Hamady Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors recognize the impact of kindness

Westwood Heights Hamady Middle School, coordinator Julie Torsch

Kennedy Adams
I was in the lunch room and there was this kid that was getting picked on. I told him that he could sit with me and my friends at lunch. So, he did and we had a good time talking about school.

We were in the gym while basketball practice was going on. This new girl that wanted to play basketball didn’t know how to play very well. So, my friend and I taught her how to play a little. She is now on the basketball team.

Kendrick Hardman
One day I was sitting on my porch when I saw an older lady mowing her lawn. I walked over to the older lady and asked her did she need me to help her. She asked me to pick up some sticks, rocks, and trash for her. I said yes. It was a bright and sunny day. When I finished, she asked me if I wanted to get paid. I told her no, and she went on mowing. I asked her if she wanted me to finish the mowing for her. She said you don’t have to, but I said I wanted to. She let me finish the mowing. She then tried to pay me and I said no. I explained the Blueberry program to her. We sat and talked, and then I headed home.

My cousin and I went to the store and he did not have enough money for the stuff he wanted to buy. I told him to get it and I would cover the extra. He said ok and thanks. When we got done at the register, I explained how random acts of kindness effect people. I gave him a card and asked him to pay it forward.

I was up north with my grandpa, and we were coming out of a store. A man was walking with a cart full of groceries. A bag of corn fell off of his cart. I ran over and picked it up for him. I then helped him put everything in the back of his van. When I went back to my grandpa, he said that was very nice of you to help. I then remembered I needed to give him a card. I ran back and gave it to him. I then explained the Blueberry Program to him and asked him to show kindness to someone else.

Izaha Washington
Blueberry Moment 2080 
I work at Taco Bell. One day when I was at work the phone rang. I picked it up and said “Taco Bell this is Izaha, how can I help you?” The nice young lady said to me, “Hello Izaha. What I am going to ask you might sound kind of weird.” I told her I have heard a lot of weird stuff in my life, so hit me! She explained to me that her youngest child just got her first phone, iPhone 6s and it was stolen from her. She said she was using the Apple tracker and it was in the Taco Bell that I was working in. There was only one customer in the dining room at that moment. I asked her to describe the phone case to me. The young man eating in our dining room had the phone. I walked over to him and told him the phone he was holding was stolen and was being tracked by the owner. I told him the phone did not belong to him and to please give it to me. He refused and I asked him nicely again. At this time, he got up and ran out of the building. I was wondering what I should do at this point, and it popped in my head that this phone was the first phone for a young 12 year old girl. I decided to follow him. As I ran after him, I called the police. We ran across a busy street and I finally caught up to him. I was yelling for him to give the phone back the whole time I was running. The police showed up quickly and grabbed the young man. Come to find out he was wanted by the police for something else. I was just glad they showed up when they did and that a bad person is off the streets. The 12 year old girl got her first cell phone back.

Blueberry Moment 2082
My friend and I were heading to KFC to get the $5.00 fill up. I had exactly enough money to get that for myself, $5.30! As I was parking my car a man came up to my window. He didn’t look homeless, but he didn’t look like he had a lot. He said to me, “Sir, do you have $5.00 I can have to get gas for my car. I have a pregnant wife, which we could see, and she can’t walk long distances.” My friend said “No” right away. I knew we had money. I also knew I had food at home, so my friends and I could eat at my house. I gave him my last $5.00 and my friend gave him $5.00 as well. I also gave him a Blueberry Card and asked him to pay it forward. It was great that I was able to help this man and his wife, but my friend followed in my foot steps and showed kindness.

Eva Lakes
I was at the grocery store with my dad and sisters. When we were leaving the store, I saw an elderly woman struggling with her groceries. I ran over and asked if I could help. She was so happy to have the help, so I grabbed her groceries and put them in her trunk for her.

One day I was at the hospital with my mom. I needed to use the restroom. While I was on my way to the restroom, I saw a woman trying to walk up the stairs. She was walking very slowly, so I asked if I could help her. She said yes, so I grabbed her hand and helped her up the stairs.

Diamond Davis
Drama and bills to pay are a horrible combination for any teenager. Also, making minimum wage at a job that barely gives you ten hours a week only makes it worse. That is the life of an 18 year old female I know. She only makes about $120 biweekly and has to pay for her phone, half the rent, and her car. To top it off she received a speeding ticket costing $300.00. She then thought she could get a lawyer and fight it. But that would just cost more money. In addition to all that, she’s having relationship problems. She told me she couldn’t take all of that pressure and those problems. So, I did the one thing I knew would matter, the one thing everyone needs every once in a while. I gave her a hug. She smiled as if all her problems melted away. Sometimes all people need is a hug to make their day better or give them a bit of confidence that will push them towards accomplishing whatever they want. A random act of kindness doesn’t always have to be something big like buying things for someone. Sometimes the acts of kindness that really matter are the ones that can’t be bought.

Every game day, the cheerleaders try to look our best because we will be in front of a lot of people at the game. My whole team’s hair is either flat ironed, curled or pulled back into a ponytail., except for one girl. She had two braids going to the back of her head that looked as if she had those braids her whole life, they were messy. I could not let her go out in front of all those people looking like a mess, so I grabbed the curling iron and told her to have a seat. I made her hair look like she just walked out of a salon. She was so grateful, and it did my heart good to know she would go out in front of everyone with confidence.

It is the middle of January in Michigan, and the snow is falling hard. My mom’s car starter had stopped working, so the car has to be started manually. One day, I knew she was getting ready to leave, so I grabbed her keys, started the car, and brushed all the snow off. I has the heat going while I brushed off the snow, so it would be warm for her. She was very grateful!

David Tiggs
A good deed I did was when I helped my mom. I carried all of the groceries for her because she recently messed up her wrist. The groceries were so heavy they felt like they were going to break my wrist.

Another good deed I did was when I cleaned up the house. When my mom was at work and when my dad was sleeping. I did this because he works third shift, and my mom works hard. I wanted to fix up the house so they didn’t have to worry about it.

The other deed I did was when I walking the dogs for my mom and dad. I usually don’t do this, but found it would help them out if I did. I fed, walked, and picked up their poop. It was yucky! I walked one at a time because I could not handle both of them on one walk. It gave my parents more time to do other things.

Ashley Nash
I was going on break when I saw this little girl asking for Ms. Fields cookies and her mom said, “Mommy doesn’t have cookie money.” The little girl cried and said, “Okay”. I was going to keep walking to PINK to buy bras, but I stopped. I took a moment to decide what to do. I decided to buy the little girl some cookies. She smiled, gave me a hug, and said “Thank You”. Her hug was priceless.

It was December 26th and I was in Birch Run spending Christmas money. My friends and I were on our way to the Nike Outlet when I saw him. I saw the cutest dog, no owner though. I stood looking around for somebody to claim him. After about five minutes a man walked up. He was holding a sign that said, “Anything helps”. I asked the man if he wanted some food. He said no. I started to walk away when the dog started crying. I turned around and gave the man $27.00 dollars for dog food and other things.

It was the first snow day of the school year. Most driveways in my neighborhood were filled with snow. Instead of sitting in my house and sleeping, I went outside and shoveled our my neighbors’ driveways.

Nure Nelson 
The other day I helped an elderly women pump her gas. I walked into the gas station to buy some snacks, but before I walked in, I happened to see an elderly women struggling to put the gas pump into her gas tank. So, I walked over to her car and kindly asked her would she like for some assistances to pump her gas. She said that she would appreciate me helping her, so I did.

Another random act of kindness I did was for someone was helping my mom clean the dishes. I saw her in the kitchen looking tried and exhausted from all she was cleaning, so all I thought was to help her because I wasn’t doing anything but watching YouTube videos. I helped her with the dishes and I also helped her cook diner for us, so I also learn how to cook a little that day too and after that she wasn’t as tried as she usually is.

My final random act of kindness was when my mom was really sick from a 24 hour bug that have been going around in schools and out in the world. So, I had to help her by getting her food to eat and getting her something to drink. She was so sick that it took her like forever to get up and go to the restroom. My older sister had to help her get from place to place in the house because I am too small. After that I got sick, glad she was feeling better to help me.

Khydea Flanagan
My act of kindness was helping cheerleaders with cheers. I have been helping the Richfield Academy girls with cheers for 2 months now. I love cheerleading and I love to help and give back to my community. I have learned so much about myself these past two months and really love the girls.

I believe it is important to be nice and say nice things to the people around you. I really made a point of making sure I said something nice to a friend John. I also told Bill he looked nice in his green jacket. I am hoping showing kindness will help change the way students behave at Hamady High School. I can’t wait for the day to see Bill and John pass this on. That would make my day.

Encouragement is another area I feel I show kindness. I learned this from my mother who is a cancer survivor. She daily makes time to encourage me and others. One day I decided she need to get some encouragement back!

I have a friend named, Joshua. He is a student at Flushing High School. Two days, Thursday and Friday, I met up with Joshua to figure out what he needed to get some scholarship applications filled out. He needs these to attend college. I helped Josh I helped him fill out these applications. It is a dream of mine to help people pursue their dreams.

Shariay Jenkins 
This year during Black Friday at Walmart, an elderly woman needed help walking her items to the car, so I helped her. When I finished putting her items in the car, she offered me 20 dollars, but I didn’t take it. I didn’t want to take it but she insisted. I told her I wasn’t helping her for the money. I was doing it to be kind to someone. When I took the money she said, “Merry Christmas”. She also told me to pay it forward to someone else who I felt needed it more. I gave the money to my granny, because of all she does for me. A few days later I received $50.00 as a gift. All I could do is smile because it reminded me of the elderly lady at Walmart.

On December 13, 2016, I was on my way to school when I saw a little boy walking to school on Carpenter road. There was snow everywhere, and he didn’t have on a coat or boots. I asked my dad to pull over. I asked him if he needed a ride to school. I was already late, but he was cold. I’d rather be late than let a child in need go without. If I were in the same situation I would hope someone would do the same for me.

Tatiyana Evans
A few months back, I stayed at my aunt’s house. I normally stay with my grandma, so I can walk to school. My aunt was driving me back to my grandma’s house, and I called her to let her know I was on my way. I told her to unlock the door, so she would not have to get up when I got there. Usually this is easier for her. She said, “Ok”. When I arrived, I called her again to buzz me in. She answered and said she would. I waited and waited. I called her again and she said she would buzz me in. I knew she was there but why was she not buzzing me in? I was getting a really bad feeling. Finally, someone with a key was going in and I followed them. When I got to the apartment, it was still locked. I knocked and she came to the door and opened it. I asked her why she didn’t buzz me up or unlock the door. She said, “I gave you a key!” I did not know what she was talking about. She has never given me a key. I was confused and knew something was wrong. She began talking to people who weren’t there. She then grabbed her coat and put her shoes on like she was leaving. I thought she was going to get her mail from the lobby. I called my mom and told her what was going on. She told me to get her and call 911. This was not common behavior for her. I was really scared at this point. I ran to the lobby to get her, and she was talking to someone, but there was no one there. I started guiding her back to her apartment, then she started shaking and began almost running like someone was chasing her. I finally got her back into the apartment. I rushed to the phone and called 911. I gave them all the information, and they came quickly. I was shaking and crying when they arrived. I could not leave her alone, so I rode to the hospital in the ambulance with her.

Terriana Bennett
I went down to visit my family in Florida for a few days. On one of these special days I brought along my Blueberry Card. As my granny and I walked into the Publix Grocery Store, I saw a young mother and daughter digging in the garbage in search for food. I told my granny to go ahead and get a quick snack. I went down to the Target, and got them things they would need for the cold weather. I got a pillow, blanket, and a small toy for the little girl. It might haven’t been a lot but I tried my hardest to make sure they had a good day that day. They were so grateful that the mother cried. My granny and I were going to go get some ice cream around the corner, so we invited them. The little girl was so happy. The small things we can do mean a lot to those in need.

Tra’Jen Adams
One day my dad wanted to work with me on my basketball skills. I did not want him to because I thought it would get carried away. I went ahead and let him work with me. I know this is not an actual random act of kindness, but it was difficult to let him do this. It worked out really well.

I had a friend who was ready to quit playing basketball. I encouraged him and helped him with his skills. He really wanted to be on the team, but it was hard for him. I kept pushing him, and he made the team.

The other day I saw this man who looked homeless wondering down our street. I asked him if he needed help. He said he was trying to find his family. I asked who they were and when he gave me the name I knew them. I showed them where they lived.

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