Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center Blueberry Ambassadors feel proud of the impact of their Blueberry Moment

Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center, coordinator Jaime Cramer

My first Blueberry Ambassador Moment was when I carried up some storage from the basement before she got home. I decided to do it because I thought it will save her some time and I thought it was the right thing to do. I was at my grandma’s house and in the basement. My grandma was surprised and her face expression seemed proud. It impacted me by making me feel like a better person.

My second Blueberry Ambassador Moment is when I cleaned my grandma’s house without asking. I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do. I was at my grandma’s house again. She was surprised and excited. It impacted by feeling proud of myself for the thing to do that.

My third Blueberry Ambassador Moment is when I helped my mother clean the house I decided to do it because it was a nice thing to do. I was at my house and she was happy excited pleased it impacted by making feel better about my self

Alexis Manis
I helped my brother when he fell down and almost broke his nose. I decided to do it because he is my little brother and it was the right thing to do. My little brother reacted by crying the whole time and trying to push me away from him while I was trying to help him up off the ground. It impacted me because it made me think that you should always help anyone when they are hurt even if they do not want your help because they may not be able to do something by them self.

Joseph Lattimore
One fine Friday night, I was playing Fortnite with my friends and I told them that I was going to get the soccer skin. One of my clan members said I want that soccer skin. I. was feeling so bad because he kept saying, “my mom would buy me the soccer skin only if she had money in her account.” I felt bad so I asked him how happy would he be if I gave him the soccer skin? While I was playing my game, my mother came back home. When she came upstairs, she said I’m ready to buy it. So, I got off the PC so my mom could do all the work and put in her password and all that important stuff on my PC. When my mom finished putting in her code for buying the points, I noticed that when I got back into the lobby, there was only one in the lobby. So, I got into the item shop, click on a soccer skin, and I clicked on buy as a gift. I found K1 price then I gave him the soccer skin and bought it for myself. His reaction was so happy!  He was saying I owe you one and he was saying he almost cried. And that made me so happy for myself.

Benjamin Bryant
The first random act of kindness I did was when I raked the leaves in my neighbor’s backyard. They didn’t rake their leaves all autumn, so the leaves all built up until the start of April, so I had some work to do. It was very hard, but I had it all taken care of. All together, it took about three hours to clean them all up and bag them. My neighbors are really old, and they can’t do that stuff. I felt really good because they said they were glad that it was picked up. They offered me $20 after I was done, but I refused. I was really proud of myself that I took on that responsibility.

My second random act of kindness was when I got up early and made my brother breakfast. I know that sometimes he can really be a pain in the neck, but at the end of the day, I know that he loves me. I know he loves pancakes with a passion, so I just did that. I got up really early to get it done, because I also made him bacon. Since I go to school before he does, I had to pre-make it, put it on the table, and then leave for the bus. When I got home, during school, he made me a Thank You card with finger paints on it. I felt really happy to see him happy. That’s when I gave him my Blueberry Card.

My third and final random act of kindness was when I helped my grandpa clean his messy car. He had no idea I did this until I told him when I woke him up. I started at 8 in the morning, and started in the front seat. I even had to get out his vacuum to suck up all of the rotten cheerios and other disgusting stuff that was in there. In the back seat, the little pocket between where the seat ends, and where the seat belt is placed, I found old crayons, McDonald’s wrappers, and other disgusting things. After the job was all finished, I took a shower because I just felt icky. When I was done, I felt good about it, because I had done it by myself. He congratulated me for finishing the job, and I gave him my Blueberry Card. 

In 2018 after soccer practice, I asked my mom and she said yes so we went on to the road to Texas Roadhouse and the waitress showed us our sits and I sat down with my mom and I got  on my phone then I watched someone on YouTube and the waitress came back to ask us what we wanted to drink and I told them sprite and my mom told her coke and I said mom can I play the game when I get home. I noticed a guy that looked lonely and I felt so bad. Then my waitress came back to ask which food would you like and I said I would like steak and my mom said I forgot. I said, mom after we eat can I pay for that guy food and I the waitress came back and I said can I pay that guy food and my mom said you’re the sweetest child in this world and when the waitress told him that I paid for his food he looked at me so happy and when we left I started to cry.

On January 16, 2019, I did my first Blueberry Moment which was for my sister, Maddy. For my Blueberry Moment, I cleaned my sisters room and bought here a blow up money. I did this because she had a bad day at school. She just lost one of her friends because there was rumors going around about her and her friend believes them. So, I felt bad for her. For a chore, she had to clean her room. But I did it. I put a monkey on her fan, chocolate on her pillow, cleaned her flour and vacuumed. When she walked in, she turned her fan and the monkey went around and around and around. I am really glad I did this because she got over her friend and now, she made new ones.

On this day, my mom’s boyfriend’s daughter had her cousin, Lily over. That night, we slept on the trampoline. It was really fun and interesting. Every time someone would move, the whole thing would move. The next morning, we woke up and Lily had a bloody nose. It was all over the place. So, I helped her out and I helped her clean it. After a while, it was still bleeding. So, I helped clean off the trampoline and I cleaned up after them. She was really happy and glad that I did this so she did not have to risk getting a bloody nose again. 

On this day, I cleaned up trash on the side of the road in my yard. I cleaned up the trash that was spilled because the trash man missed the back and spilled it all over. So, I helped clean it up in my yard and others. Lots of people said thank you and that made me and them feel good. One specific person, my neighbor, had all the trash blow in her yard. So, I went over there and helped. I gave her the card and then said, “Pass It on.” Then I left. I turned back around and she had a smile on her face.

In October, I helped make food boxes for people who can’t afford food. To get a box of food, they filled out an online order form for the food they wanted and we put it into a box for them. It is a new organization that is called A Hand Up. When I got there, I went to the room where food was stored. We started right away. In total, there were 62 boxes (I only made 10-15). We helped because the only person who ran it was sick. The main reason I wanted to help, though, is that I like to help others. The next day I left school to help for a little bit. I had to beg my mom to let me go because it was taking place during school and I would be missing an hour and a half of school. She said I could, but it was up to my principal, Mrs. Hall. My mom asked her and she said I could. She said it was a great opportunity. I was so excited. The next day we went back to West Middle School. There were carts lined up for us to use to transport boxes. We waited until the people came to pick up their food. As they slowly came in, we helped them carry their food boxes and their choice of vegetables. We went in and out of the building carrying loads of food. Every time we helped a person get the box out to the car, they were noticeably thankful. It made me feel so good. I wanted to help again the next day, but that would be too much school to miss. It was a great experience and it made me feel good.

Blueberry Moment 3553
My friend was really sick and wasn’t in school for almost two weeks. I felt really bad for him and I knew what it felt like to be really sick because when I was younger I was always sick and had to get my tonsils out because of it so I thought to check in on him every once and a while. One day during school, another friend brought in cupcakes in a cone. My friend has an allergy to nuts and couldn’t have them. My other friend got Hershey bars for him but he wasn’t there. I told my friend I would take it to him that night. On my walk back to my house, I stopped at his house and knocked on the door. He answered and I gave him the bar telling him who it was from. He seemed happy and I asked him how he was. He still didn’t feel good and wasn’t at school for a while longer. It made me feel good because it made my sick friend happy.

Blueberry Moment 3552
It was a nice day while I was walking home from school. There aren’t many cars on the road so any car I saw was driving down the road had my attention. There was a dark blue almost black car driving down the road. As I was looking at it I realized that the driver side back door was open and it was slightly flapping around. When I realized that I tried to catch up with her car but I had my backpack on and it was weighing me down. Lucky for me, she stopped her car to talk to the mailman. I kept running to get to the car because it was still a little farther ahead of me. When I got to her car, she was about to get out. I told her “hey your car door is open” while out of breath. I then walk up to her door and closed it for her. She was happy thanked me and told me how nice I was. This whole thing made me very happy the rest of the day. I couldn’t stop thinking about her the rest of the day.

My first act of kindness was with my grandma when she was visiting. I held her hand to help her go up and down the stairs at home because she is very old, 75 years to be exact. She’s family, and it is my duty to help her. Not only that she’s highly asthmatic, but also her kneecaps hurt more while using the stairs. But, I saw her struggle with the stairs and I decided to help her to go down and up our steep staircase at our house. She said that she was very happy and thankful about my random act of kindness. I felt very good about myself when I helped her, helping people makes you feel proud and others, thankful. I learned that I should be more attentive around elderly people.

For my second random act of kindness, it was at my old school, Whispering Oak, in Orlando, Florida, while walking back into the school from our Physical Education class, I saw a woman carrying a big stroller who was struggling to get through the doors. When I saw that, I decided to go back, a hold the door for her so she could get inside. She had a bag full of stuff in her hands and I helped her carry it up to the office. She truly appreciated my help and thanked me. This impacted me by making me feel proud of myself for helping someone that day. 

My third act of kindness was very random. So, our car got stuck on solid ice on our driveway. I went out and took a golf club to try to break the two inch thick ice. I got a little bit, then it broke. I kept going through trial and error until I found my dad’s heavy snow shovel. It broke the ice and I kept going until my sister and mom could get inside. My family was very thankful and I even got a little gift. But they said that was very good of me to let them get out. Not only that, but I poured salt, and cleared out even more of the driveway. It impacted me by saying that everyone needs assistance at some points and you should help them, and putting yourself in their shoes to see what they need help with and try to help them and think of what you would do to solve their problem.

Lucas Haviland
My first Blueberry Moment is when I was at home with my siblings and my parents were not home. So that meant someone had to watch the dog. So, I stepped up to watch her. She’s only one and a half and can still act like a puppy sometimes. She likes to chew things and counter surf. I watched her for a few hours, she kept me very busy. Then my parents got home. When they walked in the house they asked, “Who is watching the dog?” and I said, “Me.” My parents weren’t expecting me to watch the dog because usually my older still Avery watches her. They were surprised but very proud of me

My second Blueberry Moment is when my parents and siblings were having some trouble teaching my dog Aurora some training commands. My mom set up a training session with a local dog trainer and after the one hour lesson my mom instructed all of us kids on how to help train the dog. I was excited and really wanted to help, I wanted to make this easier for my parents and our dog. And that is exactly what I did. I repeated the commands many times on many occasions to my dog and she actually listened. I was very surprised. My parents were proud of me for teaching the dog the training commands. Now, my dog is better behaved.

My third and final Blueberry Moment is my relationship with my grandpa Mike, he’s a pretty special person to me. I like spending time at my grandparent’s house, they live pretty close to us. When I visit, I try my best to help my grandparents, especially my grandpa with anything he might need help with. I like to help him wash windows, pick up sticks, clean the shed, and put bikes away. Helping him makes me happy, knowing I am helping him and making things easier for him is a nice feeling to have. I know my grandpa appreciates my help, he always says gives me a hug and tells me thank you. 

When I went to Florida my sister couldn’t because her friends had a ton of birthdays at that time. So, me and my dad drove to Florida. Then when we got there me and my grandma went to the mall and I had a Ulta card and so we went there. And when we got in there I decided to get Elizabeth something and I got here an eyeshadow pallet and a highlighter. Then the next day we went to the flea market and I though makeup wasn’t enough so I also got here a bracelet it was gold and it had the word strength. When we headed back to Michigan, I gave here the pallet and the highlighter and the bracelet. Her reaction was great she loved it and she was happy she said thank you.

What I did for my first act of kindness was helping take care of my mom’s friends guinea pig over winter break. I decided to help with this task because mom brought him home and I wanted to help out almost like the guinea pig was a baby to me. I was at home when we took care of buddy. She was thankful and please and we managed to get him to roll in his ball because he hardly ever does. I felt I was more comfortable to take care of animals like that such as Rabbits/Bunnies and Hamsters

I washed all the dishes for my mom and dad so they could get a break. I also did the same thing for my grandma because she made dinner for us when we were over at their house for a bit and she got tired so I cleaned the dishes for her. They were proud of me and my grandma was thankful. The experience made me feel proud and happy 

I helped my sister with homework when she had trouble understanding the problem. I decided to help her because I know that math can be a bit tricky sometimes and my mom usually helps her and I thought this would be nice of me to do so. She thanked me and me and my sister get into many arguments so a hug really made my day as much as helping her with the homework made her day. It made me feel happy and proud.

Adam T.
My first random act of kindness was taking out my neighbor’s trash for him. He sat it outside his door for the day and I brought it down to the dumpster. I left a Blueberry Card on the little brick part by his window, He found it but didn’t know who left it. I went to his door a day later and showed him the rest of my cards that I had. He thanked me and laughed as soon as he realized that it was me who did the good deed for him.

My second random act of kindness was last month when my friend, Gary was having some troubles at home. He was having a tough time with stuff at home and when I was over to hangout I helped him clean some things outside in his yard. That day, he didn’t feel the best but I spent some time with him to make him feel better, later on we jumped on the trampoline and when we went back inside that’s when I did the random act of kindness, I took the trash that we collected out and left him an extra charger on the couch with a Blueberry Card tucked in it. The whole day was great and I feel good knowing I helped my friend out.

And finally, my last random act of kindness, I cleaned out my whole house when my mom said she was going to go out of town for the day. She went to Detroit with my sisters to go and hangout, and when they were gone I took care of all the trash in the living room and folded all the clean clothes. I cleaned out our bathroom as well and left a Blueberry Card on our doormat. My mom came home later that night and came in my room when I was sleeping. When I woke up the next morning, I looked out of my room to see a full plate of breakfast with a sticky note by it that wrote how I should have a good day.

London Herbert
My random act of kindness wasn’t huge but it helped someone. My random act of kindness was reminding someone about their homework. I chose to do this because I hate bad grades and so did she, so to avoid her forgetting I have been reminding her of homework. We were in school and I asked her if she finished her homework, and she said, “No, I forgot about it.” And I thought I will remind her every morning before classes so she can try to finish some, this made her thankful for me reminding her. After this happened it made me feel happier and wanting to help more people, even in small ways.

For my next random act of kindness, I offered to train the neighbor’s dog for free. My neighbors have a dog named Scout who pulls whenever she goes on a walk, so I offered to help train her so she wouldn’t pull every time she goes on a walk. This all happened in my subdivision and it made the person very happy when their dog started to not pull as much. This made me feel happy, and accomplished and made me want to help out more than I did.

For my third and last random act of kindness, I deep cleaned our whole house. I chose to do this because my parents love a clean house but have been really busy. So, I decided I would help out and clean. My parent’s reaction to this was they were happy, thankful and excited to have a clean house and fluffy carpet. After I cleaned the house I wanted to clean more to make my parents happy and create a happier environment.

You don’t know this but my dad is not an organized guy. I usually don’t like to ride in his car because it is usually filled with crumbs, food spills and coffee spills it also has a bad smell. So, I decided to clean it out myself at home. I went to the garage got the extension cord and the shot vacuum and got to cleaning. After I was done there was still the bad smell so I grab a extra new car scent from the other car and hung it in my dad’s car. The first thing my dad did when I told him about what I did was go out to the car to check if I actually did it. After he saw his car clean, he was in the best mood for the rest of the day. He even let me play video games. After I was done, I found a new thing that I thought was fun. It’s a weird thing I like but cleaning a car was actually a little fun. I also found a way to play videogames and also a way to make my dad in a good mood. 

One Saturday, I asked my dad if he could take me to our uncle’s house because last time we passed his house, I saw him out raking leaves and weed walking by himself. Since my uncle is a little old, I thought he shouldn’t be doing that all by himself so that’s why I wanted to go over. My dad knew my uncle was out of town so he took me over. When I got there, I was a little overwhelmed with all the leaves in his huge front yard and the weeds in there parking lot. But it didn’t stop me from raking his whole back and front yard. After I was done raking, I grabbed the weed whacker and wacked for an hour straight. Once my uncle got back from his trip, he called me and was super happy I could imagine him in a huge grin. This made me more willing to do hard work because afterwards you feel strong inside and that you can make a difference. 

For my third random act of kindness, I gave homeless man 15 dollars of my own money. I decided to do this because I felt bad for him. I gave him the money outside of Kroger. He was a little confused when he saw us walking towards him but when we gave him the burger he smiled so hard I couldn’t see his lips. Now that I did It made me want to give out more free food. It was a great feeling giving someone something they need for free.

One nice thing I did was last week I was going to my friend’s house and my lizard Blue (he is an Argentine black and white tegu) and I brought him over to surprise him because all my friends really like him I brought him with me my friend was excited to see him and I was happy because I got to go to a friend’s house and it was a good time.

Another nice thing that I did was let my friend spend the night because he had mice in his house and it was nice because I got to hang out with my friend and jump on the trampoline and get double jumped.

Another nice thing that I did was when my friend got knocked down playing football, I went over and helped him up I felt good because he probably would’ve gotten trampled so I felt good helping him up.   

Blueberry Moment 20010
What I did was, when my grandma was moving I helped her move by taking the boxes and packing things up to put them in the trailer. I decided to do this because it would be helping my grandma who has done so much for me. We were at my grandma’s old house. They were happy that I had come to help them. This experience impacted me in a way that told me I had done the right thing even though I was sad she was moving.

Blueberry Moment 20020
Another Blueberry Moment was when I gave the lady at the desk a homemade slice of cheesecake. I decided to do this because she is always so nice to me when I come down for parent pick-up and always helps me when I need stuff. I was at school when I did it. At first, she was surprised, and then she light up with happiness and the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. This impacted me in a way that wants me to go down and see her all the time and help her when I can. 

Blueberry Moment 20230
I went to hill road grill and payed for a nice couples dinner. I did this because when I saw them I thought that it would be a great final moment and I had the Blueberry Card so it was all set up. I was at Hill Road Grill. They were happy and glad to see me helping and paying for their dinner. This impacted me in a way that says I should do it more often and try to spread more kindness like that throughout Grand Blanc.

Katlyn Schweiter
In January, my grandma was taking us home in her car. When we got to my house, the driveway was all ice. My grandma could not get up the driveway so she told us to go inside. I decided that I would help my grandma, so instead of staying inside I put my backpack inside and helped her clear the driveway. I did this because she is older and I knew it would take her a while to do it. When we were done, she said I was very responsible and mature. That impacted me so much because my grandpa was having a hard time with his back and she just had a lot of things going on. 

My sister and I were out on an adventure in the woods. It was really wet on the ice so we put on our mud boots. As usual, we splashed around a lot. This time was different though my sister got freezing water in her boots. I knew I had to do something even though she said I didn’t have to, I picked her up and threw her boots to shore. She was kind of scared because it was icy and there were 4 inches of water above the ice. I did it because it felt like the right thing to do also I didn’t want her to get athletes foot. Athletes foot is where your feet get to wet, it is called athletes foot because most athletes get it from sweating in their feet. 

I was at my house in the woods and my sister was very thankful even though she felt she could have made it. The experience impacted me the most in my heart because then I had earned her trust. In school, a girl in my class was almost having a panic attack because her entire group was either in the office or talking to their friends. So, I decided that I would help her with her project. She was super thankful because the project was due the next day. It inspired me to do more good things that help others because seeing her not as stressed made my day.

The first thing that I did was help my elderly neighbor carry his groceries up the stairs. I was just having a rough day so, I just said, “Hey! Mind if I help you carry that stuff up for you?” He said, “Sure! It’s nice to see a nice young black young fella with manners!” With the brightest grin on his face. This was in my apartment so there were stairs. I didn’t want to have him struggling with these groceries. This impacted me because, I had just been recognized in a good light, and it felt great.

This Thursday, there was a kid in my class named Lucas. Now, Lucas had just created his documentary and wanted to edit. He had no experience whatsoever. So, I showed him the editing software that I use and some basic things to help improve his video. I ended up doing this documentary for him. I owed him from saving me from getting hit by the side of a bus. He thanked me a lot. It impacted me knowing that I had just prevented my friend from getting a bad grade on his assignment.

Another one was a kid named Michael. Me and Michael were getting of the school bus heading inside to Perry. I saw the bus more while trying to turn. Luckily, since I was standing by Michael, grabbed him away from getting hit. He still owes me but, I will call in the small favor later. This impacted me just knowing I prevented something that could have left a huge emotional scar. 

This last one makes me smile every time I look back at what I did. So, we are in gym and me and my friend, Marie were doing tricks on the mat. Well she failed a one-handed cartwheel. So, with the energy I had left. I caught her before she could hit the ground. This impacted me because, now she knows that she can rely on me for anything.

For my first Blueberry Moment, I made cookies for the teachers because they do a lot of work for us to get our education. The teachers were very happy because I showed that I cared about them working hard for us. I did this because I thought it would be nice for the teacher to know that I care about how much time they spend on us and how much work they do. I felt really good after this because teachers know how much I care about my education and how much time they spend on teaching us the stuff we need to know.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided to help old  people out and put their groceries in there in their car for them. When I did it they were so happy, I was happy to, I decided to do it because old people were struggling with putting their groceries in their car. How the experience impacted me was that I want a lot more people to help other people more and I learned that I like helping without others knowing I am going to do that good thing for them.

For my last Blueberry Moment, I decided to help my neighbor to clean up their yard because it was a big mess from the winter time. So, I helped rake up the leaves and she was not expecting me to help her with her yard. She was so happy and she said it took less time to pick up her yard than normal. When I was done, I was so happy because I made a difference in the world and made someone else feel different in a good way. When I make someone happy I feel even better because I know they will pass on the happy nice to other people who are having rough times or who need help.

One random act of kindness was that I had put my Chloeys away by myself and cleaned me and my sisters bathroom because my mom has a job now and she is very tired when she gets home and clean up after us on the weekend that is why I did that. I felt very responsible for myself because I have never done that before and I reorganized my clothes. 

Another one I did is that my sister had a performance on Thursday so I bought her flowers after she was done with it. I had decided to do this because she did really good and we went to the same school so I had done everything mostly she would do and one thing we did during the year was a dance and I did not like it but she did the same one and she did very good on it. It was kind of funny when I gave the flowers to my sister because she doesn’t like flowers.

One last one is that after work my mom is really tired. Since she is tired, I offered to massage her feet. I decided to do this because she is really tired when she gets home and she walks around a lot at work. I felt really good to make someone happy.

For my Blueberry Ambassador Moment, I decided that I was going to bake some sugar cookies and to take them to the GB fire department because I wanted to thank them for everything they do in the community risking their lives to try and save others. There were three different types of cookies, Snowmen, snowflakes, and Christmas trees, and stockings. And three dozen cookies in total. After I got them all frosted I had my mom drive me over to the GB fire department and so once we got there they happen to open one of the garage doors and so we were able to give the cookies to them. They were so happy and one of their daughters is even in Mrs. Hardiman’s third grade class at Perry, which is the school that I go to.

Blueberry Moment 20351
For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided to help my 74 year old grandpa pick up large sticks that had fell into his yard, the reason I did it is that the sticks have to be picked up in order to mow the almost one acre yard. I did it because I knew he would have a harder time on his own especially with his back which is not the greatest for bending over to pick up sticks that ranged from large to small. When I did this, I was at my grandpas house but while I was over there, I went into the backyard and started to pick up sticks and I was going to help his neighbor but he had already cleaned his yard. My grandpa was really happy and really appreciated it. The experience impacted me by me realizing that picking up sticks is a lot of work even though it may not seem like it. It also made me realize that it would have probably been even harder if my grandpa had to do it by himself.

Blueberry Moment 17503
For my third Blueberry Moment, I decided to help my friend with an important documentary project which is a summative grade. I decided to do it because I knew that they could use some help and I had some materials that they could use like a makeshift green screen and also I was good friends with them. I was at school at the time when I told her I would help her record and use the green screen for her documentary. My friend was actually really happy and even recorded mine while I read my script. The experience impacted me by showing me that even if you have to do something you can always make time to help others in the process.

John McLead
Blueberry Moment 20301
What I did was that I went to the bricks to give food the poor people I made hot dogs and wrapped them in tin foil. I decided to do it because it was the right thing to do. There were many homeless people there so I taped the Blueberry Card on the bottom of a foil wrap. Everyone was so happy that they got a big meal. I was very happy that I did this moment because it was the right thing to do. And if you do something good, something good will come back at you 10 times better. And if you do something bad, something bad will come back at you 10 times worse

Blueberry Moment 20302
I was at my church helping with Easter decorations. I decided to do it because it was the right thing to do. The people at were very excited for the day because the whole church was decoration.

One day, I got off the bus and said goodbye to my bus driver and saw that the trash and recycling bind out so I grabbed the plastic and trash all around the binds that fell out when the dump truck grabbed them and brought them up the driveway at my house and put them by the garage. My dad was so grateful that I brought them up so it was less work for him. He was so surprised that I did for him. It made me feel good and felt I did it for kind ness

Every morning, I say good morning to every one I see to make them feel happier. Some people where felling down, so I said good morning and that really made their day. I was at school they all love how kind I was the experience has impacted me to do more good things.

I helped my mom clean up outside. I helped clean up the front yard and backyard. I helped clean up the side of the house, and the curb. We picked up stick’s and filled up some lawn bags. I decided to help her because she needed help and because I appreciate her. My mom was very pleased that I helped her, because it was a big job and she needed help with all the work that needed to be done. I was very happy that I did that because I like to help my mom all the time with all I can.

I helped organize with a get together after school. We put together a slime making station, food table, and also activities in the gym. I volunteered with a group of kids to put this together,

With adult supervision because I thought it fun to put this together with a group of kids. We were in the Perry Center gym, cafeteria, and anywhere else I was needed. My peers had so much fun, they all seemed to enjoy the evening and I had a blast helping put it together. I enjoyed getting together with my classmates to plan it out and I hope to help in a group project again soon.

I helped my dad temporarily move to Pakistan by cleaning and box stuff and dust stuff too. I wanted to help him because I knew it was a big job so I asked him if I could help him and he said yes. He was very pleased because I helped him clean and box stuff and put stuff in his truck and vacuum the rooms when they were empty.

Perrin Fletcher
The moment I had was when I help my friend clean his yard that had rocks and bricks in the ground. My friend could not come to my house because he had to dig out rocks and stones and burn leaves and burn sticks. This all took place at my friend’s house. My friend was surprised because he thought I was not coming to his house to help. This was a really good experience it made me really happy in the end. This whole thing took four days.

Trevor Fuhr
A friend of mine, Madison, was shoveling the driveway and I felt like she could use a little bit of help, and I went over there and started to shovel with her and she said thank you. I said you’re welcome. Then, she tells me that she was doing it for her parents, and I thought that was very nice of her so basically we were spreading kindness. I decided to do it because she is a friend of mine and I just wanted to help out and there was a lot of snow. This experience impacted me because she said thank you and she was surprised by it and I was happy because I did something good and nice and kind. 

I opened a door for an elderly woman and she said thank you and I thought that it was a good thing to do. I decided to do this because she looked like she needed help and she couldn’t really lift a lot of things so I thought that it was a good thing to do. She seemed happy, she said thank you so I think that she was pretty happy. This experience impacted me because I thought that it was really nice and I am happy with the way she responded to me. 

I helped my mom do things around the house. I did it because I feel like she does a lot for us around the house so I wanted to help. She hugged me and said thank you. I felt very grateful.

I went to Feed the Bus. Feed the Bus is where you donate food and other stuff to poor people. I did it because I thought it was a boring Saturday that I could go out and be helpful. I even worked full time / 1 hour 30 min. I helped bring out food from people’s cars so they could be sorted and put on the bus so they could be delivered to poor people. The impact made me feel about all the people that could be fed. Even my mom and I donated as well. Mrs. Hall our principal said that I was doing very well.

I spent my own money on cat food. I looked at the Adopt-A-Pet website and saw their wish list of items they need. One of the things they needed was canned kitten food. This is how I chose what to donate to them. My mom decided to donate kitty litter to them as well. After that we went to the rescue center and the people were happy and amazed that I bought it. It impacted me by thinking about all the kittens that could be fed. We saw tons of cute cats. One of the cat’s name was Thor and he really liked me.

I went to Home Depot to find someone to help because I know at Home Depot, they have lots of heavy stuff. I found a man that had a heavy bag of fertilizer so I helped him put it in his trailer. When I asked to help, his reaction was very happy and I felt good helping him out. The experiences impacted me by making me feel good because I was kind to him.

Zeya Holden
For my first Blueberry Moment, I made my parents and little brother a lemon cake. I wanted to do it because I knew my parents were working hard, and I love my little brother, even if I don’t always show it. I started off at Walmart to buy extra ingredients, then went to my grandparents’ house, because my parents were going to get home soon, and I wanted it to be a surprise. I made the cake, and near 11:30 we got home. I took in the bags of groceries first, to make sure that nobody was anywhere to see me take it inside. My dad was there, and I asked him to go into the basement, which he did and continued to watch his TV. I brought the cake in and left it on my desk and went to say hi to my mom. My brother was a little sick from eating two lollipops and a bag of popcorn already. Well, around that time, I was starting to doubt what I’d done, because they’d wanted to spend time with me according to their phone call from them before going over my grandparents’, but my mom reassured me. I accidentally told her about the cake, and was disappointed with myself, but tried to stay on the bright side and told her she didn’t know the flavor yet! I called them both into the dining room, then got the cake from my room. They were really happy, and loved the lemon cake!

I helped my grandma put some jewelry on EBay, making the process a lot faster! She was very grateful for my help reading out the names and researching the price it could go for. It took around fifteen or twenty minutes with my help!We were eating and my brother wanted my cookie, but I denied, wanting it as well. I felt bad after he finished his cookie, and gave him mine. He was really happy, and thanked me gratefully. I felt great to have gave him something, even if I had wanted it myself.

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