Grand Blanc Brendel Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors warm hearts of community

Grand Blanc Brendel Elementary, coordinator Megan Hardy

Matthew Lavoie
Blueberry Moment 8980My Blueberry Moment was when I helped move my grandpa’s Christmas decorations up and downstairs because he has a breathing problem. While I was there I also helped my grandmother decorate with some of the Christmas items I had brought up from the basement. I decided to do this because I wanted to help my grandfather and grandmother with stuff they can’t do anymore. My grandfather and grandmother reacted happy because it took one more thing off their hands. It made me feel good because I was able to help them with stuff they really can’t do anymore.

Blueberry Moment 8982
My random act of kindness I did was I plowed three houses on my dad’s four-wheeler so that they didn’t have to go outside and shovel their driveway. I got my dad and plowed them all. I decided to do it because I wanted to make them happy by not making them go outside. They were surprised and said thank you. It made me feel good because it made them feel good.

The random act of kindness that I did, with the help of some other Blueberries is my school, was I made Mrs. Goetz, our principal, a big card and another card that the whole school signed. I decided to do this because I wanted to thank her for what she does. She was happy and even went on the announcements and thanked us. It made me feel good because I made someone’s day. 

Brooklyn Saultman 

Blueberry Moment 8976
I made chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies and gave them to my neighbors. My family and I were making cookies and we made way too much so I decided to take the extras and put them in little Ziploc baggies and give the cookies to my neighbors. A lot of my neighbors said thank you, that was so kind, or thank you very much you just made my day. It made me feel really good, joyous, and happy inside.

I went to a craft store and bought craft stuff. Then I went to the store and bought candy and little clear cups. When I got home I put the candy in the cups and decorated it. When it was done, I made a note. When everything was done, I delivered what I made to The Compass, a place that helps individuals with special needs. I heard that The Compass didn’t have enough money to get crafts and all of the young-adults liked crafts. The manager kept saying thank you and that was very kind. It made me feel good.

I gave some of my old clothing, toys, books, and other stuff to my younger cousin. Her dad just lost his job and my cousin didn’t have very many clothes that fit her and besides that they didn’t have very much money so that’s why I did it. I don’t know because they live in Arizona and I just mailed everything. I am sure she was excited though. It made me feel good because I helped someone in need.

Ben Johnson

I bought coffee at Tim Horton’s and had them repeat it two times. I did it because it could repeat and people love coffee. It made me feel good and excited because I wanted to know how much it would be repeated.

I made a card, got toys, and candy for a kid that has brain cancer. They call him buddy and he is 7 years old. I decided to do it because I felt bad for him because he does not have a long time to live. This made me feel good and sad. Good because I think this made him happy. Sad because he does not have a long time to live.

In the past week, I have been trying to hold the door for everyone like getting the car door for my mom or holding the door for other kids at the ice rink. I did this because I felt if kids have hockey bags over their arm they shouldn’t have to drop their bag to open their door and use their foot to open the door. The people reacted with a thanks or a thank you. This made me feel nice, happy, and good to hear the thank you. 

Jaclyn Garvey 
Blueberry Moment 26288
I saw a girl sitting by herself at lunch so I left my table and went over and sat by her and we had a great conversation and became great friends. Me and her sit by each other and play games and have a bunch of fun. I wanted to make her happy and give her a new friend. She felt a lot better that she had someone to sit by and to talk to and she just felt happy. It made me feel like I had a new friend and I should have been friends with her before.

Blueberry Moment 026288
I went to he soup kitchen with my basketball team. I did it because it was nice for people who can’t afford food so they had a Christmas meal. All of the people where thankful for food on their plate. It made me feel really good for helping new people and giving food.

Blueberry Moment 56
I made a big card for my principal along with a banner signed by the whole school. I did it because my principal does so much for our school and she needs to be thanked for all she does. I think after we gave it to her, she was probably really happy. I think it made her day, I hoped she loved it. I was thinking about something I should do or my last Blueberry Moment. In our class, we were talking about respect, and I thought how about I make her something to show her how we respect people. 

Ella Menges
I decorated my grandma’s Christmas tree. My grandma had just had eye surgery so she couldn’t put up her Christmas tree by herself. She was about to not put it up at all I was talking to my mom one night about how I thought that it was a bummer that she couldn’t put up her tree this year. So, I thought of a solution on what we could do. We called her and I said, “how about we come over and help you put your Christmas tree up and we will make you dinner.” She thought it sounded great. I think we made her week an amazing week. I think she felt happy and like he family really loves her and cares for her. When we walked in the house she had a big smile on her face and she was so excited that we were there. I felt so happy about what I had done for someone else and about how much I love being a Blueberry.

I made dinner for my dance teacher’s mom and brought it to her because her mom was not doing well and she takes care of her each and every day. Just as my mom was telling me about it, I was just in the middle of thinking about what I should do for my second Blueberry Moment. She was probably happy inside and so excited that we did it for her. It made me feel great inside because I was doing something great for another person to make them feel great inside. 

Blair Zagata
Blueberry Moment 8995
I made and gave cookies to the teachers during conferences week. The teachers like them and I thought it was a great Blueberry Moment. They were all surprised and happy and said they tasted good. It made me feel good, happy, and glad. I was glad I made them happy.

One of my teachers was having a bad day so I made her a card and got her a gift. She was having a bad day so I thought this would cheer her up. She was happy. She even sent us a thank you card. I felt happy and like I did a great thing. 

Livia Londrigan 
For my moment I decided to do something for my teacher. They work long hard hours dealing with a class full of crazy kids. I looked up some ideas on Pinterest and found a teacher survival box. I really liked the idea so I made one. In the teacher survival box. I put Starbursts, Twizzlers, Kleenex, magnets, a bookmark (that I made), and a Blueberry Card!

My kindness moment was going to the food bank. My friend Jenna and I went to the food bank and the job we got was sorting candy. Me and Jenna put 30 bags in one box and made 42 boxes. I felt that I wanted to do something nice for Christmas. When we went to talk to the head of the place she was really happy for kids to work there. It made me feel good to so something nice. 

Jenna Chamberlin
Me, Livia, Matt, Jaclyn, and Ella who are other Blueberries made a giant poster and jumbo card to thank Mrs. Goetz, our principal. We had the whole school sign the poster and we decorated the card. Then we secretly put the poster and card in her office. I decided to do this because I knew without a principal that awesome our school would not be as great as it is and I really wanted to thank her for it. I felt good I was able to thank a very important person in our school. It made me feel really thankful that I had a principal as good as her and work with people who also wanted to do this. I think that Mrs. Goetz was happy when we gave her the poster and card because sometimes principals are taken for granted.

At recess, I played with two girls I have never really thought to play with before. I knew them from classes and they seemed really nice. I got to do monkey bars and fun obstacle courses on the equipment and had a really awesome time. We played again and I hoped we could invite some of my friends to play too. I decided to do this random act of kindness because the girls were playing alone without anyone and I watched them and I felt really bad and something was telling me to go play with them because it would make them happy. The two girls reacted by saying they had a lot of fun. They also smiled and laughed. I could really tell they were happy. Doing this made me feel really awesome inside because I could tell they were really enjoying it. I was also really happy that I made a decision to play with someone I never had played with before.

I went to the food bank of Easters Michigan with my family and a friend. We sorted candy which goes into a holiday basket along with other food which they give to people who don’t have money to buy food so they can have something to smile about during the holidays. We had to fill two cups in one bag or two king size bars in one bag. I decided to do this because I wanted to help someone and make them smile and for them to not be hungry. The people at the food bank were very thankful that we came and helped them out. This made me feel good because I did something or someone who doesn’t have enough money to do that thing. 

Ian Londrigan 
I gave someone fruit snacks. I just didn’t feel like eating them so I just gave them to somebody. The person said thank you and I said you’re welcome. It made me feel happy to do this.

I gave my mom a $20 card worth of coupons. I had some that didn’t sell and gave it to her for free. She was shocked and happy at the same time. I felt good to give away something I wasn’t going to use.

I went to visit my great aunt Bernice. I like to visit her because she does not get a lot of company and lives alone. Sometimes I help her clean her yard. I did it because I haven’t went over there in a long time. Bernice was very happy by my visit. She likes to tell me about her past. I know how happy it makes her when I visit and help and that makes me happy.

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