Helping soldiers, passing out cookies and more: Blueberry moments from Hahn Intermediate School

Davison Hahn Intermediate, coordinator Cayla Dowdall

Grace Thomas

Hi, my name is Grace Thomas.  I was selected to be a blueberry ambassador for Hahn Intermediate School in Davison, MI.  Once I found out that I was a blueberry ambassador I was suddenly on a hunt to find people or places that needed help.

Blueberry Card 1085

The first group of people that I had found out about was a troop of American soldiers serving overseas.  My mom’s work was collecting money and supplies to send a care package to the soldiers.  I asked my mom is I could be involved and she said of course.  I started looking around our house and stores for supplies we could send.  I gathered up money for supplies from family friends and my mom took me to Sam’s Club to shop for supplies.  Their list of supplies was long, but we tried to buy a variety of things to send to them.  We bought lots of different snack items such as; beef jerky, peanut butter crackers, gum, Slim Jims and cracker jacks.  We also bought personal care items such as; deodorant, razors, shaving cream, disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, female products, Chapstick, and sunblock lotion.  Other items I collected from neighbors and family friends were old magazines.  And the last thing that I collected was stamps and blank paper and cards for the soldiers to write home to their family and friends.

While helping collect for the soldiers it really made me feel good to be helping others, especially those that are serving and protecting our country.  It was also sad to realize the items that they go without while being overseas, especially not being able to see their families every day or talk to them every day.

Blueberry Card 1084

The second group of people that I wanted to help was the elderly.  I always try to make sure that I hold the door open for elderly at restaurants and church, but I wanted to do something more.  I think that elderly people are really cute and fun to listen to, especially all of the stories they have to tell.  I decided to make Halloween cards and drop them off at a local nursing home.  So, I sat down with some Halloween cards we had at home and wrote messages in the cards.  I wrote things like “Hope you feel better soon”, “Speedy recovery” and “Happy Halloween”.

I found out that some people at the nursing home are only there for a short time while they recover from surgery, but others are there for a long time because they can no longer take care of themselves.  It made me sad while doing the cards that some people are there and cannot go home.  My mom explained to me that it was important for them to be there so they were safe.  And that hopefully lots of family and friends come to visit them.  It made me feel happy that my cards might make them smile.

Blueberry Card 1083

The third group of people that I had found to help was patients at my mom’s work. One of the nurses that my mom works with works in the Intensive Care Unit.  She was in search of a CD player and gospel music to play for her patients.  She said that often patients need some extra TLC and the nurses cannot always be in the room with them.  She thought a CD player and soft music would be calming for her patients.  When I heard my mom and her talking about this I suggested to my mom that I could donate my old CD player from when I was little.  I also, with the help of my dad, put together some old CDs we had with calming music to be donated.  My mom’s friend was so happy, she really feels this will make a difference for her patients.

I was glad to hear about this from my mom’s friend.  I always hear my mom and her friends talking about their patients and how they wish that they were able to do more for them. Again it makes me sad that patients are alone at times, but I was happy I was able to donate my CD player to help them.  I told my mom’s nursing friends if they had other areas that I could help with to please let me know.

Taner Rainwater

Blueberry Card 1085

I went to Tim Horton’s with my mom to get donuts. This guy was standing next to us ordering a coffee, donuts, and an iced cappuccino. I asked the cashier if I could please pay for his stuff. He was surprised and very happy that I did that.  He said it was nice to see a nice young man doing nice things for people.  I gave him Blueberry Card Number 1087 and he said he was on his way to Frankenmuth and that he would definitely be “paying it forward”. It made me feel good to know that he was going to try and pay it forward too.

Saturday when I was helping my grandma with yard work I looked over, saw this kid’s dog break his leash and take off running. So I jumped the fence, chased the dog, and finally was able to grab his chain.  I walked the dog back to its owner’s house, knocked on their door and they had the biggest smile when they saw I brought their dog back to them. They kept saying “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I was happy that I was able to get their dog back to them.

Blueberry Card 1086

Friday night when I called my grandma she said she had alot of outside housework to do.  I asked if she would need any help and she said “YES!” Saturday morning I surprised her with a bagel and coffee.  She was so excited to see me, we both had the biggest smile. I helped her all day with the outside housework and even built some things. It made me feel good knowing how much I was able to help her.

Angalena Marquis

Hello my name is Angalena Marquis and I am a blueberry ambassador for Hahn Intermediate.  Being a blueberry ambassador makes you realize that you can do something nice for another for at least 10 seconds and have it effect then for a long time. For my blueberry moment I made a card for the troops and told them how much it means to me that they keep our country safe and free. I even through in a rainbow loom bracelet for a soldier to wear that I made on my own. When I put the letter in the mailbox I felt joyful. I had done something that made me, and hopefully the soldier’s day. I was proud of myself because I knew I did something nice for the people that are important in our lives and to our country.

The second blueberry moment I did was when I went to Tim Horton’s. My mom and I paid for the order that the woman behind us had. Nothing could make me wipe that smile off of my face. It felt good to know that somebody else had a smile on their face because a stranger passed along an act of kindness. Once again I have never felt so accomplished in my life. I love being a blueberry ambassador because it gives me a chance to help out others.

Carson Craig

I couldn’t wait to become a Blueberry.  I think it’s what we really need to do.  After giving a gift of kindness to someone it is fun and puts a big smile on my face. I was at Meijer when I saw an older guy he had big bags of dog food he was trying to load in this car.  I realized he couldn’t pick it up so I jumped out of the truck and helped.  He had a big smile on his face.  He said “god bless you and thank you”.  I felt very proud of myself for seeing that he could really use a little help and I did it.  I hope he will always remember that I helped him and I wanted to do it.

Jack Griswold

My name is Jack Griswold, I am a student at Hahn Intermediate school in Davison. My 1st Blueberry moment was when I helped my Grandparents with some fall chores. They do a lot for me so I wanted to help them too. My Papa had shoulder surgery and can’t lift anything for a few months. The 1st chore I did for them was to help them put away their big pots. My Grandma loves to garden so she has lots of big pots to put away in the fall. The second chore was to help them with putting the bags of salt in their water softener. Those bags are very heavy so my Uncle helped me with it. I think it’s important to help people when they need help, especially ones that go out of their way to help me so much.

My second Blueberry moment was when I went to Taekens Terrace off of Lapeer road. My Great Grandma used to live there before she passed away. I wanted to go there and pass out cookies that my Grandma and I made together. We also took magazines for them to read. I wanted to visit them so that they know that people in the community still care about them. We sat and talked and shared the cookies, I wanted to spend time with them to make them feel good. They ended up telling me some jokes and making me laugh and feel good. I hope I made their day better because by spending time with them, they sure made me feel better.

Luke Miller

Blueberry Card 1100

Hi!  My name is Luke Miller and this is my first time being a blueberry ambassador. For my first random act of kindness I went to my great grandma’s and grandpa’s house and it was while they were at church. I wanted to give them both a very big surprise. While they were at church their garage was a mess with little yellow flowers. Then I thought about it then said to myself I should sweep their garage out and then I did and left a blueberry card for them. And they were so happy that I did that.

Blueberry Card 1101

This is Luke Miller with another Blueberry moment.  This is my second one. I was at my football game and I got hurt. Our QB got hurt too. So, the coach wanted me to play and I said “Nope.” faking to be hurt so the other QB could get some playing time because he wanted to. And he was so happy and I was too.

Blueberry Card 1102

Hi this is Luke Miller and I am a 6th grader at Hahn Intermediate and I have another blueberry moment for you. I was walking past my grandma’s house and I saw a whole bunch of leaves in her yard then I went to her shed and grabbed a rake and raked all of her leaves and she said thank you very much and I gave her a blueberry card and she was really happy and I was too.

Sydni Roseberry

A family friend was doing a can drive for their soccer team and I volunteered to donate our cans.  I challenged myself to take it to the next level asking my family and friends if they would be willing to donate their cans to help my friend.  I gathered everyone’s cans and was on my way to drop them off at their house when the idea hit me to save him the work and return them myself.  I returned almost 350 cans to donate to his soccer fundraiser.  When we dropped off the bottle return slips I gave him a blueberry card and challenged him to pass it on by doing a random act of kindness for someone else.  I felt good by helping my friend and knowing he was going to continue the challenge.  He called me the next day later to tell me that he already paid it forward by buying a strangers dinner and passed on the blueberry card.

My grandma just had hip surgery and it was hard for her to get around and do the normal house chores.  I decided that I would go over to her house and help her with some chores.  Earlier that morning my family made a big breakfast and invited her to come and join us we had a great time doing that and after I headed over to her house to help with some chores.  As soon as I arrived I started working I got the vacuum sweeper and started vacuuming under the couch.  After I finished she said thank you for helping and as soon as she finished her sentence I told her I’m not done and I want to do more she said ok and I got to work on my next job.  M next mission was to make the house dust free and I did.  My grandma was very thankful and I handed her the blueberry card on my way out. I felt really good and proud to help my grandma with her chores.   I haven’t heard back from her on the card but I know she will pass it on.

My sister’s friend is very sick right now and had to have emergency surgery.  She has been in the hospital for over a week.  It has been hard for her family with their parents taking turns at the hospital.  So I decided I wanted to bring her family some dinner to help out.   I went up to my dad’s restaurant and made them some food and delivered it to them.  I stuck the blueberry card in one of the boxes of pizza and gave it to them.  They were very thankful for the meal and told me how nice it was of me to think of them.  After I left I felt really good that I could do that for their family.

Madison Foster

Blueberry Card 1105

My name is Madison Foster, I’m in sixth grade.  My teachers are Mrs. Dowdall and Mrs. Collins.  This year I thought I would try out to be a BLUEBERRY Ambassador.  I was amazed and honored that I was selected to represent our class to do good!   I asked my mom if I could give a coffee to an all-around sweet crossing guard. It was 48 degrees outside when I walked up to him handing him a coffee and said I hope you Enjoy  your coffee, he smiled so big it looked like I slapped it on.  This made me feel all warm and fuzzy and want to do more!!!!  After giving him a coffee, I keep thinking about giving to someone in need.  This has made me be more aware of others and if they are in need to make sure I am always going to help out.

Terry Dean

Blueberry Card 1099

I am Terry Dean and this is my first time as a blueberry ambassador. I have been real excited to do my first random act of kindness. When I did it I was grinning from ear to ear.  My mom and I made lots of plans but we came down to this one, we decided to give twenty dollars to a random person. Finding a random person wasn’t very hard.  I went on to find a random name of someone in my community.  I wrote some kind words to brighten someone’s day we also put a blueberry card and twenty dollars.  I hope the money I gave away to someone helps them out.

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