Genesee County Catholic Schools Blueberry Ambassadors recognize the big impact of little acts of kindness

Genesee County Catholic Schools, coordinator Kasey Cronin

Marielle Hatfield
I didn’t know what to do at first because I wanted it to be something big. I didn’t realize until about last week that it didn’t have to be anything big. Inspiration is everywhere and anything that helps someone is a great thing. Recently, my teacher lost a loved one. She was gone for a week and I didn’t really know how she would act when she got back. She acted normal, but I could tell she wasn’t okay. Then suddenly, I knew what I was going to do. I went home that night and got out some art supplies. I made a beautiful card that said I was prayer for her and her family and I hope they get through this hard time. I was nervous about giving it to her because I thought it would remind her of him and make her sad. I was still going to try to give it to her though and hope for the best. The next day, when I got to school, I paper clipped my Blueberry Card to the back of the card and was ready to give it to her. When we got in the classroom, I walked up to her desk and handed her the card. I didn’t say anything except that I was praying for her. I could tell by her smile on her face that she loved it. It was really cool how the simplest things can make someone’s day. The Blueberry Card can maybe help remind her to help someone out in their time of need.

Tathan Radgen
One Blueberry Moment that I had was when I helped make care packages for St. Luke’s. The care packages included diapers, baby wipes, baby wash, baby powder, baby lotion, and formula which are all needed for babies. My hope is that the items given would go to help a family in need. This gave me a better view of small things I could to make a big impact of someone else’s life. I enjoyed this Blueberry Moment because it gave me a clear idea that some families can’t afford to buy the essential items needed for their babies and made me realize that I was very fortunate to have these as a child. It made me sad to know that other babies don’t.

A Blueberry Moment that I had was when I helped paint a Carriage Town Ministries. I helped repaint the walls of the dining area. This showed me that even though Carriage Town gets a lot of volunteers to help with feeding and clothing others, the volunteers don’t have enough time to help with the building maintenance. It was nice to repaint the dining room so that it looked better for the people that Carriage Town served. It made me happy to help others and made me realize that giving a small amount of my time has a big impact on others. If everyone gave a little bit of their time, it could really change the world.

Gerald Snodgrass
Everyday, we do little things to help others. Whether it’s holding the door for an elderly person, or helping someone pick up their belongings they dropped. Every one of these things make someone’s day a little bit better. Today, my family went to Tim Hortons after my brother’s cold baseball game, and I brought my wallet not knowing what we might be doing after the game. When we pulled up to the window, I saw a man pull up behind us.  When I realized that I had brought my money, I immediately told my dad to pull up a little bit more so that my window was in front of the drive-thru window. When he did it, I asked the employee if I could pay for the man’s order. Her eyes instantly lit up, because she didn’t expect a 14-year-old boy in the backseat of the car to buy someone’s order. I proceeded to give her the money, and asked her if she would give him a Blueberry Card. As we were driving away, I looked back to see what was going on. When I looked back, all I could see was the employee handing them in the card, in the biggest smile on the man’s face. It made my day to see how happy something so little made this man feel.

Madison Gebhardt
I decided to help somebody when my family and I were out to eat. As we were eating, we saw a family that we knew. We knew that they had made many sacrifices to send their kids to a Catholic school because it was important to them. I asked if we could pay for their bill, since they seem to be celebrating something.  We asked the waitress to replace their bill with one of my Blueberry Card. As kids, we feel like we can’t do much to change the world. However, I didn’t even use my own money but I realized that my ideas are what makes the difference. That was an amazing thing. It made me feel like just doing a little thing like that could help make the world a better place. Hopefully, they will pass it on and they will complete a random act of kindness.

I also helped at a food kitchen. On my day off, I decided to help somebody who needed it. So, I decided to go to a food kitchen and I helped organize the food for those who needed it. The directors were so nice! I thought that they were doing a great thing by helping these people and it made me want to do it again. I want to be that example too! The feeling I get after I randomly help people is the best feeling. Knowing that I am trying to make an effort to help people fills me with joy that nothing else can fill me with.

Molly Killian
I made Harry Potter symbols out of pipe cleaners for the kids and my teacher who likes Harry Potter. They were very happy that I made them the symbols, they smiled and gave me a big hug. I felt very happy that they were happy.  Whenever I see the kids’ lockers, I see the symbols hanging up and it makes me very happy to see that. It is important to do this because it makes people joyous and they will want to pay it forward. Performing random acts of kindness essentially makes the world a better place.

I took time off of my spring vacation to help people with the disabilities. I volunteered at the Special Olympics. Instead of relaxing on the beach, I decided to go help out with Special Olympics. The people that were all smiling when they saw new people had come out to help them. The coach said I made things a lot easier. It made me happy to know that I made some people’s life easier and I made the people with disabilities happy. It made me joyful to know that I did a kind deed for people.

A new girl came to my school and instead of watching a movie with the rest of the class, I helped her set up her science E-book. She seemed grateful that I was helping her and she thanked me for showing her all of the tricks with her E-book. She now has no trouble with her book, so she saves a lot of time. It makes me happy to see her navigating her book very well. I hope I made the world a better place by helping her with her science E-book.

Erin Henthorn
For my first Blueberry Moment, I gave up my bad aren’t Christmas to my grandmother. Usually, my brother would give up his bed. But, I decided to give up my bigger bad. I probably would not have done it unless the weight of the little blue card in my pocket hadn’t prompted me to do so.s

For my second Blueberry Moment, I surprise my best friend with a brand-new shirt. She had been running that shirt and I have been saving my money. So, I decided to do something nice for her just because.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I made the priests after rectory a homemade blueberry pie. I know the priests got food a lot, but I knew that they would appreciate the funny irony of the pie or the message that came with it.

Brandt Sanchez and Brenden Blood
We quite recently learned of the news of the worsening conditions in Haiti. Many men, women, and children are struggling to find food and water due to famine. We felt horrible and decided to send cards of support and encouragement to those in Haiti that are suffering. But we thought two cards would not be enough, so we enlisted the help of our entire middle school. All of the fifth through eighth grade students we’re happy to help by making cards as well. We dearly hope that we impacted their lives and one way or another.

Alyssa S.
The first random act of kindness I performed was for the Flint Police. My Mom, Dad, and I bought two gallons of milk, containers of muffins, donuts, some lemon bread, platters of cookies, eight coffees, cream, and sugar for the officers, and a thank you card that I told them thank you in, signed, put a Blueberry Card in. I gave to them which they displayed in the office.

The second random act of kindness that I performed was for the people who volunteer to give out water at the West Court Street Church of God. Again, my Mom, Dad, and I went to the West Court Street Church of God and gave donut holes and different types of muffins (blueberry and chocolate chip) to the people who volunteer to give out water.

The third and final random act of kindness was for an animal rescue group that is in Mott Park neighborhood. My Mom and I went out shopping and we bought several containers of dog treats and may toys for dogs to play with. We bought very many things for the dogs that are part of the rescue, put them all in a huge bag, added a thank you card that I signed, put the Blueberry Card on the outside of the bag, and gave it to the man named Bill who runs the animal rescue called Streethearts.

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