Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center Blueberry Ambassadors make others feel special one Blueberry Moment at a time

Grand Blanc Perry Innovation Center, coordinator Melanie Brock

Alivia McDaniel
Blueberry Moment 14909  
One day, when the bell rang at school, it was time to go home so when Mrs. Brock called latchkey to go, I went. When we were walking in the hallway to go to latchkey, a girl named Layla was walking in front of me when she dropped a piece of paper on the ground. But she didn’t know, so I picked up the piece of paper and I walked over to her. At that point I didn’t know her name so I said, “I think you dropped your piece of paper on the ground.” So then she said, “Oh yeah thank you.” So then I went to latchkey and she went home.

Blueberry Moment 14905
One day at school, all of the kids in my class were being very loud and that was when Mrs. Brock couldn’t find a book to teach with. So, after she went to tell us that we were being too loud. She went back looking so that’s when I went over to her and asked if she needed any help to find the book. So, I when I asked her she said that I could go ask Mrs. Maguire if she had the book.

Blueberry Moment 14904
One school day, I wrote a letter to our kitchen staff and said thank you for putting their time into the food, making the food and just doing this for us kids. I put a Blueberry Card in the letter so they know what I did and why I did it. I got a picture with the lunch staff and they said thank you.

Amya Rodriguez
My first Blueberry Moment was shoveling my neighbor’s car window and top of the car. She was glad I did that because she is old and does not want to go out in the cold and do that so I did it for her. She wanted to give us money but we told her she did not have to two times but she still did. So, I think my next Blueberry Moment is giving money to the bucket for bell ringing.

My second Blueberry Moment was giving a little toy car to my four year old nephew, Parker! He was very excited to get the car. 

My third deed I did was bell ringing with Ty Sparks and every time someone walked by, we said happy holidays so I was showing kindness. The other thing was all the money we collected went to the Salvation Army so giving the money to them was a kindness for the Blueberry Moment. When we said happy holidays the reaction was nothing or a smile.

Ashlyn Watkins
One night, I had dance class but I didn’t have dinner so I went to Wendy’s. After I ordered my food, I saw a man that didn’t have any money on his card to buy dinner. I felt bad for him, so I went over to him and said I would like to buy his meal. Ethan and I got so happy we smiled super big at each other. When I left, I looked back and he had fun eating with his friend. It made me feel good because I got to help someone in need.

Blueberry Moment 14957
One day, I was going to go bell ringing with Joe and Jason. When I was putting on my apron, I wanted to put my Blueberry Card into the basket and I did. When I put the Blueberry Card into the basket, I felt good about myself because I was caring for other people in the Salvation Army.

Blueberry Moment 14958
One day, I had a snow day. When I got home from daycare, I thought I would go shovel my neighbor’s driveway because they were at the hospital with their son. My mom and my sister helped me, and while we were shoveling, my neighbor across the street came over to help us with his snow blower. He saw us helping so he wanted to help too. It was a team effort. Later when they got home, they were surprised their driveway was shoveled. It felt good to help my neighbor.

Ayden Murdock
My first moment was when me and my brother, Lyndon, were about to leave the dentist. When we realized the play room was a mess and not just from us so we cleaned it up. Later in the evening, we went to my brother’s school for conference. The play room there was messy. So, at the end we cleaned up a lot of the mess. I was really happy because I saved other people work.

My second moment is when my family and I went to New York City and my mom’s knee was hurting. Unfortunately, we had to do loads of walking. So, my brother and I helped my mom walk. Since we helped her walk we could go to many cool places. I was super happy.

My third moment was when my parents went to Best Buy with my brother Lyndon and I to go shopping. Lyndon really wanted a game called Spatoon 2, but it was $20 dollars and he only had $11 dollars. He really wanted it but since he didn’t have enough my mom said no. I knew he really wanted it so I offered to give him money to buy it. Him and I were very happy. When we got home, I watched him play it.

Ben Hugo
One day, we were going to Starbucks, and the person in front of us payed for us. Since they did that, we paid for the person behind us. We have been doing it since then. Sometimes we get the people gift cards and put them in cards and ask the workers to give them to the person behind us.

When we were getting ready to go in to our classroom, we were getting our Chromebooks out of our backpacks. Someone dropped their classroom tools all over the ground and my best friend, Cole, and I picked them up for him because there were a lot of tools and we couldn’t be late for class or we would get a late slip.

One snowy day, when we had a snow day at school, my dad and I shoveled our driveway. We saw that the neighbor’s driveway needed to be shoveled so I shoveled it because they were going somewhere soon and we wanted to do it so they didn’t have to.

Cameron Reese
So on the last day that my grandma was in town, I gave her my Blueberry Card and when I did, I cleaned her windows because there was ice and snow on them. So, I used the thing to get off ice and snow so when my grandmother left, they had a safe trip to Florida.

One day, I was at the store and there was a lot of people trying to get out and everyone was just closing the door so when I got outside, I held the door open for them.

Carli Banaszak 
We were at Planet 3 just for fun with our neighbors and we were jumping. This little girl came to us and said I can’t find my mom. She was crying. So, we brought her to a person who worked there. Then the person who worked there said thank you to us and she went to go help her find her mom. The little girl found her then she came up to us again and we told her to go back to her mom so she would not get lost again.

When I went to Nana’s house, I saw a new Assisted Living called Grand Blanc Fields. I thought it would be nice to send them a Holiday card since it would be their first year there. So, I made 20 cards for the residents there that included a nice note with a mint. 

My grandma’s neighbor she had to have surgery and I thought that I could walk her dog because it was hard for her to go outside a walk the dog. I walked the dog 2 times so it would help her even more. We did this the week when we had three half days. I really enjoyed doing this.

Cole Williams
I made 10 bags filled with needs to give to the homeless.I got all my stuff from Walmart. I got socks, tiny blankets, toothbrushes, toothpaste, gloves, snacks and hand warmers. I did this because it helps people in need and it warms their heart because they don’t really get to receive anything from somebody. That’s why it inspires me to do this for the homeless.

What I did for my second Blueberry Ambassador good deed was paying for someone’s meal. My mom and I went to the McDonald’s drive thru. My mom asked the worker at the window how much the people behind us order was. They said it was $10.66. I gave my mom eleven dollars and a Blueberry Card to give to the worker. My mom got thirty four cents change back. Then she put the change in the Ronald McDonald house charity box. I paid someone else’s bill because if they did not have their wallet that would be bad. They wouldn’t be able to order. It would be worse if they didn’t have any money at all. Then they couldn’t eat at all. I chose this good deed because it’s something that my mom does a lot. Doing good things for others make us feel good and it makes others want to do good too. I hope that person wants to help others now.

My third Blueberry Moment is donating clothes to charity. I decided to donate because some people don’t have the money to buy their kids clothes. First, I took out all the clothes from my closet and drawers. I laid the clothes out on my bed. My mom was there helping me. Then I tried on each pieced of clothes. My mom made two piles. A pile to keep and a pile to donate. A lot of my shorts and jeans were short on me and some shirts to. Since I don’t need them anymore. I thought it would be a nice thing to do to donate them. I was able to fill up a big garbage bag full of nice clothes. Before we tied up the bag, I put in my Blueberry Card in it. So, whoever opens it will see the card. Hopefully they will do a good deed for others. Next, we put the bag in the car and my mom drove it to a charity called Heartbeat of Flint. That’s where we donated my clothes. We chose this charity because they give away the donated clothes they don’t sell them to other people. I feel good about giving away my clothes. I think that every time I outgrow my clothes I will donate them to charity.

Dharish Kalaisenthil
Blueberry Moment 14966
I helped my brother eat his food and take care of him. while my parents were at work. He only eats his food when my parents feed him. So, I had to feed him instead. So, I switched the TV on and then put a nursery rhymes instead he cried and then said he wanted his favorite TV show Beyblade Burst Evolution. Then I fed him while he was watching TV. Then, we had a friendly match of tag. Then we made a house with blocks. It took two hours only after my grandpa realized that he fell asleep. So, my brother said he was hungry so I made some milk for him. 

Blueberry Moment 14967
I made breakfast and lunch for mom and dad. Then I took care of my brother and made a distraction to keep him busy. Then, my parents came home I offered to make something for dinner but they said no so I offered to help. They said no but I insisted so they gave in. So, we made a special dish called dosa with sambar. It was really good. Then we had dessert. We didn’t have dessert in a long time so it tasted good. 

Giovanni Domenick
I signed up for ringing bells at Kroger and had a lot of fun doing it. I met a lot of nice people there including Mike and Stephanie from CK 105.5 Hits in the morning. Mike and Stephanie gave us a bell. We sang a lot of Christmas songs. I got to do it with a friend. It was really cold and never got to warm up. My friend and I were relieved when we finally got in a warm place. 

I was at the store with my mom and they were having a little trouble on getting the items so I helped them. So, once we were done shopping we went to cash register. At the cash register, I helped my mom by putting the groceries on the conveyor belt and putting to bags in the cart. 

One Saturday morning, I decided to donate some of my toys to kids that aren’t fortunate enough to even have food on their table and deserved a lot more than had. So, on that morning I got up and started on the project. The hardest part was picking what toys to donate and which to keep so after that I put the toys in bags and donated them. 

Jason Chapin
Blueberry Moment 14991
It was the first snow day of the year and everything was covered in a white blanket of snow. I grabbed a shovel and went to shovel my neighbor’s driveway across the street because they used to live in Texas and they are not uses to snow. I decided it was a good Blueberry Ambassadors opportunity so I went inside and grabbed my Blueberry Ambassador Card and I slipped it inside their mailbox when I was done. It felt good to shovel a driveway for the first time in my life and doing it for someone else.

Blueberry Moment 14992
The Mission of the McLaren Hospitality House is to create a healing, caring and comfortable environment for adult and kids and their caregivers who are traveling long distances for treatment and to provide comfortable extended-stay housing at a low-cost. I became aware of some of the needs the Hospitality House had and wanted to contribute. I gathered some items they needed (food, kitchen supplies and bathroom supplies) and dropped them off for their patients and caregivers. 

Blueberry Moment 14910      
In my house, each person has responsibilities to accomplish each day. They are like chores but we call them opportunities to serve. My brother has been really busy with OM (Odyssey of the Mind) for school and has been a little stressed out on how he was going to get everything done. One Saturday, when he was at OM practice most of the day, I did all the chores I could do for him and all of mine too. After he got home, he was happy and grateful and it made me feel good that I could help my brother out.

Joseph Chapin
Blueberry Moment 14951
One very cold and snowy Saturday morning, I went to go earn some money by shoveling driveways. I went to go and shovel the Cates’ driveway, but they weren’t there. I thought it would be nice if they drove home to a shoveled driveway anyway. So, I quickly got to work. After I was finished I put a Blueberry Card in their mailbox before they got home. I don’t know if they even got it yet but I hope they did. After I had shovel their driveway I felt like the happiest child on the planet doing this for them.

Blueberry Moment 14953
After we sat through service one Sunday morning at church, I helped make tie-blankets for Carriage Town Ministries. We tied thirty blankets, and it felt really good to help out with the community. I bet the people who received them will feel good under their warm blankets as well.

One Sunday evening after church, I went to drive to my friend’s house. That friend had recently gotten her teeth pulled so it was hard to eat and she was also sick with the cold. Once we had gotten there, I went to go and give her the soup and Blueberry Card. When I knocked on the door, she answered and she was grateful and I felt really good too.

Lily Cody
I looked in my closet and I saw clothes that were too small for me. So, I decided to give them to my younger cousin. Just to be nice. She was very excited about it.

At Genesys, I saw trash/litter. It was in the parking lot. I went and picked it up and threw it away.

I drew pictures for my grandma. She lives alone and doesn’t get to see me very often. I sent the drawings to her with a note telling her I love her.

Luke Elledge
I go to church every Sunday and I would open the door for People. I like doing this because I get to help people and they don’t have to open the door, that’s the right thing to do. It’s nice to do that and people will be glad and thankful. 

At my grandma’s house, she will ask me to feed her dog and I will. He gets to eat and he feels good. I will take him for a walk it’s nice to give the dog what he needs and to help him. That’s a way to help do a Blueberry Moment.

At my grandma’s, I helped set up the table for diner. I do that to be nice and helpful. I set up the plates and silverware. I’ll put some of the food on the table as well. I know my grandma appreciates the help.

Matthew Clute
Yesterday at Kettering college, I helped Alex and my dad clean up the pit with the gold minerals (yellow cubes) and bad minerals at the end of practice (white balls). I also put the tables where they go. I got to watch the 3D printers print this weird looking thing and a Corvette body. They were both blue.

On 8th of December when I was looking for more pins one of the teams there toolbox fell down and FTC (First Tech Challenge) parts fell everywhere and I helped a few people clean up the parts.

I helped my dad clean up all the scraps of installation. It was cooled out but I still helped my dad out on the trailer.

Meghan Matson
At the end of the day today, my mom, brother and I had just left the school, we were going to a doctor appointment. When it was over, we all went to Kroger to stop at the Salvation Army donation center. My classmates, Sara and Riley, were ringing the bells to collect money for this charity. We wanted to say hi to them and put some money in the bucket. I had some money from raking leaves with my friend Scarlett in the Fall. We asked our neighbors to give us donations so that we can help people in need. We earned 10 dollars for our work. I put this money in the kettle today because the Salvation Army helps people in need.

We were shopping for OM stuff and I saw a woman with heavy packages that I thought I could help. I asked if she needed any help and she said no thank you. But I told her I would like to do a good deed for the day and could I please help. She said yes and she asked that I help with all the small stuff while she worked on they heavier things. When we were done, she said thank you and we took her cart back to the store. After that I saw another woman taking a cart back to the store so I said I could take it for her. It felt good to be helpful.

For my second deed, I went to Starbucks and I used my own money for the person in front of us and I felt so good about myself. I asked the employee to tell the people I wanted to pay for them as a good deed and I hope that I made their day better.

Norah Grasso
Blueberry Moment 14906
During this holiday season, I began to realize that I should be very thankful for all the things that I have. I decided that it would be nice if I could give to someone that didn’t have as much as me. We found someone who was the same age as me through an organization that my mom’s company supports. I picked out clothes, boots, shoes, art supplies, and a tablet and individually wrapped each one. I also made a thoughtful card with the Blueberry Card included. I wrote to her how it works and that she can pass the card on to someone else after doing a random act of kindness. I am happy that I am able to help make someone’s holiday more special.

Blueberry Moment 14905
When I was riding home on the bus, I was thinking about how my neighbor is always very lonely at her house because she lives alone. So, I decided that it would be nice if I brought her some company. I was also thinking about how it’s harder for her to move and cook around the house. I knew she would love if we made her a very yummy dinner. We (my sisters and I) made her some rice, pork, sweet potatoes, salad, and cookies. Once we got over to her house, she got so excited. We ate dinner with her. While we were eating, she said that she was so thankful that we are her neighbors. We were very excited to go over to her house because we wanted to make sure that she would have someone to eat with. I think we made her day! 

Blueberry Moment 14907
It was a record cold winter snow day. My sister and I were sitting at our house and thinking of different fun things that we could do. We hadn’t seen our Aunt Gail in a really long time, so we thought it would be fun if she came over to our house. She rents a small apartment in Flint and it’s always very cold in her house. She also doesn’t have a car, so it’s very hard for her to get places. I was thinking that it would be nice to invite her over to our house and give her some warmth and a nice lunch. She rode to our house on a Your Ride bus and got to our house safely. Then, we gave her some big hugs and played a few games. We had a good chicken lunch with macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. She was very happy! It felt good to give my Aunt such a special day, especially when it was so cold outside. 

Preston Adkins
For my first Blueberry Moment, I was walking down the hallway at school and I saw Michael. It was at the end of the day and he was holding the door for everyone but he didn’t have a chance to get his things from his locker so I held the door for him so he could get his stuff.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I helped my mom with babysitting my cousins. My cousin Levi was bored and my mom was trying to take care of the baby so to help mom I took Levi upstairs to my bedroom to play games and keep an eye on Levi until his mom came to pick them up.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I went and bought nice Valentines cards at the dollar store to send to my grandma and great grandma who get lonely because they live in California far away from us and misses all the grandkids.

Raahi Sureja
One day, I was coming home from kumon with my mom. My mom did some grocery shopping, and was very tired from a long day. I decided to help her out, when we got home I helped her with the grocery bags. I took them all inside the house, took the items them out of bags, and put the items where they need to go. I could tell I turned her day around, she seemed very happy. 

One day, I was looking through my closet and had a lot of old clothes. Then I saw my sister struggling to find an outfit because a lot of her clothes were in laundry. So, I gave her all my old clothes, she seemed very happy. 

When we went to India, we saw a poor man. My dad and I gave him money, he also gave money to a group of kids. With the money, my dad bought food for them. I think that really made an impact on their lives.

Riley Schweitzer
I went to Kroger and I rang the bell with a friend for the Salvation Army. We got lots of donations from adults and kids and we raised lots of money. I felt happy to help others and I was happy to see others care for others by donating. It was worth having my hands get numb

One of my classmates was taking their pencil shadings to the garbage and just before they put it into the garbage it exploded and all of the sheadings fell all over the floor. I saw what happened so I helped them pick it up and get it fully into the garbage.

I went to Genesys and went swimming and when I was done, I was going to put my towel away when I saw a woman who was having trouble opening the towel drawer with her chip. I saw that she was having trouble with it and came and helped her get it open.

Sara Blinkenberg
Blueberry Moment 14963
For my first Blueberry Moment, I rang bells for Salvation Army with my friend Riley. We rang bells at Grand Blanc Kroger in the air lock, it was chilly but we sang and danced for the citizens\customers. When people saw us dancing and singing, they said, “thank you for volunteering,” or “I like your singing,” and then made donations. It made me happy that people were making donations. 

Blueberry Moment 14964 
For my second Blueberry Moment, I went the Grand Blanc Historical Museum and John (my brother) and I took down the big Christmas tree. I got in the car with grandma and John we were on our way to the museum. When we got there we went down to the dining area and set down our stuff on a table and went upstairs to play the player piano and play with old wooden toys. When we were bored of that, we started to take off fake Cardinals and Poinsettias when we had gotten all the decorations off mom came and brought us home.

Blueberry Moment 14965
For my third and final Blueberry Moment, I baked cookies for the Grand Blanc firemen. I baked snickerdoodle cookies, I did a test batch for my family and my best effort batch for the firemen. When we went to the fire station, there was nobody there to take the cookies so we left the box of cookies on the doorstep with a note and my Blueberry Card.

Sadie Prieur
I went bell ringing at Kroger. It was a nice experience, I got to meet a lot of nice people, one even my friend! I sang songs and we raised a lot of money. I hope I can do it again.

I have helped people in the halls when they drop stuff, for instance, the other day me and my friend were walking to get on the bus and a third grader dropped her book, my friend keep on walking while I stopped and helped. It’s nice to help people, it will make their day better and yours.

I donated cans to my school. It was for people who couldn’t have a Chirstmas dinner. It was a lot of stuff, I don’t remember exactly what it was, but there was a lot of it. I hope the people who get the food had a happy Christmas!

Ty Sparks
My friend was sick so I made a get well card and she missed all the fun like glow in the dark capture the flag. Big sparklers catch with a football that glows in the dark. She even missed the cake it was not fun for her and me.

It was my cousin’s birthday and we eat ice cream cake swam in the hot tub we also saw the new movie Small for it was really good. When we were going to my house, we had a contest who can find a big dipper or the small dipper my cousin one. For a birthday gift, I gave him $20 for his birthday and 10 for finding the big dipper.

It was market day and when I went shopping and I went to go buy some dog treats. They were $3 but I gave him ten and I told him to keep the chain and all that money that the whole class. went to Paws Animal Rescue.

Yara Kaddurah
For my first Blueberry Moment, I went bell ringing. I went bell ringing to raise money for the Salvation Army. I raised $50 or more for them. I did this because, I thought that if I raised some money then I could help those who don’t have much. Then they could become more wealthy. 

For my second Blueberry Moment, I helped my mom rake the yard. Since my mom’s hand really hurt I wanted to do it because, I knew I would take a lot of pressure off of her. I also helped my mom put the leaves into the leaf bag.

For my last Blueberry Moment, I baked cookies and gave them to my mom’s friend. I baked the cookies for her because she was really busy and I thought she could have a l little treat for what she’s done. Her kids fight a lot and she always has to break them apart. And she’s also really busy with work.

Yasmina Sabur
Blueberry Moment 14919
I was going to the museum when there was and stop sign and next to it was and man holding a sign that said I am homeless and need money and food. I helped by giving him a dollar coin and said have a nice day and as we drove off, waved. 

Blueberry Moment 14918
My mom’s string that belonged in her sewing room was all over the kitchen and hallway so I went and rolled up the string and it had gotten all over my little sister. So, I helped her get the string off her body and I rolled it up and I put it were belonged in my mom’s sewing room.

Blueberry Moment 14917
When Yusuf broke one of his muscles next to his collarbone, I zipped up his coat for him. I took his backpack on the bus and off the bus. And I helped him take his stuff to the classroom. 

Zoe Twitty
My first Blueberry Card was at the mall. I was there with my great grandma. When we went into a store, there was a lady who was praying with people. She prayed with my great grandma while I watched. Then I noticed that a man behind her. I assumed he was her husband was pushing a man in a wheelchair. So, I prayed with her for him she thanked me.

My second Blueberry Card was at home. I was home alone with my brother Zion. I was in my room watching TV, then all of a sudden Zion rushed to the bathroom. I ran in right after him and asked him what was wrong. He said he had a bloody nose. I was so scared so I told him to hold his head over the toilet. I immediately called my mom and told her. She told me to calm down and call her in 5 minutes. So, I kept flushing the toilet and then out of nowhere he started getting blood clots. That made my really start to panic. After that the 5 minutes were over, I called mom she told me the same thing as last time. The blood slowed down in about 3 or 4 minutes. Then I called mom and told her that everything was okay.

My last and final Blueberry Moment was at home. I was home alone with my brother we both in our rooms. Then Zion came in my room he was saying, “Zoe please come help me.” I asked him what was wrong he said he lost his phone. We searched all over the house and then Zion started to give up. I tried to encourage him down but it didn’t work. Soon after, I heard a phone ring so I got up and followed it. It got louder and louder until. I screamed I FOUND IT I FOUND IT. Zion came into the back room and started getting excited to. He answered the call and then we went back to his room and I put phone in a place he would remember. 

Shay Patel
This Thanksgiving, I wanted to thank the Police of Grand Blanc Township for all the work they do for us to keep us safe. I made a surprise goodie bags for them and also wrote them a thank you cards to show appreciation and dedication for their hard work they do for our community. I made 33 bags with the help of my family members. When I dropped off the bags, I met the police officer and she was really proud of me for thinking about them. I got a good feeling giving them the goodie bags. The police officer gave me a sticker, pencil and a police badge. I also took some pictures with her. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

I went bell ringing with my friend, Gio and his sister, Bella and we did bell ringing for two hours. We met Mike and Stephanie in the morning and we did not have a bell so they gave us one and we got a lot of donations and we sang all of the holiday songs. I had a good experience and I learned that other people do matter and it was really fun that we got to ring the bell and we sing Christmas carols so a lot of people gave us money.

I thought that I would appreciate my bus driver because she drives me to school every day and she brings me back home safely without any injuries so I really like how she does that and how she spends her time on kids and how she cares about sending kids to school so I gave her candy and a note saying that thank you for all your work and appreciation. 

Ty Watkins
Blueberry Moment 17588
For my Blueberry Moment, I bought a product from a student that goes to my school from market day and I didn’t really want it. I did that because the kid wasn’t getting a lot of customers. There wasn’t much help with the product and not a lot of demand for it. I felt bad for him because I wanted him to have sales like all the other kids.Blueberry Moment 17587
I was at my grandparents after school and my grandma asked me will you do my floors for me, so I said yeah. I got a washcloth and cleaned her floors. I did that because I know she can’t do it because she broke her shoulder.

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