Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center Blueberry Ambassadors “make days a little easier” one Blueberry Moment at a time

Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center, coordinator Michele Hardimon

Roman Haviland
So, last summer my mom took my siblings and I on a day trip to the thumb of Michigan. We went to Port Sanilac to play at the beach and park and we stopped for ice cream at A&W, it was really good. We then headed to my mom’s hometown of Sandusky, Michigan. We have some favorite spots we really like to visit when we are there. One of them is the “Big Hill”, it is a large grassy hill in the middle of a two-mile walking trail. We like to run and roll down the hill. So much fun. While we were there the weather started to turn fast. It got dark, cloudy and it started to downpour. We ran quickly to the car. As we were getting in the car my mom noticed an elderly couple walking way down the path, and they were getting drenched by the rain. The older lady was walking with a cane and could not walk fast, her husband was walking right beside her. My mom said, “Do you guys see them? What should we do?” Without thinking twice, I grabbed one of our umbrellas from the car and ran as fast as I could to the couple. I got to them and handed the umbrella to the elderly man and said, “Here use this, it’s yours.”  He jokingly said, “Are you selling umbrellas?” and I replied, “No this is for you, keep it.” I smiled and quickly ran back to car.When I got back to the car, I could tell my mom was proud of me. It made me feel good to know I helped someone and made their day a little easier.

This is more like an everyday moment. I have a younger sister named Ivy, she is two and she is the best little sister. I really like helping and playing with her. She is really funny and says the cutest things. I like to get her out of bed when she wakes up, my siblings and I fight to be the first ones to her room to get her up. She is always so happy to see you when you open the door. I also like to play with her. She has a play kitchen with a ton of fake food and she loves to make pretend meals for everyone. I help her do this and then help clean up her mess afterwards. Another reason I like to play with my little sister is because I know it helps my mom and dad. She can be quite busy and into everything so I know when I play with her it helps to keep her busy and out of trouble. I really do like being a big brother.

This is something my siblings and I do every year, sometimes twice a year. We go through all our toys and clothes. We decide what we should keep and what we should donate. This can be hard sometimes for me because I get really attached to certain clothes, like I have a few favorite shirts and I would love to keep wearing them but they are just too small. So, I have to decide if I should keep them for my younger brothers or donate them. I also donate many of the clothes that I didn’t wear a lot because they are in good condition. Now going through my toys, especially my stuffed animals can be a difficult process. I can remember when, where and why I got each one. But I know I do not need them all and there are other kids out there who need them way more than I do. I usually talk about each toy with my brother Gabe, we decide if we should keep or donate, sometimes we just trade stuffed animals because we both really like them.I know that donating some of my items, like my clothes and toys helps other kids and that makes me feel good, doing something nice for others is something we should do everyday. Even little things make a big difference.

Nicholas Laird
I helped shoveled the driveway with my dad.

I helped babysit a kindergartner.

I vacuumed the whole house.  

Mason Jacobs
One day, I was walking home from school and I noticed a lot recyclable items everywhere. It had been blown around from the wind and out of the peoples recycle bins. There were recycle in people’s yards and on the road. So, I decided to pick it all up. I felt useful because I kept are environment clean and helped my neighbors on a cold windy day. I did it because I like to keep are environment clean.

It was a very snowy day. I have a neighbor, Mrs. Perkins who has a back injury and so I decided to shovel her driveway for free! My dad and I went over and did it together. It made her really happy and it made me happy too.

I found out a family friend of ours does not have a carbon monoxide detector. I was worried about carbon monoxide getting into their house and them getting sick or worse. So, my sister and I took our own money and bought one. I felt great doing this for someone and I hope they pay it forward too.

Katie Hargrave
Blueberry Moment 19950
My sister Molly is really sick and my mom didn’t get any sleep last night because she was taking care of her. I decided to help my mom take care of my sister. I read to her, cooled her wash cloth off and gave her cold water. My mama told me thank you and she said that she would pay it forward.

Blueberry Moment 19949
Our neighbors don’t have any family or friends around and don’t leave their house very much. The man had a couple of strokes a while ago and an ambulance is at their house a lot. I decided to give them a basket with soups, crackers, hot chocolate, cups, cookies, and chocolates to brighten their day! I left the basket with a note on their front porch. I wanted them to know that someone cares about them. 

Michael Smith   
Blueberry Moment 19981
I was going home and I saw someone’s garbage getting blown across the street. So, I picked it all up and put in all back in the garbage can. When I told him what I did, he was happy. 

Blueberry Moment 19980
So, one day I was going to drink my sister’s (and my) favorite milk with my cereal. It is 2% milk. Just as I was about to pour the milk in the bowl, I saw how much milk was left. There was only enough milk left for one of us. So, I put it back, and got the milk that I did not like for my bowl of cereal which was skim milk and she got the rest of the 2% milk.  

Vihaan Nayak
Blueberry Moment 19910
I helped my little sister do homework. I decided to do it because she was doing the homework very slowly. My little sister was so happy.

Blueberry Moment 19909 
I helped my dad take the groceries down to the basement. I wanted to be helpful. My dad was happy.

Blueberry Moment 19908
I helped my aunt by entertaining my little cousin when we were in Mexico. My aunt was happy.

Ahmed Elbasty
Blueberry Moment 19967
My little friend was crying for his dad. So, I helped find his dad three times at the mosque in this big kind of gym.

Blueberry Moment 19966
An old lady wanted to sit down so I gave up my seat for her without my parents tell me. We were at the mall.

Leah Wallace
Blueberry Moment 19985
I gave money to my sister because her dollar ripped. She was sad but then she was super happy.  

Blueberry Moment 19986
I helped my family clean my house because I wanted to help them. We are moving soon so I thought that would be helpful.

Blueberry Moment 19987
Over the winter break, I took care of a guinea pig for a friend of my mom’s that is a teacher.

Rory Grzymkowski
Blueberry Moment 19931
I let my brothers pick out a toy with my money. I let them pick it first before I picked one.

I bought my Latch Key teacher a cake pop just for being a great teacher.

I made my mom breakfast when she was in the shower one morning.

Hailey Brancheau
I bought lunch for Kameron’s aunt. Kameron helped too.

I donated cat food to the Humane society. We folded newspapers for the animals there too.

My mom and I were at my mom’s workout place and we were getting ready to leave. My mom’s friend’s car wouldn’t start so my mom and I drove her home. I gave her a big hug (I don’t like to hug people I don’t know) to make her day better.

Lilly Brinn
I made a doll to cheer up my sister Tori.

I donated toys to a Carriage Town Ministries. I had so many so I cleaned out my toys and decided which ones were still in nice condition that another student would enjoy. Especially because I don’t play with them any more.

I asked my mom if we could buy a drink for the person behind us at Starbucks. I thought it would be nice.

Camden Presnull
Blueberry Moment 19945At the book fair, I got two dollars and change back. I decided to donate my money to the book fair. Hopefully the Perry Center can use the money toward buying a new book.

Blueberry Moment 19956
My great grandma fell and my cousin and I helped her up, and I wrote her a note.  It said, “I love you and it is ok that you fell.” She felt happy that we were there. We were too.

Remington Asbury
I helped my papa mow, clean and lift heavy stuff because he had surgery.

I bought my family donuts and coffee one day with my own money.  

Bryan Millender
I helped dad with my new baby brother by getting the bottle and holding it. Also, I helped with his bath.  

I helped put all the new diapers away for the baby without being asked.

I kept my other brother entertained one afternoon when the new baby was sleeping so my dad could get rest when the baby was resting. Mom was in the hospital.

Livia Willing
I went to Starbucks and I bought a drink for the worker. I did that because the workers always have to work hard to make our drinks.

Mihir Singla 
Blueberry Moment 19919
We have a cleaning lad that come once every two weeks. She cleans every room including mine which goes first. One week I decided to clean my own room and it was extra messy. She was very grateful and it made me feel proud of myself for making her job easier.

Blueberry Moment 11918
One of my friend’s dad is a cancer survivor. One time, when my family and I were heading over for a visit, I decided to take his dad a box of chocolates. When I handed him the box, he was very happy and agave me a big smile. Doing this made me feel like I gave him a better day out of nowhere.  

Blueberry Moment 19919
We have a man that has been taking care of our lawn ever since we moved to Michigan from the state of New York. It was a chilly autumn afternoon and he was out cutting the grass. See him with so much work to do, I decided to help him blow the grass and dead leaves. He was very happy that I wanted to help him. Afterward, I felt strong and kind for helping him and carrying that thing around.

Hana Allison
I helped my mom with laundry.

I picked up my pet guinea pigs poop for my mom.

I bought something for my brother because he didn’t have the money for it at our school Market Day.  

Peyton Folks
Blueberry Moment 17537
At Roller Haven I gave my tickets to somebody that didn’t have any so they could get a prize.

Blueberry Moment 17535
I did my sister’s laundry when she was sick. We all do our own.

Kameron Sears
I asked my mom if we could take lunch to the elderly. We did.

I sorted newspapers at the Humane Society and donated food to the Humane Society.I packaged Easter baskets for church members and I had fun while helping others.

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