Grand Blanc West Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors spark inspiration with acts of kindness

Grand Blanc West Middle School, coordinator Mary Kennedy Jacob

Marissa King
It was only a couple days after the Blueberry Orientation, but I was already hyped to start doing kind things for people. My family had planned to take a trip to the apple orchard and I knew it was the perfect time to start. There would be so many people and children there. Once we were there, I was already searching for the perfect person to do something nice for. Though I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do for them yet. At first, I thought I would buy them cider and donuts or a treat from the bakery. But I eventually decided on buying a stuffed toy for a child. The one I bought was a brown dog. A little girl and her grandfather were walking down the sidewalk. I had the stuffed toy very visible in my hand and I saw her eyeing it. I knew she was the right person. I reached out and handed it to her and she took it and gave it a hug. Her grandfather walked over and thanked me and walked away with a huge smile.

Alexandra Woodby
In Spanish class on December 13th, we had a food day. We tried three new Cuban foods, like mango milkshakes, potatoes with ground beef, and a guava cream cheese cracker. After eating and creating these dishes in the classroom, it was really messy. While most kids run out the door as soon as the bell rings, I often leave later and still reach the next class in five minutes. I told my teacher that I wanted to help her with the mess. She agreed and sent me to the teacher’s lounge to clean up the pots and pans, the blender, and the serving dishes. It didn’t take long for me to finish the dishes. I went up to the teacher afterward and handed her the Blueberry Card explaining what it’s for. Her face lit up with a smile as she accepted the card and said simply, “I will, thank you.”

Nia Matthews
When my granddad asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I didn’t respond. During around the third week of the 2016 school year, I came to the first ‘Be the Change’ meeting. Mrs. KJ and Mrs. Douglas, the directors of BTC were talking about all the great things we were going to do in this club, the field trips we would go on, and the standards it takes to be in BTC. I originally went to the meeting to get out of class but when they started talking, I immediately knew that I wanted to do this. So, when I left that meeting, I was determined to make this a better world and that already made me a better person.

Meghan Richardson
Blueberry Moment 8407
It all started when I forgot my makeup at my cousin’s house. I walked into Walmart to buy some new makeup for the next day or until I got my old makeup back. I got my necessities and headed to the checkout. On my way, I saw a lady holding two children, looking around with a concerned look on her face. Then she started calling a name. “Jason, Jason? Where are you? This isn’t funny!” She had lost one of her children. My first thought was that it wasn’t my business ad to keep walking. But I just couldn’t do it. This lady’s child was missing and I wanted to help. So,I started looking frantically in case someone decided to hurt Jason. I went to the toys and searched the aisles and he wasn’t there. So, I went to the clothes and he still was not in sight. I thought long and hard about where I would be if I were a kid alone in Walmart. It was at that moment when I thought about the animal aisles and the little fish that could amuse any child. I rushed over and sure enough, there was a little kid all alone, tapping on the fish tank. “Are you Jason?” I asked. He nodded and I told him that his mom was looking for him. Then, I took him to his mom. She thanked me and started to pull out her wallet. I just handed her the Blueberry Card and told her that there was no need to worry. I proceeded to checkout and walked out of Walmart, happy that I helped someone.

Alex Stevens
I remember me going to the batting cages to practice my swings. I started to hit when I heard this boy get mad at his dad. He said that he couldn’t hit anything and he said he wanted to be done. I told my dad to hang on, I wanted to help that kid. I went over there to see how he was doing. I could see something wrong that I knew would be an easy fix. I went over the dad to ask him if I could help his kid. He said sure and that’s when I gave him the Blueberry Card and said pass it on. I went over to the kid. “Hey buddy, I can see why you want to give up but I know how to fix your swing,” I said. His eyes lit up, so I showed him and then I said, “Try it and see if it works for you.” He went back in the cage and started cranking baseballs. My chest warmed up and I felt like a saved a kid’s dream.

Dustin Millsap
Was a beautiful fall Saturday, my mom, my friend Luke, and I were going to rake leaves for a few elderly people in our community. We went to two houses right next to each other with a huge yard. We rate from about 10:00 to 12:00. There were donuts and snacks well we rate. First, we would rake leaves into piles and then we would bag the piles and put the bags at the curb. By the end of the morning, we had over 40 bags of leaves that we had raked. After we had raked the leaves, we went back to the church and eat pizza for lunch.

Ryan Garvey
I was passing out the fruit salad when suddenly from the doors of the soup kitchen, we all saw a mother and father with their four young children. I turned around and said that we need to get the special dessert for the children. That’s when we started getting out of the snowmen on sticks and started putting them on plates. When the mother had arrived, she looked at all of us with gratitude and smiled. I had truly felt like a good person at that moment.

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