Grand Blanc Myers Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors are the cause of many smiles in their community

Grand Blanc Myers Elementary, coordinator Robin Ballard

Christian Henne
I wanted to put up London Strong ribbons around my neighborhood. I want be the reason her mom smiles. I am putting up ribbons on each light pole in our neighborhood. I will give her the Blueberry Ambassador Card so she can pass it on. These cards are just like the London Cards for London day! I wanted to make her mom smile because all she has been through and all that she continues to do so others. I wanted to honor the love that London gave. This is important to me because she rode my bus and went to my school, Myers. I want to make sure everyone remembers London! London strong also has cards just like Blueberry Cards – random acts of kindness is also being the reason someone smiles! #LONDONSTRONG

MY second random act of kindness is making dog treats for my neighbors who bought from my pizza kit fundraiser. Making dog treats for my neighbors made me feel good and special. I delivered the dog treats and they looked so happy and appreciated that I thought about their dogs. I wanted to do something nice for them because they were so nice to buy and support my fundraiser!

Ava Britton
Blueberry Moment 15962 
My grandma can’t put up her Christmas tree because she broke her back. I helped my grandma put her tree up because she can’t do it. When me and my mom came we were putting up here tree and we were laughing, and having fun she said, “thank you I really appreciate it” and I said “you are welcome.”

Blueberry Moment 15961 
Me and my mom were driving from the gas station to go to a restaurant. Then we saw a woman and her car ran out of gas in the parking lot so she walked to the gas station so when she walked back to the car we stop and asked if she wanted a ride. After I did that I felt so good and she felt so thankful she told me and my mom, “You are my two angels for the day.” 

Kayla Reitz
Blueberry Moment 8521 
I took my neighbor’s garbage cans up so they don’t have to take it up at night. They are never home any time and when they’re home they are tired. They felt relieved that they did not have to do it. I felt so good and they thanked me. Whenever they saw me they thanked me. If felt like it was the best day in the in their world. 

Blueberry Moment 8520
My neighbors have a dog and they got a package and it got left by the basketball hoop, so I took it up. The dog is nice but he doesn’t like strangers. The UPS guy felt scared so he left it by the basketball hoop. They thanked me. I felt like my whole world flipped upside down it felt so good.

Blueberry Moment 8522
We are sending money to the people in California that had their house burned down. Many people got their homes lost in California and some of my family lives there. Many people lost their homes and it is really not good if they have kids. It will be really hard. I felt really good and I feel like I made a difference.

Aiden Terbush 
So I was at my MeeMaw’s and I was riding my bike. I saw this lady was struggling and she was asking me to help so I did and she said thank you. I said you are welcome and she gave me two dollars and I said thank you. I was so proud of myself.

Damien Long
Blueberry Moment 8526
I went and shoveled my next door neighbor’s sidewalk and I was going to write a letter because I thought he was not home. Then he came out to leave and I gave him the Blueberry Card and he thanked me and I finished and left a little after I finished. 

Blueberry Moment 8527
I went to Mrs. McGinnis and I helped her pick up her class and I put all the chairs and I put the white boards where they go and she thanked me and I just gave her the Blueberry Card and she smiled and then I smiled. She felt good and I could tell because she smiled next time I saw her.

Blueberry Moment 8528
When I gave my first Blueberry Card away, it made me feel amazing I thought that is was not going to be hard. There was nothing going on in my neighborhood subdivision but then someone needed their driveway shoveled. I went and did it then they said can you do it for the rest of the winter and I said yes and they went to go and get money and I said I don’t need it then I gave her the Blueberry Card and she smiled and said thanks for shoveling. She had the best day and she was so happy when I was done she did nothing but smile and every time I see her she smiles. 

Aidan Mosqueda
Blueberry Moment 8503
My mom adopted four kids to get presents for during Christmas so I helped my mom find the gifts on their list and I helped with wrapping the gifts and now my mom is taking them to her work for the kids. After doing this, I felt very happy and it made my day. I could not see them when they opened the presents, but I think they felt good.

Blueberry Moment 8504
I got a gift for my cousin, Pyrce who has cancer. He is going through treatment so I felt like getting him something. Sadly, I was not there in person so I could not see him when got the Blueberry Card. I imagine that he was very happy to get the gift and the Blueberry Card.

Claire Stimson 
I started writing to the custodian and I told her what a great job she is doing cleaning our classroom and that I hope she has a great Christmas and hope that she gets awesome presents and more. It made me feel really great that I made her feel happy and appreciated for all the things that she has done for our school. I also write to her very often. We send letters to each other and it makes us feel really happy that we are making someone smile every day. Whenever our class makes a big mess and doesn’t clean it up, I feel really bad and I wanted to make it up to her and I made her a card and I left the card on my desk. When she was cleaning she saw the Blueberry Card. She read it and a couple days later I got a letter back. It said thank you for the letter it meant a lot to me!! I have noticed the room being a lot more clean than it used too. Thank you so much for that. When I got done reading that it made me really happy and made me feel really great and generous. It made her feel so happy and loved.

I am on safety patrol and there was this one boy who was a breakfast kid and it was his first day of breakfast and he didn’t know where to go and he asked me to walk him there. As we were walking there, he said he didn’t feel good so I said maybe your just really hungry, so I told him to try and eat some food and then if he still didn’t feel good then come see me and I would take him to the office. So I went back to my safety patrol spot and he started walking towards me. When I got back he said he threw up and he said his head hurt really bad so I took him to the office and told Mrs. Robinson that he started throwing up and she started talking to him and the he started throwing up again so Mrs. Robinson grabbed the trash can and brought it in front of him. She called his mom and his mom came and picked him up. How that made me feel is so great with myself and loving and very helpful. I don’t know how he felt but he came back two days later and said thank you for helping me. So I predicted that it made him feel good, too. 

Easton Kinnison
I have helped the elderly, I have helped during the holidays with food drives, and I have also helped out in my community. My most memorable one was helping my neighbor out with shoveling their driveway. It was January’s snow storm and for us it was a snow day. My mom asked my brother and I to go and shovel the driveway so that we could get out and go sledding. As we were shoveling, I noticed my neighbors’ driveway had a lot of snow and their cars were trapped. I mentioned to my brother that we should go over there and help him get out so that they wouldn’t have to. Their driveway is really long and it was still snowing. I really wanted to go sledding but I also felt the need to help. So my brother and I went to shovel the driveway. The driveway was very long, but my brother and I were able to get it done in forty five minutes. We didn’t ask we just started working. While we were shoveling he came out and thanked us for shoveling. We continued to shovel and his little boys brought us out some hot chocolate. So Thankful for that hot chocolate and they brought it out at the right time. We finished the driveway and I handed him the Blueberry Card and explained that I was a part of Blueberry Ambassadors and what it meant. He thanked us again and we headed home. When we got home, we warmed up a bit and my mom told me she seen the good deed and was really proud of us for putting people first before ourselves. It felt really good to help my neighbors and to see them be able to leave in their car. My mom still took us sledding and we had a really great time. 

Lindsay Lipe 
Blueberry Moment 15957
I rung the bell at Walmart with Bella for student council. It was very cold but still very fun. We turned on our Bluetooth and danced and sang. There was one person who said, “I am happy young people are coming out and doing this to raise money.” I felt terrific helping raise money for a good cause!

Blueberry Moment 15959
I brought chocolate strawberries to my teacher, Mrs. Nyholm. I felt great having done good and I thought it felt amazing! Mrs. Nyholm said that they were delicious and that she loved them and she gave me a hug. I loved the feeling of doing something good for my teacher!

Torrie Ruffin
I helped around my neighborhood by picking trash up in the streets and yards when the trash cans fell over. It made my neighbors so happy when I did that so I gave them the Blueberry Card. It made me happy too because doing things for people is my favorite thing to do.

Quinn O’Mara
Blueberry Moment 8529
I decided to help our mailman during the week of the polar vortex. It was Tuesday, January 29, 2019 and I wrote a note about Blueberry Ambassadors and a gift card. I placed them along with the Blueberry Card in my mailbox for the mailman. It was cold that week and he was still working even with the snow and cold. I know that it must be hard to get to work when the roads are bad. I know that it got so cold that the next day they didn’t even deliver mail. I watched from the window as the mailman opened the envelope and he got a big smile on his face when he was done reading it. I hope that he realizes people appreciate that when the weather is bad he is still bringing us our mail. I feel good that I made him smile and hope that he can make someone smile too! 

Blueberry Moment 8530
For my first random act of kindness, I decided to help at the preschool my mom works at. They had been having a lot of kids sick with colds and I wanted to help them stop all the germs getting passed around. I began by disinfecting all of the tables and chairs in the class and then the square mats that the kids sit on. Kathy Tippen at Faith Lutheran Preschool was the teacher I helped in her class and since I did it after school was out she was not in her class to give her the card. I decided to just leave it on her desk with a note that encouraged her to continue random acts of kindness in her life. My mom was there when she saw the note and card. My mom said that Mrs. Tippen was very happy and had many questions about Blueberry Ambassadors. I felt proud that I could help little kids stay healthy and be a helper in my community. 

Sophia Hanke
Blueberry Moment 8533
When I was out shoveling my driveway, I had an idea that we should shovel our neighbor’s too. My sister, my mom and I went over and shoveled their front and back porch and their driveway. I felt amazing after doing that because I knew that they won’t have to spend time doing this. We didn’t have anything better to do so I did my second Blueberry Moment. They were so happy.

Blueberry Moment 8532
For my first good deed as a Blueberry Ambassador I decided to give cookies to my neighbor. We gave it to them as a Christmas gift. They were so happy that they almost started to cry. I felt really good knowing that I made their day.

Savannah Owens
Blueberry Moment 8534
So this is what I did, I went to a fundraiser for one of my dad’s best friends, Chris Doty. He has blood cancer. It was like an auction type benefit, so we donated $300 for the silent auction. I got motorcycle necklaces. He loves Harley Davidson It is very pretty.

Blueberry Moment 8536 
I was at a Tim Horton’s and there was a security guard and he let my mom cut in front of him in the line and so my mom paid for the guy behind us and the security guard. We gave the security guard the Blueberry Card and I felt good about myself and I think the security guard did too.

Lainey Williams 
I was driving to a grocery store and I saw a person standing out in the freezing cold that was trying to raise money. And I stopped and gave them hot chocolate. I felt happy and I think he felt grateful.

I was at Sam’s with my mom and dad and a lady dropped her money and didn’t know it. I went over there and picked it up and told her. I felt good about myself and I think she did too.

Caison Asbury
Today, I gave my teacher a coffee from Tim Hortons it made her so happy and made me feel good inside. 

Me and my grandpa shoveled some people’s driveway and it made me feel good inside to help someone in need.

I was at Kroger and the lady in front of us left one of her bags so I went and grabbed the bag and ran to the lady. I gave the lady her bags and it made me feel proud and made the lady thankful.

Robbie Boggan
I helped my friend, Phil. He is my church friend. So recently, Phil had a heart attack and I went to visit him in the home that helps him get better and when I came through the door and he started to sob because I haven’t seen him in like two or three months and I came in and gave him the gift that I bought him and he started to ask how I was and how was our church and then when we got done the nurses in the building wanted to take him for a walk so we had to go and when we got into the car I started to cry a little bit, but then remembered he’s going to be ok and is with nurses and is ok. This made me feel amazing because I got to see a buddy that is sick and needs help. This made Phil happy because he was smiling and was very happy at the time. He is excited and amazing.

A couple of days ago, my friend, Eli was about to sit by himself and I told him, ‘’come and sit by us,’’ because I was sitting by others. This made me feel happy because I got to help someone that looked sad and I made them feel better. I feel like Eli felt good not to sit by himself and to be with friends.

Madison MacMillian
Blueberry Moment 8556 
I got Mrs. Sieloff a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, which is her favorite treat. I set it on her desk with the Blueberry Card. As we were getting ready for lunch, she grabbed her keys off the desk and saw her treat. She got a big smile on her face and came and gave me a hug. It made her happy and it made me feel good to see her happy.

Blueberry Moment 8556
I got Mrs. Torok a cinnamon donut from Tim Horton’s, which is her favorite donut. When I walked into class, she was at the door and I gave it to her at that very moment with the Blueberry Card. She put a very big smile on her face and it made me feel like I can make a difference and made me happy.

Kennedy Bunch
My first good deed for Blueberry Ambassador was to my teacher. It was the night before Halloween and I was really excited. I could not wait to go trick or treating and get all my candy, then I started thinking about my teacher. I knew that her favorite candy was Reese’s peanut butter cups. I thought I would get her some for Halloween so that she got candy too. I asked my mom to take me to the store to buy all the things that we would need to give her the candy. I thought while we were at the store that everyone was going to do this too, so I had to make sure that mine was extra special. We got almost every single kind of Reese’s that there was, and I made sure that they were king sized. Now I had one thing on my mind: How am I going to package all of this? We went to the aisle that they sell all the boxes and wrapping paper. I looked around for a few minutes and something caught my eye. It was a beautiful teal bag with a string and a little mini card and gold stripes. “That’s the one,” I told my mom. We bought that along with the candy and the wrapping paper. We got home and as soon as it was done I knew she would love it. I went to school the next day and was so happy to give her the candy. As soon as she got off the phone, I went up to her and gave her the gift she had a happy look on her face. She unwrapped it slowly and was so happy when she saw the candy. She gave me the tightest hug as person could ever feel. I knew she was happy, and she knew it too.

I was at my brother’s football game and I was really bored. I looked around for something to do and a lot of the kids there were bored too. I went over to all of them to see if they wanted to play. And of course, they said yes because they were so bored. It made me feel so happy that I was making other kids happy. But what really made me happy was that I could have fun but at the same time make other kids have fun too. It made all the other kids I was playing with feel happy too. The one kid that I liked the most was this little boy who did not have many friends. He was so sweet and funny but also so kind. At the end his mom came up to me and said, “ Thank you so much for keeping him company.” And that made me feel so good that I was making other people happy.   

Sienna Gage
What I did that was nice to other people is I all ways hold the door for anyone and I feel really good when I do it because I think it helps them out because they might have had a rough day. And how they think is they probably feel good because it might of have lightened up their day or their mood. And that is what I did that was nice. 

For my second random act of kindness for the Blueberry Ambassadors, I paid for the person behind me in line at a restaurant. I felt really happy because maybe they had no money so I did the right thing, I paid. I think if I was the person I would be really happy because if I had money problems, I would be really happy that they paid.

What I did for my third Blueberry Moment is that I helped my neighbor clean up her backyard! I felt really, really happy because it made them smile and I love to make smiles for someone, in this case it is my neighbor. She felt really happy that I helped her and I could tell because she was saying “Can I do anything in exchange.” And, of course, she was smiling. And when I was done I felt like a one big huge explosion and helped so many people and I was proud of myself. 

Analise Nazarko 
What I did was give my next door and across the street neighbors chocolate chip cookies and I felt really nervous but when they opened the door I felt great because I think they liked that I did that. Then a little later, my next door neighbors texted my mom and said that it was really kind of me to do that, and that made my heart beat and I loved it.I also gave my teachers Starbucks gift cards and Mrs. Torok said it was kind of me to that and asked what it was for and I said for one of my Blueberry Ambassador random act of kindness, and it made me feel very proud.

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