Kearsley Armstrong Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors demonstrate random acts of kindness that are”straight from the heart”

Kearsley Armstrong Middle School, coordinator Courtney Emerick

Claire Carley
Blueberry Moment 17026
One of the things I did for my three random acts of kindness was with my friend Jade. We went next door to my neighbor’s and shoveled the snow that was on her ramp. She was really happy the next day. So, we decided to go back and help put up some of her Christmas lights too. We both felt really happy because what we did made her feel so good.

Blueberry Moment 17028
My second act of kindness was Jade and I went to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. We helped give food away the day before Thanksgiving. We felt so good giving food out to people in need, especially when we got to see how happy it made them.

Blueberry Moment 17027
My third act of kindness, Jade and I went to Payless Shoes and bought three pairs of shoes. Then, we gave them to a school so they could give them out to students in need. We hoped it would help make some students happy that they could have new shoes when they were in need.

Tapanga Thorne
My mom, Claire, Carley, Jade, and I went to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and donated food. We took up an entire pallet of canned goods, bags of cereal, and mashed potatoes. This helped families in need to get the food they needed.

I went to Central Baptist Church to help my mom’s friends decorate for Christmas. A church member and I hung garland from the tapestry and put it under the table with white lights, pine cones, and fake holly to give it a little more color. We decorated the Christmas tree with colored lights and ornaments, and a red star on the top. It really made the room sparkle!

I volunteered at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan helping sort through the rotten food and separating the sweets from the breads. I made sure none of the drinks from a year ago were opened or expired. My friend Maddie and I volunteered for three hours and in that time we went through 11 pallets of food. We had so much fun while we worked that it made it seem like time flew by!

Amelia Spoorman
Blueberry Moment 19478
For my first Blueberry Moment, I went to Black Rock and noticed an older couple that walked in and looked down. I remembered that we had an extra coupon that expired that day. So, I asked my Mom if I could give them the extra coupon. She said yes! So, I went up to them and I said “Do you want our extra coupon?” They responded “Yes! We would love it!” Then I handed them the gift card and a Blueberry Card too. Afterwards, they came to our table and said, “We really enjoyed our dinner!” The rest of the time we were there I ate and felt like I had done something special.

Blueberry Moment 19430
I saw one of my teachers was really stressed out. So, I decided to write her a note. I wrote it that night thinking of what she would thing and trying to do my very best writing. The next day, I gave it to her. When everyone started working, she called me up and told me how thankful she was for the note. I felt like I had done something really special.

Blueberry Moment 19479
My third Blueberry Moment was when I got a Christmas tree for someone else. We got a tree for someone because one day this people came over to our house and said they weren’t getting a tree this year because they couldn’t afford it. This is a person who has been so kind to our family, they even gave me a hat once when I needed it. So, we decided to go and get them a tree. We sat the tree on their porch with a Blueberry Card attached. The next day they texted us and said how grateful they were for the tree and the Blueberry Card. They video chatted us and thanked us and said they were decorating the tree. We felt so happy that we made their Christmas extra special.

Savannah Rupert
My first Blueberry Moment was when I helped my Nana bake cookies and treats for Christmas. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed helping her and spending time with her. 

My second Blueberry Moment was that I handmade everyone’s Christmas gifts this year. It felt good giving something that came straight from the heart.

My third Blueberry Moment was that I put up Christmas decorations that my mom wasn’t able to put up. It made me feel good knowing that I was helping her.

Antenia Dumas-Brown
All the teachers at Armstrong Middle School are amazing, in my personal opinion. So, that is the reason I got the idea to do something nice for all of them. My friends and I thought we could let the teachers know how much they matter and how much we appreciate them. So, we thought of writing them letters. When the idea came, we decided to write our letters during lunch. We typed and printed our letters and took them to the office. We put them into the mailboxes for each of the teachers to receive. The next day as I went to class, I noticed the letters on my teacher’s whiteboards and chalkboards. I felt so good to know that my teachers liked the letters I wrote. About three days later, I received a letter in the mail. It was strange, because I never get mail at home! So, I opened the letter and it was from one of my teachers. At first, I was curious why I got it, so I opened it up. It was a note thanking me for the amazing notes that were sent out. After that, I put it on my refrigerator and I felt good that I made adults that help me everyday feel good with just a single note. 

A few weeks before Christmas, I went to my grandma’s house and she needed help with her Christmas decorations. When I looked in the box, I saw Christmas lights that were really old. I didn’t remember her having those same lights the year before. I asked her if she wanted them outside and she said she didn’t mind. My grandma loves Christmas decorations all year long. I started by plugging in the first string of lights and they had some bulbs that worked and some that didn’t. So, I took my time checking every bulb and replaced the ones that needed replacing. When I visited my grandma for Christmas, the lights were beautifully hung. We got to her house pretty late to get our gifts from her. I noticed food was still out on her table, but it was pretty late for food to still be out. I asked my Grandma about it and she said that her leg was really bothering her because it was swollen. So, I offered to clean up and help put everything in the refrigerator. She really appreciated that help and she gave me a hug and a thank you.

My third Blueberry Moment happened when a few of my other Blueberry Ambassadors and I were eating lunch at school. We decided to make get well cards for a little girl named Ella. Ella is the daughter of a friend of Ms. Emerick’s who is battling cancer. My friends and I met up a few days a week and working on making beautiful & encouraging cards to send to Ella.

My last Blueberry Moment was for Mr. Shaltz. A group of last year’s Blueberry Ambassadors and I helped to organize a luncheon for him because he has done so many nice things for all of use throughout the years we’ve been involved in the program. Mr. Shaltz supplies so much pizza, drinks, wrist bands, balls, etc. and that involves a huge amount of time and money to put together. This idea came together when our advisor, Ms. Emerick helped us come up with the idea. We planned our menu and everyone had a part. We wanted to do something to show how much we appreciate how kind Mr. Schaltz is by being kind in return. The lunch made me feel so great knowing he had such a nice time, even though it was such a small gesture in comparison with everything Mr. Shaltz has done. When he smiled, and said what a great time he’d had it confirmed that we had done an amazing thing for an amazing person.

Jaiylynn Smith
One of my Blueberry Moments was when my mom was working. I decided to help her make some product for our bath and body shop, and it was really fun. It smells so great in there and all of the customers really like it when they come in. When we were done making the product I gave it to all the customers. I also greeted them at the door when they came in, which was fun and not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I went out to eat with my friends. There was an older gentleman and it looked like he was struggling. I went over and helped him with the door. His face lit up and he thanked me. It made my day to see his reaction.

My third Blueberry Moment was when I gave one of my teachers a Christmas present. She really works hard to help me understand the subject, considering it is supposed to be kind of hard. Our class and a couple of her other classes are really challenging, so I felt like she really needed something to cheer her up. I could tell she really liked the gift and it made me feel really good.

Jasmine Wiswell
My first Blueberry Moment was at a waterpark. My friends and I were going on a waterslide and we saw these little girls in front of us. They were struggling to get their tube up the stairs to go on the slide. So, my friend and I asked them if they wanted some help. Then, we carried the tube up the stairs for them. I know doing that made me feel good, and it for sure made the slide more fun for those girls.

My second Blueberry Moment was on Thanksgiving. After we had eaten, I helped clean up and then I washed all of the dishes. It made me feel good that I helped out so that my Grandma didn’t have to do everything herself. I know by the smile on her face that she was really happy.

My third Blueberry Moment was at JCPenny. There was this lady who had her hands full of stuff. She dropped an item, so I picked it up and handed it to her. She dropped it again, and I picked it up again and handed it back to her. She said, “thank you so much!” I know she was happy to have help, and I was glad to do it!

Reese Smith
On Halloween, one of my friends was sick and could not go trick or treating. So, I made her a bag full of candy and wrote her a note so she wouldn’t feel left out on Halloween. 

My little sister did not want to clean her bedroom, so I tried to find ways to get her to clean her room, but nothing would work. So finally, I just decided to help her clean it and get everything organized. We got it done really fast doing it together!

A sixth grader at my school was scared after school because he thought his parents forgot to pick him up. So, I helped him to calm down, and took him to call his parents. Then they came to get him and he safely got home.

Katie Steel
My brother, Gage, my mom, and I were getting Gage more comics and there was a kid and his mom that were there buying the kid’s first comic book. So, Gage and I asked our mom if we could pay for his comics. When we did that the kid and his Mom’s faces lit up!

Every time my dad comes home, I help him bring all of his things inside. I help him put food and other things away too so he doesn’t have to do it all himself.

I go into one of my teacher’s classrooms for my lunch and help her straighten up. Sometimes I go just to eat. When I am done eating I go to the library and help the librarian discard old books.

Ava Boggs
Every day I sit at the tables in the library and eat my lunch, I think about what I can do to make a teachers day great. It came to me out of nowhere one day about one of the teachers in the school. I asked how her lunch was. Every day, she says, “I haven’t had it yet, but it will be great.” I started asking her everyday just to put a smile on her fact. It makes me feel good on the outside but more importantly on the inside.

In the middle of fourth hour one of the other Blueberry Ambassadors and I were walking into the lunch room. When we reached the doors I asked “why are you not going to the lunch room today?” She said “because I don’t have any money in my account.” So I thought to myself “I can buy her lunch today.” While I was in the lunch line, I got my normal lunch and added hers to mine too. I walked into the library where we normally sit and brought it to her. She said “you didn’t have to do that!” I said back, “you need to eat.” And I gave her the lunch.

One of my teachers, Ms. Emerick was having tough week. Her son had been home sick and she had missed a lot of work. She was struggling to find time and think of ideas to participate in the holiday door decorating contest. So, she asked my friends and I if we would help. So we created a really awesome door to help her!

Kalysta Palmer
Blueberry Moment 19457
A friend of mine lost her books so I helped her go around and ask her teachers if they had seen them, until we found them.

Blueberry Moment 19455
I started my brother’s car for him in the morning so he didn’t have to get into a freezing cold car.

Blueberry Moment 19456
I helped my friend Alyvia decorate Ms. Emerick’s classroom door for the holiday door decorating contest.

Sarah Morin
For my first Blueberry Moment, some other Blueberry Ambassadors and I invited Mr. Phil Shaltz to come to our school for lunch. We were hoping to do something fun for him since he always does so many nice things for everyone else. We had a lot of fun setting up the teacher’s lounge and having lunch with him.

My second Blueberry Moment was when my friend Hailey and I collected things like hats, gloves, socks, and toiletries for a homeless shelter in our area. We made a letter and sent it out to friends and family asking for donations. We got 490 items plus $50 to donate too. We delivered all of it to the shelter and it made us feel so good to help others.

My grandma has a Christmas party every year for all of our family. So for my third Blueberry Moment, I did all of the dishes for her at her party. We have a big family, so it took a long time. But, when I was done I was happy that I could help my grandparents.

Elizabeth Soper
Blueberry Moment 17046
For my first Blueberry Moment, one of my friends and I made blankets for charity.

Blueberry Moment 17045
For my second Blueberry Moment, I took all of the coats at my cousin’s baby shower so that people wouldn’t have to figure out where to put them when they arrived.

Blueberry Moment 17044
For my third Blueberry Moment, I held the door open for a stranger at the dollar store.

Abigail Golden
I noticed my friend looking upset during one of our classes, so I wanted her to feel happy. After school, I began writing her a note about how much our friendship means to me and how great of a person and friend she is. I gave it to her the next day and watched her open it. I had a big smile on my face when she finished reading it, then we hugged. It made me feel happy knowing that my friend was happy. 

Over winter break, my cousin was staying at our house. One morning, I woke up before her and decided to make her breakfast because of the amount of nice things she’s done for me. I look up to her a lot as an older cousin. I made her an omelette with some toast and brought it to her when I knew she was awake. She thanked me and it made me feel good to repay all of the nice things she’s done for me.

Someone I know was really struggling with our new math unit. They were absent three days of the week that we were working on it, and felt really lost. I noticed they were having a hard time, so I went over what we learned with them. Later on, we had a test on it and that person got a 90%! It made me feel like I made a positive impact in helping her understand. She told me it was all thanks to me!

Bre’Azia Lee
Blueberry Moment 17021
The first act of kindness was when it was my brother’s birthday. I went early with my mom and brothers to set up for the party, and to help with my brothers because they are a handful. I could have stayed home and watched TV but I decided that my mom needed help. 

Blueberry Moment 17022
My second act of kindness was when I stayed home from going somewhere just to help with my little brothers because my mom cannot have all them with her when she is trying to get things done. My mom wasn’t feeling well that da, and so I tried to let her do things on her own because she was not feeling so well. I helped her with my brothers.

Blueberry Moment 17023
The last thing I did was when I went to Boys and Girls Club. One of the staff needed help with their area. I went to help her, and the room was really dirty. I helped her clean it up very quickly. I kept on doing things even when I didn’t have any Blueberry Cards because I felt at the bottom of my heart those were the right things to do because I love to help people with lots of things because that is the kind of person I am. 

Arianna Ash
At Life Challenge Center, my friends and I helped clean up the tables & chairs in the cafeteria, plow their garden, and help set out food for the people living at the rehab center.

During November, my family made Christmas boxes. You put small gifts in shoe boxes for the less fortunate. The boxes get sent on planes to go around the world. 

I passed out candles with my friends to people so they could light them at the end of the service. I also, collected & cleaned up the candles later.

Alejandra Kash
Blueberry Moment 19451 
For my first Blueberry Moment, I helped decorate my teacher, Mrs. Lambing’s door at our school. For the Christmas holidays, we have our first hour decorate the doors but since she does not have a first hour all of Mrs. Lambing had her students do three snowflakes. Then, we put them in the hallway hung from the ceiling and on the back and front of her door. We added the words on the door to say, “We are as unique as a snowflakes.” When I was helping, another student wanted to help then another and in the end we had five people working on this. This project took two weeks to get done. But it looks totally amazing and was worth helping one of my teachers. From this, I learned that when you help people that someone else will want to help.

Blueberry Moment 19452
For my second Blueberry Moment, I offered to carry books of an elderly couple at the library to the check out because they had a ton of books and it would have taken them a lot longer then with the help. In total, the couple had four stacks and they also had to walk down stairs and since I was going down there to I helped. After I helped bring them down, the clerk offered to carry the books to the car. I learned that you should help others but even if it is small it will help that person or people and maybe someone will see you do it then they will do it to.

Blueberry Moment 19453
For my final Blueberry Moment, I helped rake leaves with my sister. We thought as a cool surprise to our mom, we would go out and rake the leaves. It only took three hours plus we made leave piles and jumped into them so it felt as if it was one hour instead. By the time we were done, we wanted to do more so then we did our neighbors. But as we were going in, we got to see the reaction of our neighbors. Later, we saw the reaction of our mom and that made it all worth the work. 

Grace Owens
This Blueberry Moment was my favorite one I ever did. I stayed in at lunch to help set it up and make sure it was perfect, but when the day finally came, I was so excited and couldn’t wait. I did this Blueberry Moment with a group of friends and the counselor at my school. This counselor loved the idea and let us use her room to setup it up. What I did was surprise my teacher with a pizza lunch with little gifts we each made her. My counselor went to go find the teacher and me and my friends set up the room, we even blew up balloons and had many of her other favorite snacks. But when she finally stepped into the room was my favorite part, mostly because the look on her face was so happy and grateful and wonderful that when she started to cry with joy, I couldn’t help but feel so happy. I almost cried myself. I am just so grateful to have this teacher.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I showed my math teacher some love. Last year, math was not my favorite. The main reason I think math is better this year is because I have the best math teacher in the world helping me. I really wanted to show her how much I care. I just asked her what her favorite candy is and a few weeks later I gave her a Christmas surprise. I gathered the things all teachers love and need, pencils, pens, and their favorite candy (and the Blueberry Card). I put these things in a Christmas stocking and made a little card telling her how she really was my favorite math teacher ever. I came into her room to give it to her during her lunch to get her mind of all the tests she had to grade before the end of the semester. She is definitely going on my list of favorite people. 

For my last Blueberry Moment I showed the service workers they are not forgotten. It’s getting colder outside and for the mail delivers to have to drive out in the cold and open their little window to put mail in mailboxes must be a cold and lonely boarding job. So what did was I made a little card that said, “The mail must get delivered even in these cold months and I know how fast fingers can freeze so I got you these gloves so you won’t lose a finger.” I taped this card to the gloves I got and put them in the mailbox so the mail person would find them. I did this because I see the drivers out a lot and I know that even on my short walk home if I don’t have gloves on my fingers get cold, so I thought these mail workers might need gloves if they forget them or didn’t think they needed them.

Ambrielle Coughlin
Blueberry Moment 19485
One day when my cousin’s husband, Ralph, was in the hospital, me and my mom thought it would be nice to give something little to his wife, Judy, to help her out and to make her feel a little better. So, me and my mom went to the store and got a cute little sign and a hand soap and some cooking utensils and wrapped it up. I put the card into the little bag we had and we went to her house and I got out and got the gift and the bag and went up to the door and set the present by the door and then I went and got in the car and we didn’t knock and we just took off so later that day Judy texted my mom and said thank you so much that just made my day and she was so happy. And it also made me happy because we made her day and made her happy and that just made me happy too. It made me feel good because I knew that she was happy.

Lana Allen
Blueberry Moment 19496
I like to help out at my mom’s work. She works at the Pumpkin Patch Learning Center. Each year, they host a gingerbread house event for their families. To help them prepare for the event, I glued graham crackers to empty milk cartons and filled frosting cups. Another thing I did was sort and fill little bowls with goodies. I helped the teachers decorate and set up for the event too. During the time of the event, I played with the kids and talked to the parents. I passed my Blueberry Card onto a nice family who attended. This made me feel good about myself to spread kindness to the families and see smiles on faces made me smile too.

Blueberry Moment 19498
My family is super important to me. They are the ones who taught me the value of kindness. I wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to the people in my family. I had a great idea and asked my grandma and mom to help. I wanted to make cookies and sweet treats for them. So, we all got together at my grandma’s house and made treat boxes for everyone. We baked the whole day, and it was so much fun! Everyone was so happy when they received their goodie boxes. I passed on my Blueberry Card to my mom because she’s very kind and I knew she would continue to spread kindness to someone else.

Blueberry Moment 19497
Helping provide food for families in need is very important to me. There are many people in our community that go without. One day, our local Head Start classrooms donated cases of milk to the Pumpkin Patch Learning Center. The director of the center thought it would be nice to donate the milk to our Kearsley families that were in need. I helped by handing it out to all of the families. We gave away all of the milk, which was amazing! I passed my Blueberry Card to one of the moms that got the milk. I loved doing this because families who were in need were able to receive.

Audrina Grathoff
For my first Blueberry Moment, I helped set up all the food on Thanksgiving. After everyone left, I cleaned all the dishes up and helped my Mom wash them all. I washed half of the dishes in the sink. It made me feel helpful because my mom is pregnant and can’t do much, and also she has to watch my little brother and step-sister.

My second Blueberry Moment was on Christmas. I cleaned up all the wrapping paper that was laying everywhere. I also cleaned up my brother and step-sister’s wrapping paper. Doing this made me feel caring, because I picked up for myself and my brother and sister, too.

My third Blueberry Moment was that my mom and I took my friend to Splash Village. We saw two little girls there having a lot of trouble putting their tube up the stairs, so I carried their tube for them. My friend and I decided to help so that the little girls would have a easier time getting up the stairs.

Liberty Bond
Blueberry Moment 17081
For my first Blueberry Moment, I did a fundraiser for Kearsley Cheer for a Cure.

Blueberry Moment 11602
I helped a woman who dropped an entire stack of paper. I helped her pick it all up.

Blueberry Moment 11649
A girl dropped money out of her pocket when she was getting out her keys. I picked it up and gave it back to her with a card.

Kenzie Rose
Blueberry Moment 19481
My friend wasn’t feeling well, so I made her a card and gave it to her. I missed her birthday party too, so when I gave her the card I could tell how happy it made her. I think we are better friends then we even were before!

Blueberry Moment 19482
I helped a girl in my art class with her painting that we were doing. She kept asking people for help and no one could help her because they were trying to work on their own assignments. I was all done with mine, so I offered to help her, and she was so happy! If I hadn’t offered to help her she wouldn’t have been able to finish, and we had four puzzle pieces to paint! I know that what I did made us both feel good, inside and out!

Blueberry Moment 19483
My last random act of kindness was at Christmas time. My two youngest brothers tried to decorate the tree, and they did not do the back, or enough ornaments on the front. So, my mom asked for someone to please fix up the tree. No one would do it, so I did! My mom was so happy because she did not have enough time to do it herself. I love decorating the tree, too!

Annika Young
My first random act of kindness was when a student was running in the halls and knocked my friend Lilly’s stuff all over the ground. I went over and helped her pick it up. 

At one of my volleyball games, when the game was over one of the ladies from the other school was picking up chairs and putting them on a rack. One of the chairs got stuck on the bottom, so I went over and helped her until we could get it unstuck.

My last random act of kindness was when someone called a special needs student in my school a loser. The student was so upset, and got really angry, so I went over and tried to be nice to him to make him feel better. I wanted that student to feel better about himself, and not have hurt feelings from someone unkind.

Emily Jacot
I never usually help clean up after the Thanksgiving meal, so this year I thought it would be nice to help and clean up. Once we were finished with dinner, I decided to help clean up so I took the dishes to the kitchen. My grandpa washed them and dried them while I put them away. I felt great after doing one simple chore that helped a lot.

A couple weeks after Thanksgiving, my grandma picked my sister and I up from school and took us to her house for awhile. When we got to her house we saw that she had a few empty boxes from Christmas decorations on her floor. So we decided to help out and take the boxes upstairs for her, especially since it is hard for her to get up and down the stairs. We felt good after doing one simple chore.

My parents were working down in our basement. I thought it would be nice to clean up our family room a little bit, since it was kind of messy. I folded blankets and put them on the back of the couches, I dusted, I put chargers in the drawers of the side tables, and I put the remotes on the fireplace. After I was done cleaning up the family room, they came upstairs and thanked me for helping out.

Abrianna Stevenson
For my first Blueberry Moment, my friends and I decided to make blankets for the children at Hurley Hospital. The blankets took two days to make, and they were some of the best two days of my life, because I knew what I was doing was going to make someone else feel better.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I held the door for one of my teachers. Just seeing the look on their face brighten up made my day, because that act helped their day be better. Most teachers don’t get doors held for them very often. I wanted to do something just to let them know they matter and we appreciate them.

My third act was when I was walking in the hall at school. There was a sixth grader on the ground trying to pick up all the things they dropped. I stopped and helped them pick up their things. I felt good knowing I had helped someone else.

Nicholas McDonald
The day after parent-teacher conferences, I realized that my teachers would be really tired in the morning. So the next day, I brought in a coffee for my first hour teacher Ms. Klipa.

The day before winter break a couple of my friends and I unclogged all of the paint caps in my art teacher, Mr. Timmons room, because he was very busy grading papers.

One Monday morning, I waited at the door and held it open for several students and teachers as they came into our building. I did it because I know sometimes Mondays are worse than other days for people. So I wanted to try and brighten it up for them.

Thomas Brewer
I took my old neighbor’s trash out for them and made Christmas goodies to give to her. I helped our school custodian, Ms. Crystal takes the garbage out of our building to the dumpster. I passed out pencils to students who didn’t have any to help them out.

Ethan Sellers
My first Blueberry Moment was when I went down to the Crim and handed out bananas and granola bars to the runners who finished the race. I felt proud of this because they had just run 10 miles and I assumed they were hungry. It just felt good to be helpful! I passed out over 300 bananas when I was a volunteer.

My second Blueberry Moment was when it was when it was snowing very hard. I put my winter stuff on and grabbed my shovel and went over to my neighbor’s house. I knocked on the door and asked if I could shovel their driveway. They happily said yes! I shoveled the walkway to the porch and the driveway until every drop of snow was cleared. It felt good because I was doing something for other people that couldn’t do it for themselves.

My third Blueberry Moment was when I was wrestling in a wrestling meet. I had just won my match against another kid, when I got up and took my headgear off. I reached down and grabbed the hand of the guy I beat to help him up. I felt good about this because even though I won, I didn’t want the person I beat to feel bad or sorry. So, I helped him up, we shook hands, and told each other “good match!”

Ava Salem
Blueberry Moment 19477
I was walking to my locker at the end of the day on a Friday and I saw a boy named Owen pushing some papers out of the way, because people were stepping on them. So, I stopped and helped him pick them up and we put them into a pile and I gave them back to him.

Blueberry Moment 19475
I was in the lunchroom and I found some money on the ground so instead of taking it, like some people would do, I gave it to a lunch monitor.

Blueberry Moment 19476
I helped my Mom cook dinner on Thanksgiving and helped her clean up the mess afterwards.

Gracie Root
Blueberry Moment 17083
My first Blueberry Moment was when I helped my grandma clean up her yard. I felt so happy that I got to do something nice for my family. I want to do way more things for my family to help them out in any way that I can. When I saw the look on her face she was so happy, which made me even happier!

Blueberry Moment 17082
My second Blueberry Moment was when I wrote 10 thank you notes to the soldiers for the holidays, because some of the soldiers don’t get to come home and see their loved ones for the holidays. When I started writing, I felt so good because I knew that someone amazing was going to get my letter, and I hoped that it would put some smiles on their faces. I was so happy that I was doing this, and it felt so awesome! I can’t wait to write to them again.

Blueberry Moment 17084
My last Blueberry Moment was when I was helping my Aunt Holly with her students. I got to read with some of them and help them. It was so much fun to see the look on their faces when I was helping them. I can’t wait to go and help again!

Emily Callahan
Blueberry Moment 17092
My first Blueberry Moment was when I helped my church with a cookie walk. This may not seem big, but this was for a fundraiser for my brother and his youth group hoping to go to the National Youth Gathering summit this summer. They were earning money towards their trip. No one told me I had to help, but I wanted to do something that would help my brother and his group get to take this trip.

Blueberry Moment 17093
My second Blueberry Moment has to do Ree Drummond also known as the Pioneer Woman. I really like her and have a lot of her cookbooks and a recipe for her pot pie. The first time I made it, there was so much extra that I gave some to my neighbors and grandma. I love to make them for everybody because it makes them so happy, which makes me super happy.

Blueberry Moment 17094
My final Blueberry Moment is giving pencils to my teachers. I always see students asking for pencils and teachers either don’t have them or need them. So, I try all the time to give packs of pencils to teachers. I have more plans to help with this that I am working on for later, but I am so happy to help my teachers and make them happy. I can see the joy in their faces that someone is paying attention to what they need. I realize it is much better for them to get something other than chocolate. My teachers give me so much by teaching me each hour everyday, so if I can make my teacher’s lives a little easier then I happily will.

Emma Haubenstricker
Blueberry Moment 17011
I thought it wouldn’t be fair if I just asked for money, and needed to do something to make money. I was thinking $50, so I did my regular chores plus so much more. I got $48! I wanted to do something helpful, so I went to a fast food restaurant and I paid for everyone in line behind me.

Blueberry Moment 17012
I decided to help an elderly couple carry groceries from the inside of their car to their house. They were so nice about it, which made me feel so good!

Blueberry Moment 17013
I saw a young couple with two kids in a cart at Walmart. Both kids wanted a little pack of candy, but I heard the couple say they didn’t have enough money. I asked my mom for my weekly chore allowance to buy the candy for the kids. She said yes, but said we needed to pull the mom or dad aside first and ask if it was ok. I did it with the kindness I had built up inside of me. The kid’s smiles were so cute!!

Josey Jenniga
Blueberry Moment 17086
For my first Blueberry Moment, I went to my grandma’s house and raked all of her leaves, leaf blew her driveway, and picked up sticks for her. I did this because she is older and can’t really get out and do much yard work anymore. I was happy to help her out!

Blueberry Moment 17087
For my second Blueberry Moment, I wrote thank you cards to our veterans for the soldiers who can’t come home for the holidays. I wanted to thank them for all the things they do for our country and for us. We are sending them to the radio show Ty, Kelly, & Chuck and they will send them on to the veterans.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I went to Genesee Schools, where my aunt works and helped her around the school. We helped her students read, and everyone was very kind and happy.

Alyvia Cross
Ava, Holly, & I were sitting in Ava’s living room and we heard a distressed bark from outside. So we got Ava’s mom and opened the door to find a golden retriever sitting there. He went from distressed to happy to see us. He was very nice and you could tell he was well taken care of and was definitely someone’s pet. He smelled like he had just recently been groomed too. We saw his collar and took him back to his owner’s home before they started worrying about him. I ran inside really fast and gave them a Blueberry Card for them to pass forward. The owner looked so relieved to see her dog. She explained to us what happened and how she was on her way to go look for the dog herself. She thanked us profusely and then we went back home. When I saw how happy she was to see her dog I felt so happy that we returned the dog home safely. 

For Christmas, one of my friends and I decided to make a gift for a few teachers. Mrs. Chimbo doesn’t have a lot of students and this is her first year at AMS. We wanted to make her feel welcome, so we made her a jar with bath salts and other good smelling stuff. When we gave it to her she was so happy! She looked so grateful and like she was about to cry! Her reaction made me so happy because she is a great teacher and I liked doing something to make her day.

My last Blueberry Moment was giving two people rides to competitive cheer practice. It was hard for these people to find rides, so I helped drop them off before and after practice. When I did this they thanked me and my mom and said the worry of getting their kids to and from practice had been lifted. My favorite part about this moment is that it was small but meaningful.

Sophia Hanson
My first random act of kindness was around Christmas time and involved my favorite sixth grade teacher for social studies. I found out that she had just had a very sad loss in her life. So, when we came back to school the next day, I gave her a card because I know how it feels to go through a terrible loss. I was hoping the card made her day a little bit better, and even though it wasn’t a huge moment I hope it was just enough.

My second random act of kindness is when I babysat for my sister. My sister is a doctor at Hurley and sometimes she has night shifts. Her husband works too, and they have a little daughter who is one who I watch sometimes. So, I watched and played with my niece while her parents were at work.

My third random act of kindness was when me, my mom, and Yazmin had someone in front of us at the store that was a dollar short to get something. I decided to use my own money to help that person pay for what they were trying to get. 

Ally Wilson
One of my Blueberry Moments was when I helped my grandma put up her Christmas tree.

My second moment was when I was at my Dad’s house in Texas and I held the door for as many people as I could.

My third moment was that I go out of my way to cheer people on my team on whether it’s at practice or a game.

Kylee Pake
Blueberry Moment 19448
My first Blueberry Moment was in December. I wanted to do something for someone else and my teacher, Mrs. Trombley had been talking about needing batteries for her projector remote for awhile. She had been using the end of a flag pole to push the projector on and off. So I thought to myself that I should get her some batteries. So, I went to my house and asked my parents if I could take some batteries to school. I did, and now Mrs. Trombley’s remote works and she doesn’t have to use a flag pole anymore.

Blueberry Moment 19450
My second Blueberry Moment is when I thought that I should do something for my library at school. So I am making a “read a book/donate a book” box for people who are in need of new books at their homes. So there’s now a little shelf that goes in our library where people can bring books from home that they’re done with and exchange them for a “new” book on the shelf.

Blueberry Moment 19779
My third Blueberry Moment is when I saw a person who needed a dollar and some change. I reached into my own purse and found some money. I gave the money to the person and they said “no, I can’t do that” and I said “it’s ok! You need it more than I do.” She smiled and gave me a huge hug. 

Madelyn Wooldridge
Blueberry Moment 17006
One day, I rode the bus home with my friend. Right after we got off the bus, we went straight to a church to decorate it for Christmas. My friend and I went into the back of the church to get all the decorations that we could grab. First, we had to fluff the garland, so it wasn’t all scrunched up. After that we wrapped it up in lights and hung it up along the door. On the other little door, we wrapped it in lights and put little bulbs all along it. Then we took more garland, fluffed it, and hung it all along the windows. In the middle of the garland, we put a bell. While the parents were doing a surprise, my friend and I decorated around the baptismal tub. We decorated the windows with Christmas stickers too. We helped her parents clean up the church when we were done decorating, and helped carry totes full of extra stuff to the back of the church.

Blueberry Moment 17007
I went over to my grandma’s house to help her with things around her house like dusting and doing the dishes. I also played cards with her. Her TV had stopped working, so I called her TV person for her. They told me what to do, so I got her TV fixed for her. Then I played a game of UNO with her. I did her dishes, dusted all her pictures and her end tables, and mopped her kitchen floor too. One of her friend’s came over and I played another game of cards with them. I tidied up her couch and vacuumed her living room too. 

Blueberry Moment 17005
My friend and I woke up early and went to the Food Bank with her brother, mom, and many others. We got there at 9am and started with produce. We had to go through everything and make sure it wasn’t moldy, old, or squished. It took us about an hour to go through all the boxes. Then we moved on to bread and checked all of it for mold, too. Then desserts! Big cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, and pudding too. We were going through the desserts and found a cake with a slice missing! We were going so fast that the workers couldn’t keep up with us. When we were done we helped clean up, and were able to get our picture taken too!

Molly O’Bryan
Every year, at our church, they hold an Operation Christmas Child Donation opportunity. My mom and I love to help out with this. This year, we bought two boxes for a boy and a girl. We went to the store and picked out some toys, essentials, and other fun things for them. Whenever we do this sort of thing, I’m always super excited. It always feels amazing to know that you just helped someone less fortunate than you to have a great day.

My mom and I love helping people. Our school does this thing where you get kids from a family (Kearsley Christmas Charity), and you buy stuff for them. We bought them some winter clothes, gloves, hats, toys, and other stuff their parents said they liked. My grandparents also bought them stuff. It felt good inside to feel how happy those kids would be when they open their presents.

Every other year, we have a family reunion with all of my family. They allow you to bring unwanted things in for an auction. This year, I got a giant lizard stuffed animal. My three year old cousin really wanted the lizard. He played with it the whole rest of the reunion and was really sad to let it go. On the way home, I felt really bad and thought that he deserved it more than me. I started planning to give it to him for Christmas. He kept asking where the lizard was and it made me feel even better about my plan. Before Christmas, I put a bow on the lizard and set him under the tree. On Christmas day, I was excited for presents, but even more excited to see the look on his face when I would give him the lizard. When we finally arrived at my grandparent’s house, they were already there. I couldn’t wait to give him the lizard while everyone was opening gifts, so I gave it to him right away. He immediately said, “It’s Bozzy!’ which is what he had named the lizard. I felt so happy to know that he would use it more than me and that the lizard was going to a good home.

Jayden Devine
My very first Blueberry Moment of this year is when me and one of my friends had just found out one of our teachers husband (also works at the school) was diagnosed with cancer. Our teacher was going through a tough time. So we decided to make them a care package, filled with some cheesy teacher signs and a large card signed my most of sixth grade. When we gave her the care package, she shed a few tears and wrapped us in a big hug, then thanked us. So when I handed her a Blueberry Card she was even more thankful. I was kind of confused why a simple gift card and card made one person so happy, but then again a simple smile can too.

For my second Blueberry Moment, my grandma and I headed out to Walmart to help out the rest of her fire squad, and ring the bell. We got so much money and toys for the needy families. After we had packed up the bucket, bells, and toys into the fire truck. We counted the money and we had $1000 to spend on coats blankets and more toys! My grandma was even on the news! The thing is I wish I had more cards to give to the whole squad. But, I decided they could keep it at the station with them.

My third Blueberry Moment is when me and a couple of my dad’s friends went to Meijer to shop for some toys requested by some kids that are in need of toys for Christmas. We spent about two hours on shopping for two little boys, and when we were done I gave one of my cards to my dads friend and told him to give it to the little boys who are getting the present. So she did. 

Megan Schott
For my first Blueberry Moment Alyvia and I decided that during our lunch, we would start to write little letters to the teachers to put in their mail boxes that simply explains to them how thankful we are for all of them. We decided to do this shortly before Thanksgiving because we realized that most teachers don’t get a lot of appreciation for putting all this time and effort they put in for us. Although it is a tiny gesture, we feel it was a well needed one.

For my second Blueberry Moment, all of the seventh and eighth grade Blueberry Ambassadors put together a lunch for Mr. Shaltz and his wife. We got pasta and all different kinds of deserts. We just wanted to show Mr. Shaltz that we appreciate him and his wife. This made me proud of myself because Mr. Shaltz does a million things and beyond for us , he doesn’t get nearly as much stuff done for him. So we decided to do this just for a little show of appreciation.

For my last Blueberry Moment a handful of Blueberry Ambassadors and I wanted to plan a surprise lunch for Ms. Emerick who is our leader for the Armstrong Blueberries. We didn’t have anywhere to host this lunch so we asked our counselor to help us. We did this because we felt that Ms. Emerick doesn’t get a lot of appreciation for all the hard work she does for the Blueberries. I’m glad i had the opportunity to do this for Ms. Emerick and that she got some of the appreciation she deserves.

Megan Nusbaum
Blueberry Moment 17062
I went through my closet one day and picked out some clothes I didn’t like or need anymore. I decided to give them to a lady named Heather at my church works with the less fortunate children and teens and gives them clothes, shoes and other items. 

Blueberry Moment 17063
Even though I was a little hesitant, I decided to signed up with my friends to help out in a kindergarten class at my church. Being in the class has given me the chance to work with younger kids and also help the adults. Mrs. Hunt is the lead teacher and she is the person in charge assigning us to each group of kids. The kids are really funny and it is fun to help when it is my week to work with them. I also volunteered to help at the Christmas program this year when the Kindergarten kids went up on the stage and sang some Christamas songs we helped to teach them. 

Blueberry Moment 17064
Every year, my church does a giving tree to kids who may not otherwise receive a Christmas gift. I told my family I wanted to help with this program this year. My mom, grandma, grandpa and I all went shopping and bought the girl we choose a complete outfit and a Walmart gift card. I sent along the Blueberry Card and a note explaining the details behind the card and why we gave it to her with the gift.

Katelyn Jacot
Blueberry Moment 19442
Every year, the Burton Rotary Club holds an event called the Senior Harvest Ball and for the past two years I have volunteered at this event. I go to Atherton elementary school for about four or five hours. I help set up, serve food, dance, and cleanup. The event is always so much fun and the seniors tell me how nice it is to have young kids help with this. My favorite part is when I get to dance with them. The kids teach the seniors the new dances and the seniors teach us the old dances. I have so fun and I know the seniors have fun too. 

Blueberry Moment 19443
Christmas time is one of the busiest times of the year. When I noticed that my grandma was late on putting up her christmas decorations this year I decided to help her. I helped by carrying the containers of decorations down from the attic. Then I got to work putting the Christmas decorations up and taking down the Thanksgiving decor. After the house had been transformed for the season I helped carry the containers back up to the attic. A few weeks later I went back to my grandma’s house and helped bake all the Christmas cookies and desserts. I even got to be the official cookie taste tester. I had such a wonderful time hanging out with my grandma and helping her out. She told me how thankful she was and I felt so good knowing I had just made her happy.

Blueberry Moment 19444
Recently, my grandparents got a new puppy. On my grandpa’s birthday my family was over to celebrate and after a while the puppy had to be let outside. So I got the puppy and took her outside. I thought it would be nice so my grandparents could socialize and it was snowing outside. I took the puppy outside and brought her back in. My grandparents were thankful for my help and kindness. They were proud that I had taken responsibility and helped the out. I was happy to help and I didn’t mind helping one bit.

Hailey Cameron
For my first Blueberry Moment me and some other Blueberries held a lunch for Phil Shaltz to cheer him up because he seemed grumpy at the opening party. It made me feel good to be doing something to make someone else feel happy.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I stayed after school and I would help Mrs. Wartella clean up her room, organize her library and help grade papers and many other jobs. It made me feel really good to help a teacher that needed it.

For my last Blueberry Moment, my friend, Sarah, and I collected items to donate to Carriage Town Ministries. We collected 490 items and $50 we then delivered them it felt really good to help people that needed it.

Brooklynn Burdette
Before Christmas, there were firefighters collecting money for charity. I donated some of my own money to them to help.

My grandmother had knee surgery last year. When she needs help with chores that are hard for her, she calls me and I go help her. At Christmas, I helped her move furniture and put things down the basement to get the house ready for the Christmas tree.

I brought boxes of candy for all my teachers before Christmas break to show them that I appreciate them.

Brianna Sierra
Blueberry Moment 19474
My first Blueberry Moment is when I helped a boy in a busy hallway. It was like any other day, I had come from my fifth hour and was hurrying on to my next when I spotted a boy, his things were scattered all over the ground in front of him, and he was on his hands and knees frantically trying to gather all of the items. Though I doubt anyone was trying to be mean, no one stopped to help the boy, and many accidentally stepped on his things or even trampled him. In that moment, I stopped thinking got to my hands and knees and sat in the way of the crowd. I then began to help him pick up his things, at first he had looked at me confused but then got right back to gathering scattered items. Without sharing a word, we finished getting all of the items, and I then handed what I had gathered to him, he stood up and hurried to his next class, and I did the same. Although this didn’t make us best friends, and the whole thing only took a moment, I felt happy. I was happy because I know how little things can so easily ruin a day, and how papers could’ve gotten messed up, and I was glad that I could prevent that from happening to someone else.

Blueberry Moment 19472
My second Blueberry Moment is when I helped pick things up for a teacher. It happened on a day in class when we had the computer lab, and class was almost over. My teacher had asked the kids in my class to put their headphones away neatly, and to place their keyboards with the mouse on top of the computer stand. The bell rang and the students rushed out into the hallways, I got my things together and looked around, that’s when I realized just how little of the students had actually listened to directions, there were still headphones and messy keyboards everywhere. I went over to my friend Amelia and pointed out the problem, she wasn’t happy about the situation either, so we both set down our things and began to go around and put everything away. We quickly finished, and then picked up our things, our teacher thanked us and then let us go on our way. Although what we did wasn’t a big thing, I was still glad that we had helped make someone else’s day better, even if only slightly.

Blueberry Moment 19473
My third and final Blueberry Moment is, that I helped a lunch lady set up breakfast. I was walking down the hall before school had started, and found a seat with my friends. As we talked I noticed a lunch lady walk into the room with the breakfast cart, full with things for us to eat, it seemed like a lot to unpack. So I got up from my table and went over to her, I then asked if she would like some help, she had replied that the help would be nice with a smile on her face. So I helped unpack and set up breakfast with her, when we were done she thanked me, and I told her to have a good day. What I did to help her wasn’t life changing, but I still felt so happy knowing that I was able to help her in any way, and that she had appreciated it as well.

Alyvia Bombe
For my first Blueberry Moment, our school does this competition every winter to see who can decorate their door or the walls closes the best and our school is doing the positivity project so they wanted it to match the positivity project. My friends and I realized Ms. Emerick hadn’t put up a door design yet and she asked us if we were willing to help and we took the offer and made Ms. Emerick’s door look amazing it had a fireplace with stockings and a window above where snow was falling down onto theses gorgeously painted pine trees and on the door we wrote our positivity burns bright. I was sick the day of the results but my friends who also helped told us we didn’t even place I wasn’t sad thought because I knew we had tried our hardest and saved Ms. Emerick a lot of time on planning and decorating and we all knew she has a very busy life as the Blueberry advisor and a full time teacher and a mom so I felt amazing knowing she could focus on more important stuff just by me and my friends helping with the door design 

For my second Blueberry Moment, I was eating my lunch when my social studies teacher, Mrs. Pratt, walked by and my friend Ava did her daily routine of asking how her lunch was and Mrs. Pratt said something like I haven’t had it yet. I have to go check my mailbox before lunch. Then, Ava, Megan and I all thought it would be a great idea to write thank you notes to all the teachers and put them in there mailboxes as we were putting them in a few teachers say that we where the anonymous mailers and we so happy and thankful it felt good to know I had made someone’s day.

My third Blueberry Moment was hard to decide what I wanted to write about and one day in class, we were researching food insecurity. I was on this site – Feeding America and was reading about the millions of kids who go to sleep hungry and who have to worry about hunger at a young age and I felt so bad. Around 12 million children have this issue and it broke my heart so I did some more research and brought up the idea to my mom and I pledged to help fight hunger by volunteering my time at a local food pantry that night. I was so excited and still am to help. I find it shocking that before, I would have never even thought about the kids hungry at such as young age and there poor families who must be heartbroken they can’t provide for there families and that’s why I am going to try and find a way to go there once a week during school and try to go most days in the summer. My goal is to make a difference.

Karsyn Streeter
My first Blueberry Moment is me and some friends got together and decided that our teacher has done so much for us and the Blueberry Ambassadors and she deserved something. So we decided to plan out a lunch for her and make her a craft and decorate the room. We spent a month of giving up our lunches for this but we all knew it was worth it we tried figuring out her favorite food and candy. We wanted it to be her perfect special appreciation lunch. When it finally became the day we were super excited to show her how much she means to us and explained to her how she has three lives with her kids at home, her six classes of the day, and on top of that the Blueberry Ambassadors and how she was basically our second mom. When she saw what we did, she looked so happy it made me feel good about myself knowing I did something that made someone else’s day. It made me want to keep spreading kindness knowing how good it made me and other people feel. 

My second Blueberry Moment is me and my sister usually do this thing where we make something this year we made a hot chocolate kit and each year we drop them at peoples doorsteps. When people see these, they will usually post about how thankful they are and how great it is too know someone is thinking about them. We don’t tell people its us because it doesn’t matter about who did it or what it was as long as it shows kindness and makes people happy sometimes doing something kind doesn’t mean telling everybody what you did just keeping it too yourself not always to be known of it makes you feel good too.

My third Blueberry Moment is when we went to the kick off it just seemed a little dull compared to the the other years like it was losing it magic. So, some of the Blueberry Ambassadors and I decided we should help out and invite Mr. Shaltz to eat lunch with us. We got balloons dessert and a whole bunch of stuff that would make it a good lunch. When he came to our school, it was like we were meeting a celebrity we have never got to actually have a conversation with someone who spreads that much kindness and who started the Blueberry program. When he came, I was so excited it made me feel good about myself and it made him happy so I know it’s gonna be the best celebration ever getting too hear everyone else’s moments and how good it makes people feel .

Kennady Streeter
For my first Blueberry Moment, I made mason jars to look like snowman and filled them with hot cocoa treats. Then, I took them to neighbors and family friends to spread holiday cheer and spread kindness around our community. This made me happy knowing that just by doing something small can make someone else’s day a whole lot better. 

For my second Blueberry Moment, all the Blueberry Ambassadors at my school planned a lunch for Mr. Shaltz. We bought food and decorated the classroom to make him feel appreciated. This made me happy because he does so much for us and just doing something small for him made me very happy.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I stayed after the bell to help my teacher organize the tables and plug in the laptops. This was one of my favorite moments because even though it was something so small it made a big difference. 

Isabella Tucker
My first Blueberry Moment is that I helped contribute to the Kearsley community by bringing in more than 100 items, with help from my grandmother for the food drive. It makes me feel so special to be able to be a part of this charity and give to those in need in my own community. This act made me be more aware as to what I throw away as well, considering the fact that even people in my community are hungry and may not have a meal that day.

My second Blueberry Moment is that I gave my vocal coach a handwritten thank you card and flowers. My voice coach is one of the most inspirational people I know. I appreciate her so much and feel as if she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. She has done so much for me and our theatre company I cannot possibly express what she means to me. I am glad to be a part of her life, and it made me feel amazing to let her know how much I appreciate her.

My third and final Blueberry Moment is that I noticed the week before Christmas that my grandma did not have her tree set up yet. The next Monday, I asked my mom if I could go over to her house to spend the night and set up her tree and clean the rest of her house. We finished the tree and then I got a full description of where every ornament came from. I’m very happy to know where all of her sentimental ornaments came from. I was also so thankful to be able to spend quality time with her.

Emily Hipkins
For one of my Blueberry Moments, I decided to help a teacher of mine out with a big project. It was around Thanksgiving time and she was creating a huge tree on a wall outside her classroom for everyone to use a cut out and write something they are thankful for. She had a lot to do for the tree and with all of her classes and home life, it was a handful. I decided to help her out with it. I worked on it with her during class and I came in during my lunch to help her too. She really appreciated the help and we got the tree up way faster. She was very happy to get help and it made me feel good to help her out.

My second Blueberry Moment was a group project. Blueberry Ambassadors from Kearsley decided to host lunch at Armstrong for the Blueberry Ambassador founder, Phil. We all chipped in with decorating, lunch, drinks, deserts and supplies. He was very excited to come to Armstrong as a Blueberry Moment. It made me feel really great to welcome Phil as apart of a Blueberry Moment.         

My third Blueberry Moment was making cards for a little girl named Ella. She has been battling cancer and she final beat it. We made her congratulations cards that said a lot of positive things on them. I really enjoyed making those cards knowing that she will be really happy to get them after going through so much with cancer.

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