Westwood Heights McMonagle Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors understand the large impact of small acts of kindness

Hamady McMonagle Elementary, coordinator Marie Smith

Sh’Rayia Ragland
I went to the grocery store with my mom. This girl named Alauna was with her three younger brothers. They were playing in the store and Alauna told them to stop, but they didn’t listen. They knocked her basket. I told her to go ahead and get them under control and I’ll pick up your groceries. She thanked me.

Sherrod Sanders
I was with my dad and we were at Walmart getting some meat to put on the grill. An elderly woman needed help getting some lettuce so I helped her get it. After I saw her putting her groceries in her car, so I went to help put them in with her.

Gabby Kemp
I was at Aldi and I gave an elderly woman a grocery cart and she was very happy.

Aki Gordon
I was at the grocery store and I was putting my cart away and saw an elderly person having trouble with her groceries, so I helped her.

We helped a homeless man and woman. We fed them and played games with them.

Asontae Gloster
I help my granny with her dialysis treatments. We live with her and I help her every day. I hang the bag for her. She has had two surgeries and has a hard time.

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