Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center Blueberry Ambassadors hope to hold onto their Blueberry Moments forever

Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center, coordinator Vickie Weiss

David Malow
I said to my mom, “I have a great idea for a Blueberry Moment: we go to Starbucks and give a random person a Starbucks gift card,” to which she replied, “That sounds like a great idea.” Off to Starbucks we went. When we got there, we stood outside for a few minutes waiting. Then we went inside after a random woman. She tells the cashier what she wants and I tap her shoulder and say, “this is for you,” as I hand her a gift card and one Blueberry Card. She replied in such a way that made me want to do this every day; she said, “You are such a blessing, thank you!”

This moment happened at the same time as my first Blueberry Moment. I found a glove outside on the curb of the Starbucks parking lot. I put a Blueberry Card inside the glove before we walk inside and do the first moment. Now it’s my turn, so I order two peppermint hot chocolates and give the cashier a glove. I told her “I found this outside on the curb.” “Okay I’ll be right back, I’ll put it with the other lost things,” she says. “Keep the card inside,” I say, “so the person the glove belongs to knows that us Blueberries have her back.”

We got two hot chocolates and we drove to Sam’s Club to look for a cold bell-ringer standing outside. I tell my mom, “You go first with money, I don’t what it to look suspicious.” She gets out of the car with coins in her pocket and puts the coins in the bucket, then I get out and handed her a hot chocolate and she was very happy. She let me ring the bell, so I did that for a minute so she could drink the hot chocolate I just gave her, and she says, “I am Alicia Morton by the way,” and she gave me a hug. This was by far the one Blueberry Moment that I am the most pleased about.

Vivian Li
My family and I were at a hotel, eating dinner. The hotel had many restaurants and shops. My brother and my dad were still up in the hotel room and my mom was in the bathroom. The waitress came over and combined two tables together for a big family, but the chairs went flying. I went over there and corrected the chairs. The waitress saw me and said, “Thank you.” Even though it was a small deed, I liked doing it because it made me feel good and because moving chairs was actually pretty fun.

One of my friends had trouble with her 7s and 8s in multiplication. I asked her if she wanted me to help her with math at recess. She said yes and I brought flash cards to recess. At the end of recess, she was starting to get the hang of solving the 7s and 8s. That recess was actually fun and like recess not school.

One of my friends had trouble with her sevens and eights in multiplication. I asked her if she wanted me to help her with math at recess. She said yes and I bought flash cards to recess. At the end of recess, she was starting to get the hang of it. That recess was actually fun and like recess not school.

Haneen Shekh-Khalil
I was walking with my friend to the library in my school when two other girls from my class were behind us. My friend and I opened up the doors and walked through them. The door was about to hit the girls as they were walking through! I sprinted back and held the door for them. They thanked me and I felt good inside.

I woke up and my throat was hurting so bad. I could barely speak because my throat hurt so bad. I got to take the day off of school. I went back to my room after I asked my parents if I could take the day off. I slept for about two hours. I remembered that my mom has been sick since Thursday. I decided I would take care of my mother even though my throat hurt. I got her water when she needed it, I came to her whenever she called my name, and I helped her get things from the kitchen. I felt good inside after that. 

Jayana Mitchell
For my Blueberry Moment, my mom and I thought it would be a good idea to go to an assisted living home and hand out notes. So, my mom and I went to the store and got a bunch of candy and little gift bags. We packed them up and I hand wrote notes for each of the residents and the cook too. Then I tied them with ribbon to the bags. We went to the assisted living home where my cousin works and I handed them out to the residents. They seemed very happy and appreciative of it and it made me feel good to. 

Ty Watkins
Blueberry Moment 17586
My first Blueberry deed was to give my music teacher a thank you card with a Starbuck gift card inside. I decided to do this because she is the best music teacher I’ve ever had and it’s fun to do music with her. I bought this for her over the weekend and gave it to her at school on a Monday morning. She was very happy about the card and gift card and told me thank you. This made me feel happy because I was rewarding her for teaching me. 

Gabe Haviland
Blueberry Moment 17538
Over Thanksgiving break, I was discussing different ideas of service or ways of helping others with my Grandma Sue. We came up with the idea to write letters of gratitude to those individuals serving for us, for our country, overseas. I thanked them for their bravery, their selflessness and all they do to protect us. I wished them well and made sure they knew I was praying for them. Praying for their safety and well-being. Knowing how hard it must be for them to be away from their families during the holidays, I also wished for their quick return home. I thought this would be a nice random act of kindness because even though I do not know these men and women I still think of them, pray for them and want them to be safe. I think they deserve to know that others, besides their family and friends are thinking of them. They risk their lives for us, writing a letter of appreciation is the least I could do.

Elissa Cormany
One day, I decided to go to McDonalds with my mom to get hot chocolates. While we were driving to McDonalds, I thought about all the nurses at the hospital that do lots of hard work but never get appreciated. I decided to get some of the nurses hot chocolates. My mom pulled into the drive-through, and we ordered eight hot cocoas for eight hard working nurses. We then drove to the hospital. When we got at the hospital, we started to give out hot chocolates. At first, it was hard because I don’t know anybody that works at the hospital, but it got easier as I went. We gave the Blueberry Card to the first nurse that we handed hot cocoa to.

One day me and my mom went to Big Boy. While we walked in, I saw the toy machines where you put in a quarter and spin the metal handle to get a prize. I asked my mom for some quarters, and she said yes. But I was not planning on getting the toy for myself. I decided to leave the quarters in the slots so that another kid can find the quarters. I did that because I had remembered some of the times where my little brother and I asked my mom for quarters, and she had said no, so we then would turn some of the handles to see if anyone had accidentally left quarters. We were always saddened when nothing came out of the machine, so I decided to make another kid happy when they turn the handle. My mom and I left the Blueberry Card taped onto the machines.

One day me and my mom were dipping chocolates for Christmas and the mail carrier person suddenly showed up. We thought about what we could do for the mail carrier, and I remembered that it is not just the mail carrier that does not get appreciated, but also the people that work at the post office also do not get appreciated. So, I decided to make some chocolates for the people at the post office also.

Sophia Taylor
Today after school, my mom and I wanted to do something nice for a bookstore owner that is always doing a lot of work. She also has a cat and helps board kittens for Lucky Day Animal Rescue. So, we went to Starbucks and picked up a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie. After we left Starbucks, we went into Pet Supplies plus and got a $15 gift card for her cat Springer and to help the cats at the Animal Rescue. Once we got everything we were going to deliver to her, we hopped into the car and were there after about three minutes. Once I went inside to see her, I knew she didn’t know what was coming. I told her, “Here is a cookie and hot chocolate for you and a $15 gift card for Pet Supplies Plus. I’m also doing this for a project in school called Blueberry Ambassadors and it is all about doing the right this and being nice to others.” She said that she was going to cry because she was so happy. I could also tell that from her face, she was about to tear up. Doing that made me feel so good inside. Then she asked me a question, “Can I come around the desk and give you a hug?” Of course, I said yes and she happily walked around the table. When she let go, she told me that she was going to be so happy for the rest of the day and I thought that I was also going to be too. After that, I wanted to hold on to that moment forever. 

Isaiah Marble
Blueberry Moment 17558
I was going on a jog, and I usually have a Blueberry Card inside pocket of my sweatshirt. I had a sleepover at my friend Nathan’s house on the weekend of December 10th and 11th. So, I wanted to make it up to him. I walked half a mile to get to his house and then I went to his backyard. His mom texted my mom and said that she was going to be there in 15 minutes. So, I went to his backyard and did something for him. His mom said Nathan had to scoop the poop from their dog Bella because I spent the night. I thought that was not fair. When they got home, I was done so I went up to his mom as she was unpacking groceries. Then before I left, I unpacked her groceries. So, then I walked away with the best feeling ever. Better than anything that I have ever felt. Because of me, someone’s day is better. 

Madison Dunk
For my first Blueberry Moment, I went over to my grandparent’s house and raked their leaves. My brother, my dad and I grabbed rakes and went over to their house. We went into their backyard and started raking the leaves. Our grandpa came outside to help us rake but we told him that he should go back inside and that we could rake the yard ourselves without his help. When we were done raking, I gave my Blueberry Card to my grandma and she gave me and my brother candy. The candy tasted good but it was not the candy that made me feel good, it was knowing that I helped my grandparents.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I made Christmas cards for the army. I used glitter, glitter glue, glue, tape, gems, markers, colored pencils, a pencil, stencils, and glitter makers. The cards had drawings of Christmas trees, snowmen, stockings, presents and stars. “Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” were written on the cards. I put the Blueberry Card into one of the cards. It made me feel good to make cards for the army because they protect our country and citizens.

For my last Blueberry Moment, I made a card for my karate master.I used markers, colored pencils and glitter markers. I wrote, “Dear Master Husted, you are a great karate master. Aiden and I learn so much from you. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” I put my Blueberry Card inside the card.

Gavin Vorwerk
My Blueberry Moment was helping our school support field trips by raising money. It was not my whole class. We were told that we hadn’t raised as much money this year as last year so a few of us organized an out of school activity to help raise funds for PIC and our class trips. This guy dropped something on the way into Colony Market and I helped him pick it up, and opened the door for him. He then wanted to buy a raffle ticket. He asked all about our school and said we were very polite young men. I asked my mom for a Blueberry Card and she said, “Yes, do you want to give it to him?” I gave the Blueberry Card to him and we raised a lot of money. I wonder what he is going to do with it?

Hunter Clark
For my first Blueberry Card, I helped my teacher organize books at the McFarlen Library. I stayed after school and we got something to eat and then some of my classmates and I went to work on helping organize books. It was a lot of fun and it felt good to be able to help other people.

For my second Blueberry Card, my friends and I went around our neighborhood shoveling people’s driveways on our snow day. Even though we got very cold, we didn’t want to quit because we couldn’t let our older neighbors down. We didn’t want them out in the cold shoveling.

For my third Blueberry Card, my hockey team decided to help out the Salvation Army and help out kids in need for Christmas. My mom and I went to the store and bought a sweatshirt for a boy about my age and I can’t wait to give it to him. It makes me happy knowing this boy will get a present this Christmas and be warm.

Connor Williamson
The first deed I did was help decorate the Christmas tree at my mom’s work. I also helped by bringing Christmas decorations up from the basement at my mom’s work. I did this because I was bored doing nothing and I was willing to help so I offered. I asked, “Could I help with those decorations?” The man said “Yes.” I felt good doing this for someone. It felt kind and just plain out, the correct thing to do. 

Isabella Domenick
One day, I was driving around my neighborhood. My neighborhood has a lot of Little Free Libraries and most of them seemed empty. I told my mom we had go home right that instant. When we got home, I realized that I had a lot of books that I did not need. I got an empty box to put my books in. It turned out 75 percent of my books were put into the box. My mom and I went through my neighborhood and we put an equal amount of books in each Free Little Library, but we only put a Blueberry Card on one. It felt awesome that I was doing good in my neighborhood. It made me feel good inside because now I know that little kids will enjoy my books that have been loved by me, but now they will loved even more by little kids. 

Hunter Asbury
Blueberry Moment 17512
We were at Tim Hortons in October is when it all went down. I convinced my mom to pay for the people behind us because the people in front of us paid for a $1.75 of our order. I thought that was very nice so I thought I could keep the chain going. I gave the lady at the window my Blueberry Card so she could give it to the people behind us because we paid for them. When I paid for them, I felt happy because it reminded me of what happened to Phil Shaltz at McDonald’s. This is my second year being a Blueberry Ambassador and it still makes me so happy to do nice things for people. I have never had a card make its way back to me but I hope it will one day. This Blueberry Moment was one of my best so I hope it made the person we paid for especially happy. Doing Blueberry Moments like this make me extra happy because you don’t know if you made that person’s day so much better than it was. If that person had a bad morning, then you could have made their day the best one ever and that makes me very happy.

Georyeon Cannon
Blueberry Moment 17518
For my Blueberry Moment, I was at my friend’s house and we were playing his Xbox and his little sister poured all of his colored pencils and school work fell on the ground and then I said don’t worry, I’ll pick them up for you and he said ok thanks and after I was done I gave him the Blueberry Card and told him to read it. The next day, his mom told my mom that Ameir had given the Blueberry Card away to someone at his school also. After that, I felt so happy that I had done something good and made someone else do something good. This is my first year being a Blueberry Ambassador and I really like it so far. 

Birva Khunt
Every day, my mom helps a lady by cooking for her because she had a cesarean. I thought that was the perfect opportunity to help. The lady just had a baby so I thought I could play with the baby so the lady would have rest. So, every day after school, I would play with the baby for one hour. It was fun. I even learned a thing or two about taking care of a baby. The things I had to do was change her diaper, put her clothes on, feed her milk, and play with her. Changing her diaper was hard at first but, I got used to it. My favorite part was playing with her. Seeing her smile made me feel so happy like how a Blueberry Ambassador does when they do a good deed. I will try to encourage others that they can do more in life to help others, not just because they have to but, to make the world a better place. 

Genevieve Monterosso
I was over at my friend’s house because their mom was watching me. It became so late that we were planning to have dinner with them. My mom came over to pick us up. I asked her if we could pay for dinner because Mrs. Malissa watched me and she has been paying for dinner for a while. She said yes so we paid for dinner.

Audrey Cramer
For my Blueberry Moment, I decided to help my mom. I feel like my mom always cleans up and nobody else does. I cleaned up the house while my mom was at her meeting. I think everyone should help their mom without her telling you to clean up, or getting paid to clean.

Audrey Vanvalin
Myself and about 45 other people packed 600 boxes with lots of items for kids. We bought more than 600 hundred items. We bought so many so we could put 10 to 15 things in each box. We did this because there are some people in the world that don’t have anything. Like they don’t have parents or toys. We pack boxes for all ages and sent them across the world to kids that don’t have anything. It is called Operation Christmas Child! We do it at the Durant in Flint. It is so much fun!

Kallie Lloyd-Jones
Blueberry Moment 17550
Today, I was walking inside of Kroger when I saw that an old woman needed help carrying her groceries. I told my mom that she needed help. So, I walked over there and gave her a hand. After that she needed me to bring the cart to the doors. So, I did. When she was leaving, I gave her the Blueberry Card and told her to do a good dead and pass it on. Then I said goodbye, and to her to have a great day.

Rithvik Venisetty
Blueberry Moment 17580
When our class went to Covenant Hills this year, we went on boats on the lake. When we were about to be finished, one of my friends had trouble getting off his boat. So, once he got close to the shore, I tugged him in until he was able to get out of the boat. He thanked me and went on his way to put his life-jacket away. I felt great after that. Then another one of my friends had a bigger boat and he also needed help! But the problem was that it was a pretty large boat and the adults we supposed to handle it. Finally, with a lot of pulling, I finally got him to shore and he was able to get of safely! I felt good and relieved inside because we did this in fall and the adult said if anyone stayed in the water from four to five minutes, they would get hypothermia! Thankfully, I did not let that happen! That is one day that I basically saved a life!

Blueberry Moment 17581
When my dad and I were in line in the store to get a box of blueberries, a baby and her mom were in line and the baby was drinking out of a bottle. But then the baby dropped the bottle and started crying. The mother was looking for the bottle and could not find it. In the meantime, I was watching this and saw where the bottle fell, which was under the area where they put up candy and other small snacks. So, I bent over and gave her the bottle. She then gave it to her child and she stopped crying, she said thank you and I then gave her a Blueberry Card and told her to pass in on!It felt great when I helped that little girl (It helped my ears too)! I felt happy and wanted to keep it this way, so I helped my dad take the groceries into the car and into the house. I felt full of exuberance and a flow of energy was just telling me to keep being happy. That was a great feeling that I felt, which I haven’t felt in a long time! That was what happened on the day that my dad and I got a box of blueberries.

Blueberry Moment 17582
My dad and I were just coming back from a long day at an auto shop. We were almost home until we had to stop to see the mess. There were trash cans and recycling bins everywhere! Once we got into the garage, I got outside and got everyone’s trash cans where they were supposed to be. Then we got inside so we could get away from the crazy wind. I then made a card that told them what I did and put the blueberry card inside.The next day, I looked outside to see what was outside, and there was tons of trash in the yard. I then cleaned up most of the trash and put them in the recycling bin. I thought I was done but then I saw a piece of trash in a tree. I realized that he was inside a bird’s nest. I took it out and threw it in the trash and found out that the birds were not there and were somewhere else, which made me very relieved. That was what happened on that special, and windy day.

Lily Tyburski
My Blueberry Moment was when I helped someone when they dropped all their papers all on the floor. I was walking down the hall and there was somebody that was carrying a lot of papers and folders. Then, they dropped them all on the floor and they were scattered everywhere. I felt so bad that they dropped everything so my body dragged me over there to help her. When we were done picking up all the papers, the girl said thank you and that made me so happy because usually people don’t say that to me. The next day, I was walking down by my locker and then she wrote me a note saying thank you so much for you helping me pick all of my stuff again. Thank you. This was the best Blueberry Moment ever.  

Eli Ramos
Oddly enough, my Blueberry Moment is involved with REAL blueberries! My mom and I were on a mission to get in and out of the grocery store in 15 minutes. Seemingly, this would be a simple task, but with both a little brother and a little sister, everything we seem to do takes an eternity. Sometimes I wait in the car however this time I wanted to tag along. I went to the cart corral and got a cart for my mom, I noticed this small, frail, old lady having trouble disconnecting two carts, so I helped her. I pulled the carts apart for her and she was very grateful and told me thank you- it made me feel good to be able to help. I didn’t think too much about helping that sweet old lady with her cart because I naturally do whatever I can to help people that I see need a hand. Surprisingly, we were shopping at a pretty good speed this time with little distractions, mission IMPOSSIBLE to get in and out of the store in 15 minutes might be a mission POSSIBLE. My mom and I were checking items off our list, we went up and down all the aisles starting with frozen foods, now ending towards fresh produce. When I saw the end in sight, I also saw the extra long lines. The lines were so long because everyone was shopping for their Thanksgiving meals. It was madness, so I went and stood in a spot in line while my mom finished getting our apples and bananas. While I was waiting in line, I noticed that same small, older lady close to my mom in the produce area. My mom was not really paying attention because she was busy keeping my little sister and brother from touching everything. But I WAS paying attention, I was paying attention to that little old lady who looked like she needed a hand, again. It was a tough choice, we were next in line, I conquered the long wait… it was SO CLOSE to being our turn. Thinking about it, I knew that we could wait in line again, we wait in lines all the time and come out just fine. So, I left my spot in line and I went to the old lady. She was standing at the raspberry, strawberry and blueberry display, I knew it was going to be a perfect Blueberry Moment. I nicely approached the little old lady, being sure not to frighten her from behind. I asked her if she needed some help reaching the items she wanted. She looked at me and said, ‘young man that would be very nice of you, I need those last two cartons of blueberries.’ Even for me, the blueberries were a reach, however, I stretched out as far as I could, and I got the last two cartons of blueberries. She thanked me and said that her great-nephew was in town and she wanted to surprise him with his favorite – blueberry tarts. I was happy that I put someone else before me. I went back to my mom who was heading towards the checkout lane. I told her what had happened and she said, “Today, and all days, I am very proud to be your mom Eli.” That made me feel extra happy.

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