Grand Blanc Mason Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors feel ‘bubbly and warm’ when doing good deeds

Grand Blanc Mason Elementary, coordinator Andrea Wendt

Meilani Peterson
Blueberry Moment 18215
So it all started when my neighbors gave my sister and I a lot of candy for Halloween. I wanted to do something kind back to them. One afternoon I went with my grandma to go vote just me and her alone. On the ride, I asked her if could go to Kroger to get the supplies to make the cupcakes after she voted. When I got there, I did another two acts of kindness but I didn’t give them cards. I helped a lady put the stuff in her car and another I helped her put her stuff on the register. It made me feel good inside just to help others. The following week, I found out we didn’t have school Tuesday. I found that the perfect opportunity to make cupcakes and give them to my neighbors. I started baking. When they were done, I decorated them. Then my siblings helped me surprise them. We got to their house and gave the cupcakes to them with a Blueberry Card on top. They were so surprised! They thanked us and we left. It made me feel good to do good!

Blueberry Moment 18214 
One day, my grandma told me she was going somewhere out of town. A couple days after that, I knew what I could do, I could make her a card. That could tell her I love her without going on the trip with her. So, a few days later (the day before the trip) I made the card. I asked her if I could help her pack and quickly stuffed the card in her suitcase. When she came back from the trip, she said she saw my card which made her surprised and happy. She told me that I tricked her the way I put it in while helping her pack. She also said it made her trip go better knowing how much I loved her.

Blueberry Moment 18216
One random day in December, I thought I would grab a candy cane for my bus drive for my last Blueberry Moment. When I got on my bus, I greeted my bus drive and gave him a candy cane with the Blueberry Card. Even though I love candy canes, I thought it would be nice to share with him. I’m not sure if adults eat candy canes or not, but he smiled, gave me a hug and thanked me for it. I took my seat and smiled hoping he would have a great rest of the day. 

Alice McAra
Blueberry Moment 18205
I decided I was going to use my first Blueberry Card and I instantly thought my teacher. So I made some cookies, wrote her a little, and put it in a bag. I chose a bag so she didn’t have a hassle to clean the container. Then Monday morning I put it in her mailbox so she didn’t know it was me till she opened it. Since she opened it after I was already leaving to go home, I didn’t know how she reacted. The next day she thanked me and gave me a big hug. It made me feel good inside that doing something so little will brighten someone’s day and make then smile.  

Blueberry Moment 18207
Last weekend my brother had a marimba band show at the Flint Farmers Market. On my way inside, I saw a woman who was selling something, I don’t remember what she was selling. Nobody was really buying anything and I felt bad, I wanted to make her happy. So, I went inside and while I was waiting for my food, I snuck to the flower shop. I bought three roses. I lied to my mom and said that I needed some fresh air, I was really going to go give people some roses. I tied a Blueberry Card to one and gave it to the woman who was working outside. She was so happy and appreciated it so much. She was saying how people just walk by her like she’s not even there. I had a couple of extra roses and I saw this woman sitting on a bench almost crying. I handed a rose to her and I just said I hope things get better then walked away. It made me feel really good that I could actually brighten somebody’s day and make them smile doing something so small. 

Blueberry Moment 18206
This is kind of connecting to the second Blueberry Moment, but I had an extra rose so what I did was tie my last Blueberry Card to it and put it in somebody’s windshield or dashboard. It made me feel really good that they could come back for a nice rose.

Sophia Spees
Blueberry Moment 18227
My Blueberry Moment was very simple and there is a reason for that this is what I did. First I got home and I saw my grandpa shoveling the snow and I told him,“here I can do that for you.” Then he said, “are you sure?” and he already had a smile on his face and that brought joy to mine. After I was done shoveling I gave him the Blueberry Card and he again had a smile on his face. I felt so good doing that and would do it over and over again to feel that feeling again. I did what I did because I could tell he was having trouble and he was cold and he had to take care of my sick grandma, so yes I did this for a good cause and hope that he will also do something kind and pass it on.

Blueberry Moment 18226
My Blueberry Moment was very simple here is what I did. First, I got home and was with my friend we were playing outside and her gloves were wet and cold and mine were dry and warm so I simply gave her my gloves. It made her happy even though it still took a little bit until they got warm again. I had a smile on my face and so did she. A couple of minutes later her mom picked her up, and when I went to give her the card, and when she was leaving I still saw her with a smile on her face. This made me feel like I just saved someone’s life. It was amazing just being able to feel the fact that I was able to help someone.

Blueberry Moment 18228
I was at my friend’s house, and she was having a little bit of trouble reading to do her homework. Her mom was cooking so I just told her mom I would read the book to her instead of her having to stop cooking. She was writing a summary for that chapter of the book and she was also having a little bit of trouble with that, so again I helped her. I did this act, because she needed help and was the only one who could do it. I loved the feeling of being able to make someone happy. When we were done, she had a smile on her face that was the best feeling ever making someone smile just fills me with joy. It didn’t matter at all that she didn’t say thank you because I was able to help someone. Again, this act filled me with joy and I hope she is able to feel that when she passes on an act of kindness.

Alaina Trotter
Blueberry Moment 18250 
For my first Blueberry Moment, I made my teacher a Halloween gift with candy in it and a card. Why I made this is because my teacher is such a nice person so I thought that if she comes to school every day with a smile on her face she deserves something that will brighten her day even more and she is such a loving person. My teacher reacted with a bright smile on her face and it just made me feel so happy and warm on the inside. I did this because it just felt like the right thing to do because it was Halloween and I think that if a teacher is so nice and gives as rewards when we do things that are right, so she gets something to make her happy.

Blueberry Moment 18251
I got one of my best friends Maria a few presents from the Holiday gift shop. Maria always brings the best out of people so I thought that she could get a few little presents from me. Maria always is such a sweet person that she makes you feel like a sweet cookie inside and makes you feel so welcome no matter what if you are upset or even so happy. It just felt like the right thing to do. So, think about it for me doing something kind or nice to someone makes me feel like a better person and very warm inside how about you.

Blueberry Moment 18252
One day after school, I decided to make lunches for me, my brother and my sister so my mom would not have to do it. She works all day, comes home, makes dinner, and of course packs our lunches for the next school day. My mom is such a nice person and does a lot every single day. So that’s why I did it because it just makes me feel good inside. Then when I was done packing lunches, my mom was drying my sister’s hair so I gave her my last Blueberry Card and told her the lunches were all ready for tomorrow. She smiled and gave me a hug.

Maliyah Peterson 
Blueberry Moment 18229
As I walk off the bus, I realize my grandma’s birthday is in two days. I scamper home, determined to immediately start making my present to her. She’s turning 70 years old. Before I go upstairs, I grab a bunch of old school papers in a bucket on the counter. I run upstairs with four sheets of paper, one pair of scissors and an idea. I rush upstairs and into my bedroom. I pull out a pencil, a marker, and a half sheet of paper. I get the old school paper and cut out some of the words “GG” I got the present and headed downstairs. I gave the present to her. She smiled “I’m going to enjoy this!” she said after reading the card. “The Twix or the card?” I asked. I had glued a Twix on the paper. I smiled as I slept that night, dreaming of grandma doing an act of kindness. 

Blueberry Moment 18230
For my next Blueberry Card, I figured I could write Mrs. Malone a note, then ask my aunt to buy me chocolate chip cookies to give to her! I knew this was a perfect plan! As soon as I got to school, I just couldn’t stop thinking about giving her the note! She is the nicest lunch lady I have ever had. Once it was lunch time, I ran up to be first in line, I was. As we began to stop by the window-door I didn’t see Mrs. Malone in her regular spot! I figured she was already in the lunchroom, but I grew my suspicion as I went to look over. I asked the other noon-watcher, “Is Mrs. ….” then I saw her. I handed the cookies to her with the Blueberry Card on top. “These look delicious thank you Maliyah, but what does I’m Concerned about the Blueberries mean?” she aked. “You’re welcome!” I gave her a hug and explained how we do acts of kindness and people pass it on. She smiled and said, “I will definitely do that.” 

Blueberry Moment 18231
We arrived into Tranquility Estates nursing home in Grand Blanc. I’m holding my gift bag with the Blueberry Card attached. My mom is holding my brother. I put the gift bag on the table. It had flowers, chocolate, and a note in it for the residents. The lady at the front desk picked up the bag and thanked me. My mom explained it was for all of the residents. They had a few questions about what was in it and what Blueberry Ambassadors were and I answered them. I told them the gift bag was for anyone who wanted the treats, and they had a vase for the flowers. We left and she thanked us once again. We leave feeling good, especially me.

Sam Paraschos
Blueberry Moment 18232
It was a cold and snowy November night. We got eight inches of snow and it was a cold night. We had school that day and when we got home, we helped shovel our sidewalks. My mom told me that our neighbor had hurt his back and was unable to shovel his sidewalk. I decided this would be a good Blueberry Moment. So, I decided to go over to his house and brought my own snow shovel and began shoveling the sidewalk. When I was done, I went to the front door and knocked on the door. He opened the door and I gave him the Blueberry Card and explained the Blueberry program and asked that he pay it forward to someone else. It made me feel good to help someone.

Blueberry Moment 18233
My Aunt and Uncle were visiting from Houston, TX over the Christmas break. They left on New Year’s Day and I decided to help them pack their car. I picked up a suitcase and started helping them pack the car. They were so happy to have the help and it made me feel good to help them. I enjoy them visiting us every year and they are some of my favorite people. 

Blueberry Moment 18234
My mom was doing laundry, which there is a lot to do with three kids in the house. There was Christmas stuff up, so I decided to help my mom. I started taking down some Christmas decorations while my two brothers just sat around playing with their toys. She was so happy I felt really happy helping out my mom. I gave her my Blueberry Card and told her she had to pay it forward.

Bella Lipe
Blueberry Moment 18240
I am making six cards to soldiers overseas that cannot be with their family for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I felt warm and fuzzy on the inside. Just knowing a soldier who if sacrificing their life for mine and many others. The person I do not get to see but I have a feeling he or she will be grinning from ear to ear. I hope they are feeling more warm and fuzzy on the inside than I am. Also that they feel loved. 

Blueberry Moment 18238
A while ago, I made coloring pictures for my friends. Then I thought I want to spread kindness. I knew it would be a big task to draw picture for all 28 students in my room. I made two drawings on each paper. I made cats, dogs, lions, pigs, turtles, phones, deer, kids, oranges, and more. This would give the students something to do when they got their work done. I gave the Blueberry Card to Ayaina. She was excited, happy, and could not wait to color it. I felt so good inside it was like an explosion of baby animals. I was just so happy, excited, warm, and fuzzy. I felt a lot of emotions and can’t wait for my next Blueberry Moment. 

Blueberry Moment 18239
One day, we went to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon Key in Florida. After our tour, we went to shop at the gift shop. My dad said before we went on the tour when we waited in the gift shop, “Hey the front desk lady at work really LOVES turtles she has quite a bit of turtles stuff on her desk.” So, when we got back dad went to work, he gave it to her. She was SUPER EXCITED and very grateful. I feel so warm and awesome it’s an indescribable feeling knowing that she LOVED my turtle hatchling. I’m so sad my last Blueberry Moment is finished, but I will still keep on doing random acts of kindness. 

Graham Croteau
Blueberry Moment 18249
My family and I were all getting ready to go to Fostrian, the Assisted living community In Flushing. We wanted to go there because I wanted to read Christmas stories to the people there and spread holiday cheer. I chose Fostrian because my great great aunt lives there. We made homemade sugar cookies and hot chocolate to enjoy while I read them Christmas books. 20 residents joined in on the festivities. I chose to do this because I like to work with the elderly especially my great great aunt. The workers said that they all loved it and I was asked to come back and read for every holiday. That made me feel amazing and appreciated. I feel like I have made a difference in their Christmas. I can’t wait to go back and do something else for the nice people there.

Blueberry Moment 18247
In fifth grade we have the opportunity to read with special needs kids, they call it Mrs. Parks’ kids. So, one day I got to go to Mrs. Parks’ kids I read with a kid and halfway through the book we were reading, he said, “Ella The Elephant.” I asked him what it was, and he said it was his favorite book, so I asked the librarian if they had it and she said no. I knew our class was going to do Mrs. Parks’ kids again so I bought the book for him. The next time I was there, I donated one book to the classroom, which was Skippy Jon Jones and I gave Ella The Elephant to the kid that wanted it so bad. He was overflowing with joy and the teacher wanted me to write my name in the book. When I did the kid, I worked with really, really wanted to write his name in the book and, when he did it made me feel amazing that he loved it. This simple act of kindness makes me realize that I can make someone’s day better and I can make a difference.

Blueberry Moment 18248
For my third Blueberry Moment, I decided to help my whole community at our local Aldi store. My family and I went to Aldi to get groceries. I went to get a cart and realized there was a lot of trash on the ground. I decided to pick up all the trash outside so that I could help the store and the community. The worker reacted by saying thank you so much and I could tell she was happy. I felt like I really made a difference in the community and in the world. If we all help little by little, we can clean up the world.

Landon Pieper
Blueberry Moment 18259
My first Blueberry Moment was buying a gift for an Angel Tree kid which is a kid that has a parent in prison. I got this person’s name from my church’s Angel Tree. I had my picture taken with the gift I bought and the Blueberry Card but I did not remember to show the card number so don’t have that. I choose to do this act of kindness because it was Christmas time the holiday of giving so I knew I did something nice and I could not give it the six year old boy, but I could imagine how joyful he would be to get a ben ten video game, and it also put a joyful smile on my face. 

Blueberry Moment 18261 
I decided to thank the service that the police people do for us. This was the Grand Blanc police. I gave them some Christmas cookies and two pizzas. I made them a poster. I got to see the K9 dog too. I gave it to the policeman. I remember him from camp safety in the summer camp. I was so happy to do this and see the dog. The police were happy too and said thank you.

Blueberry Moment 18260
I chose to help wrap gifts for the Whaley Children’s Center because I feel bad for them because they have no parents to be there for them. This is a way I could bring joy to them. Me and my mom wrapped 20 gifts for two kids. It was fun and we got to eat chocolate from the people there.

Anderson Pascoe
Blueberry Moment 18271 
My Mom, sister, I had just finished shoveling our driveway when I realized are next-door neighbor was not home. Then, I asked my Mom if I could do my first Blueberry act of kindness, and she told me I could. After that, I got my shovel and walked over to my neighbor’s driveway. I started shoveling as soon as I got to the bottom of their driveway. After a while, I got to the middle of their driveway. Then I saw a car coming my way then I realized my neighbor was coming home. The car then came up the driveway and parked. Then my neighbor got out of the car and went inside. After that, I finished shoveling their driveway. Finally, I was finished, I ran home and got my first Blueberry Card. I then ran back to my neighbor’s house and rang the doorbell. My neighbor answered the door and I explained how I was doing a random act of kindness. She understood the concept very well thanked me and I then went home filled with the joy of doing a random act of kindness.

Blueberry Moment 18272 
My grandparents have this huge hill in their back yard. They also have lots of trees, so when fall comes their hill is covered in leaves. So, right before winter started my family and I went to my grandparent’s house to help them rake all the leaves. By helping my grandparents, my family and I turned what could have been an all-day job into a job that only took one hour. When we were finished raking all the leaves my grandparents were so happy that the job went by so quickly. 

Blueberry Moment 18273
Every year at Children’s Garden there is a “Make and Take”. At the “Make and Take” all the preschool students at Children’s Garden come to do fun activities like making crafts. This year the Director of Children’s Garden needed extra people to help out so, I volunteered. I helped set up the elf hunt and I also helped set up for graham cracker decorating. At the end of the “Make and Take” the Director of Children’s Garden was so happy that she got an extra volunteer to help out.

Anshu Talati
Blueberry Moment 18274  
For my first Blueberry Moment, I had to drop something off after school, so I walked into the room and I saw that my teacher, Mrs. Cornelison was lifting tables and chairs all by herself. That worried me, so my mom and I helped her put chairs up. I did that because she was setting heavy things up by herself and I wanted to make it easier for her. When we were done, we had got done a whole room! I didn’t have the Blueberry Card with me at that time, but the next day, I wrote a note, taped the card to it, and put it on her desk. She was very pleased and she gave me a big hug. It felt very good to help and make my teacher happy.

Blueberry Moment 18275
On a cold, rainy day, my mom and dad’s friends came over for lunch and they had two kids which were very little. The kids were not getting along and were crying. I wanted to help them so I went over and told their parents I could watch them and play with them. We colored, played board games, and played hide-and-seek. Their parents thanked me when they were leaving and I had a lot of fun!

Blueberry Moment 18276
For my third Blueberry Moment, I made cookies for the neighbors because it was very cold outside and the warm cookies would taste good. I also added hot chocolate mixes for everyone in their family and I slipped the Blueberry Card in with them. They had little kids so they would like the cookies and hot chocolate. I tied ribbon around the whole thing and walked over to give it to them. Ava, one of their kids was so excited to eat the cookies. I felt so happy that I did something to make them happy.

Tru Amos
Blueberry Moment 18223​
My first Blueberry Moment happened after my birthday. I was given one hundred fifty dollars and a robot dragon egg. Now it was time to use my money at Walmart. My sister loved my dragon egg and also wanted one for herself. When we got to the store, we went to the toy aisle and I bought my little sister a dragon egg with some of my birthday money.

Blueberry Moment 18224
My second Blueberry Moment was when the book fair was closing. I volunteered to help pick up. Me and the librarian put all the books in boxes and put all the pens and pencils in bags. When we were almost done, we put all the boxes on the cart.

Blueberry Moment 18225
My third Blueberry Moment was Saturday morning after the snowstorm. When I woke up in the morning, I shoveled the driveway without being asked. There was six inches of snow outside and it was very cold. When I was done, I went to the neighbor’s house and shoveled her driveway too. I hope when she woke up, she would see that it was all done. I left the Blueberry Card on her front door.

Natalie Sparks
Blueberry Moment 18235
When it was a very snowy and icy day outside I went to shovel our elderly neighbor’s driveway. I knew it would be a nice thing to do because she can’t do it herself. There was so much snow and ice, I shoveled without gloves my hands were frozen but I didn’t care I just kept shoveling. My sister and brother helped a little too. But I did most of it. When we were done I was proud and happy of what I did. Then we went to give the Blueberry Card and she was very happy. 

Blueberry Moment 18236
It was the Friday before Christmas break. I went into the office to give all the teachers a positive note. The positive notes said, “You’re amazing” “Thank you for all you do” “You’re the best” and more. I put them in all the teacher’s mailboxes for them to find. I did this because teachers work hard every day, so I wanted to give them a positive note to make them feel good. Then I went to give the Blueberry Card to Ms. Ogle. I felt proud of what I was doing. When I gave Ms. Ogle the card, she was excited and she hugged me.

Blueberry Moment 18237
One day, I helped my friend with her accelerated math. I noticed she was having trouble with her math. So, I decided to help her. We went into the hallway to work. We worked until she got a test. When we submitted the test, we were hoping to get them all correct. We got them all correct and we both got a piece of candy. She was grateful that I had helped her. I felt good that I helped her! 

Ben Kibby
Blueberry Moment 18253
The holidays are a very busy time of year for delivery people. I put out a box full of goodies, like chips and candy. I made a sign thanking them and offering a treat. Later that day the mail person came. I knew this, because the dogs went crazy barking! I quickly ran to the window in enough time to see her smile and take a piece of candy then walk away smiling. It made me feel good inside to know I did something nice for a complete stranger. It made the mail lady feel good inside when I gave her a twizzler.

Blueberry Moment 18254
My latchkey teacher Mrs. Burtrum does so much for us kids. Each morning she prepares activities, plays games with us, and sets us up for a good day at school. Some kids arrive as early as 6:30 am. Because they arrive so early, I bought her a cup of coffee to start her day off right. She smiled and said thank you. It made me feel good to show her that I appreciate her.

Blueberry Moment 18255
I wanted to do something to help someone have a great start to their day. I decided to pay for someone’s breakfast at McDonalds. We went through the drive through and told the cashier what I wanted to do. He smiled and took the card to pass to the customer. It made me feel great to pay for someone else’s breakfast. I believe it made her feel great to have an unexpected surprise. As we drove past each other in the parking lot, we smiled and waved goodbye and she said thank you.

Kimora DeGain
Blueberry Moment 18220    
We were passing out gift cards and I thought as a Blueberry Moment, we could give one to my bus driver. Mrs. Fermmen is very kind and she deserves something from the kids. She safely drives us around. I was walking to the bus stop on a really cold chill day that when I gave it to her. When I gave her the gift card and one of the cookies, she was thankful she said thank you with a big smile on her face. I felt really nice and excited that she liked the gift card and cookies.

Blueberry Moment 18221   
I asked my mom if I could do a Blueberry Moment while we were making cookies together. So, when we were done baking, we walked over to the neighbor’s house on a warm morning and gave it to them. My neighbor is a family member and I care about a lot. I wanted to start her day off with a sweet treat. When she opened the door and saw the cookies her face got bigger and she felt happy and excited. I felt happy that I did that.

Blueberry Moment 18222
I made acorns and decorated them like a tree with hot glue and sparkles, then gave it to one of the people at my mom and dad’s gym named Liz. I wanted to give them to Liz because she was kind and funny, and that year she was having a tough time. I made them at home then mom had to give it to her when she went to the gym. She showed me the pictures and Liz felt happy and warm. I felt really happy when I saw the pictures. Liz loved it so much she put on Facebook and Instagram. 

Raya Robertson
Blueberry Moment 18264
When we went out for the first time on New Year’s day, my mom wanted Starbucks, so we drove through and we paid for the person behind us. I did this because as a family we wanted to kick off 2020 with some good spirit by doing nice things for random people. I do not know what the person’s reaction was because we did it anonymously, but I hope it made their day and they keep the good spirit going for 2020. I felt excited because I had a lot of adrenaline in me when I was waiting to give the cashier the Blueberry Card and explain what I wanted to do. After I did it, I felt warm and fuzzy inside. It made me feel happy and I wanted to do it again! 

Blueberry Moment 18263
On cold day in January, I paid for the person behind us in the McDonald’s drive thru. I was with my family and we did it because we wanted to kick off 2020 with a day of random acts of kindness. We thought it would be good to start the year off doing nice things for other people. I do not know what the person’s reaction was because it we did it anonymously. I hope it made them smile or made them happy! For me, it made me feel good. I felt bubbly, warm and excited. It was fun. 

Blueberry Moment 18262
For my third Blueberry Moment, I left a five dollar bill, a Blueberry Card, and a note that said, “have a great breakfast,” and left it at a donut stand. I ask the employee to give it to the next person buying coffee and a donut. I wanted to do this to leave a little more joy to the Farmers Market. I love the Farmers Market, so I wanted to do something there. I left the card before somebody got the card, so I don’t know exactly how they felt but, I really hope it made their day. I felt excited because I LOVE doing this!

Lily Schell
Blueberry Moment 18208
One act of kindness that I did was it was on Thanksgiving, it was a sunny day and me and my family went to the food kitchen. I got to make notes to the people that came in for lunch and hold out the bucket of tickets for everyone to put their ticket in. Then I saw these two people sitting down at the lunch table and they were eating. I thought I could give my Blueberry Card to them. So, I walked over to the table and I gave them my card and I said have a nice day. Then they read it and I looked over and the same person I gave that card to he gave his milk to someone else who needed it! 

Blueberry Moment 18209
One day around Christmas time, my neighbors brought some treats that they made and I thought that was very nice of them to do that. So, I made a special card for them and I put the Blueberry Card in the envelope and signed my name on the front and put on a very purple bow on the top and put it in their mailbox. 

Blueberry Moment 18210
A few days ago, I went outside and I thought I could use my Blueberry Card. It had snowed a lot and they are older, so I grabbed it and went by my other neighbor’s mailbox. I took out their mail and lay it right on their front steps and put the Blueberry Card right on top of it. It made me feel happy to do that for them, so they didn’t have to walk out on the snow and ice to get their mail.

Laila Mitchell
Blueberry Moment 18217
One day, my mom and I were driving in the car on a windy day. As we got home, we saw a lady putting her garbage out, but it was flying all over the place! My mom pulled the car into the driveway and we got out and helped pick up the garbage off of her lawn. By the time I was done the people from the garbage company were there to pick it up. The lady and the garbage man thanked me. I felt good about what I did. I ran into the house and got my Blueberry Card to give the neighbor lady. She thanked me again.

Blueberry Moment 18218
During the rainstorm, my Nana’s basement flooded. There was so much water in her basement. She was very upset because there are bedrooms down there, also our toys. I helped her by filling up buckets of water and dumping them into the sink. My grandpa just had surgery and couldn’t help. It took a very long time. My dad also helped get the water out. With our help we got it all cleaned up and she was very relieved and happy.

Blueberry Moment 18219
When I was at the store, I saw an old lady that needed help putting her groceries in her car. It was very cold and windy out. As mom was putting our groceries into our car, I asked her if I could help that lady and she said yes. The bags were very heavy and she thanked me for the help and even tried to give me a dollar, but I told her it was an act of kindness. She said bless you! I went back to my car with a smile on my face and I think she did too.

Gabriele Collins
Blueberry Moment 18243
​I did an act of kindness for my grandmother. She had just had surgery a few days before I did the act of kindness. What I did was help her make her food and get her clothes out and get her an ice pack. Why I did this act of kindness is because without me my nana would not be this happy because she did not expect me to be that helpful. I did this kindness at my nana’s house. My nana felt really happy that I was helping her this much, and so did my mom. It helped her out too. I love spending time with her because I really have a lot of fun with her. 

Blueberry Moment 18242
For my second Blueberry Moment what I did was we had a Christmas party and at the end of the day it was messy in our classroom, so I decided that I will help clean the room because nobody would volunteer to clean. There was stuff everywhere; there were marshmallows, Hershey kisses and some other stuff, and like I said no one would volunteer to do it that’s why I did it. My teacher was happy that I volunteer to do it so that she didn’t have to clean the room. I was very happy that I took the time to do that and it actually was very fun. 

Blueberry Moment 18241
This is my third blueberry what I did was that my friend Fallon had twisted her knee in gym so I went to go tell the gym teacher so then the gym teacher let me take his chair and I wheeled her down to the office. How Fallon felt so was so happy that I helped her and that I went to tell the teacher. How I felt was good and happy I did that and not just walk off like something wasn’t going on. Where I did this at was school, I was so happy that I did that.

Ana Harris
Blueberry Moment 18211
Today I helped my mom make macaroni for Thanksgiving I stirred the cheese and helped with the noodles. I felt helpful and she said I was very thoughtful. It made my day and hers. Then we went to the Thanksgiving party. I really enjoyed helping. 

Blueberry Moment 18212
Today we didn’t have school, so I sorted through my clothes and I picked which ones I wanted. I put the ones I didn’t want in the trash bags. Then, a little bit later my mom drove to the salvation army and we donated the clothes with the Blueberry Card attached to one of the bags. I hope someone will be able to use these clothes.

Blueberry Moment 18213
Over the weekend we got a lot of snow. I asked my neighbors if they wanted me to help them shovel around their car. Of course they were delighted! I shoveled for about 15 minutes just getting all the snow around it. It made me feel good when they asked how much money I wanted and I said none. They were really surprised and happy. I gave them the card and explained what Blueberry Ambassadors were. When I was done I felt very glad to help them, and it really didn’t take too much time to make someone’s day.

Ryan Meehleder
Blueberry Moment 18268
I was outside one day when there was no school playing in the snow and I noticed there was trash rolling away. So, I got up and ran over to pick it up. I put the trash can back then put another recycle bin next to it so it could not roll away again. It made our neighborhood look so much better with the trash picked up.

Blueberry Moment 18269
The snow was falling a lot one day, so I went over to my garage to grab a shovel. I shoveled my driveway and the sidewalks in front of our house so the mail person can get to our mailbox. I thought about what I was doing, and when I was finished, I shoveled someone else’s driveway. I put the Blueberry Card in their front door so when they came home, they wouldn’t have to do it. I hope it made their day.

Blueberry Moment 18270
In the store Meijer we were returning something, and this woman was having trouble getting a ticket because it was a tight space she was on a scooter. That’s why I decided to help her. I gave the people her ticket and she thanked me. I felt good inside knowing I helped someone out. She smiled at me as I walked away.

Nora Tupper
Blueberry Moment 18267
So, when I did this Blueberry Moment I wasn’t really thinking. Me and my mom were getting McDonalds. “You know what I could do a Blueberry Moment right now,” I said to my mom. “Mom can I give the people behind us six cookies because it wouldn’t cost much,” She said yes and so when we paid for our meal we gave them the money and told them it goes to the people behind us and gave them the Blueberry Card to go with it. They then gave the people behind us the cookies and explained and we could see they were smiling for quite a while. When I saw them smile, it made me very happy and it made me feel very warm and I felt very gleeful and joyful that I could maybe cheer someone’s day up by simply giving them cookies.

Blueberry Moment 18266
My last Blueberry Moment I loved to do because it was for my elderly neighbor Paul. He had to go to the hospital and his cat needed caring for. I decided to do it because I really wanted to. He is very appreciative, and I love to help him. Cally the cat was who I was caring for. She is a very friendly cat and it made me very happy. I was not able to get a photo because she always ran away and Paul is still in the hospital.

Blueberry Moment 18265
For this Moment, I wanted it to be for the awesome mail lady who comes and delivers mail in the harsh wind, rain, and freezing cold snow, and at night. I felt bad that she had to do that and nobody comes out of there warm homes to say thank you to her. So, I decided to bake her some warm, fudgy, just the right amount of chocolate, cookies. I personally came outside with the cookies in a bag and handed them to her. I said, “Thank you for delivering mail to everybody, no matter what the weather is.” She was very thankful and said that her daughter’s school does has a Blueberry program also. I was very happy to help her and give her those cookies.

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