Genesee Haas Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors surprised school custodians, teachers and students with random acts of kindness

Genesee Haas Elementary, coordinator Samia Brown

Mrs. Brown’s class has intentionally used kindness all school year. We have surprised the custodian with yummy goodies and thank you’s so he knew how much we appreciate him. We wrote kind words on post it notes and surprised teachers around the building. Recently, a new student came into our classroom and we made her a welcome card and went out of our way to make her feel like part of our school family from the moment she walked in. Being Blueberry Ambassadors in second grade has been amazing! The whole culture of our classroom is different because of our Blueberry mindset!

Kevin Edwards 
My family and I were going to Tim Horton’s and someone paid for our meal at the drive through. We were so happy that we paid for the two people behind us. Not only did I get to be kind, but someone did something kind for us too. It felt great. I hope they felt good too. 

Blueberry Moment 18512
I helped my little brother because he was having trouble with his homework. He was happy and I felt good. 

Jazmine Taylor 

For my Blueberry Moment, I gave my BFF, Piper some sand and seashells in a bottle from South Carolina, because I went there on Spring Break. I knew she would love them. She was so happy. It made me happy to give her them. 

I invited my best friend, Piper to our church Christmas party. We ran around and played tag and other games. We ate lots of good food. We also got presents. I was so excited! On the way home, we were so tired. We had the best time ever. Piper was so thankful that I invited her and I was so happy that she came. 

Alice Guiett 
When my friend, Madison fell off the swing at recess, I helped her up. She has always been so nice to me, that I wanted to be nice to her. I felt happy and so did Madison. 

Christopher Ritchie 
My friend, JB was really having a hard time on a game we both like to play. I decided to help him. When I did he said, “Thank You Chris!” Blueberry Moments are awesome. They make people feel so good. 

Chloe Furman 
I let my friend, Arrianna on the tire swing at recess. She said, “Thank you Chloe!” I said, “You’re welcome Arrianna.” I could tell she was so happy. It made me feel good because I like to help people. It was nice to see her smile. 

AwBree Masserant 
Blueberry Moment 19802
Me and my sister and mom went out to eat for dinner at the Classic Coney Island. When we were there, I wanted to pay for someone’s meal. I wanted to pay for their meal, because I wanted to be kind. When I told them I paid for their dinner, they were surprised and amazed. Being kind made me happy. 

Jasmyne Headick 
I helped my friend Alivia with her math. It made me feel happy and it made her happy too. 

Alivia Dhoogie 

We had a family at our school that lost their entire home in a fire. I have been making bracelets and necklaces and selling them as a fundraiser to raise money for the family. My classmates, teacher, and family members have been buying them. I sell each handmade piece for $1. It feels so good to help. 

Jayden Saunders 
Blueberry Moment 19839
For my Blueberry Moment, I gave one neighbor a winter hat and a pair of gloves because she didn’t have any. It made her happy to have something warm to wear in the cold and it made me feel so good to help out. 

Blueberry Moment 19835
I bought my friend Aiden an ice cream at lunch from the snack bar. It made him happy and he said, “Thank you.” I liked making him feel good. 

Aiden Pillow 
Blueberry Moment 20571
One night when my mom had to work late, I did the dishes for her because she would be tired from work. I just knew that it would make her happy and make me happy too. I couldn’t do it without a little help from my brother. When she got home, she was very happy and surprised. She was smiling and said, “Thank you!” It made me feel happy and I felt good. 

Madison Murdock 
When I was walking out of my apartment, one of the neighbors was having a hard time getting down the stairs. She is a nice older lady. I held her hand and held the door open for her. When we walked out, I helped her get into her car. She kept telling me thank you. It felt really good to be a Blueberry Ambassador. 

Chloe Meyer 
For my Blueberry Moment, I helped a girl with her groceries. Her bag ripped on the bottom when she was walking out of the grocery store. I helped pick them up. She was so happy to have the help. She said, “Thank you.” It made me feel excited to help out more. Jasmine Addison
I was at the doctor’s office with my mom. I saw an older lady coming in and I ran over and opened it the door for her. I helped her in her chair. She was happy and told me thank you. It kept smiling because it felt so good to helpful. 

Christopher AbuAita 
I gave my friend, Zander, a present. It was a toy sword. He was happy and smiling. I feel great and happy too for making that person full of joy. 

Maverick Montpas 
I wanted to do something nice for my mom. I washed and dried the dishes before and after dinner. My sister Bailey helped me. When my mom got home, she was very happy. It made me feel good to help my mom do the dishes.

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