Giving back comes easy for Blueberry Ambassadors at Kearsley Schools’ Fiedler Elementary

Kearsley Fiedler Elementary, coordinator Kelli Verran

Emily Hipkins – fourth grade
One of my Blueberry Moments was that I made “thank-you” tiles for Ms. Beth in the main office. I made the tiles on Jan. 23 during my lunch and recess time at school. I made the tiles for Ms. Beth because she deals with a lot of stuff at school and she needs to be appreciated more often. It made me feel happy to appreciate a staff member at Fiedler.

For one of my Blueberry Moments, I used my allowance money to help the Humane Society. I bought cat food, dog food and kitty litter and donated it.  I dropped off the items on Feb. 13 to the Dort Highway, Flint, location. I chose the Humane Society because I like working with animals and animals like working with me! It made me feel proud that I got to help animals in need. Card No. 2491

Jaylin Kirby – fourth grade

For one of my Blueberry Moments, I made a tile for the office lady, Ms. Beth.  I did it on Jan. 23 during recess time. I picked that person because she is always helping the hurt people that come in the office. It made me feel great to recognize a person doing a great job.

For one of my Blueberry Moments, I shoveled my babysitter’s deck. I did it on Feb. 26. I did it so when people come into her house the people do not drag snow in there. It made me feel great to help someone in need. Card No. 2470.

Mason Ridley – fourth grade

My first Blueberry Moment was when I made a thank-you tile for Mrs. Hodack (our time-out teacher).  She said, “Thank you.” I did it on Jan. 23. I gave her a thank-you tile because she takes care of the kids who are not behaving.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I helped my sister, Kennedy, with her homework. It was very hard because she did not understand the subject. This occurred at my house on Feb. 23.

Annika Collins – fourth grade

When I was at Walli’s with my family, my mom’s ex-husband, Jim, and his granddaughter were with us. Paiton needed to use the bathroom. But Jim couldn’t take her and she is only 4. So I took her. Jim gave me a hug and said, “Thank you.”

Yesterday at recess, I was playing outside with my best friend, Kaitlyn. She said she was cold and I gave her my scarf. She said, “Thank you.” The next day, I brought a hat and scarf for my friends, Arianna and Kaitlyn, so they wouldn’t be cold outside. They said, “Thank you.”

Bradyn Weidenhammer – fourth grade

For my random act of kindness, I helped my aunt Carol take out her dog to use the bathroom. My aunt was very grateful and it made me feel good to help her.

For my next random act of kindness, I helped my Nani shovel her driveway. She didn’t even have to ask. She thanked me and it made me feel awesome.

For my third random act of kindness, I gave Miss Liz a plaque for doing a good job in the office. She wrote me a thank-you note back. It made me feel good.

Zachary June – fourth grade

One of my Blueberry Moments is when I shoveled my neighbor Carol’s driveway, who has been sick. It had just snowed and her driveway needed to be cleared out. I knocked on Ms. Carol’s door and told her that I was going to shovel her driveway. She was grateful and said, “Thank you very much.”  I shoveled her driveway on Jan. 22. It took me about 30 minutes and I finished shoveling her driveway at approximately 5:30 p.m. Ms. Carol was my choice for one of my random acts of kindness because she is elderly, recently had open heart surgery, and it is hard for her to shovel her own driveway. This made me feel great and thoughtful to help someone in need. Card No. 2478

For one of my Blueberry moments, I made a tile for Ms. Liz. Ms. Liz works in the office at my school, Fiedler Elementary. Ms. Liz does a lot of things for all of the kids in my school and needed to be appreciated and recognized for all that she does for us. Ms. Liz helps people and cares for them when needed, such as if a kid gets hurt she will assist them and provide them with Band-Aids. I worked on this tile at school and at home. I provided Ms. Liz with the tile during my lunch hour. I love making people feel appreciated and feel good because it makes me feel good. Card No. 2476

For another one of my Blueberry Moments, I chose to hold a door at a restaurant for a disabled person. I was at Wah-Nam’s, a Chinese restaurant, and a man was getting ready to walk out of the restaurant as I was walking into the restaurant.  This gentleman was elderly and using a walker, which made it hard for him to open the door himself. This Blueberry Moment occurred on Feb. 10 at about 5 p.m. I just wanted to help this gentleman because he was disabled and was struggling to get the door open. This made me feel great. I love helping other people. Card No. 2477

Adriana Callahan — fifth grade

My Blueberry Moment at school was when I gave someone my snow pants because they did not have any. I was in the hallway and it was about one week ago. It made me feel good inside.

My Blueberry Moment is about when we paid for someone’s groceries because she had left her purse in the car. It was snowing really hard and we were at the grocery store. I did my random act of kindness about two to three weeks ago. I think that I recognized this person because she had three kids and she was trying to put on theirs coats and gloves. The kids were giving her a hard time. We paid so she could get her groceries and kids in the car. It make me feel like I helped someone.

Aiden Fisackerly — fifth grade

My first Blueberry Moment was when I wrote a thank-you note to a staff member in the school. I gave the note to the staff member on Jan. 23 at lunchtime. I recognized the staff member because they kept the two classrooms under control. It made me feel happy to see her smile.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I helped a girl in class carry her backpack to her seat because she was on crutches. It was at school and we were packing up. I did it because it is hard to use crutches and grab a backpack at the same time. It made me feel happy. Card No. 2463

My last Blueberry Moment was when I helped my friend grab his equipment that fell through the stands during a karate tournament. It was at Plymouth Middle School on Feb. 17 that I helped my friend. We were really high in the stands and I could get it easy to him. It made me feel happy to see him smile. Card No. 2461

Kodie Josling — fifth grade

About a week ago, I went to a McDonald’s drive-thru. There was a guy behind me who was about to pay. I asked my mom if I could pay for him. She said yes. I did this because I had extra money that I didn’t need and I felt that it was a nice, kind thing to do. It made me feel like I helped to change the community. If things like that happen all the time, then the world can become a better place.

Evan Herriman — fifth grade

One time at school, I saw an aide teacher always helping out the kids during WIN time. I let her know that her work was appreciated with a quick note.  I picked this person for my random act of kindness because it made me good because now kids will get work done.

Delaney White — fifth grade

My first act of kindness was that I made a card for a person I noticed doing a good job helping students.

My second act of kindness was I baked muffins for my neighbors and delivered them. I picked two neighbors because they help out my family.  Card Nos. 2452 and 2453

Bella Roberts — fifth grade

One day, on Jan. 25, I saw a mother with a baby coming out of the Kroger grocery store. I saw her pushing two grocery carts. I decided to hold the door open for her and put one of the carts back to her car. I helped her because she was struggling to push two carts and keep control of her baby. It made me feel great to help someone out!

Kelli Verran – principal

For one of my Blueberry Moments, I gave a gift card to a close friend. I purchased the card and put it in her church mailbox on a weekday when I was at the church for a meeting. She discovered the card on the following Sunday. I decided to give her this gift card because she is always buying things for her family and others but she does not spend money on herself. She found out that I was the person who gave it to her and she wanted to give it back. I asked her to please accept the card and buy something for herself and the only thing that I asked is that she “pay it forward.” I was excited that she did accept the gift card and the challenge of passing on the Blueberry Card. Card No. 2482.

For my second Blueberry Moment, we returned the neighbor’s dog to its home. I was pulling out of the driveway and the neighbor’s Collie came running out towards the road, which is a busy road. The dog is usually on a chain and we have never seen it loose and near the road. We pulled into the neighbor’s driveway and drove up to the house. The dog followed the vehicle. My husband got out of the vehicle and walked it up to the door. The neighbor was grateful that the dog was safe but concerned about why she was off her chain. Even though we were busy and had someplace to go, I was glad that we took the time to get the beloved pet safely away from the road. Card No. 2483

My last Blueberry Moment happened while I was returning from the gym. I was sweaty and hungry. I was looking forward to a shower and dinner. My phone rang as I pulled into the driveway and it was my son who was at work. His friend’s vehicle needed to be towed and she needed to borrow our tow strap. I agreed to drive the strap to his job but explained that I would not be able to come in because I had just finished working out. Both my son and his friend were very grateful. It felt good that we could help another person but the best reward was how thankful the young people were that I took time out of my schedule to help them solve their problem. Card No. 2484

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