Grand Blanc City School Blueberry Ambassadors create unforgettable moments

Grand Blanc City School, Coordinator Vickie Weiss

Madelyn Gullion
Blueberry Moment 8271
My Blueberry Moment was when my brother’s best friend, Robert, had cancer and was having his last cancer treatment. My family and I decided to surprise him at the hospital. I left school after lunch to head to the hospital. The drive was sort of long,

but not too long. Once my family and I got there we had to find his room. It took a long time to get there because the hospital was so big. On our way to the room, I noticed how there were a bunch of kids with cancer and that they were sick. I felt sort of sad for them because I couldn’t imagine how much they are going through. When we found the room, we went in and my brother’s friend Robert was playing a video game. Robert was very happy to see us and happy that we came. When we were done talking to everyone, we grabbed signs and walked down the hall with music playing. Robert’s aunt was playing the song “We are the Champions”. The music was on loud and it was funny because Robert said “there are signs saying don’t be loud for a reason.” After that I felt so good inside. I was glad that my family and I made him so happy. I will never forget the feeling that I felt inside me that day. That was my Blueberry Moment.

Blueberry Moment 8272
My Blueberry Moment was when I made a card and got a Bath and Body Works soap and gave it to my neighbor Mrs. Mack. First I made the card. I used paper, crayon, chalk, and paint. Then I put it all together and got a beautiful card. I made this for Mrs. Mack because she is always so kind and nice to me. Her kids are also very polite and always say hello to us when we drive by. I thought that Mrs. Mack was a great person to give a gift because she is so nice. Once I got everything in the bag I made sure I did not leave anything out. I also proofread the card to make sure everything was perfect. I also put the soap and card in a pink gift bag. Lastly my mom walked me to Mrs. Mack’s house. I rang the doorbell and she opened the door. I told her why I made the little gift for her. She was very happy and gave me a hug. I felt so good inside and I was so happy and proud of myself for putting together the card and getting a soap for her.

Noelle Wolfe
For one of my Blueberry Moments, I gave Mrs. Hemond the principal of my school, coffee and a cookie. The coffee was from Tim Hortons, and the cookie was from an online bakery called Cheryl’s. Mrs. Hemond was the new principal this year, and I really like her. I think she deserved this Blueberry Moment because since she came to our school she has been looking for creative new ways to make our school a safer learning environment. Mrs. Hemond really liked what I did for her and asked me what the occasion was. I told her that it was Principal Appreciation Day. That was funny to her, so I did two services, gave her coffee and a cookie, and made her laugh. I thought of this idea because my Mom ordered some cookies from Cheryl’s and Mrs. Hemounds first name is Cheryl. I enjoyed doing this Blueberry Moment because it made Mrs. Hemond happy. The students at my school don’t see Mrs. Hemond every day, but we know she is there keeping our school safe, clean and fun.  

I headed to Starbucks with my Blueberry Card. I walked in with my dad and his friend, Vann. We wanted to pay for the person behind us in line. But the problem was nobody was behind us in line even after we waited for a few minutes. So, Vann suggested paying for someone in the drive thru. We asked if someone in the drive thru wanted something less than five dollars. This one lady was buying cookies for five dollars. So, we told her we were paying for her food. She looked so happy that

she didn’t have to pay. Before she drove off she yelled thank you. After I felt really happy with myself.

I was in Chicago with my dad on a Saturday in about mid-February. I remembered how earlier this year I was really sick and I went to the Emergency Room. The people there were really nice and calm so I decided that I really wanted to give them something to show how grateful I was. While my dad and I were out shopping we stopped at Party City in order to get some bags and about 60 pieces of candy. Then, on Sunday morning my dad’s friend Vann and I made a bunch of snickerdoodles to put with the bags of candy. I put aside a bag for my teachers. Finally, we bagged everything with about six pieces of candy per bag. We put everything in a big bag and headed to the Emergency Room. When we got there the two people at the front desk were really nice. Apparently, the people who took care of me weren’t there that day, so I asked them to just hand them out to everybody. They made a really funny jokes. After that, I left Illinois feeling proud and happy.

Liliana Pavone
Blueberry Moment 8670
I had to go to my Grandma and Mom’s work for a doctor’s appointment. I got really bored and I had some Blueberry Moments to do and maybe I could find something to do for the ladies that work there. So, I took sticky notes and put inspirational words on each note. Then I put them on each computer there for the ladies in the morning. When the ladies showed up for work in the morning everybody was really happy and nice for the rest of the day.

My mom and I had just rolled into McDonald’s to get drinks. It was a pretty normal day. My mom pulled up to get the cash here some money and they said our food had been paid for already. It made me so happy so we paid for the people behind us and gave them a Blueberry Card.

Lucia Grasso
On December 21, a super chilly day, my Aunt Gail was at her apartment in Flint, Michigan. She lives alone. My mom and I prepared a dinner and dessert for her and dropped it off at her house with a Christmas card, a note, and a Blueberry Card. In the bag of food, we had prepared rice, steamed broccoli, ice cream, and other foods that I knew were her favorite. She was so thrilled of just the fact that we came to visit, when I gave her the big bag of her dinner. She ate it for dinner that night, but then she had it for dinner the next day too! She became so happy and thanked me about a million times. She later even called the house to thank us again. I felt happy that I made someone else happy!

When we went up north for a weekend trip, I remembered it was my great grandpa’s birthday soon. My Great grandpa likes to watch sports and he likes to eat sweets. We made a funfetti cake and frosted it with vanilla buttercream frosting and put some sprinkles on top because we knew he liked cake. When we were driving home, we visited him. We wished him a happy 92nd birthday and gave him a piece of cake. He was thrilled to have visitors and loved the cake. We then sang happy birthday to him and showed him some pictures of us and what we have been doing recently. He lives alone and sometimes gets lonely. I thought he would be excited if we visited him, and I was right! He had the biggest smile I have ever seen. Happy birthday great grandpa!

I went to the car wash on a cold day and the worker seemed very happy and she was very nice. “Hi, I’m Delilah. What scent would you like for your car? There is new car, melon, cherry…” She was always very excited and always upbeat. She cleaned the car very well and even cleaned the inside for us. I thought she would definitely pay it forward with a Blueberry Card. I got the money that I had in my pocket and gave it to her as a tip, along with a Blueberry Card. She was so thankful and she thanked me many times. I felt good inside when I did something so small that made such a big impact on someone’s day. As we drove away, I saw her with the biggest smile and she was waving good-bye to us. I could tell she was going to have that smile all day.

Zoey Beard
I felt bad for nurses that had to work on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So, my Mom and I went to the store and bought bags and bags of candy and chocolate. We also bought gift boxes to put the treats in. I put a lot of work into arranging the treats. I even made designs with candy canes! On Christmas Eve morning, we took the treat boxes to the ICU unit at Hurley Hospital. As soon as we walked in a lady named Dayna greeted us and asked us “are those treats for me?” as most people do to be sarcastic. When I told her that they were she was very surprised. Then a kind nurse named Angie walked up to us and was talking about how big I’ve grown since she has seen me. I know her because my Mom is a nurse on ICU. We walked into the break room and no one was there so we set the treats on the table with the card that I made and my Blueberry Card.

On Valentine’s day, me and my family went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Two days before, I had made a whole bunch of hearts with inspirational words and put them all together to make a big card. I was going to give it to a waitress. When I was at Buffalo Wild Wings, I had my card ready to give to the waitress. After we were done eating I set my card with the tip that we gave her. As we walked out I saw the waitress when she looked at her card and gave a big shiny smile. I was very proud that I made someone happy. Especially since it was on Valentine’s day! It was fun to make too.

For my last Blueberry Moment, I gave Mrs. Allen a treat. It was her last week at our school so I decided to give her a Thank You card and an Easter egg full of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. When I get off the bus in the morning, she is there making sure everyone is safe. So, when I got off the bus I that is when I gave her the Thank You card, the chocolates and the Blueberry Card. She really liked it and still thanking me! I felt very proud of myself because Mrs. Allen has helped me with so many things and I knew I had to give back to her.

Azalea McNair-Levi
When I was at the store, I saw an older lady and she was dropping her groceries on the ground. When I noticed her, I quickly went up to her at helped her pick up her groceries. I gave her a cart and opened the door for her. She asked me my name and I told her Azalea and she thought it was a lovely name. I asked her hers and it was Grace. I told her that I loved her name and she had a big smile on her face. That is how I knew it was a great time to give her the card. When I gave her that card she said that she had a granddaughter that was in the Blueberry system. I am glad I used the Blueberry Card at that time.

I gave my sister a Blueberry Card because she was having a bad day because her team did not win the championship game. Her couch let everyone else play but not her. I thought it would cheer her up with a bowl of candy with some Gatorade. I also gave her a card and she loved it. She loved the saying be concerned for the blueberries.

I gave a Blueberry Card to a lady who works down stairs. I have bin noticing that kids are not being nice and not listening to her. So, I thought it will be nice to give her some coffee. I gave her some sugar, creamer and a straw. Then I gave her the Blueberry Card. I told her what it was and when I was done she gave me a big hug.

Jackson Chapin
Blueberry Moment 8681

For my Blueberry Moment, I chose to give $13.10 to Carriage Town because they are putting on a program where you can give $2.62 for one Thanksgiving meal to people who do not have food or money. $13.10 is equal to 5 meals. I put a Blueberry Card inside the envelope that held the money.

Blueberry Moment 8679
On January 12th, I gave my piano teacher a cookie, rubber Squinkies and a Blueberry Card. I also gave her a handwritten card along with the rest. My piano teacher collects Squinkies and she told me she loved the new ones. The cookie was huge and the strait from the oven.

Blueberry Moment 8680
On January 21st, I gave my Blueberry Card to my pastor at my church. I helped clean up the church by emptying garbage cans and straightening the chair racks and bibles. I also helped by picking up baby and toddler toys. My pastor told me he was very pleased. That was my Blueberry Moment three.

Lucas Haviland
My Blueberry Ambassador Moment was when my brother, my mom and I went to the pet store because my mom needed to get some rabbit food. There were volunteers helping with the cats, handing out information and collecting donations for the cats in need. PAWS Animal Rescue (Pets Are Worth Saving) is a non-profit organization that is passionate about saving abused, neglected and abandoned animals. After seeing all the cats and reading their sad stories I knew I wanted to do something to help them. So, we spoke to the two volunteers about how I could help, how I could make a difference for the cats. They said I could make a money donation which would go towards many things, like food, blankets, litter, vaccinations and having them spayed or neutered or I could donate specific items from the store to the cats. So, I decided to donate $30 of my own money from my own wallet. I wish I could have given them more. I then handed the volunteers the Blueberry Card and put my cash donation into the donation can. The volunteers were very nice and they let me play with a cat named Lola and have my picture taken with her, she was very friendly. I felt so proud of myself that day and what I did for PAWS Animal Rescue. There are so many animals who need good homes, I hope more people help them by donating or adopting them.

It was a bright and sunny day at my grandparent’s house. My grandpa needed some help washing the windows around the house. I decided that I could help him wash the windows. My grandpa could always use some help from his biggest grandson. After ten minutes of washing the house windows my grandpa thanked me very much. I just felt so proud of myself that day. I gave my grandpa the Blueberry Card and got a photo with him. When he read the back of my card, he was stunned! He thanked me for doing this random act of kindness. My grandpa put the card in his wallet and he said that he would never forget about what I have done for him. I will also never forget this moment, Never in my life!

I heard my friend Jenna’s dog Marley went missing, this made me feel sad. My mom decided to help Jenna and her family to look for their dog and hand out flyers. I asked her if I could come along and help. I would want my friends to help my family if one of our animals went missing. My mom and I drove around multiple neighborhoods and streets searching for Marley. It happened to be a very windy day so we were unable to leave flyers on mailboxes or stapled to light posts and trees. We did stop at a few local stores including a local pet store. They agreed to post the missing sign of Marley. So, far Marley has been missing for four days. The family is getting very worried. My family and I will continue to help in the search of Marley. A pet is an important part of one’s family. Jenna and her family will not give up looking for him.

Jimmy Alpi
The Blueberry Moment I was most proud of this year was when I gathered together a lot of candy for soldiers fighting in war zones across seas in places like Afghanistan. I am very happy knowing I helped people who would be away from their families for who knows how long and they might not ever make it home. That’s why I decided to use Halloween as an excuse to be kind and to gather some candy for the soldiers in war zones.

My Blueberry Moment happened the day before Halloween when I thought “Hey, maybe I can gather some candy for a group of hospital kids who can’t go trick-or-treating.” So, I asked my dad and he said, “That’s a great idea but I don’t think we can do it because a hospital would have too many things the kids can’t have.” So, I was quiet for a few minutes thinking and then I asked my dad “Can we do the same thing except for soldiers serving in war zones across seas?” Then it was his turn to be quiet. “I don’t think we will have a problem with that except for finding a group of soldiers to send them to. But if you want to do that maybe, you can have some of your schoolmates help you with it.” “That’s a great idea!” I exclaimed. So, I ended up having half of my school go trick-or-treating with an extra Halloween bag that night, one for them and one for the soldiers. I did announcements on our schools P.A. system every day for a week after Halloween and kept a very large box in the lobby of our school for candy donations. At first, I doubted anyone would bring any candy for the soldier basket except for a few people and me. It turns out after a week the box was almost too heavy to lift. Candy was spilling out of the top. My little brother’s preschool also made donations with all the leftover candy bags they had from their Halloween party. When we stopped receiving candy we weighed the box with all the candy we had in it. We had collected over 85 pounds of candy to send to the soldiers. I was so happy because I was really thinking we would get under five pounds of candy but I was wrong. When we shipped off the candy to all the soldiers I had a feeling of complete joy bubbling up inside of me. I will never forget that feeling of giving till the end of time.

Sophia Smith
Blueberry Moment 8295
For my second Blueberry Moment, I did this for a lady named Gail. I decided that I would go into Abbey Park in Grand Blanc and give somebody a card and the Blueberry Card in it. I did this because I know that they love to see children, especially when they come in to see them. This is how I did a random act of kindness. So, when I walked in I saw some groups of people sitting down and talking and a lady walking down the hallway. I went up to the lady walking and she asked us “Have you been here before?”. I told her yes, I have been here with my class and my grandma used to live here. She told us that she lived here because she has dementia where she forgets things easily. She also said, “I can’t go outside or I will forget my way back and I will get lost.” I felt sad. I cannot imagine not being able to go outside or I will forget how to go home. She told us her name was Gail and I told her that my name is Sophia. I gave her my Blueberry Card in the card I made her and she was so happy. “Oh, thank you. This is real nice.” Gail told me. She kept thanking me and I felt really happy for making her happy. Whenever I do an act of kindness and make someone smile, I feel really good and feel really happy that I made someone else happy. To me, that is the best feeling a person can have.  

Riley Casteel
Blueberry Moment 8274
My first Blueberry Moment was on Valentine’s day, when my friend did not receive his school CSI shirt that he ordered. When I was grabbing my Valentine’s, I found my CSI shirt in new condition and it was too small for me to wear. So, before we left I took the shirt and gave him mine. He needed it because we were going to the U of M Rec center and we needed to wear it. Now Jimmy has a CSI shirt to wear on our school field trips.

When I was at Genesys Athletic Club, a member threw his bag on top of the lockers and his wallet, driver’s license, credit cards, and car keys flew out. The member had no idea that this had happened. His stuff was scattered around the floor so I went around and picked up all his things. I gave all of the stuff to a staff member and they gave him his stuff back when he left. I wrote him a letter and taped a Blueberry Card to the letter. The last sentences were “Do something nice for someone. Give them this card and pass it on.” Now the member has his money and everything back thankfully. Most importantly, the managers are glad no one took the member’s stuff.

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