Genesee Haas Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors demonstrate the importance of respect and compassion in their community

Genesee Haas Elementary, coordinator Soni Cummings

A group of our Blueberry Ambassadors helped during two of our schools Bingo for Books family nights. They helped greet families, had them sign into the event, passed out bingo cards, passed out popcorn, and helped students pick out books as they won.

Some of our Blueberry Ambassadors helped with our kindergarten round up night. They helped greet the new kindergartners and also helped run activities throughout the evening.

Our third grade Blueberry Ambassadors passed out Valentine Gram Smencils to all of the students that received one in the building. They made sure each bag of the pencils was delivered to each classroom on Valentine’s Day. 

Jaxon Powell

I helped an older lady load her groceries into her car. 

James Montague
My sister, Madison, and I raked and bagged the leaves from their neighbors yard.

Brandon Banner
I helped my grandma carry in groceries.

When my brother fell, I helped clean up his knee and put a band aid on it.

Bella, Bailey, and Brock Willert
Our act of kindness was when we were grocery shopping at VG’s. One of the workers was trying to fix the cash register and was dropping a lot of receipts on the ground. We helped him pick the receipts up and put them in the trash. We continued to help as he fixed the register. Also, we helped bag groceries for our cashier!

Chitara Thompson
I noticed elderly ladies needing help coming into a restaurant. I went and held the door open for all of them and continued to hold the door open for the other customers as well.

Aiden Badour
I helped take care of my grandma’s puppy over the weekend. 

Baylee Adams
I helped my little sister get her shoes on. 

Alana Anderson
I helped my grandma clean her house. 

Graysen Carlton
I helped a kid open the kid’s hot tub at Great Wolf Lodge. 

Bella Hill
I did the dishes without anyone ever asking me to do them. 

Ty Dewrock
I helped open the door for customers at the grocery store. 

Lillian Creapeau
I helped my cousin clean out the shed. 

Kayleigh Loper

I babysat my friends baby. 

Chase MacDonald
I helped my mom sort the groceries. 

Jaclyn Mrazek
I helped my mom clean out the shed. 

Jacob Pardee 
I cleaned the dishes at my house. 

Isac Nelson
I helped an older lady cross the road and picked up my mom’s purse when it fell. 

Noah Pomeroy
I played with my sister to help my mom out. 

Gabby Rosales
I opened the doors to help people out.

Hunter Smith
I helped a lady put her groceries away. 

Spencer Thomas
I cleaned without my parents asking me to.

Gracie Yettaw
I put all of the garbage in the trash can every Thursday.

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