Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center Blueberry Ambassadors complete random acts of kindness to ‘change the world a little bit at a time’

Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center, coordinator Jaime Cramer

Arieonna Fletcher
I helped my mom. I cleaned the whole house for her before she came home from her trip to comic con. She was so happy when she came home she actually didn’t have to do anything on that day. I felt really happy when my mom could actually sit down and spend time with me. Normally, she never has time to spend with me because the house isn’t clean. The week before she went on her trip, I helped my mom and my friend helped me too. We did the laundry for her because my mom only got 3-4 hours to sleep when she was on the phone talking to her friend we said let’s clean for your mom. So, she can get some more sleep than she normally gets. My mom told her friend then that night me and my friend got a treat that night because of the random act of kindness my mom said to us thank you that was the thing I just needed today. My mom had a big slime on her face.

My other Blueberry Moment was helping a classmate clean up his mess of paint that he spilt somehow. He was very happy that I was helping him. I think that I made him happy and I think he will spread his happiness so he will do random acts of kind nice to. 

Ben Bryant
I was walking up to Grand Blanc Middle School on a Friday in October. I was planning on meeting my friends there. It was going to be fun. I really wanted to dance, and have fun. When I got there, I went to the gym, because I knew that Adam would be there. When I got in the gym, I was looking for him. He hadn’t gotten there yet, so I played some basketball. I played horse with some kid until Adam showed up. When he got there, he was wearing a Ferninand costume. He told me he was going to be Baymax, instead, though. He said it was too much money, so he went with Ferninand. We shot around a lot. We saw David. He played with us, too. After all of that playing, I decided to get something to eat. I got some food and drinks for all of us, and I didn’t have to. I got four skittle packages, and four Mountain Dews. When I got back, Cody was there. I felt bad that I didn’t give him anything, so I gave him mine. We all talked, and had a good time. We went on the dance floor in the cafeteria. It was fun. The songs were lame, though. The one thing that I thought about after was how I didn’t think twice on giving Cody my food, so he could have some.

One time I was at Chuck E Cheese. I was with my friends, Vadina and Cordy. We were having fun. We all were playing this game where you had to drop a ball in a slot with a number, and if you land it in the slot with a number, you get that number of tickets. I won at least 5000 tickets. I walked over to Vadina and Cordy. I could tell that they didn’t have that many tickets, so I gave them mine. They didn’t say thank you. 

David Winstead
At the Halloween dance a couple months ago,I did a Blueberry Moment. At the dance, theres a dance floor and a basketball court. Me and my friends were shooting hoops and we went to the dance floor and one of my friends did not have money for one of the snacks I had moneyon me that my mom gave me. I gave the rest of the money to him to get one ofthe snacks and my friend said thank you for that. It made me feel warm inside.

Another Blueberry Moment was when my mom came back from doing all her errands and cooking me dinner. I thought since she is having a bad day, I can fix it and I did the chores without her asking. After all that, I got a hug from her and after I felt so good doing my chores and having my mom happy again.

My dad works as a mechanic and he works on cars all day long in his barn. I love to work on cars and he needed some help with one of the cars. I come out there and helped. It took me like an hour and after my dad said thanks, I hugged him. Now we have a better relationship. 

Dylan Tyburski
I helped my friend, Cayden with his math when he was stuck on it. When I saw him struggling, I asked if he needed help. He said yes, so I helped him with his equivalent ratios worksheet. When I was done helping him, I was happy and encouraged. I was happy because I cleared up his confusion, and encouraged because I would be happy to do it again. The same thing happened about two or three weeks later. But that time, I didn’t give a Blueberry Card because I knew he already had one.

Another thing I did was I let my friend, Hadi, have a turn to paint the car for our Christmas play. I saw him waiting for a turn to paint the car. He was just standing there patiently waiting. He also looked like he really wanted to do it. So when I said, “Here, you can have a turn.” Then he replied, “Thank you!” And he happily started painting. When I saw him painting, I felt proud and happy to do something like this again. When it was finally done, it looked really cool. It was a big black car.

Carriage Town was a shelter for homeless people. What I did was that I helped bring giant mattresses into a house across the street. With help from my friend Cayden, we got to carry a bunch of them! When I finished job, I felt happy and very proud. Helping a shelter with homeless people made me incredibly proud. Me and my class all did this random act of kindness. Boys got to do the mattresses and the girls got to make lunches for the people there. 

Gary Gammons
I helped my mom with her job at the school cleaning things like apples and oranges and I felt good after that. So, I took out the trash and took out cardboard to throw away and it made me feel better because I helped someone out instead of just sitting there reading a book.

I was listening to my dad complain about how dirty our room was. So, I decided to let the rabbit run around the house while the dogs are put up and I dumped the rabbits bedding outside and then I swept were the rabbit cage was and put bedding in the cage. Then, I caught the rabbit and put it back in her cage and then I felt better because my dad doesn’t know how to open the cage either and he was happy and thanked me for it and I felt good because I did that.

I helped my mom carry and clean out our reptile cages and helped her feed all the lizards. I helped by holding the animals so she could clean their cages and I would fill up their waters. I felt good because then I got to hold all of my animals and also because so she didn’t have to clean and do everything by herself. My animals probably felt good too because their cages got cleaned and she didn’t even have to tell me to help, I just came over and just picked up the animal in the cage she was cleaning. 

Adam Taleb
In February, there was a homeless man on the side of a road by the store me and my mom were going to for groceries. The man had a sign asking for food and I asked my mom if I could grab some food for him and she gladly said yes. We left the store and gave him the food and he said thank you and said god bless us then I gave him my Blueberry Card and went along with my day. After that I felt happy the rest of the day and felt thankful for everything I have.

In March, I was with my friend. We were going to play basketball at his house but we were walking to his house and we came across one of his neighbor’s house that was being evicted. He had all of his belongings on his driveway while he was at work. Me and my friend kind of guarded his stuff and made sure no one was going to steal it and damage his property. We moved the basketball hoop and had some games to play while watching his neighbor’s property. Later that day around 7:00 pm, the man came back and thanked us for our good deed and told our parents about us saving most of his property from being stolen. I gave him my Blueberry Card and told him to encourage random acts of kindness and went on with my day then felt very productive and good that day. 

Madeleine Armfield

My class visited a Mexican party store for Dia De Los Muertos. We were all allowed to purchase something with the money we brought. When my friend wanted to purchase an item and she didn’t have enough money for the item, I paid for her item. I noticed that she was happy and that made me feel very happy too. She asked me if she should pay me back. I told her that she didn’t need to because I wanted to be kind and then I handed her one of my Blueberry Moment cards. After purchasing the item for her I felt very happy, I hadn’t done something like that in a long time and I enjoyed paying back with kindness. I thought that one of my Blueberry Moments could be bigger than that and I would feel even more joyful.

My next Blueberry Moment was smaller, it still made me happy to do it, though. One day at lunch my friend didn’t have enough money to purchase a bag of Cheetos. I decided that since I had enough money, I purchased her Cheetos for her, because I know that our school’s lunches aren’t very filling after having them for years, I decided to pay for her Cheetos. After I performed this small act, I gave her the Blueberry Card and told her to spread the kindness After I did this small act of kindness, I felt happy that I did something nice for her. I felt good seeing her happy that she got something nice and that I was willing to pay for it as others would not pay for her things.

This Blueberry Moment was my biggest and my proudest Blueberry Moment. My class and I visited Carriage Town. A volunteer center to help people in need. We took a tour and then we started volunteering. The boys in our class helped with moving mattresses in the bedrooms. The girls in our class worked on making lunches for people. We made about 230 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And there were about 50 mattresses moved around. The people who were supervising were very happy with what we had done. I handed one of those people my last Blueberry Card and told them to spread the kindness. I felt very good for these acts of kindness that I and others performed. This was a very good experience for me, and I can’t wait to participate next year. 

Ibrahim Ahmed
It was a Saturday, but I still woke up early so I could make it on time to go to the food pantry. I always love going to the food pantry and helping people who need helps. For starters, most of my friends go there so I could do two things that I loved, talking to my friends and helping people. When I got to the food pantry they were just opening so not many people had come. The best part about being a kid who goes to the food pantry is the fact that we do most of the work. The grownups just pack everything but we distribute it and help carry it to people’s cars. This one guy had come for not only himself but all his friends. I was surprised. Here was guy requiring help but he didn’t put himself first. He got all his friends then he got his own food so I decided to help him because his truck was far away from the place where we distributed the food. So, I told my friends to come help me lift all this guy’s food and take it to his truck. My friends all helped and soon all this guy’s food was in his truck. When we were going back we were all so happy and were laughing over who carried the most bags and who was the fastest.

My second act of kindness was small but it made me just as happy. On Halloween, we went on a field trip to an old folks home because they liked it when they give kids candy. We were walking through the halls having really fun and I saw this one old lady struggling to open a package of mint chocolates. I went over to her and opened the package for her. After that I was even happier thinking we came to make them happy why not help one of them.

My whole class went on a field trip to Carriage Town. Carriage Town was fun because we got to have fun while working. The work we did in Carriage Town was carrying mattresses to one of the houses they owned for storage. It was really fun because everyone was working together and joking around while working. At the end when we were all done we were really happy. 

Jewel Rook
For the Blueberry Moment, I helped my grandma out for the whole day. I helped her clean out some stuff. Then, I cleaned the dishes after lunch and dinner. When I was leaving she said, “Thank you so much you made my day.” The reason I chose this is because I wanted to do something nice for the elderly and something I would feel good about after I did it. Doing this act of kindness made me feel like I was doing something to change the world a little bit at a time. I learned that if you do something nice for someone you love will make you feel good. I understand now why people do acts of kindness for no reason.

My second act of kindness is when I helped my sister set up her computer. I helped her make her account and everything that goes with it. When I was done she said, “Thank you so much, without your help I would have never been able to set it up.” Hearing that made me feel good because I did something that really made someone filled with joy. The reason I chose this act is because I knew she was having trouble and she needed help and I thought I should help her and make her day. What I learned from this is that when you do something nice for someone, they will pass it on and then kindness will get passed around the world and that makes a difference. 

Cayden Loomer
One random act of kindness was me helping my sister with her homework. I decided to do this because she was having a hard time with it. When my dad tried to help her, she would say “I don’t get it!” or “This doesn’t make sense!” Since she seemed so frustrated, I decided to help her and I think I did good helping and she got a little frustrated but it went great!

Another one is that almost every day I say good morning to my bus driver in the morning and when I get off, I say bye and have a good day! I decided to do this because I thought that it would make her happy that she got greeted every day so it seemed like a nice thing to do.

Another one is that my whole class went on a field trip to Carriage Town and what we did there is we helped make new places to live by taking mattresses and putting them in a house across the street to make places to sleep.

I was talking to my friend and he was wearing a tuxedo and it was black I told him it was very nice and he said thanks and we talked for a few minutes. I remembered I had those Blueberry Cards in my wallet and I gave him one.

About two months ago, I went to a wedding and I was talking to the bride’s daughter she was wearing a pretty dress and she liked my tux. Qe were friends and me and her had to walk together for the ceremony. My dad was the best man so I’d stand next to him at the end. I gave her a card and she ask what it was so I told her to look at the back of it she read give one, take one.

So, me and my friend DJ were at Funpalooza. We were buying some snacks and he ran out so I gave him all the money in my pocket. It was a twenty and I asked him to get me a pizza and diet coke. So, he gave me back some of my money and we walked to the table. When we walked to the gym, people were playing basketball. When we started playing, he fell and I helped him up. He said thanks and I gave him a Blueberry Card.

Jasmine Kinzer
My class took a trip to a homeless shelter to help out people in need. The homeless shelter was called carriage town. We got to do many things to help them soon to get back on their feet. We did many things like: help make sandwiches for them for lunch, we got to go see where we can donate things, also we helped carry beds backup to where they sleep. Then after all of that. we checked out things they do there.

I helped my mom with my brothers and sisters when she was sick. I did things like help cook breakfast and dinner when she could not get up to do it. But not only did I help my siblings, I also did things for my mom knowing that she could not do much because she was sick and not in good condition at the moment.

I helped my sister do her chores when she got sick and she could not do them. So, I had to step up to the plate to get her back on track so does not get her allowance or anything. I did it for her so everyone would have their chores done and she would not have to go back and do them. After doing everything and helping others, I feel like there were a whole lot of stress lifted off of me because knowing that being kind to others can make a change I think that more people will start seeing the true meaning of kind and help out doing more the going off of a card, and help way more than you think. 

John Pringles
Me and my dad were going through the Tim Horton’s drive thru and I thought about Blueberry Ambassadors. I asked my dad if I could have a couple of dollars to pay for the person’s order behind us. He said yes and on our way out, the car pulled up and asked why we did that. I simply responded that I am doing random acts of kindness.

My dad has a stage three type of cancer and one day my dad was very sick and I had a whole day planned with my friend, Madden. When he came over to get me to go to Urban Air, I asked him if he would stay home with me and take care of my dad. He said yes and we spent my whole day with my dad and we took care of him and we still got to play when he was asleep.

Me and my youth group went to Riverside Church in in Flint. We gave out food to anyone who came and needed food could get it for free. There was one other youth group there from up north and we all helped sort foods. We had so much fun. At about 2:00 pm we started serving food to all we people who were there. A group named Life Challenge was there and they were such a help. 

Lucas Haviland

In January, my mom had to go to the emergency room. My mom had a kidney infection and was really sick. She was able to come home from the hospital on medication to help her but she had to rest for a few days. So, I did the laundry and cleaned up the house for her as much as I could. I also did the dishes and put clean laundry away. I know this was a big help to my mom because with nine of us in one house it is easy to get behind and hard to catch up.

My little baby sister wasn’t feeling well and was really clingy. I wanted to give my parents a break and help take care of her. So, I stepped up to the plate and tried my best to make her happy. I calmed her down, held her, played toys with her, and I also made her a fun dinner. My parents said that I did an excellent job with my little baby sister. I wanted to help my parents so they could have a break.

We got a brand new Dalmatian puppy the end of January! I was really excited to take care of her and have fun with her. I just couldn’t wait! The day we got her was amazing, I was so surprised we actually got her! The first few weeks were kind of rough. She nipped and jumped a lot, making it hard to play with her. But I still did my best and helped take care of her whenever needed. I took her outside to go to the bathroom, fed her, played toys with her and laid with her to get her to sleep. I think it is important to show my parents that I love our new puppy and I will be responsible in helping to take care of her. 

Me and my class went to a homeless shelter in Flint. All the girls made Peanut butter sandwiches for the homeless shelter after I felt really happy to be helping people when I saw them come in and started eating them I felt so good for doing a random act of kindness for the homeless people to eat.

When I got home, I saw that my neighbor had many trash cans out and recycling bins. So, I told my mom that I was going to our next-door neighbor’s house. I went over there and grabbed all five of her trash cans and two recycle bins I put one Blueberry Card in one of her bins so she will also do a random act of kindness after I came back I felt so happy of putting that card in her bin I wanted to do more for her but that will be another time.

When my mom woke up after a little rest, she had to go cook for us but I said to my mom, “Mom sit down I’ll cook food,” so I looked in the fridge and found frozen fried rice. First I started to cook eggs. I grabbed five eggs and some black pepper and broke the five egg shell in a bowl and mixed it and poured it in after I made all of the eggs and fried rice I called everyone to dinner. When everyone started to eat, they all loved it and I felt so great and to happy. 

Mason Simpson
The first Blueberry Moment was at my cousin’s house. He was just beginning to learn to play chess and we both had a rook in position to take our king, I had three options, take out his rook and save my king, take his king and win the game or let him take my king, I decided to let him win and be a good role model.

The second took place at my friend’s house during a nerf battle. In order for our plan to work, one of us needed to be a distraction for another person to interrogate someone to get them from the window. When we went outside, I went in and got shot so my friend could get a shot from the window, we ended up winning the match because we made sacrifices.

At the Family Fun Fest, me and my friends wanted some hot cocoa from Biggby coffee, but they were all out, then I thought of getting some for police officers and firefighters who risk their lives for us every day! Me and my friends thought that was a great idea and ordered six coffees. It was very crowded and luckily, we each only needed to carry two coffees. Then we decided to start delivering coffees to everybody, we took a couple carts and put coffee on each cart, after the sales, we were so tired we decided to drink a couple ourselves! I think I like coffee more than tea now!

Gracie Pond
So me and my mom were in the store parking lot because we just got out of the store and had our groceries. Then we saw this elderly woman struggling to get out of her car, so then we put the groceries in the car then went to help her out of the car! We offered to get her groceries for her she said that would be great! We asked her why was she here alone with no help and she said that her nephews were going to help her but canceled the last minute! So, once we went into the store and got all of her groceries she thanked us and was glad we were here to help. Then I gave here my Blueberry Card and she read it and said so you’re a Blueberry Ambassador and I said yes then she said thank you little Blueberry.

When we were in the car going to the Henry Ford Museum for a field trip, I had Maddie and Jasmine in my car. Once we got there, we looked around the museum then we ate lunch then we went back to the museum and took a lot of pictures. At the end, we went to the gift shop and Jasmine didn’t bring money and neither did Maddie. So, I bought Jasmine rock candy and Maddie a ring pop. They loved it they said they would pay me back but I said no you don’t need to. They insisted to pay me back but I turned it down. 

Rowan Bacon
One Sunday morning, I decided to make my mom a cup of tea, peppermint to be precise. I knew how much honey to put in which is 1 scoop of honey and her favorite cup which is the white one with the K on it for her name. I poured the hot water it into her cup added one scoop of honey and put a little water in it to cool it down quicker. When she woke up, I gave it I also gave her the Blueberry Card to her and she loved it. She told me, “Now you can give me a foot rub while I drink.” After I did this random act of kindness, I felt like I just wanted to keep on doing it to make people happier.

We had a snow day so I didn’t have to go to school but I knew I would have to shovel. So instead of waiting for my parents to tell me to do it, I went out before they woke up and started shoveling. It was annoying but I kept going, that day it snowed like seven inches so it was harder, especially when I had to finish before my dad gets up to get ready for work. When I finally finished, realized that my dad’s car had frost wall of his windshield so I decided to do that to. I went inside and they were awake so I gave the Blueberry Card to my dad. I felt happy because I helped my dad go to work on time because I shoveled and did his windshield so he didn’t have to heat it up I also felt like I was going to get sore arms throughout the day.

I found out that the girl that had cancer at my old school had a Go Fund Me account and they were raising money for her. I asked my mom how we funded to her but then I realized that you can only pay if you have a bank account which of course I don’t because I’m 11 so I asked my mom if she would pay with her bank account and I would repay her with my own money. I couldn’t see the happiness of their family and even though it was only $20, I knew they would be grateful and happy because every little bit counts. I couldn’t put my Blueberry Card to them so I saved it for another random act of kindness. 

Skylar Boka
I helped my mom around the house with multiple chores, as she has recently been diagnosed with Micro Crohn’s disease, which makes her feel weak very quickly. I helped her cook dinner for my family, and I also helped clean up around the house while she took a quick power nap. I know my mom was happy about me doing something like that just to help out, and she showed it by thanking me profusely, and even getting some of my favorite jelly beans. I wasn’t looking for a reward for doing it, but it did raise my spirits even higher. I felt really good to help my mom out like that, because I know how sick she has been feeling lately, and I know how much she does for my family and I, and I thought it was only fair to repay her for all of the things she does. I also know my dad was happy that I helped around the house because that means he could focus on doing his work rather than trying to multitask.

This past week hasn’t been very easy for one of my friends mom. Her mom had recently gotten surgery and was bed bound for about a week now. The hospital has told her that she had to stay in this state for at least another week. I know that my friend’s mom wasn’t very used to this state of mind, as she’s usually running around and doing different things for her business, or even just for herself. Me and my dad had a good idea of making a lot of homemade chicken noodle soup, just to cheer her up a bit. It took us a little over an hour to prep all of the garden grown vegetables, but in the end we were very happy to do such a thing. Once the soup was nice and hot, we were able to put it in a large container, and I ran across my backyard to deliver the soup. Once I rang the doorbell, my best friend opened the door and was surprised to see me. Once I told her what the soup was for, she was smiling ear to ear. I gave her the soup and she ran inside to deliver to her mom. I didn’t hear what she had to say yet, but I knew that I had some sort of text coming my way from her. After about five minutes, I checked my phone again to find a text from my friend’s mom, and she thanked me profusely and how great this would make her feel. She then posted on her snapchat story and on her Facebook account a picture of the soup and how thankful and happy she was to receive the kind gesture. I know that she was happy about the kind gesture because she kept on sending me photos of how great the soup that we made was. I really hope that the soup raised her spirits, even just by a little bit, because I know how hard she was trying not to get ahead of herself. She is so nice to me and my friends, she even takes us different places on the weekends whenever she finds something we would be interested in, and while I was cooking the soup, all I could think about was how much she does for us and how happy I am whenever we are going somewhere. I know my dad was happy that I wanted to do that, and I know my friends mom appreciated it. I think that she will repay the Blueberry Moment with all of the community work that she does around the state. She does lots of volunteer work, and I always see her doing very kind things to her peers that she sees. I have no doubt that she will carry out the Blueberry Moment chain.

Two weeks ago, I went to a steampunk volunteer event where my job was labeled as a food runner, which means I would ask vendors for their orders, and when they gave me their order and money, I would run across the king’s village and go to the pub and get their order. At the end of a 10-hour shift, I had done a total of 11 food runs, and I knew the vendors appreciated the hard work because of how they acted when I handed them their food. This one woman was so appreciative that she let me keep the change from the food order. I enjoyed making their day a little brighter, and it was pretty cool doing something I have never done before. This was a little smaller of a Blueberry Moment, but I know that it was still appreciated. I enjoyed this experience, because I know it was a kind thing to do for other people, and I was happy that I had the chance to do this. I could probably write about three other times I volunteered at these kinds of events, but I ran out of Blueberry Cards to give. I am very happy to do these kinds of things, and I know that there will be many other moments to do things just like this.

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