he felt good too. Now every day, we hang out whether it’s in school or playing Fortnite together.

My second Blueberry Moment was helping kids speak up for bullying. Kids in my grade were getting bullied by some other kids. Some of the kids wanted to punch the bullies but I told them that it would only make it worse. Instead, I helped them to the school counselor. Now the issue has been resolved. It felt good to help out even if it was just a little bit. All the kids that got bullied feel good that I supported them through the process.

My last Blueberry Moment was ushering at a local theater. I handed out pamphlets. Every time I gave a pamphlet out, I said enjoy the show. This made the people happy. Since they were happy, I felt happy. One smile can affect a thousand frowns.

Braxton Edwards
During October, I made cards for the elementary teachers and had all the kids in those classes sign them. I gave them to Mr. Fielder and Mrs. O’Brien.

During December, we sorted through all of our clothes and took all the clothes that did not fit and donated them to the kids that needed them.

During December, we organized our toys and took the ones that we do not play with and donated them. The ones that were broken, we threw away.

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