Grand Blanc Indian Hill Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors shake up their routine schedules with random acts of kindness

Grand Blanc Indian Hill Elementary, Hilary Stockoski

Mrs. Stockoski
One Blueberry Moment that I accomplished was making a gluten-free treat for my daughter’s junior kindergarten class. One student in her class is not allowed to eat foods with gluten. Therefore, instead of making regular sugar cookies, I made gluten-free sugar cookies. He was able to enjoy the treat along with the rest of the class. I am sure he often gets left out of treats. Whenever II send something into class for parties or special occasions, I try to make sure it is gluten-free.

Another Blueberry Moment happened on March 2nd, the day that Dr. Seuss’ birthday is celebrated. In my teaching job, I have always enjoyed dressing up in costumes, taking on roles, participating in spirit days, and embracing the elementary school atmosphere. If I happen to work on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, I dress in a Cat in the Hat costume for work. This year, it was my day off work. But, I asked the three kindergarten teachers in my building if they would like a visitor to come in and read to their classrooms on this day. So, I put on the Cat in the Hat costume and I dressed my two youngest children up as ‘Thing 1’ and ‘Thing 2’. I took them to the school where I teach. We read a Dr. Seuss story to each kindergarten class and gave Dr. Seuss- themed stickers to some of the students. The smiles on their faces just make me want to continue being a part of such a silly, fun, environment for many years to come.

One day while my daughter was creating beautiful artwork, an idea for another Blueberry Moment came to me! Everyday, on my way to work, I pass an assisted living home. I always ponder what my family could do to brighten the day for residents who live there (or make them feel more at home). My oldest son and my daughter drew and colored pictures of all shapes, sizes, and styles. They had finished about 20 fabulous creations. I got a couple of long pieces of twine and hung about 10 pictures on each string using clothespins. We took the decorations to the local assisted living place. When we delivered them, I explained the purpose of the decorations and left them with a Blueberry Card. 

Ethan Goldman
My first Blueberry Moment happened on an exhausting Monday morning. For our Blueberry Moment, we were giving the teachers coffee. My job was to give coffee to Mrs. Larsen, my kindergarten teacher. I walked to her room with the warm coffee in my hands. I walked in and saw her sitting in a chair so I walked up to her and she was so excited. “Thank you so much Ethan!” She cried.

My second Blueberry story was in February when my mom took me to school so we decided to pick up flowers for the front offices of the school. So, I entered in the morning, put my bag in my locker, and walked in. I said hi to the lady in the front desk. A few moments later I handed her a stained-glass jar with flowers in it. She loved it. After I went to the office, I also went to a teacher’s classroom and gave her the flowers even though she wasn’t in the room.

It was 8:25 AM when I entered my technology teacher’s room with a notebook and a pencil case with her favorite college football team displayed on it. Also, I put a note to thank her for being my Blueberry and tech teacher. She wrote me a note back.

Grace Jennings
In December, I put a package of M&M’s and a Christmas card in my mailbox wishing my mail lady a Merry Christmas, I also wrote a special note inside the card. I chose to do this because I thought that the mail lady doesn’t get recognized for her hard work. I also chose this because I love to be kind, sweet, and thoughtful. I knew that the mail lady received my gift because the next day, my gift was gone. I really hope the mail lady liked it because I put some hard work into the note that I wrote her inside of the card.

Blueberry Moment 13606
For my second Blueberry Moment, I went to my grandmother’s house because she got her hip replaced and she has to use a walker to get around. The first thing I helped her do was get her pillow, towel, and blood pressure machine. I helped her take her blood pressure and had to write it down for her physical therapist. The next thing I did was helped with the laundry. I helped her unload the washer and put that stuff in the dryer, then we put new dirty clothes in the washer. I helped carry her walker up and down the stairs. I also helped measured out her eight ounces of water for the day. When she was getting a little sore, I got her an ice pack from the freezer. After that I made mac-n-cheese for lunch and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. When I came over to my grandmother’s house she was so happy that I was taking care of her because my grandad was at work. I also loved going over to her house and helping, because I love to help people and make them feel happier and better. After that my dad came to pick me up from my grandmother’s house.

Blueberry Moment 1341
For my third Blueberry Moment, I went to my Aunt Nikki’s house to help her because she was pregnant with her third child. In March, I went to my Aunt Nikki’s house and made dinner for her, I did laundry for her, I helped carry the laundry up the stairs, and last but not least, I babysat my younger cousin’s. I made all of the dinner by myself, babysat by myself, and wash, dried, and carried the laundry all by myself. I really liked doing this Blueberry Moment because I got to spend time with her and my younger cousin’s that I babysat, and because I love helping everybody especially when they really need it. I think that my Aunt Nikki really appreciated this because she was in some pain and she needed to rest. I love helping my family members when they are in need. I would love to do this again anytime and anywhere.

Lena Youngs
My first Blueberry Moment was when I was working at student store. I brought in some change because I know that sometimes younger kids are a few cents short of the amount they need to buy what they want. I loved it because I got to see the smiles and the excitement in the kids’ faces when they got to buy the thing they wanted which, brought joy and happiness to me.

My second Blueberry Moment was when all the Blueberries chipped in to buy Starbucks drinks for every teacher. It was a lot of work but when we saw the teachers’ faces, it was all worth it. We all put in about six dollars and got a small drink for every teacher. First, we made a list of all the teachers names and we put what type of drink they like down next to their name. Miss Nikki also helped us by getting the drinks. She went to the store in the morning and used our money to buy the drinks. I love doing things for the teachers because their comments are so sweet like, “You made my day,” and “I’m so happy.”

Every year, our school holds a sale of ring pops as a Valentine’s Day fundraiser. Students would buy them as special gifts for each other. My third Blueberry Moment was when another Blueberry and I asked teachers if they had a few names that normally wouldn’t get things from friend, who have been having a tough time lately, or needed cheering up. We wanted to help donate while we made other people feel good. We bought about 15 ring pops for the kids and it was money well spent. We wrote down their names and their teachers. We bought ring pops for those kids and that way they would have a ring pop just like the other kids as well get a smile on their face. Although I wasn’t there to see their faces I know that they would be happy to know that someone cared about them and that they were not alone. 

Shaden Abualfellat
A week ago, the Blueberry Ambassadors thought of giving the teachers coffee since they taught us. A day later one parent came to school at lunch and so she said that on Monday were passing out the coffee to the teachers. On Monday, the Blueberries gave the teachers coffee. I gave Mr. Thomas coffee and Mrs. Yelen. After that all the Blueberries gave Mr. Tim’s assistant a coffee and then Mrs. L said to give that parent a gift card to Starbucks since she brought the coffee and so we did.

What I did for my second Blueberry Moment was I helped Mrs. Boehms. My friends and I organized her bookshelf. We organized her bookshelf because we saw that the bookshelf looked like a mess so we organized it to being better. After we organized her bookshelf, she really appreciated it.

What I did for my third Blueberry Moment is that I helped teachers with recycling. They really needed to have their recycle bins emptied into the larger recycle dumpster outside. Once we put the recycling bin in the dumpster, they really appreciated us helping them with recycling. Helping them with recycling really made their day.

Mason Kelley
My Blueberry Moment was when all the Blueberries planned a surprise coffee delivery where we would give every teacher a coffee. The planning took about one or two weeks where we had to make a list of teachers and who would give them coffee. This also took leaving class once to plan and working out how we would get the coffee. On the day of the big coffee delivery, we were called to the lunchroom where the coffee was then we would bring all the staff the coffee or drink. I delivered coffee to my homeroom teacher Mrs. Pearce and my Technology Explorations teacher, Mrs. Stockoski. Once the coffee was delivered, we went back to class and had a normal day. But one thing was different, we felt happy that we did something kind we have never done.

I was thinking I wanted to do something nice and surprising for my great grandma who is 95 and doesn’t drive. Part of my plan was to deliver her favorite apple doughnut to her apartment as a surprise. I went to Donna’s Doughnuts and bought the doughnut. My great grandma always goes to eat dinner in the dining room in her building, so while she was gone, my mom and I snuck into her apartment and put the doughnut and a handmade, “SURPRISE!” sign on her kitchen table. When she got back from dinner, she found the surprise and called me right away. She said she was so surprised and she was excited to eat the doughnut for breakfast the next day (or maybe as a bedtime snack later that night). She thanked me a bunch of times. I could tell from the sound of her voice that she was smiling. I pulled it off!

A company called Lambaria Eye and Optical supported my baseball team, The Goodrich Thunder, by making a donation toward our team bags and helmets. This helped me and my family because we didn’t have to pay so much to get them. This is my first year with the team so I didn’t have a bag or a helmet. I picked out a thank you card for them and hand wrote a message thanking them for their kindness and generosity. I felt it was important to make sure they knew personally that I was grateful for what they did for our team. I thought it was even nicer because the team is a Goodrich team and the business is in Davison. I liked that they supported a team in a different city because they liked what their donation would be used for. 

Sara Snyder
I asked some of the teachers what their favorite Starbucks drink was and someone went to Starbucks to get it for me. I paid her back. When I got the drink the next day, I gave the teacher the drink that they asked for. I gave the Blueberry Card to Mrs. Boehms, a third grade teacher.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I gave Mrs. Collins a bag of plastic knives because she always needs them for her fun with food after school spark club. She always has to buy the pack with the knives, spoons, and forks. She only needs the knives and the spoons so I gave her a big bag of knives.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I helped my dad build a chair for my mom for work. I did this because my dad needed help and I felt like spreading kindness. I used teamworkbecause we had to work together to build the chair.

Aarna Patel
My first Blueberry Moment was in October. We all just had a meeting with Mrs. Stockoski and she showed us what to do. Then we all decided to get some coffee from Starbucks but as a surprise for the teachers. We went all around the school asking teachers what their favorite Starbucks drink was. Once that was done we all got five dollars and gave it to Mrs. Floyd and then the following Monday Mrs. Floyd went out and bought the drinks and then we handed them out to the teachers. Seeing them happy made us all happy.

My second Blueberry Moments was making some cookies for my friend Lauren. She was one of my best friends and decided to do something nice for her. I told my mom and she helped me. Together, we made a dozen cookies for her. She was really happy and surprised at the same time. I was really proud.

My third Blueberry Moment was around November. My friend, Izzie and I decided to decorate my friend Sara’s locker with sticky notes that said nice things about her for her birthday. When we were telling the class what we were doing, we made a huge mistake because only half the class was in the room and the other somewhere else. Then there were random sticky notes on her locker too. But, in the end Sara really liked it and I was really happy she did. 

Christian Setto
In November, all the Blueberry Ambassadors bought coffee for all teachers in the school. We wanted a Blueberry Moment and we found one out. It took a while to know what everyone wanted. It also took a while to deliver. We had to use our own money to buy them coffee. All the teachers were grateful for the coffee.

On Valentine’s Day, my friend had bad candy and I said, “I’m going to give you skittles because I had a bag of skittles and I gave him one. He did not have good candy that he liked. He responded, “No, I don’t want any,” but I insisted.

On April 10, some people didn’t have gum for the M-step. So, on that day, I was feeling generous. Someone asked me for gum, so I shared. Some people didn’t have gum. So, I gave some of those people gum. I didn’t have enough gum to give all those people gum. After that, I had four pieces of gum left.

Christine Edmunds
A lot of teachers love Starbucks. So, I went to my fourth grade teacher that I had last year, he is now the gym teacher and he was very fun and funny so I decided to do something nice for him. I asked him what his favorite Starbucks drink or dessert was he told me what it was. The next day, I got him that drink and he isn’t here in the mornings he is at McGrath Elementary School so I left it on his desk in the gym with a little note and the Blueberry Card. It was really fun and it felt good to do something nice for someone who has been very nice to me.

It was my best friend’s birthday and me and my other best friend came up with an idea to get all of the class to write nice things on sticky notes and stick it to her locker and then at lunch I bought her two cookies from a bake sale a class in our school was having. It was her birthday and she was going away the next day for vacation for a week so I wanted to do something nice for her. My best friend is awesome and I’m glad I got to do that for her.

During spring break, I decided to make and bring my neighbor some cookies. He is an elderly man who is kind of lonely because his wife died a little less than a year ago. I went over there with my family and we brought him some cookies and he invited us in. We sat down and talked to him for a while. It was really nice to do something like this because when his wife was alive she would always come over and talk to us. Mostly during the summer when we were outside. She would come over and talk to us from across the fence. Her and her husband were always really nice but we didn’t get to talk with him much because he always was doing some yard work. I think that he really enjoyed are company because he didn’t really get much. About a month after his wife passed away, we decided to pay him a visit again but he wasn’t home. So instead, we brought stuff over like cookies and a nice little note and put it on the front door.

Lincoln Floyd
I went to my grandparent’s house and saw that their deck and driveway were in need of shoveling. When I got there, I knew my grandpa was inside and wouldn’t see me. My grandma was out Christmas shopping. So, I grabbed the shovel and I got to work. I made sure that the snow was clear for my grandma to walk on the deck to get to her car. My grandpa and my grandma were so surprised when they saw that I shoveled their deck and driveway.

Another of my Blueberry Moments is when my mom was busy cooking dinner and I noticed that the dishes were dirty and I started the dishwasher and my mom didn’t even notice that I was doing it. I waited about an hour then started putting them away then my mom walked in and noticed I was doing I and she loved on me and thanked me.

Samantha Peterson
For my first Blueberry Moment, all of the Blueberries got the teachers Starbucks drinks. We came up with the idea when someone said we should all do something together and we thought of something that teachers like. We thought Starbucks! So, we went around and asked the teachers their favorite Starbucks drink and we wrote it down on a whiteboard and copied it on a piece of paper so Mrs. Floyd could get the drinks. Then, in the morning we gave them their Starbucks drinks. I gave them to Mrs. Yelen and I put Mrs. Shucks in her mailbox because she wasn’t there that early.

What I did for my second Blueberry Moment was cook dinner for my family but with help from my mom. I made hamburgers and Panera mac-n-cheese. I came up with the idea by asking what dinner was that night and then I said can I make dinner and my mom said yes.

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