Grand Blanc East Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors learn importance of teamwork

Grand Blanc East Elementary, coordinator Nicole Lafleur

Journey Carter
1. I raked and did lawn work for my elderly neighbor.
2. I mowed the lawn for my neighbor and bought $10 gift cards and gave out to 3 random families in Kroger.
3. I bought NCG movie tickets and gave them to my family and friends.

Maya Youngs
1. I donated money to the Humane Society, picked up a pencil for a friend who dropped it, and told my bus driver “thank you’ for driving me to and from school every day. 
2. I helped one of my friends carry her stuff to her seat. I helped pick up something for a kid in my class.

Maddy Buck
1. I donated money to the Humane Society from my lemonade stand profits.
2. For my birthday instead of presents I asked for donations for the Humane Society and I ended up with lots of toys, treats and food for the dogs and cats.

Ariel Osmun
1. On Monday my mom and I donated clothes and toys to Goodwill and on Sunday I made my parents dinner. 
2. My social studies teacher makes pencils with spoons on the end of them but people were breaking the spoons off the pencils. So, I made him a bunch of pencils with spoons on the end of them.

Sara Hoinka
1. On Monday I bought one of my homemade cupcakes to school and gave it to my bus driver. Last week someone dropped their stuff in the hall so I picked it up for them and helped them carry it to class. 
2. I helped my little sister with her song on the piano because she has to perform it soon and I want people to see how good she is at piano.

Saafa Tahboub
1. In cross country I was running a 1 mile run and I saw a girl having a hard time running and she was behind so I slowed down to wait for her and we ran the rest of the mile together. My time was slower than I intended it to be, but the girl that I helped improved her time.
2. I saw someone struggling with getting their art project done, so I helped her with her project by making the colors she needed to paint with. Little by little, she became less stressed about her project being turned in on time and she got it turned in.

Ella Baum
1. We had a big party and there was a lot of unopened foods so we took the extra food to the soup kitchen.

Tyler Mosier
1. I held an umbrella for another person who did not have an umbrella when it was raining. 
2. I helped my sister with her homework and took out the trash.

Annie Petiprin
1. We were at a cemetery and needed water for flowers so we got the jug and used what we needed then on the way back I dumped the extra on other people’s flowers.
2. I held a door for a lady in a wheelchair that had a baby on her lap. She was super inspirational to me to be handling that. 
3. At the Detroit Christmas Light Show, I found the family whose little child had dropped their stuffed rabbit.

Katie Peterson
1. For my random act of kindness, one night my brother came home from cross country practice. I noticed that he was stressed and noticed he had a lot of homework. Therefore, I decided to help him out by making his lunch for him. 
2. Today was Black Friday. My sister and I decided that we wanted to go shopping at Kohl’s. After we left our shopping trip we pulled in the driveway. Then as I look down at my phone I realized that my mom just called me. I called her back but she ended up just walking out the front door to come see us. She told me and my sister that she was calling to see if we were still out shopping because our Grandma had wanted to get something that had a great deal but she didn’t want to go out with all the crazy shoppers. So, my sister and I ended up going back to the store we were just at for my grandma. After we brought her the item, she was very thankful and appreciative. 
3. In school today we made gift bags for our teachers to thank them for all the hard work they do. I mean you never realize how hard teaching a roomful of 30 students is. I am very thankful to have such amazing teachers that are very helpful and kind. It felt great to be able to show some gratitude towards such hard working and dedicated people. 
4. At school, we have a Pom team. One day at practice I noticed that one of my teammates was struggling trying to learn some new choreography that we just learned. Therefore, I stopped what I was doing and I helped her with the moves. It took multiple times for her to get it down, but once she did she could now do it perfectly. It is important that we help others around us because when you’re a part of a team you’re not just doing something individually, you must work together as a group to get an amazing result. It felt great to be able to help her.

Molly Rockafellow
1. My random act of kindness is that once there was an old lady that I take garbage out for. She was missing her family. I talked to her about random stuff and I guess I made her day.
2. I opened my friend’s locker because her arms were full and passing time was almost over. I also made cookies and brownies for my family.
3. My friend was having a bad day because of stress, so I gave her gum.

Whole group activity
On November 15th, the first day of parent/teacher conferences, our group cut out paper turkeys and made treat bags for the teachers and staff of EMS. The treat bags included hot chocolate and candy and mints. Each member of our Blueberry group wrote a personalized thank you to each of the treat bag recipients.

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