Helping neighbors and raking leaves: Blueberry Ambassadors from Indian Hill Elementary help students, community

Grand Blanc Indian Hill Elementary, coordinator Karen Cormany

Collin Mancour

Card No. 1699

My name is Collin Mancour. I go to Indian Hill School in Grand Blanc.

My first Blueberry Moment was when I helped an elderly lady that dropped her change at the grocery store. I saw that she was older and she broke her arm, so I wanted to help.

Her reaction was that she was grateful that I helped, and I was glad to help her.

Card No. 1700

My second Blueberry Moment was when I went to a gas station and someone knocked stuff off the shelf and left.

I didn’t want somebody to trip and fall, so I picked it up. Her reaction was thank you and I was glad to help.

Madison Johnston

Card No. 1695

Hi, my name is Madison Johnston and I am a student at Indian Hill School.

My first Blueberry Moment was when I made a card for Veteran’s Day. My mom helped me find a veteran and I made a card.

I had part of a song and thanked him for what he did in the past. Then me and my mom went and sneakily put the card in his mailbox for him to read.

Sriya Vattipally

Hi, my name is Sriya Vattipally. I am a Blueberry Ambassador from Indian Hill Elementary in Grand Blanc, Mich. I am on the search for people who need help!

Blueberry Card No. 1703

I decided to help out my 5th grade class, Mr. Little’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! It was Oct. 29, and my friend Olivia and I decided to stay after school and write notes about each student in our class and stick the notes on their lockers.

Olivia asked her mom who works at our school and she said we could use the room she works at to make our notes. We were originally going to write notes about the whole fifth grade, (102 students), but after we realized what we were about to accomplish, we decided to just stick with our class.

We went around to each locker and PLOP! On go the notes!! The next day, kids came in asking who put the notes up on the lockers. Some people thought it was Mr. Little, and some thought it was our SAIL teacher Mrs. Cormany.  It was so hard to keep quiet, but I managed to do so. A couple kids even found out who it was!

I enjoyed the experience and it made me happy that I was brightening someone’s day by making them feel good about themselves. It felt great to know that I was making someone’s day a little brighter!

Emmanuel Stevens

My name is Emmanuel Stevens and I am a Blueberry Ambassador and this is my Blueberry Moment.

Card No. 1708

I was looking out of the window when I saw my Grandfather picking up the leaves. I know he is 58 years old, so I didn’t want him picking those leaves up by himself. So, I grabbed some bags, gloves, and a rake. At the end, we had 7 full bags of leaves!

Card No. 1709

My grandmother broke her wrist, so every time she needs help we have to wash dishes, cook, take out trash, open water bottles, carry heavy bags, take care of dog, and help her with her car. We do that every day for my grandmother.

Marcus Macheca

My name is Marcus Macheca and I am a student at Indian Hill Elementary School. I like being a Blueberry Ambassador to do kind things to others. For my first deed, I helped my mom feel better by giving her a note saying she treats me very well.

For my second kind deed, I helped my friend Caleb up from getting tripped at Physician’s Park wrestling with him and some other friends. He was thankful for me helping him up.

And lastly, for my last kind deed, I gave Mrs. Neubecker chocolate for three days in a row because she is kind and caring for me and everyone else in the class. She was very thankful for me giving her chocolate for three days in a row.

Riley Johnston

My name is Riley Johnston, I’m a student at Indian Hill Elementary in Grand Blanc.

My first Blueberry Moment was I walked my babysitter’s dog for them. One reason why I did this was because once, me and my family went on vacation and my dog named Mila got sick, so they went to the store and bought some things for her to make her feel better. They are always kind to us, so that is when I decided that I should walk their dog. I felt good after I did it. It was very fun to walk a different dog. I know now that I should do this more often because it is important to do kind things in our community.

My second Blueberry Moment was I went over to my next-door neighbor’s house, the Bradleys, and I asked my 7th grade friend, Isabel, if I could pick up their dog’s business. They said yes, so that is what I did. At the end, I felt good because they had a lot of business and I knew that if I were them and I had to pick up their business, I wouldn’t want to do it if it was a chore. It felt great at the end and Isabell was very happy.

My third and last Blueberry Moment was I folded my family’s towels for my mom. One reason why I did this was because she takes care of me and always does a lot for my family. I thought that I should do something for her. Also there were a lot of towels so I knew that she would be happy. It felt good to do some work around my house. My mom said that she was happy because she is now stress-free. I felt happy, too.

These show me that I should do more things to help out in our community.

Olivia Lindquist

Hi, my name is Olivia Lindquist. I was chosen to be a Blueberry Ambassador at Indian Hill Elementary in Grand Blanc, Mich. I was so excited to be a member of the Blueberries!

So, me and another member of the Blueberries got together and did a random act of kindness. We stayed after school and we wrote nice things to every kid in our class on sticky notes. When we were done writing the sticky notes we put them on their lockers. We didn’t want our class to know it was us so we put a sticky note on ours, too. I felt really good about doing that random act of kindness. In the morning all the kids were very surprised and happy to see the notes on their lockers.

My second Blueberry Moment was me and my mom went to Walmart and taped a dollar on the pop machine at Walmart. We waited to see if anyone would take the money and buy a pop. We waited and someone took the envelope but did not buy a pop! We also put a pack of gum on someone’s windshield wiper. I felt really good and I’m excited to do more Blueberry Moments.

Georgia Bradley

In November, I donated toys to Goodwill in Grand Blanc because it is around Christmas. So, I wanted to give toys so that people who do not have a lot of money can buy toys for their kids.

It is good to have new things to give to families in need. It is great to give kids new toys to play with.

Amelia Borgstrom

Hi, I’m Amelia Borgstrom and I am a Blueberry Ambassador! When I found out that I was a Blueberry, I was kind of shocked. I knew I was nice, but I never knew that I would be selected for a club that only really nice and kind people would be chosen to be in.

My only (so far) Blueberry Moment was I helped my neighbor, a single mom with three daughters, by raking up her back lawn.

I was out there for a few minutes, and then one of her daughters came out to help. After a few more minutes, another of her daughters came to help. We were out there for a while then they had to leave. Then my friend and my brother started raking until it was dark!  I can tell my neighbor appreciated it.  Doing this made me feel very helpful and proud of myself.

Karen Cormany – Indian Hill Teacher

Card No. 1723

My Blueberry Moment happened when I took my two young children out to eat for dinner one Monday evening when my husband had to stay late at work. My kids enjoyed themselves and were pretty well behaved. I was on the cranky side, though, and was feeling pretty worn out from working all day. I had to remind the waitress twice for coloring books and markers and she took a really long time to come take our order.

Then our food took a really long time to come out. People who came in at the same time as us were finished and paying and we still hadn’t received our food. I was trying really hard to stay patient and positive with our waitress and children.

When it was time to leave, it popped in my head that maybe I could do something kind for our waitress and leave a Blueberry Card.

She had apologized to me and remained positive through the whole experience. I knew that the restaurant was busy and she was working very hard. So I left her a large tip that was triple an appropriate amount.

I also left a kind note and a Blueberry Card. I wanted it to be a complete surprise. I quickly left so she wouldn’t feel awkward. Now I wish I had stayed behind to see her reaction! I am positive it was a bright spot in her evening, though. I received joy in that moment knowing that I could bless her evening as she worked hard.

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