Grand Blanc Reid Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors: ‘We donate, we give and we share’

Grand Blanc Reid Elementary, coordinator Kristi Philpott

Kayden Garrett
During these past months, it has been fun helping kids and donating coats. I am glad that I have food, toys, and shelter But, not all people have those things. That’s what the Blueberries are for. We donate, we give, and we share. It gives me joy to see those kids smile after the good deed that I did. I love what I do here, and I hope more people will do just that.

I like donating, but then I felt sad because I like my toys, but still happy because some kids need toys more than I do. We are also donating coats so more people can stay warm. Good thing that the snow is almost all gone. Every day is like a miracle to even be alive when some people die from sickness and diseases. That’s why we do this. We donate, give and share. What I’m trying to say is giving is the most powerful weapon.

Katie Hovanec
I have a classmate that is very nice and she is going through some very tough times with her family. I wanted to do something nice to let her know that I care. My mom shared that she didn’t have warm winter gear, so I gave her some of my winter gear that I don’t fit in any longer or had extra. Some of it was even brand new. I gave her a pair of my boots because I wanted her to have warm feet. Knowing that she had no snacks for the day, I brought in extra big quantity so that she would always have some. If she wanted to even take some home she could because I didn’t want her to worry about food. This month, we are planning to share some extra special holiday treats with her … I can’t wait to give her a Christmas gift.

I went to McDonald’s and wanted to buy the persons order behind us. We waited in line, paid for ours, then paid for hers. It made me feel great because I was helping someone with their food. They may have had a family member that they needed to take care of … maybe even knew someone who had cancer. This brightened her day I am sure.

We adopted our dog, Baxter from Adopt-A-Pet over the summer. I wanted to give back because they helped us so much to find the right dog. I passed onto them a small crate for dogs who needed a safe place. I made rice socks with brand new socks and rice for animals who need a warm pack after having surgery. I also packed up some extra blankets, puppy jackets and bowls for foster pets or families who are adopting, but may not have the things they need. When I delivered the donations, I met an older dog who had to have his eyes removed due to cataracts. He was shaking and seemed cold, so I recommended that maybe putting one of the jackets on him would make him feel more comfortable. He immediately perked up and felt more comfortable and cozy moving around. This made me feel really happy because he seemed happier in a place he didn’t really know.

Julia Priestap
For my Blueberry project, I gave out a 40 percent off coupon to someone who was going to buy a lot of stuff. We were in Frankenmuth and I saw someone with way more things than we had and I asked my parents if I could give our 40 percent off coupon to them. My parents said yes and I walked over and gave them the coupon. They smiled right away. I think it is awesome that smiles can spread quickly. I think doing something nice for other people is cool. I think that everyone should do something nice for another person. It makes both people feel better.

For my Blueberry project, I went around my neighborhood shoveling driveways. It snowed a lot the night before and I thought it would be nice to shovel another person’s driveway instead of just my own. Nobody wants to drive on snow and then shovel it because it gets compacted down and it’s harder to shovel. So, I went outside and shoveled before people drove on their driveway. It was really hard and cold, but it was worth helping someone else. Every time I am out shoveling driveways and I think, “Why did I even come out here?” I just remember that I am helping someone else.

For my last Blueberry project, I went around some neighbors collecting cans with my brother for his fundraiser. I went with my brother and he went up to the houses and asked if they had any cans. And if they did he would bring them back to me and I would organize them. I decided to help out because my brother is in robotics and he was doing the fundraiser for his team. I took the cans and threw the cans into the correct box. I wouldn’t exactly call it fun, but I was helping my brother and his team. In fact, it was really disgusting. But I was helping someone else, so it was worth it.

Sydnee Terryah
For my Blueberry project, I decided to help the tennis coach when she was teaching the little kids during their lesson. As I was waiting for my lesson to start she seemed stressed out with all the little kids running around, so I decided to help her out. I started with calming the kids down and picking up the tennis balls. I took the nets out of the way so she could handle the kids and get them to their parents. Then I helped her take the tennis balls to the equipment room. As I was doing this, it made me warm inside because I was helping the tennis coach even though I didn’t know her that well. She thanked me for my help and I said, “It was nothing, I’ll help you whenever you need it.” This little thing helped her out greatly. It really shows what little things people can do for others.

Katie Roti
For my Blueberry project, I got my hair chopped and I donated 9 inches to Wigs for Kids. These wigs are made for kids that have cancer or just hair loss. The great thing is the kids do not have to pay for the wigs. At first I thought getting my hair chopped would not look good on me. As I thought more about it, many of us, including me are so lucky that we are not dealing with hair loss for whatever reason. Hair loss can change how kids feel about themselves, it can make them not feel very confident. So, I thought about it and I did not care about what I looked like because in a heartbeat I would let kids use my hair, instead of me just thinking about my looks. When the beautician was cutting my hair, my heart was pounding. But after, I noticed that I just did something very nice and very helpful to kids with hair loss and that made me feel good.

Malik Neal
I went to Alabama so I could help people who didn’t have food at their houses. I served them food. I felt kind of bad for them because we can’t just give them food every day. So, I gave them some food to take home with them. It was the right thing to do. I gave up a basketball game just to help the people that didn’t to have food and it was fun. I hope I can do it again some day.

Allyse Shalynn Heath
For my acts of kindness, I decided to help those in need. So, one day, my friends were not at Latchkey and it was a late start day. My Latchkey is part daycare, so I decided to help the daycare by helping solve the kid’s problems and playing with the kids. First, I cleaned the daycare of everything nobody was playing with. Next, I helped some little kids share a pj masks toy. After that, I helped all the little kids with a zip line that needed a place to stick. I held it while the little kids played with it. I also answered some of the questions about stuff. I played hide and seek with the kids while they were waiting. While late start went on I helped kids with their problems. Though I could have spent my late start day sitting and playing with toys, I decided to help the kids instead. When it was time to wait for the bus I also played with the first-graders and helped them with their stuff.

Lillian Furline
My random act of kindness was shoveling the driveway for an elderly woman in my neighborhood. I wanted to do this because I knew this elderly lady could not do it on her own, and I wanted to help. She was not aware we did it, because she was not home. I knew that after a big snow fall, coming home to a shoveled driveway would put her mind at ease, knowing she would not have done it.

Layla Saunders
What I did for one of my random acts of kindness was when my family was done eating dinner at a restaurant, I saved some of my food. We took our left-over food and drove around town looking for homeless people. I took the food I saved and gave it to every homeless person I saw. When I was about to hand it to someone I thought, but I want to save the food to eat. But the homeless people need it a lot more than me. They have nothing. So, I decided to hand it out. I came by an elderly woman and I felt bad. I almost cried because I had everything I could wish for but they had nothing except a few cardboard pieces. I reached in my purse and took out some money. She was very happy that we gave her the food. I put the money in the box with the food. When I drove around the corner I saw her open the box and her face lit up and she waved to me. That made my day. The rest of the people I drove by were so happy. That probably made their day too. After I was done I was driving home and I saw a sign that said, “food drive.” I told my mom to look at it and when we got home we looked into it and it turned out to be a food drive that carries food for homeless shelters and homeless people that you would see on the side of the road so now I am considering going into it.

Marlee Meyers
For one of my random acts of kindness, I helped wrap presents for kids in need at a school in Flint. We also made cookies and decorated them for the kids. I thought it would be nice to help the kids in need because some of us have more than they do. Afterwards, I helped clean up the gym. A lady asked me if I wanted a prize, but I did not want to take one because I wanted to save them for the other kids. When we left, I felt good for what I did. I think we should appreciate what we have. It feels good to help others and I think you should help others too.

Ceana Thornton 
For my Blueberry Moment, I went to help dogs at the Humane Society. When I walked in the room, they explained to me what I could do, like feed or walk the dogs. Some of the dogs were really sick and they had to go into surgery. I watched the surgeons do the surgery. I met a dog named Coco. Coco was a brown and black dog that just came out of surgery and needed some help. I got to play with Coco and feed her. When it was time to go, I was really in love with Coco and did not want to go. But I knew I did a lot of good things for dogs to make their day after surgery. A lot of people don’t take the time to donate and share their time with the dogs. They needed my help, and I want to go back soon.

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