Genesee Haas Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors demonstrate the impact of a small act of kindness

Genesee Haas Elementary, coordinator Soni Cummings

All of our second and third grade Blueberries brought in supplies and cleaned up the school grounds for Earth Day! They were super excited to help & it was also very eye opening for them to see how much trash was on our school property! 

Alison Abbott
I held the door for a girl.

I helped my mom do the laundry.

I helped my mom carry the groceries inside. 

Mason Ball
I helped pass out popcorn at Bingo for Books, helped my dad carry in the groceries because he hurt his ankle, and I helped my mom put the groceries away. 

Bella-Rose Brett
I helped my nana load the groceries out of her car and when my sister fell, I helped her up. 

Ella Chapman
I gave my mom a giant hug and told her I loved her.

At Bingo for Books, I helped clean up when it was over.

I swept the kitchen floor when it was dirty. 

Rebekah Jones
I helped my mom clean the house.

I set the table at Thanksgiving. 

I took my dog for a walk.

Ethan Knag
I helped my mom with unpacking the groceries, we did the dishes together, and I held the car door for her, she was happy I was helping her. 

At Bingo for Books I helped pass out popcorn. 

I gave our playground lady a personal protection alarm to help keep her and her sister safe. 

Colton Lucas
I helped a lady unpack her groceries.

On Thanksgiving, I helped my grandma by pushing in her chair and I helped my grandpa unpack all of the food.

Riley Martin
I helped with Bingo for books.

I fed and watered the chickens, ducks, and dog without being asked.

On Halloween, I shared the part of a prisoner with my friend so we would both get candy, and I helped pass out glow sticks to kids. 

Isella Onstott
I watched my baby cousin for the night.

I helped picked up the leaves at three different older people houses.

I cleaned the whole house without anyone asking me to. 

Hailee Pardee
I opened the door for someone.

When my mom didn’t have anyone to do the dishes, I did them for her.

When my sister fell, I asked her if she was okay and I put a bandage on her. 

Beau Powell
I helped carry in food at Thanksgiving.

When I was at my Christmas party, I helped everyone carry in food.

At my grandpa’s house, I helped him get out of bed. 

Amelia Quinn-Evans
I helped somebody at the store carry their stuff to their car.

I helped my dad and my aunt carry in the groceries. 

Kaden Riley
I helped a lady with her groceries.

I helped my mom clean the house.

I helped my mom do the laundry.

Xavier Rink
I helped my dad work on cars.

I helped my mom clean the house and I shoveled snow in my driveway. 

Royal Rodriguez
I held the door for an older lady.

I helped someone carry their groceries to their car.

I raked someone’s leaves for them. 

Paige Simpson 
I helped at Bingo for Books by helping people sign in when they arrived. 

I helped my mom clean the house and I helped take care of my baby sister. 

Leannah Thompson
I helped my brother move his room around. 

I helped my dad put braids in his hair.

I helped my mom make dinner. 

Destiny Wyckoff
I helped my mom do the laundry.

At Bingo for Books, I helped set up for the people to come.

I helped my papa walk up the stairs. 

Gloria Yettaw
I helped sign people in for Bingo for Books. 

When my mom and I went to the store, we bought Christmas presents for homeless people. 

I changed my baby brother’s dirty diaper.

I wanted to do acts of kindness for children in the hospital with nothing to do during their stay. So, I collected coupons from friends and family and got as many toys as I could afford as well as placed a large order from scholastic $1 book section with money I earned from helping around the house and with my dad. I chose Hurley hospital where my sister had a couple of overnight stays when she was younger. I also helped at a food distribution from the food bank for needy family’s as well as donated food into a free food box in our town.

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