Helping others is a daily occurrence for Grand Blanc Blueberry Ambassadors

Grand Blanc Blueberry Ambassadors, coordinator Vickie Weiss

Mason Harding

Hi, my name is Mason Harding, from Grand Blanc City School.

My Blueberry Moment was on March 3, 2015. I helped my grandpa clean the entire house because he just had shoulder surgery and I really wanted to help him out. Doing this made me feel good about myself and really made me feel like I was making a difference in the world, and I think it made my Grandpa feel good, too!

Ellyson Nicholson

For my Blueberry Project, I decided to deliver cleaning products and supplies to the Humane Society.  I choose the Human Society because I love animals and I know that the animals can have a hard time there.

Animals are very important to me, so I decided to do the Humane Society. Going to the Humane Society really made my day and made me really happy. It made the people there really happy, too. I am very happy to be doing this activity and I love it.

Avery Haviland

Hello, my name is Avery Haviland. I live in Grand Blanc and I did something nice for someone else. At school during lunch, there’s this man named Mr. Ed and this is the person I did something nice for.

I gave Mr. Ed a card that told him that he was really good at his job, a really nice friend and I will miss him when I go off to middle school next year. So I made him a card. Added to the card was a big bag of Twix bars and Mini Twix, too.

The feeling I had was an amazing! It was a mix of happy and surprised. I was happy because I did something nice for someone else. I was surprised about the feeling I had with him. Looking at Mr. Ed’s facial expression, it looked like he was happy to receive the card and the bag of candy. It also looked like he was really surprised that he received a gift without even knowing he would.

Ever since I did my Blueberry Moment, I did a lot of nice other things, too, just never got a chance to hand out the card. I loved doing my Blueberry Moment and would do a lot more. There are problems everywhere and we can help if we chose to.


Hi, my name is Ridley and I go to City School. I am a Blueberry Ambassador. This is a pay-it-forward job and I would like to share my Blueberry Moment. When I was going shopping for my pet, I saw an elderly woman that was buying a large bird cage and when we were both done shopping, I paid for some of her order and carried the large bird cage to her car.

What her exact words were when I paid for some of her order was, “This girl will just not stop!” She seemed so happy that I made her day!

Her name was Carol Freed, on our way outside to put the bird house in her car, she asked my name. When I told her, she asked if I was any relation to the Stratton’s that lived on Del Rio Drive. She knew my great-grandma and great-grandpa. We talked about how she knew them. We had a nice talk about the relationship she had with my family.

Doing a good deed for another person made me feel good, and happy. By making her day, I could see the thanks in her eyes, and she said many times, “Can’t I just take her home with me, please?”

I feel good I helped someone, I thought I was helping a stranger, but after all Carol Freed was someone practically related to me. I hope that this one little thing can change the world. Please pass on the good feelings and do a good deed for someone else. I loved helping Carol Freed and plan on helping others.

Matthew Jacob

My name is Matthew Jacob and I live in Grand Blanc. For my Blueberry Moment I was skiing at my favorite ski mountain, Mount Brighton. I saw that a little kid (maybe 6 years old) kept trying a really advanced hill that I was going on. I saw him crash and decided to help him. His skis fell off and he couldn’t get up, so I helped him up and put his skis back on his feet. Just luckily, I happened to be carrying my wallet with me so I gave him the card and explained it to him. Even though I didn’t think he was listening that much I still helped him out and kept an eye on him just to make sure he didn’t fall again. Part of the reason I also helped him up was he kept going on all the hard hills and never giving up, even when he fell.

Dylan Hertzberg

My Blueberry Moment was sending Girl Scout cookies to soldiers overseas. I went to a website called Hugs For Soldiers, got the address for where to mail the cookies and sent them. I left a Blueberry Card and a note saying thank you for serving our country and for everything you do to keep me free.

Nazim Ali
For my blueberry Moment, I made food for a family.

Now, if this was a normal family, it wouldn’t be a Blueberry Moment. The family that I made food for had just lost a very close one. His name is Abdul Wahid. He was like a grandpa to me, so I knew how sad the family felt when he died. So I decided to make food for them.

When I delivered the food to them I put the card on top of the food. They noticed the card and I told them what it was. I feel good by doing a random act of kindness.

Heinus Kaur                                                                                                                 One  of my Blueberry Moments was when I was helping at church. I went to my cousin’s house in Kalamazoo and so I thought I would help in the kitchen at church. I stayed there for the whole time because I found out that it was actually fun helping there. I felt really, really good because I got to feel the way the other female adults did when they made good things for us.

My another Blueberry Moment was when I helped at my dad’s store (Shell). I helped him carry the soda cases inside. I also opened the door for every costumer that was coming in, and gave them a Blueberry Card and told them what it was about. It felt good!

Sydney Lynch

I volunteered to help kindergartners read. The kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Serra, was thrilled to have one of her former students help in the class. I played with some kindergarteners, specifically Jess, Sarah and Alex. Not only did I put a smile on Mrs. Serra and the kids, but they put a smile on me.

Josh Waun

Here’s what I did for my Blueberry Ambassadors project: It was on my birthday and I always get Cottage Inn Pizza for my birthday. I made cards for all the Cottage Inn staff. My card said thanks and they did a good job. I could tell they were happy. They all smiled, so I could tell they were happy. I felt good, too.

Sarah Tahboub
My name is Sarah Tahboub. I live in Grand Blanc and I go to City School. My mosque is collecting dental supplies for the poor who don’t have the things we have. My mom and I bought toothbrushes and toothpaste to donate. My mosque will soon collect a lot of dental supplies for the people in need.

Nicholas Stokes

I wanted to help others. One thing popped in my mind. The police station!  I chose the police because they help keep us safe. I wanted to show my appreciation. My mom and I made snickerdoodles and brought candy to the officers. When I saw their smiles, my heart melted. That is my Blueberry Moment.

Riya Achuri

Hi, my name is Riya Achuri and I go to Grand Blanc City School.

My first Blueberry Moment was when I donated money to my karate studio. I thought it would be nice if I donated money so we could have more weapons to practice with. I decided to donate to my karate studio because we don’t have a lot of weapons we can practice with, we have a wide variety but not enough for everyone to have the same weapon. Often, we have to share weapons or take turns. I think that donating money benefited many people who go to my karate studio because they can get better training.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I was at tennis. I decided to give my tennis coach, Mrs. Rene, a purse. I knew that she must be exhausted at the end of the day because she has many classes a day. She also gets home very late and she is very good at coaching. I wanted to surprise her as a reward for being such a good coach and a friend, so I decided to give her a purse.

Sydney Kekel

In Michigan, we know what a cold morning feels like. We all have to wait outside by the curb for our bus, shovel the driveway and even clear off the car before driving to work or school. Even the mail man/woman knows how this feels. We all go through the same thing.

Some people who really know about this bitter cold are the bus drivers. My bus driver, Miss Ruby, is always cold and she always has her big boots and warm winter scarf on, as do the rest of us when we are feeling cold.

One morning, I decided that because of all the cold weather, my bus driver deserved more than a wave and a smile each frosty morning. She needed something that would truly warm up her day. Something like a warm Thermos of coffee.

On my way out to the bus stop across the road, my mom and I poured her a Thermos of some warm coffee from our fresh pot. My parents never drink it all anyway. I put on all of my winter gear, grabbed my Blueberry Ambassador card and headed out the door.

We were a bit early and we waited there on the curb for the bus to come by. Suddenly, we heard the loud rumble of the diesel engine pumping and chugging down the road. I held the Thermos tightly in my hand as I walked down the icy curb and out into the road where the bus stood.

When Miss Ruby saw the Thermos in my hand I could tell that she was already happy. I handed it to her and gave her the card along with it.

“Good Morning,” I said brightly as I walked up the steps.

She looked at me in such a way that I could tell that no one had ever probably done this for her before. Not only did I light up her day, that frosty morning, but mine, too.

Ever since that day, every morning, I remember to give the Thermos to Miss Ruby and I always find the warmth in my heart and share it with her. And every day she looks at me and says, “Thank you.”

But there is no need to thank me. I should have been doing this from the start. Now I have finally found a way to not only to keep myself warm, but to help someone else have a warmer morning, too. That, to me, is what being a Blueberry Ambassador is all about.

Sofia Serna

One school day, I was wondering what I should do for my Blueberry Moment. All of a sudden it hit me. One of the elderly widows in my neighborhood, Mrs. Freed, has always been special to me.

I have always taken care of her, but I started doing extra-special things. Every time I would go over to her house to see her I would make her a card, saying that no matter what it was or when it was that I would always be there for her. In the dead of winter, I would often bring her paper up to the mail slot outside the door. At times, I would take her trash out for her and clear her driveway when it snowed and clear ice and slush out so that she could move easily. She has problems moving around and her health doesn’t make it any easier.

Both of her children live out of state, so this has been an amazing opportunity for me to help others that really need it, without being asked to do so. It really makes me feel great to help her out. She always tells me, “You are such an angel for helping me out.” I love helping others in need. Doing the right thing without being asked to do it makes me feel so good. Just think of what a wonderful world it would be if everyone always looked out for the interest of others — regardless if you have a Blueberry Ambassador card or not.


My name is Summer and I’m in fifth grade. I go to City School. My Blueberry Moment happened at Big Apple Bagels in Grand Blanc. I brought $10 of birthday money to buy someone else’s bagel! A lady walked in, she ordered two bagels, one coffee and a pop. She walked up to the register and I gave the money to the cashier, then explained the Blueberry project and gave her the card. She was so happy that her face lit up just as mine did! I knew that I had done a good thing for someone in my community! 

My other Blueberry Moment was when I made a bouquet of flowers out of felt and gave it to my custodian, Mrs. Cathy! I attached a little note to it saying how much I appreciate her. Her face was very bright when I gave the flowers to her! She was so happy! I thought this was an amazing experience for me!

AJ Stevens

Hi my name is AJ Stevens and I love to help people even if I don’t know them. I have been reading to a small group of kids in a kindergarten class to help their reading skills.

I know that I have made the small group of kids learn to enjoy reading. A random act of kindness can change a person’s whole life around. Just to see the expression on that person’s face is priceless. And someday they will look back at that moment. I have loved reading to that group of kids and it was so cool to see all of them smile!

Paige Perkins

My name is Paige Perkins and I am in the fourth grade at Grand Blanc City School. My teacher is Mrs. Weiss. Our class signed up to be Blueberry Ambassadors.  I decided to do two acts of kindness.

My first act of kindness was giving Bella Chinonis a stuffed puppy and helping to collect money for her to have a service dog. A portion of my Girl Scout Troop’s cookie sales will be donated. She is 6 years old and cannot walk or talk. She gets scared when she has to go to the doctors and receive treatments. This makes me sad and I want to help Bella feel safe. A service dog will help her feel safe when she has to visit the doctors and hospitals. You can help Bella, too, by reading her story and donating on her website:

My second act of kindness was giving a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies to my math tutor, Locksly. He is an international student at Kettering University. He is from Jamaica and he has never eaten Girl Scout cookies. He said they tasted very good. I love Girl Scout cookies and I was happy to share them with Locksly!

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