Grand Blanc Myers Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors make a difference throughout their school

Grand Blanc Myers Elementary, coordinator Robin Ballard

Arianna Schliss
Blueberry Moment 8061
The first good deed I personally did was help my mom do and sort laundry while she was working hard to make dinner. I got three loads of laundry done, instead of watching TV. Before I knew it, my mom already found someone to pay it forward to!

Blueberry Moment 8062
The second good deed was helping my dad carry his back pack inside while he was carrying groceries from his car, because he looked like he needed help.

Blueberry Moment 8063
The third good deed I did was walk someone’s dog, because she was teaching a class. I did it because I wanted to help her and she looked like she needed help.

Mariah Shirey
I gave donuts to the office because they are so nice to everyone and always care about us.

I gave the mail person some candy to munch on because he/she is always delivering our mail on time and also because I know that sometimes they have to do a lot of routes and probably get hungry.

I wrote a note and put a smarty pack to my friend not my best friend because we always talk I wanted to give it to someone that is nice kind and amazing because she helps people out and never gets mad even if she wants to.

Addison Hines
The thing I did was make a card and gave it to my friend. Showing how good a friend she is and how I appreciate that. She said thank you and I was happy that I did something to tell her how a good friend she is.

When I had to do something for school, I helped out my friend because she got stuck on what to do next. She was really happy and I felt happy too because I did something kind and she appreciated it.

Today my friend was trying out for a play and I was there too. When she didn’t get the part, she wanted I said, “Good try at least there’s always next year.” She was really glad I said she did a good job and there’s always next year. I felt really happy that I made another person happy from my actions.

Peighton Wrinkle
For my Blueberry Card, I decided to write a letter thanking my principal for all the fun things we do and all the stuff she does. But Instead of signing it with my name, I signed it Blueberry Ambassadors because if I was not a Blueberry, I probably would not have done these good deeds. So, I just want to say thanks for inspiring me to give back.

For my second Blueberry Card, I wrote a letter to my bus driver because really he is the best. All he does when we are on the bus is make us laugh so I decided to thank him for all the laughs at the end of the letter I put, “Thank You from Blueberry Ambassadors. Pay it forward.”

For my third card, I realized after everything I did not want to do something huge. So, when I noticed a kid in my class kept dropping his stuff so I helped him but then he dropped his pencil box and pens flew everywhere so I picked all of them up. But it happened two more times and I picked them all up again.

Alina Ike
Blueberry Moment 8032
Today, I gave my little brother’s 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Roman, an apple. At first I was a little bit nervous, but finally I gave it to her. When she got it, she was so happy that she was laughing. It felt so good to give that to her and I bet she felt good too.

One day at school around 1:30, Mr. Bowering told Mrs. Pyrett’s class that he loved Butterfingers so what I did was made a bag of Butterfingers and put a Blueberry Card into the bag with the Butterfingers. So, the next week I gave this bag to him and his eyes lit up like a thousand lightning bolts striking one little tree but in his eyes. As I handed the bag to him, he thanked me and it felt amazing like when you go into a hot tub for the first time in forever. He looked so happy and grateful to know that he has an amazing student in his classroom waiting to make a difference.

On March 23, I was heading onto the bus with my bus driver, Mrs. Touhy not knowing I had cookies to give her. The cookies I made with my mom. My mom purposely told me to be in the back of the line so she could take pictures. I did this not to be famous or anything but to be a role model for others, like Rosa Parks is for me. So, as I was in line going onto the bus the line started to get smaller. My heart started beating but I kept moving forward. Eventually, I got on the bus. I gave the cookies to her and said, “These are for you.” Her eyes lit up and she said excitedly, “Oh my gosh! Thank you!” “You’re so welcome,” I said back. I then ran back to my seat so happy that I did that. I knew that she was having a rough time with all of the kids on the bus so this is why I made these cookies for someone so special and that could start with any of you.

Savanna Sirles
Blueberry Moment 8023
It started with a knock on the door. Who was knocking on the door at 8 o’clock in the morning? Then, our friend came in and her and my grandma got ready to go clean trailers so that people could move in. I offered to help, but then Melissa came up stairs and said that we were going to the park later. I could go to the park or go help my grandma and friend. I chose to go help and afterward our friend said that she was happy I came and helped which made me happy to help.

Blueberry Moment 8024
What I did for my Blueberry Moment was write a caring letter to my bus driver. After I wrote the note I wrapped it around the card ready to give it to my bus driver the next morning. After I gave it to him he said that it made him feel happy; and with those few word from him I realized that it doesn’t matter how big the deed as long as it make someone happy!!!

Heavan Hilal
I was in Walmart and there was an old lady behind me and my mom. So, my mom asked, “Hey Heaven, let’s let this old lady in front of us and give her a Blueberry Card. So, I let her in front of us. She was so happy. She said thank you but what do I do with it? We told her to pay it forward.

I went to school and I had one of my cards. So, I decided to write a note to a friend. I wrote a note to my friend, Jillian. She asked why did you give me this card and letter? I said, “It’s for the Blueberries. I said pass it on and so she kept passing it on. She read it and she was smiling.

I always hold the door anywhere. At school, at home, in stores, in public. But the other day, I had to keep opening doors. Someone said you need help? I said no here is something. I grabbed one of my cards from my mom. I Kept opening the door and kept letting the elders go in first and the younger people go second.

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