Grand Blanc’s Brendel Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors help neighbors, aid classmates

Grand Blanc Brendel Elementary, coordinator Kathleen Pickard

Alexis Marshall:

My friend has special needs and lives across the street. I try to calm him down when he gets angry or aggravated. He was scared while he was outside and he came across the street for my help. He stayed and played with me for the rest of the day. We played Hungry, Hungry Hippos. He really likes that game! I wanted to be a blueberry because I like to help in the community and I want to spread the kindness. I choose to be a good friend to him because I want him to have a great life!

Maddie Bearden:

My friend Layla Waatti and I did a random act of kindness. In gym class we had to run for a really long time and we saw some kids that couldn’t keep up with the all of us. Layla and I stayed behind with them and we helped them get through the whole thing. Because of our help, almost all of the kids completed the really long run!

Zach Melynchek:

I was looking outside one day after lots of snow came. I saw all of the sidewalks and driveways that were not shoveled. I asked my dad if I could go shovel our neighbor’s driveway and sidewalk. He said “yes!” I went outside and started shoveling when I finally finished I went to their door and stuck a blueberry card to the door. Then I crossed the street and shoveled another driveway too. A couple days later we returned to school from Winter Break, we had a new student in our classroom. Before lunch I invited him to sit with us at lunch. He said yes. He still sits at my lunch table today!

Kathleen Pickard, student liaison at Brendel Elementary:

The Blueberry Ambassador program has empowered our students at Brendel Elementary. It has shown them the power of random acts of kindness. Not only have these students made holiday cards for a Senior Community, hosted a luncheon for our local police and fire departments, and helped in the organization of school wide fundraising efforts for the FISH holiday basket program and a toilet paper drive for Catholic Charities. Individually, they have reached out to students and community members. The presence of the Blueberry Ambassadors in our school has created a culture of kindness and inspired others!

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