Grand Blanc East Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors ‘encourage and support others’

Grand Blanc East Middle School, coordinators Nicole LaFleur and Matt Sokoloski

Addison Hines
While I was on my cruise, I made a gift basket to the stateroom that was across from ours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a photo because my phone wasn’t on me at the moment but that is what I did. It turns out they live in Michigan as well but it is closer to the Upper Peninsula. Shortly after I got home, I was able to contact them and they were doing some traveling and got the same Blueberry Ambassador card that I gave them, after a few weeks of it being passed around.

Aiden Andritsis
I rang the bell for the salvation army.

I gave someone a red bracelet.

I gave three people a red bracelet when I gave it them I saw the giant smile on their faces.

Isabelle Aube
I talked with my friend when she was feeling upset and I also listened to her when she needed to talk.

I had a friend who dropped his pencil case on the ground, so I helped him pick his pencils and pens up. 

My friend got into a fight with their friend so I listened to her while she explained what happened and I tried to give her advice.

William Baker
This kid wasn’t going to be able to play laser tag so I asked the staff can he still play and they said yes.

When I was at Cracker Barrel, I paid the guy sitting in the corner’s bill.

Amelia Bluhm
I was walking down the hall when I saw my teacher Ms. Stevens in the office. She was walking towards the door I opened it for her as she got to it. She was very thankful for me and we walked to class together.

Nolan Bolang
I saw this person walking and he dropped his stuff on the ground and I helped him pick it up.

Ava Britton
I paid for the person in front of us at Starbucks.

I helped my grandma walk to the store.

I paid for someone’s drink at the grocery store because they didn’t have enough.

Madison Cox
Blueberry Moment 8278
It was a day that we just received quite a bit of snow, and so, me and my little brother decided it would be nice to go shovel the driveway for our next neighbor because she is getting older and also it’s getting harder for her do certain things; like shoveling snow. After we shoveled the snow, a little while later she came over to my house and she said that she was very thankful that we had done that random act of kindness!

Blueberry Moment 8278
I decided to leave unique encouraging sticky notes on all my classmate’s desks in my first hour, which is math which it was the first day of our midterms, which can be very stressful as a student. When everyone saw their sticky note, they were very thankful and grateful, and I could tell everyone was very happy to see something encouraging before taking the exam. I decided to do this because I realized in the upcoming days of testing that not everyone had the encouragement and the support that I had at home, which inspired me to encourage and support others.

Blueberry Moment 8251 
My family and I decided to donate all of our old baby blankets, since it’s been so cold outside, to the local Humane Society in Burton! When we arrived at the shelter, they were so thankful that we chose to donate all of our blankets, because it’s so important that the animals are comfortable and warm during these cold times!

Alayna Friedt
I gave my old clothes to my church, to give to other little kids.

I got clothes for a little orphan girl, to have something for Christmas.

When my friend got hurt and had to use crutches, I helped her carry her stuff to her classes.

Lillian Furline
Our church was donating things and we had a place in mind and we donated it to somewhere in Clio and it was a foster care for little kids and teens and we did a lot of baby clothes and toys that we had from our nursery from our church and gave it away to people that are in need.

Sophia Hanke 
I helped out my community by bringing gifts up to the alter at church. After that, people were very happy that we did that and that made me feel really good.

When my neighbors are not home my sister and I get their mail for them then give it to them when they come back. They are very happy when we do that because then they do not have to do it. It makes me fell amazing knowing I’m helping them.

I helped sell donuts at school for team two. Even though I am not on team two, I felt good doing it because I know it helped them. They were happy I did it too.

Kiona Henry
For Martin Luther King Day, I decided to do a day of service to show my kindness throughout Flint and Grand Blanc Michigan. I shoveled other people’s driveways and in front of their houses from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on a school night. All the houses I have been to were very appreciative for me to do something so benignant. I also appreciative to have the opportunity to be a Blueberry for not only being myself and being kind to others, but also making a difference in society. Becoming a Blueberry since 4th grade changed me for not only spreading kindness but also encouraging others to do the same. “It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.”

One morning, one of my teachers need a hand. He asked if I could run out to his car to grab a few boxes. So, I got his keys and a few friends, because I knew I wasn’t going into the cold alone to carry boxes when I’m injured with a complete ACL tear. Stepping up and taking that risk showed me something; never let anything get in your way. He was really happy because he had a lot of boxes. With the help of my friends and me helping him, I started my day at school with a big bright smile and a new memory to cherish.

On Valentine’s Day, I decided to go out and buy boxes of Skittles with letters from Walmart. So, when I got to school, I passed them out to teachers and students so they would know that we care about them and to thank them for sacrificing their time for us students to learn to become the best we can be for the approaching future. I also, have a few more Skittle packs left to pass out.

Alina Ike
Today I was walking to lunch like any normal day and I had $20 dollars of my own money to buy a $10 dollar T-Shirt. I knew a couple of my friends didn’t have one for tomorrow, so I asked around the table if anyone wanted one and they all said no, but when I got to one of my friends named Addison, she said, “Yeah sure!” I took her up to the table and we got the same sized shirt, Addison asked if I wanted her to pay me back, I said “No, it’s fine.” she said, “Are you sure?” and I said, “Addie you’ve done too much for me, like the time you got me Doritos for no reason, and the time you bought me ice cream after robotics, or the time we got Starbucks, or even the hugs you gave me after one of our best friends past away.” She smiled at me and it brought tears to her eyes, I gave her a hug and we ate the rest of our lunch with our other friends. It felt so good to see that kind of joy come to someone from buying them a T-Shirt, for all she’d done for me, she deserved to get something in return.

We were sitting in the middle of the living room floor with nothing to do, Giada is 7 and has a very short attention span. So, we looked around my room for things to do, we found my case of makeup and she was like, “Oh! We should do makeup!” So that’s what we did of course, she told me to do her makeup first so that’s what I did, after I finished her mermaid like makeup she said she wanted to do mine, so, of course I was a bit nervous for what was about to happen, but as soon as she started doing it, her face lit up, she was so happy to be able to do my makeup. She started with white, then green, blue, and finally purple, she looked at me afterwards her eyes lit up and she goes, “You look like a mermaid!” and I looked in the mirror and saw it was definitely a 7 year old’s makeup but, I went along with it anyways because it made her happy. We began to laugh and kept doing and redoing each other’s makeup, after we were done and Giada had to go home, she gave me a huge hug and whispered to me, “Thanks Alina,” and that made me so happy to see that she was happy about something that I thought was so little yet she thought was so big.

I decided to play volleyball for my 7th grade year of school, we all got really close and on the last day, one of the saddest days of my life I think, we all signed a volleyball and gave it to our coach for a gift. She was so happy and to see the joy that came to her after that was just amazing, she was an amazing coach and she deserved everything we could give her, she gave us her all, and for that we gave her the best thing we could, us playing hard and showing her she taught us well and giving her something to remember her team and everything she’s accomplished with us.

Charlotte Johnson
Blueberry Moment 14681I went to Abbey Park near Ascension Genesys Hospital which is a senior living facility. I had recently colored seven mandalas and I had all seven of those with me. I walked into the lobby and saw three seniors who lived in Abbey Park. I gave them each a mandala. Since I had seven to give out, I offered them each a second one. One of the people, a man, said he only wanted one. The other two, a man and a woman took all of the others (so both of them had three each). The woman was quiet and thanked me for the mandalas, but the man talked with me some more. His name was Mickey, and he wanted to talk with me. He has three grandchildren: one graduated from Michigan State, one in Michigan State, and one is a senior at Grand Blanc High School. After talking with him, I knew in my heart that he was the one I should give my card to. I knew he would follow through with the card. He said his friend really needed this card and that he would give the card to him with a RAK.

Blueberry Moment 19390
For about three weeks, I helped out with the laundry in any way that I could. I asked my mom for five dollars. She gladly gave it to me for my hard work. I decided to use the money to “lead from behind.” I put it, a note, and my Blueberry Card into a bathroom stall. I left the money there so someone else could make the choice to use it to help someone else, not themselves. I left the note anonymous, so nobody would know who had started the chain.

Blueberry Moment 14682
I went to my dentist, and they always give the kids prizes (three stickers and three treasures from the treasure chest). I thought in my head, ‘I know I don’t need these, there’s probably another kid out there who would love these.’ I saw a boy in the waiting room who had just bitten by my three-year-old sister. He was crying and I felt really bad, so I decided to give my stickers (PJ Masks, Batman, and Princess Jasmine) and treasures (bouncy ball, bracelet, and pencil) to his dad. He thanked me and asked the boy if he wanted to take them home. The boy told his dad he didn’t want to, but he appeared to be around age four, and obviously didn’t understand exactly what was going on. It made me feel good to know I at least made his dad happy!

Bella McElhiney
This past weekend I went to the store it was a small store in town and I held doors for people.

Every Tuesday me and my mom go to the human society and volunteer there and help out.

I went to convoy of hope with my friend’s church and helped out people that were in need and gave them shoes and clothes and food and needs to live.

Nellie McKay
At my church my family and I donated clothes, toys and other home needs to the kids who needed more than us.

I’ve been trying to raise money for the Eisenbeis family for their loss. Also, to make money for students with special needs to go to a camp they can’t afford.

I helped my dad’s friend when her husband passed and made food for her and her sons. We also got flowers for the wife and toys and gift cards for them.

Sharmaine Montgomery
A girl in front of me couldn’t afford her food so, when she walked away I asked the Lunch Lady how much money I had on my account. It was enough so I bought the girl the food she wanted plus an apple juice and I ended up giving it to her. I also ended up sitting down because she was eating alone.

Brooklyn Parker
I went and volunteered at the humane society.

I went to the store and held doors for people. It was fun and cold.

I was cleaning up in art and I decided to help my teacher out and clean all of her sponges for pottery without her asking.

Arianna Schlis
My family and I donated blankets to the Humane Society in Genesee County, as well as newspapers under their request. As I did this, accomplishing something felt good for a change because I know I was helping other animals.

Every year my family and I donate to different fundraisers (between my sister’s and I schools, our church, etc.) and this year we donated more than the last couple of years.

My sister and I are trying to raise money to buy the homeless shelter dogs at Adopt a Pet, Fenton, and the Humane Society, Genesee County, new toys.

Audrey Shifflett
I made a paper recycling bin for Mr. DuLude because he needed one.

Lily Slowey
I helped someone clean up their stuff after they dropped their pencil case on the ground.

I helped my mom find her glasses earlier.

Delilah Tali
I went caroling at nursing home and brought presents for them.

I feed homeless people a Christmas Dinner.

Danica Yancho
I bought tickets to the Halloween dance for two people other than me.

I donated $10 to the FISH Food Drive.

I have given a full box of M&M’s to a kid in my math randomly.

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