Grand Blanc Indian Hill Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors extend a helping hand to children in their community

Grand Blanc Indian Hill Elementary, coordinator Laura Hubbs

Blueberry Moment 18500
As a group we created/bought coloring books at Christmas time to donate to the old newsboys. Each Ambassador could make a book or purchase a coloring book. The book was then donated along with other items to the group. It was enlightening for our students to see how many children do not have simple items such as coloring books and crayons. Our students were eager to help! 

Asher Akinpeloye
Blueberry Moment 18456
In this moment, I helped a person in school pick up things that they had dropped on the floor on the way to class. The person reacted with a smile and a thank you. The thing is, I don’t know how to explain this but, I felt better as a person, like I was doing better in the world. 

Blueberry Moment 18457
This time, I helped my brother build a bridge for a class robot competition. The competition had missions that all groups that participated had to complete. My brother was participating in the competition with a few other people, and one day, a virus decided to appear out of nowhere and make my brother sick. Before he got sick, his group and him decided to let him work on the bridge at our house. The next day, after getting home from school, I wanted to help him on the bridge since he was when I came home. I did this because kindness is like a boomerang, once you act kind, you get kindness back. 

Blueberry Moment 18458
In this Blueberry Moment, I again helped someone pick things up from the floor, except, they were carrying heavy objects that were fragile, and the one thing they’d dropped was thankfully not fragile. I helped them and they said,” Thank you”. I’m really starting to notice a pattern with how people react when you help them. This gave me a feeling of helpfulness to everyone around me.

Sterling Sayre
Blueberry Moment 18459
The day I did this Blueberry Moment, some people in my class were being mean to the teacher, Mrs. Pearce. She was a little upset from this, so at the end of the day I wrote a note to her saying, “Mrs. Pearce, you are my favorite teacher and you are so nice and caring.” I didn’t sign my name so she didn’t know who it was from. Then, I stuck the note on the Blueberry Card and at the end of the day I snuck the card on her desk. 

Blueberry Moment 18460
Me and my mom were eating at a restaurant, and our waitress was a really nice girl. She was helpful and nice. So, after we finished eating, we gave her an extra tip, and wrote a nice note and lets the card for her. When she came by to pick up the tip, she looked at us and said, “Thank you!” 

Blueberry Moment 18461
After a long day of shopping, me and my mom went to Starbucks for a drink. Since the worker had such a long day of work, we gave her extra money aside from the drinks we ordered, then gave her the Blueberry Card. She then smiled and said thanks.

Alyson Garcia
Blueberry Moment 18462
One day, I was sitting outside and I see a dog running in my yard. My sister gets my mom right when the dog comes up to me. Me and my mom decided to grab a leash and walk around the neighborhood if someone is looking for the dog after 30 mins. We had not seen anyone, so my mom posted something on Facebook asking whose dog it was. Someone claimed the dog and we gave them our address and they were on their way. When the owner saw the dog, he had the face of relief. After I saw the dog jumping on top of the owner, I felt like I had saved someone from a load of anxiety and stress. 

Blueberry Moment 18463
This Blueberry Moment began one day after I just got dropped off at my bus stop. Shortly after I realized that two younger kids that usually have the grandpa there to walk them back to their house from the bus stop wasn’t there. I waited for them to get their house to see if anyone was at their house. There was no one home so I offered them to come to my house and I would call my mom when I get to my house. I didn’t want to leave a second and third grader all alone locked outside of their house, so they came and stayed there for a while then my mom got a hold of their mom. When their mom came and picked them up, I could tell that the mom was grateful for me offing them home to my house. This made me feel really responsible and I felt like those kids would trust me a lot more now. 

Blueberry Moment 18464
This Blubbery Moment is about how I helped an elderly lady that has puppy and she can’t really take the dog on runs and watch the dog when she’s not home. One day, she had to go to her daughter’s house who lives far away and she needed someone to take care of her puppy for the day while she is gone. I had already been walking her puppy before this, so we knew each other. She dropped of the puppy at my house and gave me food for the puppy then left. After watching the dog, she was so grateful and thanked me multiple times. This made me feel good about helping someone that needed it really bad and made me realize the smallest things can make someone’s day. 

John Zelley
Blueberry Moment 18465
My neighbor had back problems and couldn’t shovel her driveway full of snow. So, I told my dad I’m going to the neighbors to shovel driveways. I got my stuff on and left the house to shovel her driveway on the way I was shoveling the sidewalk. Once I got there, I walked up to the door and she opened the door I asked, “want me to shovel your driveway?” She said, “yes how much?” I explained, “none as long as you take this Blueberry Card.” Then I started shoveling and once I was done, I started shoveling the sidewalk. I then went back to the house had some hot chocolate. 

Blueberry Moment 18466
One day Mrs. Pearce was having a bad time. I decided to cheer her up by writing a kind note to her with the Blueberry Card. I handed it to her she smiled at me. I got back to my seat started reading the teacher called me up and smiled at me and said, “very nice John Zelley.” 

Blueberry Moment 18467
One day Mrs. Nuebecker, my science teacher was having a bad day. Her mom had cancer. I decided to write her a note. I handed the note to Mrs. Neubecker with the Blueberry Card in it saying kind and nice things about her she smiled and said, “thank you.” 

Andrew Garcia
Blueberry Moment 18468
I held the door open for my friends which then showed other classmates to help hold the door for others. It made me feel happy that others started to help. 

Blueberry Moment 18469
In math class, a friend of mine did not know how to do division. I helped him. He earned an A when he usually earns a B or C. That made me proud that my help made a difference. 

Blueberry Moment 18470
At recess, my friend doesn’t know what to do. So, I came up with ideas for use to do. It made me feel happy I could help her. 

Brice Lynn
Blueberry Moment 18471
My grandma had a left shoulder surgery and I went to her house with my dad to help her throw out garbage. Then, I put a clean garbage bag in her trash can. 

Blueberry Moment 18472
I helped my mom vacuum our house because she was very busy with thanksgiving. My mom was working by herself putting ornaments on our Christmas tree, so I helped my mom with it. 

Blueberry Moment 18473
My dad and I were at a gas station and he saw a homeless man. My dad saw him picking up garbage or glass bottles in a trash can my dad gave him money to buy food. When my dad and him talked for a while, he found out the homeless man was a veteran. 

Ballei Trottier
Blueberry Moment 18474
I gave my teacher a note that had the Blueberry Card in it. Ms. Webber has been a great fifth grade teacher she has taught me a lot like adding fractions. We were in the hall and we were getting ready to leave and I found the card that I had written to her. I then gave it to her and she said, “Thank you so much Bailei,” and then she hugged me. When I saw that pretty little smile on Ms. Webber, I thought, “Wow Bailei you just made someone’s day.” Then I came home and said to my mom can we make someone’s day all the time. 

Blueberry Moment 18475
I was going to Starbucks with my mom. I asked if we could pay for the person behind us and she said of course. So, when me and my mom were waiting for our drinks, we had to go park. Before we parked, we had to pay. When we paid for our drinks and the persons behind us, we gave the Blueberry Card to the cashier and she gave it to the family behind us. When me and my mom parked, we saw the family’s reaction and then they saw us. They had to park to wait for their drinks, so they parked by me and my mom. The family of four all came and gave us a hug and they said thank you. The impact that it had on me was great it made my day that I had made someone else day. 

Blueberry Moment 18476
I was thinking of being kind and giving out things from my heart. I decided to go to the store and buy a lot of things for the homeless. My mom drove me around trying to find people. And pretty soon we did the first person that we saw was a woman named Sara. When we gave her food, clothes, socks, hygiene and $40 she started to cry. She said thank you a lot of times and me and my mom said your welcome. After a little while, we went to 10 more people they all had the same reaction. After doing this I wanted to do more for the homeless and more for other people. 

Kaylee Marie Copeland
Blueberry Moment 18477
My lunch ladies at my school do everything they can and they try their best. They are very sweet. For the holidays, I got my lunch server or lunch ladies a holiday card to show I care and they loved it. They thanked me and smiled and I felt really happy that I made their day today. I hope since I gave them the Blueberry Card, they can make someone else’s day. 

Blueberry Moment 18478
In my neighborhood, there is a house that has a radio light show and they only do the light show to donate food for others in need. I realized they didn’t get many donations. So, I donated canned goods and some hygiene products. Then the nighttime has come, and the light show has started. So, me and my mom turned the radio on and watched the show. Then I saw a box for the donations, and I put my bag of donations in the box. Then me and mom watched the show a little bit more then headed home. I’m glad I helped someone that didn’t have the things I donated. 

Blueberry Moment 18479
This guy that works at a store where my dad lives is very nice. He loves to give discounts to us for no reason at all. His store is also very cool. So for an early Christmas present, my dad and I baked three batches of cookies for him and of course he can share with his wife. He really enjoyed it. It was a surprise for him and he really loved it. 

Lilliana Snyder
Blueberry Moment 18480
In my neighborhood, we have lots of little kids but there are these four and two year olds that just moved into the neighborhood in the summer and they are just the sweetest. So, the Saturday before Christmas, me and my dad made our way over to their house with the gifts the card and some banana bread (my mom makes it for some of our neighbors). The girls’ mom was getting the mail so she took the banana bread the gifts and the Blueberry Card. She seemed really surprised yet happy that we had done this. This experience impacted me a lot by just by how surprised she was that we did this for them. 

Blueberry Moment 18481
My dad and I went to McDonald’s to get some food and the dining room was closed to remove the play area and to renovate the rest of the dining, so only the drive thru was open and it wasn’t that busy but still kind of busy and so me and my dad ordered and then got into the line that went to the pay window and so the cashier said this “ that will be $10.00,” and then my dad said that we wanted to pay for the people behind us and so then she added it and it was about $30.00. Then my dad handed her the card and moved up, while waiting for the food at the food window my dad heard the person behind us say wow, so I say the person was surprised and glad. How this impacted me is that when you do the smallest things, they can make somebody’s day or evening. 

Blueberry Moment 18482
At my mom’s work, they have a food pantry for the students that can’t afford food or a meal plan. The food pantry does not take community volunteers only students can volunteer there. So instead of going there, we went to the Foodbank of Eastern Michigan. The reason I did this was because if you say that you are with someone like the food pantry, they will get $3 an hour per person and we worked for 2 hours so in total we made $18. My mom is in charge of the food pantry so she knows that $18 will get a lot of food for a lot of people. My mom was really grateful that I did this project. This experience impacted me a lot by just think how lucky I am to be able to afford food let alone everything else in my house. This also got me thinking about those poor people that spend all their money on college for their children and can’t afford a meal plan. 

Willow Gulewich
Blueberry Moment 18483
I gave a note to my friend. I did it because my friend needs to how much I care about her and I don’t show it to her enough. She reacted so good she thanked me so much and she gave me a big hug to show her thanks. It impacted me by me knowing that she knows I care and will do anything for her. 

Blueberry Moment 18484
I gave an early valentine’s day present to my friend I gave her a chocolate box with a note saying how much I appreciate you and how much she is loved. I did this because she has done so much for me and cheers me up in the sad times and I thought maybe this would brighten her day I was at her house to spend the night. When I gave it to her, she was so happy and I turned around and squealed because the light finally shined through.

Blueberry Moment 18485
I did a dance with a song in the background and since I liked to dance, I thought it would be good do to, to tell them how much I appreciate them. I thought it would be good to do, my parents and I has had a lot of disagreements lately and I wanted to tell them even through the darkest the light can always shine. I did the dance for them and they applaud me, and I was so happy then I gave both of them big hugs and it felt like the old times. 

Bethany Schmit
Blueberry Moment 18486
I ran a drive of cereal boxes for artisans in Haiti. The cereal boxes are used by the artisans to make things like jewelry and ornaments to sell to make a living. After the drive was over, I shipped the boxes over to Haiti. I’m doing this because people in Haiti are very poor and if I give them materials for free, they can make a better profit. They need the money to provide for their families. The drive was posted on my moms and my schools Facebook pages. I shipped the boxes to my mom’s friend who lives in Haiti, so I have no idea how they reacted. This Blueberry Moment impacted me in a good way because I know I have many blessings that not a lot of people have, and I wanted to share that with as many people as possible. 

Blueberry Moment 18487
I was coming to my house from school one day, and the garbage truck had just come by on our street. I noticed that two of my neighbors who are elderly people still had their cans out by the street. I decided that it would be a nice thing to do to take them and put them by their houses because it was cold outside, and I didn’t want them to have to get up in the cold to do it themselves. I did this anonymously, so I don’t know how they reacted. Afterwards, when I ran back to my house, I noticed myself smiling. I did something kind that impacted someone else’s life in a good way and it just made me feel better overall. 

Blueberry Moment 18488
I was at school and there was a ring pop sale in the hallway. I decided it would be fun to buy ten ring pops and hand them out to ten random people around the school. As I was handing them out and walking away, I noticed each person smiling even though I had no idea who they were it still made me feel really good. 

Thomas Halligan
Blueberry Moment 18489
One day when I was at my best friend’s house, we made a drink that we shared and left the rest of it for his brothers and we went to school feeling good we might have made a bad day into a good day. 

Blueberry Moment 18490
On a night that our neighbor had her one son or daughter over, we brought a homemade blanket that had a lot of cool designs and our neighbor was cold a lot. when she got the blanket, she told a story about how she used to make blankets with square designs on it. 

Blueberry Moment 18491
One day when my sister and I were home, we thought it would be nice to shovel for our old neighbor since her kids have been going in and out a lot so we decided to. Soon we were done and I set down a Blueberry Card and went home feeling good! 

Adriana Hanoush
Blueberry Moment 18492
One normal day, it was my lunch time at school and I was enjoying my lunch and talking to my friends and when we were eating, I saw someone that did not have any lunch, and looked sad too. So, I decided to give him a free lunch card to get lunch. When I gave it to him, I knew he would be happy. 

Blueberry Moment 18493
My sister was not feeling well and she could not go to school. It was a Friday, which meant it was popcorn day! My sister was sad that she could not get some popcorn so I thought that this would be a great Blueberry Moment by getting my sister some popcorn. I bought two popcorns for my sister and when I brought them home my sister was so happy. 

Blueberry Moment 18494
One day me and my family went to go get breakfast at McDonalds and we went in the drive thru of McDonalds and we ordered some food but then I remembered that I had a Blueberry Card in my pocket so I decided that I should pay for the person behind me and when we did I saw a smile on the person’s face and I knew that it made his day, and mine. 

Hawksley Lilley
Blueberry Moment 18495
My grandma was sick in the hospital and I volunteered to take care of her dog for three months. I brought the dog all the way from New York to Michigan. He was whining the whole way. My grandma was really thankful that someone was going to make sure that her dog was going to be in good hands. I did this because my grandma really needed someone to take care of her dog. I fed him, gave him walks, took him outside, played with him every day, and gave him lots of love. When my grandma came to get him, she was very excited what new tricks I taught him. She was very thankful and that made me feel good inside. 

Blueberry Moment 18496
Today I went to Ann Arbor to visit my cousins. We volunteered with the Ann Arbor NAP, the Natural Area Preservation. I helped my cousin cut down honey suckle, and buckthorn, invasive species to the Ann Arbor wetlands. My cousin was happy that I helped. I think how the experience impacted me was that nature feeling, when you get outside and explore. 

Blueberry Moment 18497
I wrote a nice note to my grandmother in Florida that works a lot. On the day I got back from my cousin’s house, I wanted to do my last Blueberry Card. So, I thought of something, my grandmother is always doing stuff for people a lot, so I thought she needed something to make her feel better. I think my grandmother thought the card was beautiful, it probably made her day. I think this experience impacted me because I love to go see my grandmother a lot, but I don’t get to see her that often. So, I thought she needed love from her grandson. 

Mrs. Klein
Blueberry Moment 18498
One day over Christmas Break, my friend had a great idea! We invited our close friends, told them to meet at a restaurant for breakfast and we each brought $50. There were about 17 of us and we all ate breakfast together and talked about what we were up to over break. At the end of breakfast, our friend said that we were going to pool everyone’s money together, pay the bill as a whole, and the remaining money was going to be given to our waitress!! How exciting it was going to be to see her face! Once we gave her the tip, she put almost $450 in her pocket, but she didn’t realize it right away. After about 10 minutes, she came back to our table, with tears in her eyes, and said she felt like it was a big chunk of money, so she went to look at it and realized how much we gave her. She was so thankful, excited, and gave each one of us a hug. 

Blueberry Moment 18499
or a long time, we have had an extra twin mattress in our basement. It belonged to my grandmother who had passed away and was barely ever used. Over the holidays we started organizing our belongings and I realized we had no immediate use for the bed. I put a post on Facebook asking if knew if someone who NEEDED a bed. Almost immediately a friend of mine replied. Her daughter had just moved and both of her grandchildren were in need of a bed. The timing was perfect. When she came to pick up the bed, she was so relieved to know she would have a place for her grandson to sleep. She smiled and asked how she could pay me and I passed her the card. That moment ignited a fire within me to look through the rest of my home a donate more! 

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