Grand Blanc Indian Hill Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors value the positive impact of their random acts of kindness

Grand Blanc Indian Hill Elementary, coordinator Hilary Stockoski

Sydney Buckner
Blueberry Moment 15838
Every Friday at my school, you can buy popcorn. Just like me, a lot of kids want popcorn, but they always forget their money. For my first Blueberry Moment, I thought it would be kind to buy my whole class popcorn. In the morning, when my teacher Mrs. Pearce was collecting popcorn money, I brought up my money and told her, “Everyone can have one bag of popcorn from my money including you.” She announced to the class that I brought enough money for everyone to have one bag. It was a perfect day to do my moment because more than half of the class forgot their money. When my class came back from lunch, the popcorn was waiting for everyone. I explained to the class why I bought the popcorn for everyone, and I asked who was willing to take my Blueberry Card and pay it forward. A ton of hands went up in the air. I did not like to disappoint everyone but I had to choose one person to give the card to. I chose a girl named Lily because she is very kind and I trust her to give someone else the card. I also asked everyone else if they could pay it forward without the card.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided I would write about my 10th Birthday party. Every five years, I have a Birthday party with all my friends. My parents gave me a choice. I could open a ton of gifts, or I could donate to charity. I chose that I would donate to charity to make the world a better place. At my party, we still had a ton of fun. It actually made it more fun. I played more and we didn’t have to stop and open presents. Just the fact knowing how I helped out, is the good part. I donated all the money to the Red Cross. That is a decision I will never regret. 

My Drama Club in my school was giving a performance in late January. I was a part of that performance. It was my first time in my life ever doing a play so… of course, my mom had to bring her friends. At the end of the play, we had this little meeting thing in the cafeteria. My mom’s friend bought me a bouquet. My aunt also bought me one. My friend, Clara, who was also in the play, didn’t have a bouquet so I thought I would give up one of my two to Clara.

Nathan Francis
On a Saturday, me and my mom made muffins. We had thought about how I wanted to do something for the Blueberry Ambassadors, so we made muffins for the fire department. I wanted to make blueberry muffins because we are Blueberries. We gave the muffins to the fire department. We drove to the fire department and I handed them the muffins. They were happy to see the nice treat. I was scared but was happy to do this and it felt good.

One day in December, I was at friend’s house and their mom was stressed out. I helped her out by getting the kids out of her hair. I tired the kids out and she rested. After that, they played in a room next to me while I cleaned the messes they made. She thanked me, gave me a hug, and gave me a Christmas cookie.

I volunteered at my school to supervise an after-school event and collect donations for the FISH organization in our community. People were buying candy, playing games, and watching movies. It felt good to help others in need.

Gabriel Leoncio
Blueberry Moment 13804
I noticed that a man in my neighborhood was wearing shoes that were worn out. I decided to ask my dad if I could take a pair of his old shoes, he said yes. It was Sunday, so I played some basketball. I was wondering when I could hand him the shoes. I saw him so I rushed inside grabbed my Blueberry Card and the pair of shoes. I opened the door and looked but never saw him, so I figured that he was done walking and was in his house. I went over to his house and his nephew actually opened the door. I told him why I was doing this. He thanked me and took the pair of shoes. The next day I saw the man walking with the shoes I gave him. 

Blueberry Moment 13806 
There was a holiday activity night and I was invited to help organize it. I went to the holiday activity night and my first station I helped supervise the kids in the game room. It went good and there were no problems. The next station I went to was the cafeteria and I worked the concession stand with some other Blueberry Ambassadors and two kids that were in middle school. There, I bought four ring pops and two Cheetos bags. I also sold a lot of food to kids and made a lot of money for a great cause. My last station was the gym, at the gym I played gaga ball and supervised gaga ball. Mr. Little said he really appreciated the help. The holiday activity night benefited the FISH organization.

Blueberry Moment 13805
For my third Blueberry Moment, I got my dad coffee in the morning. I got my dad coffee in the morning because my dad leaves early in the morning and is busy getting ready for work. He was very appreciative and thanked me for helping him with his morning. I got the idea coming home from soccer practice and I thought it was a great idea. My mom helped me plan how my dad liked his coffee.

Miles McGuire
Blueberry Moment 20544
My first Blueberry Moment is I am buying a three-year old boy gloves and a hat. I chose this from the giving tree at snap fitness. This is what he asked for Christmas. It makes me very happy that he can enjoy playing out in the snow as much as I do. I think everyone deserves to be warm during the winter.

Blueberry Moment 20545
My second Blueberry Moment was me picking up blueberries at a grocery store. A man in line in front of us at Walmart dropped his Blueberry package. My sister and I picked up the man’s little blueberries that were on the ground and put them back in the package. I was happy to help a nice man at the store. 

Blueberry Moment 20546
I went to Starbucks because my dad wanted a coffee. I remembered to bring my Blueberry Ambassador Card and money. I told the drive thru person that I would like to pay for the car behind us then I handed her the card to give to the person behind us. I hope the person was happy and surprised.

Marshall Harrison
I was just done watching a Detroit Lions football game with the whole family and I saw someone in need of money on the road and he was very talented when it comes to drums. He was playing on a bucket and it still sounded awesome! I noticed he looked kind of sad so I walked over and gave him $20. He seemed like the happiest man ever after that. He seemed like a super nice guy and I really felt good after that happened and my mom and dad looked super proud and so was I. I thought about how I made him smile on the whole ride home.

Cordi Lundberg
Blueberry Moment 1522
My first Blueberry Moment is hiding a book around my town for people to read. I got Oh the Places You’ll Goby Dr. Seuss and put it in a waterproof container. I put a note that said, Read this book and hide it again.

Blueberry Moment 1523
My second Blueberry Moment is shoveling my grandma’s driveway. I was helping my sister. She went in my gramma’s garage to get me a shovel and saw a giant sled. She came out and told me about it. Then she went and brought me in to see it. She begged me to go sledding down the small hill my grandma’s house was built on after we were done the shoveling. I was nervous because the sled looked like the one that Calvin and Hobbes always crashed in the comics, Calvin and Hobbes. I said yes because she really wanted to.

Blueberry Moment 1524
My third Blueberry Moment is helping my mom with her cub scout den. I helped her teach the cub scout pledge, helped the kids make a lion mask and played with the kids.

Gavin Britt
Blueberry Moment 115826
I delivered homemade and store bought cookies for the Grand Bend rental homes. When I walked in, I was feeling nervous and excited. I felt this way because I was nervous to go in there and talk, I was excited because I got to help people and do a good deed for someone. I was surprised by them saying we will put you on our Grand Blanc Facebook page.                    

My second Blueberry Moment was helping out at a school function. It was a Friday night and me and all the rest of the Blueberry Ambassadors got together and helped out our school by helping watch the little kids. It was fun and helpful to everybody. It was also a benefit for the FISH organization food drive. 

There was a kid in my basketball league and who had not made a basket yet and I got the ball and gave him the ball when he was on the other team and he shot and missed and after nine tries, he made it. I was super happy for him and after the game he said you did not have to do that. His parents thanked me. I was glad that I did that for somebody.         

Charlotte Bunker
I was at my friend’s house making hot chocolate when we noticed her neighbors were going out of their way to rake her leaves. We were very grateful and that’s when I remembered being a Blueberry Ambassador is all about being kind. I thought of the idea to go out there say thanks and give them some hot cocoa since it was very cold outside. We made enough hot cocoa for the two boys and headed outside. We then decided to help them rake a few more lawns before it got dark. 

We were playing a scrimmage at basketball and we had an odd number of players so someone needed to be out. This one girl on my team was sitting out for a long time so when we took a break I told her that she could take my place. She got to play and so did I so I joined the other team and we both got to play.

Today, we went to our buddy class to play bingo. If you won, you and your buddy would get a piece of gum. Unfortunately, me and my buddy did not win a single game! But all the fifth graders got a piece of gum because we answered the question, “What is a biosphere?” Anyway while we were leaving, Mr. Hernandez handed out the gum. I didn’t want my buddy to feel sad that he did not get any, and wasn’t a big fan of bubble gum myself, so I gave him the piece of gum. Mr. Hernandez saw me do this so he gave me another one.

Emily Rowell
Blueberry Moment 15829
For my birthday, I said that I did not want presents and I wanted to donate my money to something. That something was the McKenna Squad, so my mom sent a text to McKenna’s mom and my mom said, that I wanted to donate makeup or money and asked what she needed. Then, 10 minutes later, she sent a text back and said that her heart was touched and that they need both donations. Then a couple days later, my mom and I went and got some birthday cards. Then, the next day we started to make the cards and we wrote that I did not need presents and that we are going to donate money or makeup to the McKenna squad. I asked my guests to choose what they want to bring so they could bring makeup or money. Then a month later it was my birthday, Saturday November 17th, when all my friends came over I opened all the cards and all the bags then we went to great lakes crossing for my birthday party. When I got home, my family came over and we totaled up all the donations. There was so much money. We got $200 and we got 60 things of makeup and next week we are going to give McKenna’s mom the money and makeup and she will be so happy. I can’t wait!

Blueberry Moment 15819
After Christmas, I got a baking mixer and I could not wait to use it. So, my friend and I love baking and at the time, she could not come over because her family was over. I forgot that I had a Blueberry Card left and I got a new baking book for Christmas and there was a recipe for banana bread. Then, one day I had nothing to do and I washed my mixer and I had all the things to make the bread, so I did. After it was finished, I said that I would take it to the people across the street who are older. But, the first time I went to their house they were not home. Then, the next day and they were not home. Since I couldn’t get the banana bread to the family across the street, I decided to give it to a different family. I asked my mom and she said that I should give it to them and I did and they were very grateful that I made for them. 

Blueberry Moment 15817
The Daddy Daughter Dance was coming up and a few weeks before, my mom got a text from her friend Rebecca. She asked if me and my friends would like to help her with some of the decorations for the dance. I said yes. So, the week of the dance, I was at my house and my friend Ella came over to do a science project. My mom got a text from Rebecca and she said that her and her daughter were making all of them and asked if we could come and help her and we said yes. When we went over to her house, we saw the ones that her and her daughter made before we got there. They were so good. Then, me and Ella tried and we did really good. So, on that Friday it was the dance and earlier my mom went and helped decorate for the dance and she said that we did a great job. Then, she got me all ready and then we went to Ella´s house. Then we went to the dance and we saw what we made and it looked so good. We loved it and we had so much fun! 

Anabelle Andrews
For my first random act of kindness, I went to my grandma’s daycare and read to the kids there and I also helped them clean up and play a game. It was very fun and I loved doing it.

My second Blueberry Moment was when my dad hurt his back and my neighbor had to help him get inside. He could not leave his two little boys alone so I decided to watch his boys for a couple of minutes. I felt very responsible!

During Christmas time, my mom, brother, and I went to a hotel and helped decorate a huge Christmas tree for hospice. It was very fun to hang the ornaments on the tree.

Vaasu Patel
This December, I thought I would like to do a random act of kindness for somebody. I heard my dad talking on the phone to his partner at work. She had fixed his ripped lunch box. That day, we had bought brownies for the family. She lived in Flint so she has a little harder life. I told my dad when we stop by if I can give her a few brownies. He told me yes. So, when we got there I gave her brownies and told her to spread her kindness.

In December of 2017, my friend, Naveen, gave me a rubber ball for Christmas from the holiday shop. I had forgotten my money and had not brought Naveen anything that year. I felt very bad when he gave me a gift so I decided to return the favor to him. In December of 2018, I gave him his favorite movie pen: STAR WARS JUMBO PEN. He was glad and I was too! When he felt good about the gift I felt good inside too. 

My fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Pearce, had a long day on a Friday. In our school, to raise the money we have popcorn days where you can but a bag of popcorn for 25 cents. I had brought an extra bag of popcorn for one of my friends that cannot get popcorn because he is not here when they ask to buy or not. So, when I gave it to him at the end of the day, I figured out that he did not like popcorn! So, I looked over to my teacher and I saw her on her computer. I decided to give her the extra bag of popcorn that I had. I gave it to her and she said thank you and started eating it on the spot!

Amari Towner
Today I helped a man and his wife the man’s wife dropped her wallet most people would’ve kept her wallet and took her money. I ran up to their car and handed her wallet she was very grateful because her car keys were attached so was her house key. So, imagine them not being able to get into their car or their house. They were very happy. They bought me donuts at Kroger and said it was the least they can do. 

I was at the store with my sister and a woman could not reach the pops. So, I got in the cart got on my knees and got them for her. She was very thankful for me helping instead of not helping and leaving her there struggling. She said she had some type of disability that was harder to move her body.

I went to Chucky Cheese and I kept winning games and leaving tickets there for kids to grab because I saw kids who couldn’t get tickets. I felt bad so I almost played every game to leave tickets at each game spot. Kids were happy and people were asking who did this. I kept quiet because I didn’t want to take the spotlight. 

Riley Hernandez
Blueberry Moment 15821
I helped my grandma and my neighbor shovel their driveway. Her neighbor was really sick so she could not do it.  

Blueberry Moment 15839
I gave all my money to a poor lady sitting by Sam’s Club parking lot. Also, me and my friend Olivia gave poor people gift bags.

Blueberry Moment 15820
I helped a lady pick up her bags at Walmart parking lot at night but most of it got blown away from the wind sadly. 

Owen Applebee
Blueberry Moment 13808 
I was thinking of what I was going to do for my Blueberry Moment. There was a neighbor that had some water damage and I thought it would be a good idea to go help them. I went over to see if they needed any help and they said they needed me to bring a crock pot over to a neighbor. Then they showed me the water damage and it was bad and it was devastating. Then I gave them the Blueberry Card and went to the neighbors and gave them the crockpot. 

Blueberry Moment 13829 
Another Blueberry Moment I did is I was invited to volunteer at a movie night at our school to benefit our local FISH organization. I helped out. I did a good job so I decided to write it up because I thought I was doing a good thing.

Blueberry Moment 13828 
I was thinking of what I was going to do for my third Blueberry Moment. So, I went onto YouTube and saw that somebody put coins by machines so that kids could get the things that they wanted. So, I thought that it would be a good idea for my third Blueberry Moment. With my own money, my dad and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Then, we went to the coin machine and got coins then we went to the machines and placed the coins on top of the machine and put the card there and left.

Naveen Vattipally
Blueberry Moment 13810
My mother and my sister went to the grocery store. I usually don’t help them unpack that much. This time I decided to help them because I felt bad that they had to do all the work. After all the groceries were unpacked, I also helped my mom shred a pre-cooked chicken.

Blueberry Moment 15828
It was a Monday morning in November. We had just gotten back from our technology class at school. I opened my locker and grabbed the bag that carried the two brownies and the Blueberry Card. I brought it into the class wondering who I should give it to. I decided to give it to Mrs. Pearce, my teacher. I chose her because she is kind and is an awesome teacher. I secretly dropped the bag on her desk and went to my desk.

Blueberry Moment 15811
On Halloween, I walked into my school and opened my locker. To my surprise, I saw a Hershey bar in there. A note that was attached to the candy bar said that I had got the Hershey bar for getting 100% on my social studies test. I was super excited because I love Hershey bars. After lunch that day, I decided to give the Hershey bar to my friend Vaasu. I gave it to him because he got a 95% even though he was gone for two weeks!

Allison Whittey
Blueberry Moment 15816
It was the night that I got to go to school after hours to volunteer for movie night. I got to switch between stations. There was the game room, gym/movie, snack/YouTube room. I got to switch with all my friends. I even got to see my friends that went. I got to be in charge of the games and play music with the little kids. At the concession stand at the end, we each got a candy bar. It was a benefit to the local FISH organization.

Blueberry Moment 15840
One day, me and my mom went to Tim Horton’s and got Ms. Webber a hot chocolate. I got a drink too. Ms. Webber really liked it and appreciated it. Ms. Webber said thank you and hugged me. 

Mrs. Stockoski 
Blueberry Moment 13813
My children and I enjoy reading books. A brand new book in our hands is a great feeling. We wanted to share this feeling with other kids. One day, we went to the bookstore. Each of my children picked out two books to give away. After purchasing the books, we went to a Little Free Library in our town and placed the books inside with a special little handwritten note. We hope the kids who discover the books find a comfortable place to sink into their new books! 

Blueberry Moment 13812
There is a family in my neighborhood with four small children. The parents are always helping others in the neighborhood with handywork, yard tasks, maintaining the neighborhood, and much more all on their own time. As a special treat for their kids for St. Patrick’s Day, I used chocolate pudding cups and taped several gold-wrapped Rollo candies to the top of the cup making them look like pots of gold. I set them on their porch and sent the parents a note about how the sneaky leprechaun had left them a treat. Putting smiles on other people’s faces is a wonderful feeling! 

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