Indian Hill Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors say thank you through random acts of kindness

Indian Hill Elementary, coordinator Karen Cormany

Marissa Sherry
Blueberry Moment 7233
I have a new student in my fifth grade class. One day, he was about to miss Fun Friday, which is when the class gets to play around and have fun. He was going to miss it because he was missing an assignment. He had shared the assignment the wrong way on his Chromebook with our teacher. I helped him share the assignment the right way so he wouldn’t miss Fun Friday. I decided to help him because I felt bad he was going to miss out because of a simple thing. The boy was happy because he had kept trying but couldn’t get it. Afterwards, I felt good because I did a good thing.

My second Blueberry Moment is I went to the store and bought a bunch of candy and stuff like that and wrapped thirty of them with pipe cleaners. I got up early and set the gifts on my classmates’ desks.

We have work time at the end of the day. Most of the time I finish my work. When I finish my work, I ask Mrs. Neubecker if I can help the Kindergartners she says yes. I help them with math and I take out the recycling with my friend, Simar. Kindergarten can be hard, so we help out.

Jack Garrison
My first Blueberry Moment was at a Redbox. I was getting a movie and someone was also getting one and they didn’t read English so well. I was right after her so I helped her pick one out.

My next Blueberry Moment is with my neighbors who are getting divorced and we had a really windy day. A tree fell on their house so I helped them put a trap on their house and gave them my Blueberry Card.

My third Blueberry Moment is with three adults at school that help the buses go in the morning. When they did that there would be a lot of people that would run in the area, so I helped and get kids from the last two buses.

Aubrey Wahlberg
Blueberry Moment 6272
My first Blueberry Moment all started with a photo. My little cousin attends school at the Perry Center and for Halloween. They do a parade and take class photos. When I saw the photo, I immediately noticed that some kids didn’t have costumes it bothered me for a long time. So, when I was walking by Claire’s in the mall I noticed the huge sale on Halloween costumes. I knew what I had to do. My mom and I picked out a few costumes like cat ears and a tail so they could just slip it on over their regular clothes. After a few days, we went to the Perry Center and I went to the office to explain what I was there for and what a Blueberry Ambassador was. They said that the Halloween costumes would help very much and they were thankful. They said the costumes could be used year after year.

Blueberry Moment 6273
My second Blueberry Moment was very fun to do. I take kindergarteners to the bus at the end of the day. One of my kindergarten buddies, Aliya, said happy Valentine’s Day and gave me a card so I went home that night with my plan set. I made Valentine’s Day cards for all my buddies. Then on Valentine’s Day I brought them to them. They loved the cards and were so sweet about it. I really enjoyed making them cards and putting a smile on their faces.

Blueberry Moment 6274
My third Blueberry Moment happened at Walgreens. There was this really nice older lady there who helped me and my dad find what we needed before finding what she needed. She was leaving the store when her bag accidently knocked down some items. Since I knew it might be harder for her to pick them up. I picked them up for her and helped her to the door. I felt really good helping her because she also helped me. 

Liam Zoromski
Recently my dad asked me if I wanted to help him outside and work on mowing the lawn. I said, “That would be great.” Then when I was mowing I noticed a homeless person sitting outside without any food and vary ragged clothes. So, then I went inside and remembered that I went with my friend one day to make care packages. Then I found the bag and went back outside to give him the care bag. The man thanked me and then I went back to mowing the lawn.

I was shopping at the grocery store with my mom and I noticed that there was a mom and her kid. Her kid asked to get a toy the kid mom checked her purse and she didn’t have the money to pay for it. Then I realized I had enough money in my wallet then I went over to the kid and gave his mom the money to pay for the toy. Then me and my mom were on our way.

I was outside of school one time and I noticed that there was a man that need help carrying his groceries inside his house. So, I asked my mom if I could go over and help him my mom said it was fine. So, I went up to this man and asked him if he need help so he let me help me with his groceries and then after he invited me inside his house to have some milk and cookies. Then I headed home after a long day at school. 

Isabella Todd
For my first Blueberry Moment, I got Ring Pops for my kindergarten buddies. During the week before Valentine’s day, Ring Pops were on sale at my school. One of the days they were on sale, I got them the Ring Pops. When they got passed out on Valentine’s day, they were happy that they got a Ring Pop. It made me feel good that I could do something nice for them.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I picked up trash around my neighborhood. It was the day after the giant windstorm and garbage was EVERYWHERE! It was in the sewer, in the road, and on the curb. I took a wagon, garbage bag, and some gardening gloves and went around the neighborhood and picked up the trash. When I was done, it left me with a garbage bag full of trash and a much cleaner neighborhood.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I made bookmarks for people. A few weeks ago, we had the day off from school. I decided I wanted to make bookmarks. I started off with six, and I gave one to my mom and one to my dad. Then, I started getting requests! It is really fun to make custom bookmarks for people!

Emilie Wiggins
One Blueberry Moment that I experienced was on December 18, 2016 when I was skiing at Mount Holly with my dad. When my dad was trying to teach me some new things, there was a boy named Hayden that flew right past me and wiped out. One of his ski’s fell off too. Right when I saw him, I completely forgot what my dad was saying and skied right to him. I picked up his ski and asked if he was okay. He said he was alright when my dad came and helped him up. From the chair lift, someone yelled, “Go help that boy!” I looked around and saw the boy. I also went to go help the second boy whose name was Hunter. I picked up the ski that flung off of him and asked if he was ok too. He said, “kind of.” Then, I thought well he is holding his side and I told my dad he didn’t seem okay. When he got up and put his ski on, my dad and I asked if he knew the direction to the ski patrol room. He told us no. So, we pointed to where it was and told him to go there if he still did not feel well. We soon figured out that the two boys that crashed were brothers (Hayden and Hunter). We skied down the hill with them and we asked if Hunter felt better. Gladly he said ‘Yes’. Ever since then we would ask how they were and see if Hunter was feeling better.

My second Blueberry Moment was when a good friend that had an air tank to help her breathe was up in the middle of the night and was blowing out a candle. She got too close to the candle and her air tank blew up in her face. She ran to her daughter and they went to the hospital. Her face was badly burned. When my mom and I heard about that, we cooked dinner for her and delivered it. We figured that it would probably be hard for her to cook her own food. She is still currently recovering.

My last Blueberry Moment was when I heard crying in the girls’ bathroom, so I went to check it out. I saw two girls. One was crying and one was trying to help her. I asked if they were okay and the girl who was trying to help was explaining the situation. She said that she was worried she will get in trouble, because she didn’t turn in her homework on time. I laughed and said “You’ll be fine. I promise! I’ve had so much missing work and I have many A+ grades”. I tried to talk her out of being upset. It seemed to work, so I left. Later that day, I was in line and the girls pointed at me and one of them said to a friend, “That’s her! She’s the one who made me feel better.” I was relieved that she felt better.

Madison Fisher
My first Blueberry Moment is when I gave my technology explorations teacher, Mrs. Stockoski, a note. I wanted to show her that I cared and was happy for what she did for me. Not only is she my Technology Explorations teacher, she was also my kindergarten teacher as well. She was so happy and almost cried!

My second Blueberry Moment is when I gave a letter to my custodian, Mr. Tim. Every day he makes kid happy, excited and encouraged. He also cleans up messes. He is the best custodian ever. When I gave him the letter, he was happy and smiled big! I was glad to make a great person feel even greater!

My third Blueberry Moment is when I gave my first grade teacher, Mr. Engleman, a note. In the note, I told him of all of the things that I loved about him and my year in first grade. I appreciate him in many ways. He made me feel very unique and special. I added a milky way candy bar to the note, because it is his favorite candy. He was happy and gave me a hug!

Anthony Hool
My friend and I were at the YMCA. We were playing pool basketball. A little girl was in the water near us, so we invited her to play. We taught her how to play basketball and we all played together. This also helped her mom because she got to swim a couple of laps by herself.

My neighbor looked like he was struggling with shoveling the snow out of his driveway. I walked over with a shovel and asked him if he needed help. He said “Yes”. So, I helped him with snow removal.

Mrs. Cormany
I like to buy and sell toys and kids’ clothing items on the resale sites on Facebook for my three children so that we can save money. In December, I decided it was time to sell my son’s large wooden train table with two rolling storage drawers along with many wooden tracks and a large amount of Thomas the train items.  I was hoping to sell it for a pretty decent price so that I could purchase some Christmas gifts for my kids. After posting it, someone soon showed interested and asked me to lower the price significantly. I responded and told them that I couldn’t go more than ten dollars lower as it was worth quite a bit. She still was interested in purchasing it all, so we set up a date and time for her to pick it up.  The day the woman came to pick up the table and trains, I set everything out on my porch and started to feel prompted to write a special note to the buyer. After talking with my husband about what I was thinking, I wrote a note to the woman and taped it to the table.  The note said that we wanted to give her the whole set for free and that I hoped her children really enjoyed it! I still think about the woman and her children and hope they are getting hours of fun from the Thomas trains and table.

Mrs. Stockoski
One day in October, my children and I were discussing fire safety in our home. Since

October is considered fire safety month, we decided that it would be an ideal time to check and change the batteries in our smoke detectors. After completing this task, we started brainstorming ideas for how we might show our local firefighters and fire department staff that we appreciate them. We chose to make pumpkin cream cheese muffins and deliver them to the fire department with a special note attached. The firefighters on duty were so grateful for their tasty treat. They even let my children step inside a firetruck and ambulance to explore! Our hearts were full when we left the fire station that day.

As I was driving home from gymnastics class with my children one evening, I saw a small Yorkshire Terrier dog walking in the road in my subdivision. I stopped my car and it immediately came to me. The dog was trembling and seemed frightened. I dropped my daughter off at home and told my husband that I was going to return the dog to its owner. Although I was almost certain of which house the dog lived at, I checked the address on its collar to be sure. Then, I carried the dog back to its home and returned it to its owner. The owners thanked me for this. I felt happy that the dog was unharmed and could be reunited with its family.

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